Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Is CBI, independent in reality?

Is CBI, independent in reality? 
Or do you think it is used for political advantages by the Ruling government?

Why do we get this feeling about CBI and the Ruling Government that there is more to explain for the ruling party when just before elections Jagdish Tytler is given Clean chit by CBI? 

The Sikh community has been claiming about the crime being committed by few in 1984 riots in Delhi. 25 years have passed and Sikh community is feeling frustrated and disgusted.

After all the sufferings and pain they have gone through for 25 years, they haven't got justice?

What the Journalist did was wrong and he accepts it too that his show of anger displayed against the Home Minister was wrong but the issue he raised was right.

Isn't it like they say... justice delayed is justice denied

If one doesn't get justice in time, how long the person has to suffer? How the person has to show his or her displeasure towards the authority? This can happen only when the limits are crossed and you are convinced that you are being taken for granted and this case the whole community.

Giving election tickets to culprits is like playing with the emotions of the people especially when you are in the government and suppose to be sensitive about the feelings of citizens who look at the governing body's to do justice to people.

In this case... there is utter disregard and insensitivity towards people. And no insensitive government has any right to stay in power for a minute. People should vote them out because they are irresponsible, insensitive and just don't care about citizens.

Those who don't care for their own people have no business to take a public office.

Express your opinion as a concerned citizen.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher 

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Brit begs answer on Slumdogs from Indian PM

Mumbai Mirror on its front page today carried the news with this headline.... 

Brit Begs Answer on Slumdogs from India's PM.

A common , ordinary citizen of Britain, who has never visited India, not connected with any NGO was disturbed when he read a report in the UK paper on Mumbai's Slum children being crippled for begging by the mafia gangs.

He was disturbed because he could not imagine it could really happen that one human being crippling another for making money out of begging and making living? 

But, It took a letter from a British national to the Indian Prime Minister's office asking if its true? And the result... The PM's office order a probe to find out if its indeed true? 

The probe is ordered asking the state to investigate the matter.

It is truly a shame for Indians, Indian government, politicians, and the police that an outsider who is remotely not connected with India, Indians, wants to know this disturbing truth. And not our present time governments? police or political class? What an utter shame? 

Have we become so insensitive? So shameless that we don't care for human beings and human life? 

That we need to be questioned by an outsider what is happening with fellow human beings in your country?
NO. Not the common souls for sure. The commoners still have their sensitivities in place, Their values in place. Their humanity aspect in place. But talk of this political class? 

The erosion of human values is so disturbing that many times these issues concerning the lives of fellow humans are not so important for these political class.

Yes, it is a fact that the present time political class just don't care for human life and values. This class has created a system that works in their own interest and so do not feel disturbed with such reports.
Don't we all remember, not too long ago, the film called Traffic Signal was pictured about the same issues by Madhur Bhandarkar? Was it not pictured about what goes on at Traffic lights in Mumbai? Wasn't it revealing about the same issue and many more talking pictorially in a movie about who all are involved in these rackets?

Did the Home Ministry take any clue from the film and tried to find the truth?

No. Never. Because who cares about people? Who cares if children are maimed, crippled for begging? Who cares if terrorists kill innocent people at CST Station? In the Bus or Trains ? Who cares? 

Our Ex Home Minister was busy hunting for Bar Girls because according to him they posed a threat to our 5000 year old Indian culture and so his police force was busy 24 hrs trying to save our age old culture. And finally he saved our culture by throwing Bar Girls out of the Bars. For the Home Minister, it was urgent and important. Terrorist threats were not important. He and all of the political class did not feel disturbed on seeing the Traffic Signal Movie. But just a report in UK Paper disturbed a British national and provoked him into writing a letter to Indian Prime Minister? Asking, is it indeed true what the story says? But our politicians and police at large have become so thick skinned that they don't feel its worth any attention. Because they just don't care about human lives or life at large
They are mainly interested in coming to power, then make use of power to make money. That's it. For receiving such a letter, our PM should hang his head in shame because it is all happening under his rule of law. They have indeed become so insensitive after 60 years of their successful fooling with Aam Admi that they know, these are all suckers. One Billion of them 
Are We really ? 

Do we have to become sucker every time? Don't we have any other choice? WE DO ACTUALLY. I personally feel and rightly so, that Internet is a very powerful medium which can reach largest no of people with the message. It has a deep penetration power. It can be used to influence our gullible "Aam Admi not to become a sucker again and again. Why Not use it? So, let us use the power of Internet and create awareness among common people about many issues that concern our daily lives at State and national level. 

This way we surely will provoke a person to "THINK' in the right direction. 
And that I strongly believe is POWERFUL enough to bring in change. Today, we are simply taken for granted. Because we go by the media reports, media opinions and media views. But many of them are really not independent in the real sense. They too are attached to some political party. So we commoners can not really take their views seriously. ( Just see this case. The UK paper reported this story on Slumdogs being crippled for begging and our print and electronic media could not expose it even after Traffic Signal movie exposed the culprits? ) 

This is a human interest story and very disturbing one of a civilized society which our powerful electronic media could have followed it to expose our corrupt, rotten political system. 

But unfortunately media never plays that positive role. The reason is they are loyal to their masters. And unfortunately not to their readers and viewers. I think the time has come for all thinking class to stand together against all odds, against these power hungry wolves and say...ENOUGH OF IT.



And most importantly, what firm plans you have to weed out corruption from the political domain, administration, and government offices and agencies? 

Do you have plans and ideas in place to make India industrially, agriculturally powerful ? Like Japan and Germany after their vast destruction in the second world war. (Today, they have emerged as the biggest industrial powers in the world )

We are seriously not interested in your popular hollow sloganeering such as " Garibi Hatao

Remember this well, you are not selling here a soap or a detergent. It is a nation of ONE BILLION POPULATION waiting for last sixty years to see a leadership with vision and ideas to solve our problems.  

If you can't.. YOU ARE NO GOOD FOR US.

We wont allow you to take us for granted this time. We will VOTE YOU OUT. Because we are thinking on these lines and are all united. We are. Because we want change.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher.