Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dear Annajee, Namaskar

Dear Annaji, 

The fight against corruption and corrupt rule is to be fought together. Civil Society is with you all.

From yesterday's meeting and hurriedly called press conference by Congress big guns, it has become clear that Congress never was serious and buying only time to play a game with civil society.

All politicians of all political parties are waiting to lay their hands on this bill to strangulate it and die it's own death. Because, we all know this bill is against their loot. So no politician is willing to stick his/her neck into this noose and get hanged.
But now that raises most important question. What next?

Yes, I heard yesterday,  Anna has declared to go on the fast from Aug 16 once again. That surely is an effective and powerful approach which by virtue, is peaceful and non-violent. A great plan in place by Annaji.
But this time, I have a suggestion to Annaji and his respected team  

This time, change your strategy and take this Aandolan to different level to have broader and wider appeal by demonstrating all over the country, the massive support of the civil society to your call and appeal to demolish corruption.
We need to have an intelligent strategy in place to counter the aggressive,all mighty ruling class and their smart thinking. 

My suggestion is...This time, Annaji should not sit at Jantar Mantar for a fast. For many reasons.

1- Government may or may not give permission for such a protest gathering however peaceful it may be. We have experienced on 4th night what happened. They can and in most probability will give reasons of security threat to Anna's life and deny permission.
My thinking is.. why not Annaji go on Uposhan at different places every day? At all major cities like Mumbai, Bangloor, Madras, Calcutta, Hydrabad, Coimbtur, and even the other cities and rural areas.

It will STIR the country visibly in all areas and mobilize the masses at all levels from every corner of the country like Gandhijee did. And he scared the wits of British rulers.

2- This way, common people will get to see Annaji personally, That will have greater impact on the common people when they will see Annaji, and hear him talk on the subject. Visibility of Annaji is very important in this movement as common people want to see him and hear him because they relate with him.

3- Many would like to come in support to see and hear Annaji. Annaji today is seen as a role model of Gandhijee and his beliefs. 

4-This will have a snowball effect. it will gather the momentum and this people's movement will spread like a wild fire.

5- It will in reality show a clear picture to all those who are against this movement and keep arguing who are these five people who claim from civil society? Who have elected them? Not all one billion people of this country are in support with five.

Their smart argument is....even if a crowd of 5000, 10,000, 20,000 or even 50, 000 supporting these five, does not mean anything. It is still not representative sample of ONE BILLION POPULATION of India?

6- To negate all these nasty, ill conceived arguments just  to demolish this people's movement , I think,  we need to change the approach and strategy to prove that, this whole country is behind Annaji and his team. The extensive media coverage at every nook and corner will prove it.

7- Annaji's clean, honest, non corrupt image, his charisma  will help immensely to mobilize masses, especially from the RURAL areas where Annaji is highly respected. And rural India is real India what Gandhiji always believed and so does Annaji.

8- Even the youth of India would like to see Annaji in person talking about this movement. Annaji rightly appeals to them.

Because, they see Annaji as a BIG HOPE TODAY to free India from this corrupt class who have virtually established their small powerful kingdoms in their constituencies and created a nexus between underworld, businessmen, police, bureaucracy and government institutes.Today, our every institute is infested with corrupt practices and corruption from top to bottom.

I strongly believe, we need another Gandhijee to change India. Annaji is second Gandhijee for all of us and a big HOPE.

That is why I feel, there has to be a very intelligent strategy that Mahatma Gandhi applied to mobilize masses by actually traveling all over Rural India to appeal to masses for a collective movement against British Rule. The support he received from masses shattered British Raj. No one can take people's power for granted for too long. History has proved it every time. 

Another suggestion I have is...( again as a part of this strategy.)

You must create a team of PROFESSIONALS  from civil society to hold PRESS meets. There are lot many intellectuals who will be willing to volunteer. We need a Devil's Advocate. Only to give an example... like Ram Jethmalani, Like Karan Thappar, Like Arun Jethlay, (Please, these are only examples) We have in civil society many intellectuals like these who can speak well and present the point of views with logic, rationale and reason.

It does require a well crafted thought plan to present your arguments to Media. A well thought of thinking to convey all your point of views to people at large effectively.  We all feel, if Five of you is a CORE TEAM in this crusade, to help Annaji, you need other couple of TEAMS of professionals as a back up support who can speak well on your behalf. These teams can include very high positioned public figures who can talk well and argue with their power of effective communication with media and people at large.

The civil society feels, you all are very honest and we can easily relate with you. Among all of you, Kiran Bedi speaks so well with lot of ease and poise. Arvind Kejriwal too speaks well but he gets agitated and irritated soon in public debates when the whole nation is watching. Prashant Bhushan and Shanti Bhushan are very senior and speak well from legal angles. But the civil society thinks, all of you can be with Annaji as a core team supporting the monumental task.

Since Kiran Bedi is so excellent in her presentation of arguments and thoughts, (and she is not in drafting committee) let her lead another team of professionals just to deal with the media, journalists and many others from the public who want to understand civil society thinking. She is exceptionally good in putting across what civil society is thinking. 

I have seen in my observation... Bharat Dabholkar who speaks well, One Mr Sanjay who Arnab calls in debates, who is involved with people's rights speaks so well in debates There is Prasoon Joshi who we all know well. He was speaking so well in the debate for this civil society movement and his thinking and perspectives were so clear, no one could easily confront him intellectually.  

We know there are many from legal profession, Advertising world,  Business world who can make brilliant presentations to cut across the arguments and point of views assertively and  positively. Why not invite these intellectuals? 

The reasons... 

We see Kapil Sebal, P Chidamabram, Manish Tiwari, as smart speakers when it comes to presenting their side of argument. Why should we lag behind when our case is strong and we have strong arguments for our case on LOKPAL Bill and many other issues? 

Let us not make our case weak just because we can not present our thoughts powerfully.  

With all due respect to you all, I think we are weak in this areas and as you know well, one who is very strong, smart and convincing in presenting correct views can WIN in the arguments. Not the one who is right but very weak in presenting his point of view with supporting arguments, logic, rational and reasoning. 

I feel, let us not lose our battle against corruption because of our weaknesses. And therefore, we only need to fine tune our approach and strategy while fighting against corrupt. 

Let us have a brilliant strategy in place all the time to deal with smart people here. After all, Mahatma Gandhi, Shivajee Raje,  Winston Churchill, Dr Martin Luther King, all WON their battles only because of their brilliant approach and smart strategies in place.

With deepest respect for Annaji and all of you. Our best wishes and full support to you all in this crusade.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher
U-Said-It -Right

PS. It is a battle of nerves now and only with a strong support to Anna Hazare, we can change India. Be their to show your support when it is your turn. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Congress Stands Exposed

Dear Friends.. 

Congress is showing true colors! 

This was expected and it is happening because no one from political class is serious to bring in LOKPAL BILL with strong teeth to it.

Do you really expect politicians will endorse a bill to hang themselves?

You and me are taken for fools by these politicians. They first played dirty with Baba Ram Dev and  Baba too played in the hands of Congress and walked into their trap. The grand plan so well conceived by Congress that it worked as it was designed to work.
Baba was then put into dock to prove his credentials and accused of following RSS and BJP agenda.

Now it is Anna Hazare and his team. Plan B is in action. Demolish them too.

Very shrewdly and smartly congress with all their force trying to discredit Anna Hazare and his team with the same allegations. Congress says, Anna's movement is scripted by none other than RSS and BJP because this civil movement is backed by RSS and BJP only.
Just read these remarks... by Congress speakers
Top SR Minister Pranab Mukharjee says... " These arm twisting tactics, blackmailing to go on hunger strike is nothing  but undermining democratic institutions of this country and it is a  dangerous trend emerging in the country

" What are these demands? Is this a circus???.... Pranab Mukharjee 

Manish Tiwari Congress spokes person says... Anna Hazare and his team is just a front, the script they are reading is written  by somebody else and we know it is RSS and BJP who are indirectly provoking this so called  civil society movement. 
Jayanthi Natrajan anf Renuka Chaudhari of Congress says...
Who is Prashant Bhushan? We are the elected people from civil society. What is his standing? Who has elected  him from civil society? Who gave him and his team the rights to question elected parliamentarians, politicians and the constitution of this country?
Dr Shaqeel Ahemad, Digvijay Singh from Congress and NCP, leaders, also Lalu Prasad Yadav,  few journalists, few prominent personalities from society, some social activists and still few from elite class who think that once elected government is placed in the parliament, the rights of civil society seize.  If that is so... then

What happens if parliamentarians don't play their role in all the honesty?  Do the electorate wait for next five years as a mute spectator?

Suhail Seth, Patchi Karkaria, Vinod Mehata, Vinod Sharma, and many others think and say in the TV debates that aam admi, amm janata  can not question parliamentarians about their business. But YES, all these journalists, intellectual community like Suhail Seth, Vinod Sharma, Ranjana Kumari, Patchi Karkaria have the rights to write articles, express their views for or against in the open forums. But not Civil society members?

What kind of a democracy are we practicing? Where these few intellectuals think it is completely their right to assert? 

I say...Forget about Baba Ram Dev, Anna Hazare and civil society members. Let us be straight today...

I have not heard, till today, anyone from this lot asking these questions  to this elected government? or Elected Representatives. WHY? 

Question :1

Why have you not been proactive in making strict laws to catch the corrupt?


Why there is so much of corruption  in all walks of life at every level and so many politicians are involved and no one is till today punished and gone to jail? 


Why In 60 years Lokpal bill could  not be passed, and  strict laws were not made against corruption and  corrupt practices? 

Question :4 

Who is responsible for...

2G, 3G scam? CWG scam? Defense scams? Adarsha scam? Telgi scam?  Oil scam? Land scams? Food scams? Scams in Railways, Air India, Health and educational schemes?

The fact is ... 

All these scams are unearthed by media and alert journalists. Few Social activists and few citizens have been fighting  against unfair practices in the courts against corruption and few have lost lives too in this fight.  Killing of J. Dey, the senior journalist of MID DAY  in the broad day light just today is a classic example of underworld, mafia raj and corruption in the security agencies, police and administration.

The judiciary has taken serious view against corrupt practices, corruption at all levels in the country and Supreme court, high courts have put the government in the dock raising questions about failing to deliver what the civil society elected the government for. 

This elected government and the elected representatives have not ever exposed any corrupt politician but provided cover and shelter to take refuge. Like for example, Hasan Ali case, A Raja, Suresh Kalmadi, Quotrochi, Telgi stamp paer scam, Union carbide President, and many others. 

The loot has been going on in day light for many years by ministers in power, politicians, government officers, bureaucrats  and  few businessmen. 

We civilians know this well and are fully convinced now that politicians will never make laws to hang themselves. 

It is this very reason why Civil society has come on the streets.behind Anna Hazare and Baba Ram Dev, Do not blame the civil society and insult the intelligence of common man  on the street. This is no circus, nor a navtanki or tamasha as it is described by many politicians who are not honest to themselves and to civil society. This is their sheer arrogance. 

The fact is .... 

When the civil society movement started growing and  suddenly gaining support of the YOUTH and common people from all corners of the country and from world over... 

It is the Congress who wrote the script to demolish this people's movement. 

The party which claims to follow Gandhian philosophy is neither following Gandhian teachings not practicing it in real life.

It stands completely exposed by its own acts.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher