Saturday, November 16, 2013

India’s never had it so bad- Says German media

The German press has savaged 
India’s misgovernance.

The Brussels-based European Commission Standing Committee on Global Foreign Direct Investments last week listed the top 20 destinations the EU 27 will target for the next five years.

Sadly, but for well-known reasons, India does not figure in the list. 

Stocks of European Union direct investments to the rest of the world amounted to €5.6 trillion at the end of 2012 and the EU continues to have a fixation with China.

As for India, senior EU officials noted with quite a bit of skepticism: “India is probably getting there, but not quite arrived”.

An editorial in the highly circulated German national newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine screamed:

“India has never had it so bad. Stealing in government has never been this brazen. Government officials are now so audacious in their corrupt practices that they do not give a damn about who is watching”. 

“Supreme Court directives are routinely flouted. Crime rates are up and security of life including women’s safety, which is the first responsibility of every government, is at its lowest ebb. India must then be more than qualified to be called a failed state.”

 In the Manager magazine, one of Germany’s leading glossy business journals, an article said:

“Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has a natural inclination to be a follower, not a leader. ”

Despair and Hopelessness

The article states, “India is a country where merit and integrity have no value and the country continues to sink beneath the suffocating weight of mediocrity and unrestrained, rampant greed. The majority of citizens feel excluded and disrespected at all levels of their daily lives. The youth of the country that make majority of the populace clearly feel helpless and many are pushed to take to misdemeanor and crime.”

Failure of Governance

Der Spiegel wrote in an edit article recently:
 “While the main functions of the parliament are to make laws and hold the executive accountable through oversight, Indian lawmakers make very few laws, pass incompetent motions and engage in rampant disruption of the proceedings.”
The German business newspaper Handelsblatt wrote: 
“For India, it seems clear that the hope of becoming one of the best twenty economies in the world will only remain a daydream. Corruption is the bane of the society. The Government knows this and the crusade against corruption is being handled with kid gloves.”

(The author is former Europe Director, CII, and lives in Cologne, Germany.)


Friday, November 15, 2013

UPA : Decade of Decay !

Greatest Achievements of the UPA Government 


10 long years of Bad Governance By UPA

10 long years of Corruption.10 long years of Scams, Scams and Scams.

Irrigation Scam? 2G Scam? Coal Scam? Rail Scam?
CWG Scam? Chopper Scam? Adarsh Scam?
Road Scams. Construction Scams. Air India Scam?
The Loot is FREE for All?

Commodity Prices going higher and Higher.
Reasons: Hoarding and Black marketing

Onions 100Rs Kg, Tomatoes 80 Rs Kg? Sugar 60 Rs Kg?Vegetables 70 Rs Kg? Milk 60 Rs Ltr?
Sugar 60 Rs Kg? And Now Salt 150 Rs Kg?
But Who Cares?

Power Cuts. Water Cuts. Bad roads. 

In rural India:
No Health Care facilities? No Drinking Water?
No Proper Schools?
No Power. No Water for Farming? Farmers committing suicides?
But Who Cares?

10 long years of policy paralysis

10 long years of Terror Attacks

10 long years of Failed Foreign policy

10 long years of Vote Bank Politics

10 long years of Arrogance

Bus.. Bahoot Ho Gaya !


Let us stop this. Let us change this in 2014.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher.

Congress Crying Foul Now.

How funny?
When Congress gets taste of its own medicine
it tastes bitter for Congress.

Who started this game? Who set the rules in the first place?
Why cry foul now?

This is the reason why the wise, experienced and matured people advise to think hundred times before you say something.  

When all Congress senior Ministers keep hitting below the belt with their comments at Narendra Modi and his Gujarat, 24 X 7,  it sounds all civilized and cultured?  

Congress after 10 years of their rule in the center does not have anything positive to tell the people of this country why they should vote for Congress ?  Except making Modi their target all the time? Running him down constantly with personal attacks?

Why is Congress crying foul? Was it not started by Congress?

Their main target set for the election campaign was Mr Modi and Congress publicity managers keep picking on every word he says, holds press meets immediately to counter.  And not just counter in a balanced ways but all in the bad taste.

Why is Congress thinking now, this is not civilized ? 

If Mr Modi talk about Sonia Gandhi`s ill health, what is wrong?  He is not being personal.

She is a President of Congress and she happens to be also mother of Rahul Gandhi who keeps attacking Narendra Modi in her official role to prove, how monster Modi is?  How Modi`s claims of development in Gujarat are all false and all his statistics are manipulated? Modi is  responding to Vice President and President of Congress who are running this government, enjoying the powers without any accountability and making all decisions for this country.

Why should Congress take Mr Modi`s remarks  personally? It is official attack by Congress President and Vice President and it is official response from BJP and Modi.

He has every right to criticize their policies, their communal politics, their vote bank politics, their appeasement policy, their failures in economic policies, their failures in national security, their failures in keeping check on terror attacks, their failure in foreign policies. Congress can not think after assuming and enjoying official powers by Rahul and Sonia Gandhi the roles are  without responsibility, and accountability ? 

The reality is, they are in politics, their government is in power and  answerable for every mess-up. You can not keep the cake and have it too?

Is it not a fact that  in their official capacity while  addressing election rallies, they are attacking Narendra Modi on his Gujarat performance and development model ? Though Gujarat electorate voted him in power through ballot, with their clear mandate, third time?

Congress cadre, senior ministers, and Prime minister, do not believe in electoral democracy in this country and do not respect people`s mandate. Do they believe in Democracy? Or does Congress believe in one family rule?  

When it comes to 2002 riots, they don't believe in our judiciary ? They don't believe in Supreme court monitored SIT findings? They become prosecutors, witnesses and judges too. And ready to hang Mr Modi in fast track court? 

When it comes to their Human Rights  violation records of 1984 Sikh riots and 1975 Emergency Rule, they think no one should talk about their own violation of human rights?  

It is history they say? History? Who is punished for which Congressmen were responsible? Is anyone punished? Sent to jail?  Then why is 2002 riots not history? Why for the last 10 years Mr Modi is systematically targeted when he personally was not responsible for the riots and Congressmen were for 1984 riots? ?  killing of Mahatma Gandhi is not history? Why is it used against BJP, MOdi  in election speeches? That history suits them? Because then only they can paint Mr Modi communal.

Even today, the news says, Sajankumar one of the alleged criminals in 1984 riots who was directly involved in the human genocide that killed many thousand innocent men, women and children, is very much influential politician in Congress family and has manged to get election ticket for his son?  The news is out in the media.
Can Congress explain this to people of India and to Sikh community?

We have seen in the TV news bites, another alleged accuse of 1984 riots, Jagdish Tytler, participating in Congress core group meetings ?  So these alleged criminals are still in Congress core group and enjoying positions of power?
How does Congress explains this?

These people are close to Gandhi family but their actual place is in the jail. The heinous crimes they have committed are confirmed by CBI  in their investigations of 1984 riots. CBI has named many more who were actively involved in planing and committing the brutal crimes in Delhi  riots when innocent Sikh men , women and children were brutally killed?

What is NHRC done for so many years ?    

National Human Rights Commission is quiet about 1984 riots and 1975 Emergency rule? Were Congress not involved in Human Rights violations of third degree? Why congress does not want to talk of justice for citizens in these two cases?

All of them are still with Congress, enjoying powers and not in the jail or hanged.

Let us talk of the recent example. Congress in their recent election campaign, made a false claim in their campaign that RSS killed Mahatma Gandhi. When it is completely false.

Congress is spreading total lies for the last 50-60 years to paint RSS communal, killer of Mahatma Gandhi. Now with the same brush Congress is painting Narendra Modi communal, divisive, and fascist. Total lies.

If congress is spreading these false unfounded lies against BJP and Mr Modi, why Congress expects bouquet of flowers in return ?

They are getting the taste of their own medicine now. So it is hurting.       

Who called Mr modi "Gangu Teli? - Congress Union Minister Gulamnabi Azad. 

Did Congress pulled him up for making such a castiest remark against a community Mr Modi belongs to? Did Congress President, vice President condemned it? 

When congress Gen Secretary who is closely working with Rahul Gandhi makes serious allegations such as...RSS is Terrorists organization without any evidence? Did Congress condemed it? Did Prime minister take any action on his remarks? When Digvijay Singh says, he , Modi is FEKU, is it a civilized language specially against an elected Chief Minister of a state and a Prime Ministerial candidate?

Has Congress seniors like Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Dr Manmohan Singh openly condemed him for using such a language?  Which is his regular practice. Hit and Run.

When Union Minister Salman Khurshid calls Modi Bhasmasoor, Frog, was he reprimanded by seniors? Never.

Modi is very casually called Hitler by many Congressmen, a fascist, Killer, Murderer, but  we have never heard ever Congress senior cader condemend the language used against Mr Modi? It is clear, this is a language Congress wants to use and abuse.

We have never seen Dr Manmohan Singh with his position and seniority ever called his senior Ministers and expressed his displeasure over abusive language used for Mr Modi? 

That means, Dr Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi all are ok with that uncivilized language when used by their own Congress Ministers in public. They do not see anything wrong  in that. Why then when opposition reacts and Mr Modi replies them in his speeches, they feel agitated? Who started this trend? 
It is Congress and its alliance partners. Why cry now when it hurts?

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher     

Ashok Khemka : a victim of political corruption

Why an honest IAS officer today is harassed
For his Honesty on the job?
 Ashok Khemka

Reward for honesty: Mental Torture. Mental Trauma. Mental Agony. 
Insult and Humiliation.
That is the Price you have to pay for your Honesty when you are in government administration. and when you are doing your job honestly. Ashok Khemka and Durga Shakti Nagpal are two classic examples of the corrupt system practiced by our political class.

Ashok Khema is a classic example of Victimization of corrupt politics. 

An honest IAS officer, transferred again yesterday, 46 times by government authority for his honesty on the job. Is this not a vindictive treatment for an honest upright IAS officer who today feels traumatized personally in a democracy where he is being treated so badly by the government authority that NO honest IAS officer after Ashok Khemka and Durga Shakti Nagpal examples will ever be honest on duty and will feel motivated to do their jobs passionately.
It will be filling in 9 to 5 hours, go home and keep big mouth shut against any loot.
 Durga Shakti Nagpal

We have seen many other cases in the past who took on the powerful politicians as per the law book and got into trouble. It is tough to take on corrupt establishment when the entire system is corrupt from top to bottom. At this point, corruption sets in and Campa Cola, Adarsha like illegal constructions come up with the nexus between politicians, establishments and bureaucracy. We have been watching this in the news the result of corrupt practices and how ordinary people are impacted.
Why should Ashok Khemka and Durga Shakti Nagpal have to go through this pain? Just because the political class is corrupt?
On the other hand, Why the honest IAS officers are not awarded bigger roles with higher positions and financial rewards to deal with corruption in government offices?
To ask them this question you have to be naive or stupid. Because the politicians and governments like to operate in corrupt systems so that everyone in system can be financially benefited  The loot becomes easier with all corrupt operators in the system. Honest officers like Ashok Khemka  or Durga Shakti Nagpal are spoilers in their game and therefore either harassed, or transferred to some remote corner of the world where they can rot. It is actually a punishment given to them in a way that their whole family suffers and goes through the mental torture.

Ashok Khemka has received instructions to be on election duty which still has time. Till then he is rendered jobless and it is said, he wont receive his pay too during the time he is off the job?
What a family man is suppose to do if his income source is cut off even temporarily ? This is nothing but to inflict mental torture for a person who is creating problems for the establishment. How can an honesty on the job rewarded in this manner? It is worst than slavery,. either you fall in line or suffer, is the message. But dare not play with us.These are powerful politicians.

Where are all the congressmen from Rahul Gandhi to Dr Manmohan Singh who take high moral grounds when an honest IAS office is harassed and mentally tortured?

Is this Congress government not committing Human Rights violation? 
Where is the conscience of Rahul Gandhi that he dramatized against the Ordinance to protect elected representatives who are criminals ?

Why is an Honest officer Ashok Khemka today made to go through hell ? His only fault is, he dared to take on Robert Vadra? And for challenging the top powerful family he is penalized.
Are we living in Republic of India that boasts about Democratic Rule or Monarchy?
When any political figure or a Dynasty becomes too powerful or made powerful by others around, it is a danger to Democracy. Today, in India, we have many political families who are running their empires with all members involved in position of power. This has promoted sycophancy and slavery around them. This is coming from feudalistic mindset and this needs to be addressed as it is posing serious issues in our political system for many of our honest admin officials. 

Plus, the country is being looted systematically by the corrupt political class and bureaucracy. 

We need to work towards strengthening our Democracy after 67 years of independence and make it work as a participatory democracy that is in real sense by the people, for the people and of the people.

It can not be person centric and family centric. Or it will not be too far to be autocratic and dictatorial pseudo Democracy.  Which is the case today.

India is facing serious corruption in governance. And that needs to be addressed immediately if India needs to be saved from the looters.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Naresh Agarwal of SP has a problem with Tea Seller

How disgusting to say...
A Tea Seller can not be PM of India?  
Says Naresh Agarwal of Samajwadi Party.

Samajwadi Party leader Naresh Agarwal passed a sarcastic remark
at Narendra Modi.

A Tea seller Narendra Modi can't become PM of India ..???
But  forgot... the Same BOY who was selling Tea at railway station is already a chief Minister of Gujarat ? Not once, but thrice, same tea seller is made the leader of Gujarat. 
Three times people of Gujarat have voted a Tea Seller in power. Naresh Agrwal, by making such a discriminatory comment in public not only has insulted Tea sellers of India but the constitution of India which gives right to equality to all Indians who can aspire to become anyone, he has shown utter disrespect to our constitution. 
Imagine, the lawmaker doesn't know how to respect our constitution?
What a disgusting and discriminating  remark. Only a sick mind can  think like that and a frustrated politician.  In UP only the people from criminal backgrounds can enter politics on the strength of their money power and muscle power and become ministers. Naresh Agarwal needs to reveal his own background that he boasts so arrogantly in public.
What a shameful arrogant comment is that? 
The poor who earns his livelihood very proudly by selling "Chai" at every corner in India also enjoys the same rights constitution has given to  Naresh Agarwal. 
The one who is selling Tea that every Indian loves to sip in trains, at stations, at bus stops, at road side dhabaas may be very poor, but an entrepreneur at heart like Narendra Modi, who also becomes Chief Minister of a state. 
That is how Indian Democracy works and makes a son of a very poor father, a boatman,  President of India, .ABJ Kalam. Another son of a farmer... Prime Minister, Morarji Desai. A son of a very poor farmer who use to walk 10 kms to go to school  became one of the most loved, admired Prime Minister.. Lal Bahadur Shastri. And every Indian takes pride in every one of them. 
None of them were born with a silver spoon in the mounth Naresh Agrawal. 
Today my head hangs in shame to see a politician passing such disgusting comment about a Tea seller, about a poor class. Such politicians with arrogance and feudal mentality must not find place in public life. SP Supremo should kick this serial offender immediately.
If a boy coming from a poor family, from backward class, aspiring to become Prime Minister of India, Is it a crime? 
Or the politicians who have made politics their family business, who are rich,  who loot this country, and keep their black money in Swiss Banks,  only have the right to become Prime Minister ? And Not the Tea vendor? And not farmer? Not man on the street? Do one need to be born in dynasty?
Naresh Agarwal must be kicked out for his abusive language against the poor whose party keeps talking of socialist ideals and philosophy. Welfare of poor and backwards. The shows the corrupt mindset and such a mindset should not have place in public life.
Naresh Agarwal and his Samajwadi party has got exposed on their fake political ideology which in reality is against poor class. It got  revealed today. According to him, aTea seller cant become PM in this country?  Will Naresh Agarwal decide that? What is his background that he boasts so arrogantly? He himself is not even a Chief Minister of his own state? And what is he insulting Head of the state?
Gulamnabi Azad, the Union Minister of India said... He ( Modi) is a Gangu Teli?  
Why he said that? Because Mr Modi belongs to backward Teli cast. And then he sarcastically says..." Kaha Rajaa Bhoj aur Kaha Gangu Teli? 
He compares Mr Modi with his high command, Yuvraj Rahul Gandhi. This was the castiest discriminatory remark ever made insulting one cast. Congress does not feel ashamed of that? Dr Manmohan Singh does not think anything wrong in that? I think all of these politicians are fake people without characters of any civilized acceptance and entered into politics not on merits but family ties. With this mindset they can not take India too far and  they are exposing themselves with their loose talk everyday
Congress and some paid media keeps blaming Modi for using unparliamentary language? But who started calling Mr Modi by names like Maut ka Saudagar? Bhasmasoor? Hitler? Killer? Murderer? Frog? Khoonee? Now Congress and its alliance partners are getting the taste of their own medicine, isn't it? Now they think it is not civilized language?
Congress started this war of abuse. Congress set the rules of the game. Now Congress can not cry foul. Play by your own rules. 
We need to decide... Do we need this caliber of people in power to lead India which is in mess today because of such shallow thinking. Or we throw them out and find the right leadership to lead this country. Choice is yours. 
Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

CM Sheela Dixit and her pack of lies!

Delhi Congress CM Sheela Dixit and 
her cheap campaign strategy exposes her own self.

CM Sheela Dixit surely needs to keep a sense of balance in her election campaign. 

In fact, it can be said about all Congress members. They all seem to lose sense of balance and indulging in cheap publicity campaigning. The latest today I heard was a shocker... Sheela dixit made a wild allegation against BJP´s Delhi CM candidate Dr Harshvardhan and it is a height of wickedness.

If India has this low caliber politicians, who can stoop so low, we need to look at our political class very seriously for the sake of India`s future.

First She made comments about Aam Aadmi Party on money from overseas Indians their party is receiving. And our Home Minister, who does not take terror threats seriously, who is very Loyal Congressman, immediately got into action and ordered a probe against Aam Admi Party. Who is giving you money? 

Sheela Dixit now has gone far off the decency and civilized code of conduct.

She accused BJP Chief Ministerial candidat Dr Harshwardhan of raping a 17 year old girl, a maid in his house some 17 years ago?
It is a serious allegation against anyone and in this case, it happens to be the BJP candidate, projected CM of Delhi. A responsible person like CM of Delhi making such wild allegations must prove with documentation. 
She did not in her press conference. So is it all politically motivated for character assassination? Then it is serious and outrageous.
Today RAPE is a serious and a very sensitive issue in our country where in her own state hundreds of rape cases are reported. How can she use this word politically and loosely in a casual manner ? Why didnt she and her Congress party lodeged an FIR with the evidence they have to prove their claim?   
17 years back this case against Dr Harshvardhan was brought out and clearly exposed by Dr Harshvardhan himself. It politically motivated then and it is politically motivated now. 
Then it was proved totally false and importantly, Dr Harshwardhan`s name had never appeared in the FIR. Still to remove the doubts once for all, he offered himself for the for all the test and subjected himself  and his entire family to the humiliation in the social life. But imagine a senior Congress woman and a Chief Minister of Delhi, Sheela Dixit is bring it up again in the media light only for his character and political assassination. 
Her political arsenal and that of Congress, seems to have exhausted and the challenge by BJP looks frightening Congress campaign managers look like.    
The accusations are very serious and a person of Chief Minister level, a woman herself,  making  such baseless allegations today without any documentary evidence is proving Congress and its alliance partners want to take Indian politics to 
gutter level ?
Can dirty minds of Congress be any more dirtier? 
This nation would like to know from Rahul Gandhi who keeps taking high moral grounds all the time to show the world how principled he and his family  and his Congress party is, will ask Sheela Dixit prove it or step down? 
Let the nation see, how much morally high characters of Congress leaders are? Or are they fake claims to fool people.
This exposes Rahul Gandhi and his Congress party that indulges in lies and fake prapoganda.
This is the last thing India needs today, the fake politicians who have taken this country down the drain with their dishonesty and self serving politics.
2014... watch out citizens. You need to seriously decide what you want for the good of India.
Ajay Angre
Authoer, Writer, Publisher

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Corruption by Politicians and Builders

 Corruption And Aam Admi
Campa Cola Is a Classic example of deep rooted corruption in our country practiced  shamelessly by Politicians, Builders, Administrations and bureaucracy

It is a creation of political class for which Aam Admi is punished today and expected to pay  the price. I am not talking about  Campa Cola case here, but the larger issue of  corruption that has surfaced because of Campa cola unauthorized construction  in India and the corrupt political class that is minting money in partnerships with bulders and Municipal authorities who give sanctions on various construction related issues.
Right from local Corporators, MLAs, MPs, Corporation ward officers, authorities sanctioning plans, FSI, and giving permissions are involved in the corrupt practices for decades.  Forests everywhere are cut and builders are constructing huge properties in the Forest zones?
The result is... CAMPA COLA, and ADARSHA. Symbol of corrupt system.
Recent Uttarakhand tragedy that the country witnessed when thousands of human lives were lost was because of the same corrupt practices adopted by politicians and political parties. On the bank of the river, encroaching on the river bed, clusters of unauthorized hotels were constructed. Politicians and the government by allowing unauthorized construction, destroyed the nature and the natural habitat. Politicians with the business houses, builders must have made huge money from the illegal activities but innocent people lost their lives. 

In Thane in Yeoor forest, in the close vicinity of National park in the mountain range, construction activity is seen in  full swing. These are  protected  forest areas  all around Ghodbunder road. But you can see many construction sites with skyscrapers on the forest land ? It is only because of BMC, TMC, local corporators, MLAs, MPs are working in partnerships with builders and Municipal officials. Everyone is involved not in the carity work but to make money. And no government of Municipal establishments are catching the criminals. That is because all are working together in this loot and black money is in circulation.
In this corrupt system,  laws are flouted without any concerns for environment. One can see huge constructions coming up on the forest land. Imagine, thick natural green covers are destroyed and buildings constructed? When the lawmakers start looting, country needs to take a serious view or as it looks, land mafia, builders and politicians are running this country like Private Limited Company owned by few influentials in power.
This is only possible if politicians, builders come together and use, misuse and abuse administrative powers. 
Who suffers ultimately in corrupt system created by the politicians?
The common man who pays his taxes regularly and timely.
It is argued that Campa Cola residents were fully aware of its illegality from day one. But the other side of the story is... why the Municipal authorities collected all taxes, stamp duties, provided water and electrical connections to such illegal apartments from day one? Why the builder and promoters were not served notices 30 years back for illegal construction?
In the first place  government authorities should not have allowed occupancy in the flats. The legal notices should have been served and pasted on the doors of each flat. 
This modus operandi only proves...every authority involved in giving sanctions till the last Occupation Certificate did not take any legal action against the promoters and in the bargain all made money on the side. This is a story of 50% or more constructions in Mumbai and in the Mumbai suburbs. And the same is the story in Delhi, Calcutta, Bangloor in major metropolis.
This also raises another serious point...How is it that the Banks advanced loans to the flat owners which are unauthorized?
From where did the banks get all the documents to sanction loans? The corrupt practices were followed by Bankers too while sanctioning loans. So in other words... Builder made profits, Bankers made profits, Politicians, municipal authorities, from ward engineers, officers from top to bottom made money from the project. Officially Municipal authority got full taxes on land, property, water, electricity for 25-30 years. And all these payments have gone from buyer`s pocket and finally real culprits are spared and buyer is thrown out ? Who is going to punish the real culprits? All the main conspirators are let off?
In Mumbai, report says, over 50% constructions are unauthorized?
And when the justice is delivered, who gets punished? The ordinary citizen who has only one dream in life to make a HOME SWEET HOME. The builder, Architects, Municipal authorities who all are involved in underhand dealings to give and get sanctions at various stages of construction, are not nabbed by law who actually have cheated buyers and made money?
There ought to be a law to protect full interest of the home buyer. And a strictest laws against the corrupt. The punishment must be rigorous, harsh and lifetime.  

Look at the domino effect of the huge huge corruption between Political class, Builders and Bureaucracy. And who is punished? The buyer? Do the government and political class for this rampant corruption take any responsibility? Will the law punish the main culprits who perpetrated the crime first as a prima fecie evidence shows?
And this is a case with most of the societies.and land deals all over India. 

This is a very strong nexus between politicians, business houses, and bureaucracy. Be it builders or any industry. By corrupt means, promoters of the property get land sanctions, building plan sanctions, FSi sanctions, and later the plans are changed. Occupation certificates invariably are not issued in time because some work is unfinished. And the worst is, conveyance is not transferred to society for years and years, so that builder still has the claim on the property.

This is a Cheating case of consumers where there are number of government authorities, along with politicians are involved. And therefore, it is a well organized crime against common people who often get caught in this corrupt system.
The people of India MUST raise their voice on Corruption. Throw the corrupt politicians and choose a leader who is non corrupt and knows well how to deal with corruption.
It is the people who must make that choice. Not the corrupt politicians.
Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Why Only Aam Admi Party singled out and targeted ?

Congress is unfairly targeting Aam Admi Party.

In this election times, may be after many decades, one thing that is emerging clearly is, politics of convenience.We can see degeneration of values, principles, ideologies and like most seasoned politicians say, there are no friends and no enemies in politics. Recent classic example is of Nitish Kumar and his JDU. 17 years he enjoyed power together, all along accused Congress of opportunist, communal and autocratic? And now Congress has become secular, BJP communal, fascist?

Those seen fighting tooth and nail against each other on political platforms are also seen coming together on common interest issues. On the criminals in Assemblies and parliament house, all political parties come together to protect their criminal MPs and MLAs? 

On bringing under RTI rule, to declare election funding sources, by political parties, all came together and rejected the move. They all don't want to get exposed on the huge funds they get from their patrons. Whether it comes in white or Black, there must not be any track records. 

On electoral reforms... all political parties never took initiative in the last 50-60 years? 

Electoral reforms should have got top priority to weed out corrupt, criminals from the process, but all political parties do not consider electoral reforms all that important. 

This ought to be the first concern of the Home Minister to keep criminals out, but we have never seen Home Minister concerned about this serious issue ever?  That shows how even the Home Ministry is fine working with criminals in politics?

The Home Minister has got into Super Fast Action against Aam Admi party to find out their source of funds? 

All major political parties like Congress, NCP, BJP BSP, SP have ganged -up against Aam Admi Party. The party funding issue, that has come up against Aam Admi Party is purely politically motivated by Congress. and other parties have joined Congress.

But No body is saying ... investigate Accounts of all political parties? 

What moral right these parties have to question Aam Admi party source of receiving funds? 
Though their party has shown on their website every penny they receive and its source. 

Have other parties done it?  No one. Not Congress, not BJP, BSP, SP or JDU; RJD

The Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde should explain, why is he not so prompt in his actions when his own Congress, his alliance partner NCP, BJP, SP, BSP who all have got crores and croers unaccounted money as in the party accounts ? Why not investigate them too? Or It doesn't suit them? Or their loot is legitimate ? Or they have got license to loot this country? 

Why Home Minister is NOT so quick in investigating Black money in Swiss Bank ? 

The list of Swiss Bank account holders is with Congress government, why is it not investigated? Is it because the loot by Congressmen is parked in the Swiss Banks? Is it because, the list has names which can expose some top politicians ? 

Home Minister is seen super fast in ordering investigation against Aam aadmi Party ? And to make it look serious, he claimed in the press conference,, because I received few complaints, I have decided to inquire into the allegations ? These complaints can be mischievous and fabricated too? Can be politically motivated too? 

The Finance Minister Chidamabaram, Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh, who are economists, should they not be more concerned with the Indian money parked outside in Swiss Banks in  billions of Dollars ? Especially when Indian economy is bad shape? Rupee is falling in its value in the market? 

Why this Cherry Picking? Why Aam Admi Party only? 

Why not Congress, NCP, BJP BSP, SP, RJD, and all big political parties who spend money lavishly on buying votes? 

Or is this government looking for soft targets? Like Anna Hazare? Arvind Kejriwal? Baba Ramdev? Kiran Bedi? Manish Sisodia? Who are easy targets? 

Are we still living in the Mughal Empire? Or its a Banana Republic? This is nothing less than a Gang Rape on Aam Admi Party.. 

The people of India are fade up with this arrogance and feudalistic mindset. We don't want to see Kingdoms nor slavery on this land again. 

India is a Democracy and its constitution gives freedom and equality to all... TO ALL
In this case, this is a gross injustice done to one political party. 

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

Sayed Gilanee started spiting Venom at India

Sayed Geelani and Yasin Malik  
have started spiting Venom now against India

A day after meeting Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif's adviser Sartaj Aziz, separatist Sayed Ali Geelani has started spiting venom. Geelani says, guns could be one of the options for permanent solution of the Kashmir issue.  He is talking of GUN S as an option to Kashmir issue? Other political options may go on the side.

But one of the options he says is GUNS. That is soling Kashmir issue with Bullets.

The meeting with Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif's adviser Sartaj Aziz in Delhi by Yasin Malik and Sayed Geelani was not for checking weather in Pakistan. Now you know, It was for Gun support. Ammunition support. What else these separatists leaders can discuss with Pakistan leader? Not weather conditions in Pakistan ? 

And the Congress Foreign Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid says... its ok. we will give Pakistan a benefit of doubt? What an intelligent Diplomacy ? Have you seen any country allowing such meetings on their soil between  terrorists ?

Who is getting killed with their Biryani Diplomacy? Innocent Indians. But who cares?

Again who knows, the ISI agent in Indian Government establishment can be at work as the author of the Book "The Siege" states?? 

Because now Pakistan and China have both come together too.  And fully convinced that.. the Indian government led by Dr Manmohan Singh does not have the courage to take them on. Pakistan and China working together to foment trouble on Indian borders and these Kashmiri Separatists leaders  like Yasin Malik, Sayed Geelani staying in India, enjoying the comforts of the Indian host can work with ISI, Hafeez Saeed and execute their terror models and fight with India the guerrilla war.

The corruption at all levels can buy people in India and Pakistan is a universal truth now. So people are willing to work on any side for money. The poverty in these countries make youngsters work with them as human bombs like we recently saw in Patna serial blasts.

They know well, there can not better time than this, ...The Indian government is spineless, indecisive and finally, politicians like Digvijay Singh will point a finger at RSS... so why worry at all? The game is set.

This is what is the result of Congress government Biryany Diplomacy with Pakistan, ISI, Terrorists and Separatists. This Congress government has to be voted out before the Indian Republic is  threatened by many ISI agents working from within and keep enjoying Biryani Diplomacy.

Yasin Malik, Sayad Gilanee are those who have put on extra fat because of Salman Khurshid Biryani Diplomacy and that needs to be cut in time. Otherwise, it is certain, with our intelligence failures, home ministry incompetence, and Congress government failed diplomacy, people of India are going to get killed on the roads.

J&K is not part of India, says Yasin Malik, the separatist leader.

Yasin Malik openly states on the national broadcast...
Jamu-Kashmir is not part of Indian territory

It was shocking to hear yesterday on one of the debates on Times Now when Yasin Malik who calls himself a separatist Leader of J&K, stays in Indian part of Kashmir, not in POK , holds Indian passport, and claims, He does not consider Jammu-Kashmir a part of India?

The whole of Kashmir, J&K and POK is one Kashmir and belongs to Kashmiris

He is the same person who calls himself Indian, who crosses border, goes to Pakistan and  shares public dais shamelessly with Hafeez Saeed who masterminded 26/11 and killed 167 innocent people. 

And this spineless Congress government led by Dr Manmohan Singh at the center does not think there is anything wrong?

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's adviser Sartaj Aziz  met leaders of various Kashmiri separatist groups of Hurriyat Conference which was seen by the Government as "extremely unfortunate" misuse of a multilateral forum for partisan ends. Aziz, who arrived for a meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Asia and Europe, met the separatist groups separately at the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi. Besides holding talks with the moderate faction led by Mirwaiz Umer Farooq,

Aziz also had meetings with JKLF Chief Yaseen Malik and hardline Hurriyat Chairman Syed Ali Shah Geelani and Dukhtaran-e-Millat founder Aasiya Andrabi.

Is this Congress government so cowered that they have no guts to deal with these separatists leaders who are allowed to hold meetings with Nawaz Sharif's adviser Sartaj Aziz ? In Delhi? On Indian soil? 

Yasin Malik who openly says on the national TV that Jammu-Kashmir is not a part of Indian territory and is disputed region, and Congress government takes a position of a mute spectator? Or it is scared to take on the separatists? Or someone from the government is part of separatists? What are the compulsions not to act against separatists who openly threaten to separate Kashmir from India? Vote Bank politics?

He also says J&K and  POK both are disputed and do not belong to India?  The very fact that he crosses over to Pakistan and meets terrorist groups in Pakistan, their long term goal is to separate  J&K from India and till then, let ISI trained terrorists keep terrorizing and killing local population in J&K and kill Indian forces at the borders.

The Congress government has failed to deal with these separatists...

or rather terrorists elements in Kashmir and the J&K government led by Omar Abdullah is part of the larger conspiracy in this game. 

This is happening because of Congress policy of appeasement on communal lines and National interest is sacrificed at all levels by Congress. Congress is playing communal politics and claiming to be secular to secure minority vote banks. For Power hungry Congress National security, national interest are last priorities. And that is why, this Congress approach to serious issue like Kashmir, ISI trained Terrorists, lack of security concerns, allowing IM to freely operate from  Indian soil, raises a very serious question.. Are some elements from ISI working within this government? In our  Intelligence agencies? In our Police? And in political class?

The News in TOI today says... Home Minister Shinde will probe claims of  a "Mole" In indian Establishment that provided support in 26/11 strike to ISI and Hafeez Saeed, as the authors of the  Book The Siege  claims.

These are foreign authors who have written this book after their involved research on 26/11 and it is in Black and white. The book is published and makes such a bold statement in print calls for a serious investigation by our intelligence. It is a shame that the Home Minister is casually saying, it is not to his knowledge but he has heard ? And so he will investigate?

Can a Home Minister of a country of our size which is attacked by terrorists several times, killed thousand innocents, which is in war with terror day and night, make such casual statements?

Look at the 26/11 Terror attack, it was an attack on India and what followed for 72 hours was a real war like situation  in Mumbai. 167 people got killed and Sushil Kumar Shinde, the Home Minister talks so  casually about it ? 

Do we have incompetent government at the center or do we have government which has sold their conscience?  

The question is not what the book says, but why our own intelligence failed? 

This Book also claims that 26 Alerts were sent by US intelligence to Indian Government before 26/11 happened ?  And in spite of  26 alerts, the Indian government and Home Ministry was sleeping ? Or was someone from the establishment deliberately concealing the intelligence reports ? So that the terror attack can be successfully executed?

The Bigger question and a serious one is... after the published information in the book "The Siege" Are there ISI agents working within the Indian establishments?

When innocent people are getting killed in Terror attacks, people like Yasin Malik who are friendly with Hafeez Said and other most wanted terrorists.. how do we explain all these unanswered issues?  Does the Prime Minister, Home Minister, understand the seriousness of national security ? Or for Congress, terror attacks are part of their communal politics ? Like the way Patna serial blasts is being politicized ? Against BJP and Mr Modi?  

This government led by Dr Manmohan Singh is so shameless that even the separatists, terrorists, IM operatives have become part of their political propaganda ? That a terror killing Indians is less important then the political agenda?

If anyone holding responsible positions from the establishment are playing with 1.2 billion lives of people, playing with the national security and the national interest, the criminals and traitors must be identified on war foot basis and tried in the fast track courts and hanged for being  traitors, working for the enemies of this country..

That is this governments responsibility in power. Not the responsibility of the opposition. If this government fails to take appropriate action...the intentions of this Congress government will be under suspicion.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Will Congress Reveal the true History about Sardar Patel and RSS Ban ?

Congress False Propaganda against RSS
Congress has been continuously propagating that RSS is the same organization that killed Mahatma Gandhi. They are fanatics, extremists, communal and  they spread Saffron terror. BJP has emerged from the same Sangh background and obviously follows RSS communal agenda. These are the people who killed Gandhi.

This constant Gobales like propaganda by Congress for years to brainwash people of India to Convince Congress is Secular, and BJP communal is again a Congress`s communal propaganda. Hindus who talk of Hinduism are communal and therefore against Muslims in India. The trick played on Muslims to win votes. 
This is a well crafted cunning political agenda orchestrated by Congress every time to come back to power by instilling insecurity, fear in Muslims and other minorities.

Let us turn the history pages to see what is this Congress propaganda against  RSS and what is the truth. The subject of the ban on RSS in connection with Gandhijee's murder needs some more attention.

Sardar Patel was of the opinion that the RSS was not involved in Gandhiji's murder.

This fact is
 evident from the correspondence between Patel and Nehru. Replying to the Prime Minister’s letter urging him to ascertain the RSS connection in the case, Patel sent a categorical reply on 27 February 1948, less than a month after Gandhiji’s assassination: he says in that...

 ‘I have kept myself almost in daily touch with the progress of the investigations regarding Bapu’s assassination case. All the main accused have given long and detailed statements of their activities. It also clearly emerges from the statements that the RSS was not involved in it at all.’
Therefore, it is clear that it was on Nehru's insistence and some later fictitious reports from some of the state leaders that forced Patel to impose the ban on the RSS.
Shri Guruji was arrested again on the night of 13 November 1948 under the notorious Bengal State Prisoner’s Act
It was the very Act which Nehru had condemned before Independence as a ‘black law’. Soon after his arrest, Shri Guruji wrote a letter to all the swayamsevaks: ‘This state of affairs is humiliating. To continue to submit meekly to this atrocious tyranny is an insult to the honor of citizens of free Bharat and a blow to the prestige of our civilized free State. I therefore request you to stand up for our great cause.’ He gave a call for nationwide satyagraha on 9 December 1948. The main slogan of the satyagrahis was a blatant challenge to the Nehru government: ‘Prove the charges against the RSS or lift the ban.’
The satyagraha was a huge success all over the country. The government soon realized that public opinion was going against Shri Guruji’s illegal arrest.

So in order to break the stalemate, Patel communicated a request to Shri Guruji to prepare a written constitution for the RSS and to send it to the Government of India for its perusal. Until then, the RSS had been functioning without a constitution. Shri Guruji readily agreed to this suggestion and the text of the Sangh’s constitution was sent to the government in June 1949. 
This paved the way for removal of the ban on the RSS on 12 July 1949, unconditionally followed by Shri Guruji’s release the following day.

What is further interesting is the following correspondence by Sardar Patel:
After removal of the ban which was unconditional on the RSS on 12 July 1949,  
Sardar Patel wrote a letter to Shri Guruji on this occasion and made a telling remark: 
Only the people near me know as to how happy I was when the ban on Sangh was lifted. I wish you all the best.’
Any person who is genuine and wants to present the truth, would have mentioned the whole correspondence between Sardar Patel and Guruji Golwalkar and not quote as it suits him. It clearly exposes the lies that Manish Tewari and his ilk are indulging in.
On a side note, it is interesting to note that after the ban was lifted...
Shri Guruji embarked on an all-India tour in August 1949, touring the country extensively for six months. Wherever he went, he received a tumultuous welcome. The massive ovation he got in Delhi on 23 August 1949 attracted international attention. BBC radio reported: ‘Golwalkar is a shining star that has arisen on the Indian firmament. The only other Indian who can draw such huge crowds is Prime Minister Nehru.’
It is therefore clear that the lifting of ban on the RSS in 1948 was unconditional and the organization and its swayamsevaks were falsely implicated.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

Compiled from various internet sources.