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Ex CAG Chief Exposing UPA Scams in his Book

We know now who was Responsible 
to Bleed Maharaja
For 2g CWG Coal Scams

Are they Both culprits?
This news  story about 2G, CWG, Coalgate scams is now revealed By Ex Chief Of CAG Mr Vinod Rai. He also exposed who was really responsible for the bleeding of Air India Maharaja.

Air India loot by Aviation Minister and some top Directors on the board of Air India was in public domain 2 - 3 years back.

Many from Air India revealed it that the corrupt nexus between top management of AI and the ministry of Aviation is looting Air India. But now,  Ex Chief of CAG Mr Vinod Rai in his interview with Arnab Goswami on Times Now has spilled the beans in public, who was responsible for Bleeding the Maharaja.

It is no more a secret and it is also true, the Aviation Minister then from UPA, Mr Praful Patel of NCP demanded special package to revive Air India when it was a a sinking ship all knew. But the larger game was to benefit some people from the UPA government and make money together.

Praful Patel nor Air India management were serious to revive AI.

The last "Nail" in the coffin however was when Air India decided to buy new planes, when  AI was in the ICU... in a coma. This time, the Aviation Minister Praful Patel recommended Air India Board of Directors to think of long term plans to revive Air India once again and buy large no of fleet .

That time, the board initially had decided to purchase 28 new planes, but on the Minister´s suggestion, board revised its decision and decided to purchase 68 new planes?

On the cost side, this was about 1000 million US Dollars initially (about 28,000 Crores in Rupees) cost of 28 planes.  it jumped to 7000 million US Dollars when the order was placed for 68 planes.
Who benefited from this purchases? How Air India management agreed to go for 68 planes when according to their business vision, 28 nos was initially good no to sustain and promote the airline?

Air India got a bailout package twice from Dr Manmohan Singh even when Air India had no chance to get revived due to UPA government´s open air policy?

Then on what grounds it was decided to spend such an amount of Tax payer´s money ?  Why was it  blown on the sinking ship which Praful Patel like Businessman should have known? And the AI board of Directors too should have known. But from the face of it, it seems a huge scam where together loot is shared in this purchase. and many other operational costs.

Why did Praful Patel insisted  for its Revival with such a huge cost?

Then why did Dr Manmohan Singh agreed to bail out packages on the insistence of then aviation minister Praful Patel? Whose interests was involved in such a sick Air line ?

This and many many questions come to your mind since the loot now is exposed.  by Ex Chief of CAG who has a great degree of credibility on his honesty and professional integrity.

Congress says Vinod Rai is lying ? Congress says... Sanjay Baruh is lying? Congress says Deepak Parak is lying? Congress says, Natwar Singh is lying?

So who is speaking the truth? Congress ? Why should we take Congress word and not of Vinod Rai?

All these cases, 2G, CWG, Coal Gate Air India, must be investigated to find out the truth about who looted this country and who allowed it?

Dr Manmohan Singh? Sonia Gandhi and Family? Who???

We want to know because, it is the money of the people of India and not of any family. The looters must be booked and tried, jailed and their properties confiscated to recover the loot of the national wealth.

Lots of skeletons are tumbling out of UPA cupboards. Many many more will tumble out as honest bureaucrats will have the confidence to come forward and speak the truth.

Honest people like Vinod Rai must be admired for their courage to let the nation know, what was happening behind the curtains of Indian politics.

Because politicians who looted this country will never speak the truth. NCP leaders like Tariq Anwar and Majid Memon appear on TV channels and keep targeting BJP and Narendra Modi and when it comes to their accountability, they are puting Vinod Rai in the dock by questioning why was he quiet that time and why is he talking now?

JDU leader has gone 10 steps ahead and said to media...

  " Now we should pass a law  that will arrest such people who after retirement write books?And imagine the same politicians call Modi fascist? Dictator?

Time has come to expose these corrupt leaders and throw them in the jail for looting this country. And that time has come that is why these all corrupt leaders are getting together with the slogan... " BJP Ko Harao... Modi Ko Bhagao!! And this coalition is led by the corrupt, convicted politician Laloo Prasad who is released on bail.

This needs to change.  Corrupt and criminals can not stay in politics.

Ajay Angre
Writer, Author, Publisher

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Was There A Conspiracy Against Hindus By UPA ?

Breaking News : Sep 11Th 2014

A Sri Lankan Tamil , 
Working for ISI  Pakistan as their Agent 
Caught By NIA in Banglore.

The Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) president, Rajnath Singh, spoke of a "political conspiracy" aimed at the "vilification of Hindu saints and army officers in the name of Hindu terrorism"

In 2010, the internet whistleblower organisation WikiLeaks released US embassy cables in which The US ambassador to India scornfully dismisses suggestions by an Indian minister that the death of Hemant Karkare, a senior anti-terrorism investigator killed by Islamist militants during the 2008 Mumbai attacks, was somehow orchestrated by Hindu extremists.

The term "Saffron Terror" was prominently used by some Congress party members in this campaign, most prominently by Digvijay Singh. The BJP criticized these statements and filed a complaint with the Election Commission of India citing it as a violation of the Model Code of Conduct for political parties. The Election Commission issued a show-cause notice to Digvijay Singh on this complaint.

Hindu spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has also criticized it saying that it is a myth and insult to Hindu religion, which he said is the most tolerant religion.

Alleged acts of saffron terror

Hindu extremist organizations have been accused of involvement in terrorist attacks like 2006 Malegaon blasts, Mecca Masjid bombing (Hyderabad), Samjhauta Express bombings and the Ajmer sharif dargah blast. 

2007 Samjhauta Express bombings

Twin blasts shook two coaches of the Samjhauta Express around midnight on 18 February 2007. Sixty-eight people were killed in the ensuing fire and dozens were injured. It has been allegedly linked to Abhinav Bharat, a Hindu fundamentalist group. In November 2008,

it was reported that the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) suspected the attacks were linked to Prasad Shrikant Purohit, an Indian army officer and member of Abhinav Bharat.

Purohit himself claimed that he had "infiltrated" the Abhinav Bharat. During an army's Court of Inquiry 59 witnesses stated to the court along with Officers who testified that Purohit was doing his job of gathering intelligence inputs by infiltrating extremist organizations. On 8 January 2011, Swami Aseemanand confessed that he was involved in the bombing of Samjhauta express, a statement later found to be obtained under duress. Aseemanand claimed that he was tortured to give a false statement.

Other alleged Lashkar-e-Taiba to be responsible.

United States declared Arif Qasmani, a Pakistani national and allegedly 'LeT financier', to be the chief coordinator of the 2006 train bombing in Mumbai as well as the 2007 Samjhauta Express bombings and labelled him an international terrorist after approaching the United Nations about it.  

As of 2013, nobody has been convicted for the crime in India.

Ajmer Dargah attack

The Ajmer Dargah blast occurred on 11 October 2007, outside the Dargah (shrine) of Sufi saint Moinuddin Chishti in Ajmer, Rajasthan, India allegedly by the Hindutva organization Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and its groups. 
On 22 October 2010, five accused, of which four allegedly belonging to the Hindu nationalist group Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh were arrested in connection with the blast. 

CNN-IBN has reported that it was Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde who forced Bhavesh Patel to implicate Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat and senior leader Indresh Kumar in the terrorist strike. It is also reported that other senior Congress ministers and leaders were also involved.2008 

Malegaon blasts
On 29 September 2008, three bombs exploded in the States of Gujarat and Maharashtra of India killing 8 persons and injuring 80. During investigation in Maharashtra, there were allegations of involvement of a Hindu group in the blasts. Three of the arrested persons were identified as Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, Shiv Narayan Gopal Singh Kalsanghra and Shyam Bhawarlal Sahu. All three were produced before the Nashik Chief Judicial Magistrate’s court, which had remanded them to police custody till 3 November.

Prasad Shrikant Purohit was also accused of being involved in the blast. His counsel alleged that Purohit was being falsely framed for political reasons and that he could even be eliminated by the ATS because he has intelligence data of a sensitive nature pertaining to Students Islamic Movement of India and Inter-Services Intelligence operations, which could embarrass some quarters.

NIA, National Investigative Agency, has found no evidence against Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur and it has recommended the court to drop all charges against her.

Mecca Masjid bombing

The Mecca Masjid bombing occurred on 18 May 2007 inside the Mecca Masjid, a mosque in Hyderabad. Fourteen people were reported dead in the immediate aftermath. 
The National Investigation Agency, Central Bureau of Investigation and Anti Terrorist Squad (India) questioned former members of the RSS On 19 November 2010, the Central Bureau of Investigation produced Swami Aseemanand before the court in connection with the Blast. But later he has retracted the confession citing the mental and physical pressure to provide that confession. 
The Special investigation Team (SIT) of Hyderabad Police arrested ‘south India commander’ of the LeT, identified as Shaik Abdul Khaja alias Amjad, from Afzalgunj area of the city. Police said that the arrested was linked to Mohammed Abdul Shahid Bilal, key suspect in the bombing.
The South Asia Terrorism Portal, the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, the National Counter-terrorism Center the United States, and the United Nations reported that Harkat-ul-Jihad al-Islami was actually behind the attacks while excluding involvement by any Hindu group.

The South Asia Terrorism Portal cited Vikar Ahmed as a main suspect in the blast. Mohammed Abdul Shahid Bilal, former chief of HuJI’s Indian operations, is also regarded as a key suspect in the Mecca Masjid bombing, later he was shot by unknown gunmen in Karachi on 30 August 2007.

According to released documents by WikiLeaks,

Congress(I) party's general secretary Rahul Gandhi remarked to US Ambassador Timothy Roemer, at a luncheon hosted by Prime Minister of India at his residence in July 2009, that R.S.S. was a "bigger threat" to India than the Lashkar-e-Tayiba.

Panchjanya recorded that the statement showed that Gandhi "is totally unaware of the history of Hindutva as well as the concept of nationalism." 

If you observe in all the information above which is available in details on the net... Who is convicted in all these Blasts? Why The American intelligence is making a categorial statement accusing , not even suspecting LeT involvement in all the attacks and why is it that our intelligence framing.up charges against some RSS members? 

I have no reasons to disqualify US intelligence intelligence inputs on all of these terror attacks as US has rediculed any involvement by Hindu organizations.

Why is then P- Chidamabaram, Vice President of Congress Rahul Gandhi and Ex Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde framed some Hindu members like Sadhvi Pradnya, Col Purohit and Assemanand in all these Blasts? 

Why all these Congressmen raising a Flag of " Saffron Terror"? Or Hindu Terror?
After 6-10 years of investigations in all these serious Bomb Blasts cases, why our intelligence agencies have failed to convict all these alleged accused like Sadhvi Pradya, Col Purohit and Aseemanand? 

The only reason is this was a bigger conspiracy hatched by UPA Government and its senior ministers to let off the hook the Real Criminals from IM, LeT like Terror organizations and all this was done by misusing the CBI, Home Ministry and IB.

UPA, led by Dr Manmohan Singh misused, abused the constitutional powers while under the constitutional oath to protect the national interests of the nation.
Dr Manmohan Singh as the  of UPA government, Ex Home Ministers like P. Chidamabram and Sushil Kumar Shinde, all of them with Sonia and Rahul Gandhi misused and abused the constitutional offices for anti national activities to support the terrorists groups and compromised with the national security of this country by selling themselves to the enemy of this country who has been killing our citizens in the terror attacks and bleeding India. 

Is this not anti national? Are these not "Traitors"? Should they not be tried in the court of law? Should they not be sent behind bars?
Yes, Hindus are tolerant  but no one should ever take them for granted and try their patience. 

Ajay Angre
Writer, Author, Publisher

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Colonial Native Vs The Hindu

This is an interesting story to read. Don't miss it.

This one thought provoking mail I received today from a close friend and when I read it, I thought. I must share this with you all, the third perspective expressed so boldly by an outsider on the burning issue that every day we see our media, especially TV studios are debating.

I do not see sensible discussions, rational, logical arguments in the popular debates but one can easily make out with little intelligence what is actually being orchestrated to place a Hindu only in the dock and his/her Hindu civilization, culture which goes back to 5-7000 years BC.

Ramayana, Mahabharata is questioned everyday because, a Hindu is considered like a "Doormat" anyone can stamp on it, but he should not say a word.

Learned People like retired Justice Markandey Katju can say anything about Ramayana,  Mahabhara, and will not think for a minute, whether what intellectuals like him are  right or wrong, true or false. They don't think also, they need to prove their point of view otherwise.

I am sure a judge in the court would ask to prove its statement on the grounds of evidence. Learned Ex judge Mr Katju does not think, that is necessary, nor does people like Katju think, there are many many historians, foreigners who are doing research by studying Hindu civilization, Hindu culture, History about Lord Rama, and Krishna.

My point is well covered and well presented in the following article written by an outsider. And who is he?

Dr. David Frawley, (American Institute of Vedic Studies, New Mexico)
The Colonial Native Vs The Hindu

Just read his observations about Indians, Hindus, Indian elite, Indian so call intellectual community, Indian politics, politicians and so on.

Lot many people of India who I call Intellectual Mafia, are trying all the time to confuse, abuse, simple, straightforward, ordinary Hindu, who is so liberal in his own ways, own thinking, simply because of the freedom he enjoys from his religious faith that is Hinduism.  But unfortunately, others have started taking him-her for granted.

Its time he speaks for his own past, his identity which has never threatened other faiths, cultures. And for thousands and thousands of years.... the only one philosophical thought promoted by Hinduism is "Sarva Dharma Sama Bhav".

Hey Vishwa Chi Maze Ghar... meaning, this whole world is my home, my family.

The Author Dr Devid Frawley writes....

A defeatist tendency

Exists in the psyche of modern Indians perhaps unparalleled in any other country today. An inner conflict bordering on a civil war rages in the minds of the country’s elite. The main effort of its cultural leaders appears to be to pull the country down or remake it in a foreign image, as if little Indian and certainly nothing Hindu was worthy of preserving or even reforming.

The elite of India

Suffers from a fundamental alienation from the traditions and culture of the land that would not be less poignant had they been born and raised in a hostile country. The ruling elite appears to be little more than a native incarnation of the old colonial rulers who haughtily lived in their separate cantonments, neither mingling with the people nor seeking to understand their customs. This new English-speaking aristocracy prides itself in being disconnected from the very soil and people that gave it birth.

There is probably no other country where...

It has become a national pastime among its educated class to denigrate its own culture and history, however great that has been over the many millennia of its existence. When great archaeological discoveries of India’s past are found, for example, they are not a subject for national pride but are ridiculed as an exaggeration, if not an invention, as if they represent only the imagination of backward chauvinistic elements within the culture.

There is probably no other country where...

The majority religion, however enlightened, mystical or spiritual, is ridiculed, while minority religions, however fundamentalist or even militant, are doted upon. The majority religion and its institutions are taxed and regulated while minority religions receive tax benefits and have no regulation or even monitoring. While the majority religion is carefully monitored and limited as to what it can teach, minority religions can teach what they want, even if anti-national or backward in nature. Books are banned that offend minority religious sentiments but praised if they cast insults on majority beliefs.

There is probably no other country where...

Regional, caste and family loyalties are more important than the national interest, even among those who claim to be democratic, socialist or caste reformers. Political parties exist not to promote a national agenda but to sustain one region or group of people in the country at the expense of the whole. Each group wants as big a piece of the national pie as it can get, not realizing that the advantages it gains mean deprivation for other groups. Yet when those who were previously deprived gain power, they too seek the same unequal advantages that causes further inequality and discontent.

India’s affirmative action code is...

By far the most extreme in the world, trying to raise up certain segments of the population regardless of merit, and prevent others from gaining positions however qualified they may be. In the guise of removing caste, a new castism has arisen where one’s caste is more important than one’s qualifications either in gaining entrance into a school or in finding a job when one graduates. Anti-Brahminism has often become the most virulent form of castist thinking. People view the government not as their own creation but as a welfare state from they should take the maximum personal benefit, regardless of the consequences for the country as a whole.

Outside people need not pull Indians down

Indians are already quite busy keeping any of their people and the country as a whole from rising up. They would rather see their neighbors or the nation fail if they are not given the top position. It is only outside of India that Indians succeed, often remarkably well, because their native talents are not stifled by the dominant cultural self-negativity and rabid divisiveness that exists in the country today.

Political parties In India see gaining power as a means of amassing personal wealth and robbing the nation. 

Political leaders include gangsters, charlatans and buffoons who would stop short at nothing to gain power for themselves and their coteries. Even so-called modern or liberal parties resemble more the courts of kings, where personal loyalty is more important than any democratic participation. Once they gain power politicians routinely do little but cheat the people for their own advantage. Even honest politicians find that they cannot function without some deference to the more numerous corrupt leaders who often have a stranglehold on the bureaucracy.

Politicians divide the country

Into warring vote banks and place one community against another. They offer favors to communities like bribes to make sure that they are elected or stay in power. They campaign on slogans that appeal to community fears and suspicions rather than create any national consensus or harmony.They hold power based upon blame and hatred rather than on any positive programs for social change. They inflame the uneducated masses with propaganda rather than work to make people aware of real social problems like overpopulation, poor infrastructure or lack of education.

Should a decent government come to power

The opposition pursues pulling it down as its main goal, so that they can gain power for themselves. The idea of a constructive or supportive opposition is hard to find. The goal is to gain power for oneself and to not allow anyone else to succeed.

To further their ambitions'...

Indian politicians will manipulate the foreign press to denigrate their opponents, even if it means spreading lies and rumors and making the country an anathema in the eyes of the outside world. Petty conflicts in India are blown out of proportion in the foreign media, not by foreign journalists but by Indians seeking to use the media to score points against their own opponents in the country. The Indians who are responsible for the news of India in the foreign press spread venom and distortion about their own country, perhaps better than any foreigner who dislikes the culture ever could.

The killing of one Christian missionary...

Becomes a national media event of anti-Christian attacks while the murder of hundreds of Hindus is taken casually as without any real importance, as if only the deaths of white-skinned people mattered, not the slaughter of the natives.

Missionary aggression is extolled as social up-liftment, while Hindu efforts at self-defense against the conversion onslaught are portrayed as rabid fundamentalism. One Indian journalist even lamented that western armies would not come to India to chastise the political groups he was opposed to,as if he was still looking for the colonial powers to save him!

Let us look at the type of leaders

That India has had with its Laloo Prasad Yadav ( ex CM Bihar), Mulayam Singh Yadav ( ex CM UP) or Jayalalita to mention but a few. Such individuals are little more than warlords who surround themselves with sycophants. Modern Indian politicians appear more like colonial rulers looting their own country, following a divide and rule policy, to keep the people so weak that their power cannot be challenged.

Corruption exists

Almost everywhere and bribery is the main way to do business in nearly all fields. India has an entrenched bureaucracy that resists change and stifles development, just out of sheer obstinacy and not wanting to give up any control.

The Congress Party

The oldest in this predominantly Hindu nation, has given its leadership to an Italian Catholic woman simply because as the widow of the last Gandhi prime minister, she carries the family torch, as if family loyalty were still the main basis of political credibility in the country. And such a leader and a party are deemed progressive!

The strange thing is...

That India is not a banana republic of recent vintage but one of the oldest and most venerable civilizations in the world.

Its culture is not trumpeting a militant and fundamentalist religion trying to conquer the world for the one true faith but represents a vaster and more cosmic vision. India has given birth to the main religions that have dominated East Asia historically, the Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Sikh, which are noted for tolerance and spirituality

It has produced Sanskrit:

Perhaps the world’s greatest language. It has given us the incredible spiritual systems of Yoga and its great traditions of meditation and Self-realization.

As the world looks forward to a more universal model of spirituality and a world view defined by consciousness rather than by religious dogma these traditions are perhaps the most important legacy to draw upon for creating a future enlightened civilization.

The irony:

Is that rather than embracing its own great traditions, the modern Indian psyche prefers to slavishly imitate worn out trends in western intellectual thought like Marxism or even to write apologetic for Christian and Islamic missionary aggression. Though living in India, in proximity to temples, yogis and great festivals, most modern Indian intellectuals are oblivious to the soul of the land. They might as well be living in England or China for all they know of their own country.

"They are isolated in their own alien ideas as if in a tower of iron. If
they choose to rediscover India, it is more likely to occur by reading the books of western travelers visiting the country, than by their own direct experience of the people around them."
I have not read such an in depth analysis of this sort that almost covers everything that is happening in Indian politics today. 

Many Indian politicians, intellectuals, thinkers, think, a Hindu can be treated any ways you want, because he is the most tolerant of all.

Yes, that is very true... He is .... to a limit and he is no exception to the rule.

I remember, once late Sadam Hussain said openly to those who are trying to terrorize India.... He told them...

"The biggest mistake you are making is of awakening that sleeping giant, that most tolerant Hindu, who can take maximum because of his peaceful, accommodating disposition, but you will regret for waking him up,

Leave him alone. It would to be wiser

If you wish to share your views on this, feel free. One needs to be bold to express views without any bias or offense meant.

Ajay Angre
Writer, Author, Publisher

Barkha Dutt and her Professional dishonesty

Barkha Dutt of NDTV interviewing
with professional dishonesty to target Modi

Knowing Barkha Dutt like journalists who do not follow journalistic ethics and do not have professional honesty or integrity, I was not surprised to see her political agenda while interviewing two prominent political guests.

Mrs Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton when they were on the visit to India.

Her only objective while interviewing both the personalities was to get that one line for the Breaking News on her NDTV screen. And she did her best with her most unintelligent journalistic manners, but could not succeed because, both Mr and Mrs Clinton are not only matured political leaders from US but also do not play for the media gallery. Like the Indian politicians use media for serving their dishonest political goals with the help of our corrupt media houses.

What was Barkha Dutt trying to extract from Clintons?

Only one story. Why America changed its position on not granting US Visa to Narendra Modi after May 16th 2014?

And this question, she re-phrased several times to get that one story from her guests who were not interested in playing her political game with India nor Narendra Modi.

In the most dignified way, Barkha Dutt was told by both the Clintons " May be Indian media is taking up a non issue anymore.

Mrs Hillary Clinton said to Barkha Dutt:.

     " We think... it is no more an issue after Indians chose Narendra Modi as their leader and elected him in majority. Shouldn't you move on and let the past be the past?"

And Bill Clinton replied...

That is all past. We need to move on. The final verdict in the recent parliamentary elections is delivered by the people of India and the electorate of India has chosen Mr Modi as their leader with majority. Besides, the Indian judiciary, the highest court of your country cleared his name for not having any iota of evidence against him. So, what is the issue now?

He said further... when asked by Barkha Dutt... What do you think of Modi personally?

Mr Clinton offered his views and said.

      "I have personally seen Mr Modi working during 2001 Earthquake in Gujarat which devastated part of Gujarat and in a manner with well planned strategy Mr Modi worked for people of Gujarat, impressed many, including myself for his tremendous efforts to rebuild affected areas and resettle affected people after the earthquake.""

       "I know him from then and honestly, I am highly impressed with his economic vision he has outlined after taking over PM office. In fact he further added... American administration is eagerly waiting to meet Prime Minister Mr Modi as his visionary policies are going to help both the countries to revive economies. And many world leaders think of Mr Modi in the same way. So let us look forward and keep the past behind.""

When Barkha Dutt failed in her political agenda to get the story she wanted... 

she was disappointed and even her guests knew her hidden political objective in asking what is no more a news nor a story after post election results.

I am writing all this here today because of some more shocking information I received from one article, I got in my mail box.

I thought, I must share it with you all to expose Indian media and some of the journalists who can be classified nothing less than anti national or even traitors who are working against the national interests, Narendra Modi government and most importantly this country.

Read this article and you will know how politicians like Salman Khurshid, the Ex Foreign Affairs Minister from UPA government worked against the interest of India. Indirectly, the efforts of many were to help Pakistan, ISI, and many others stake holders whose intentions have been always to destabilize India politically, economically and commercially.

Read it here...It is a shocker. Every citizen of this country must know the politics of Congress, few media houses and some journalists and NGOs, Human Right Activists who are constantly working in a very sly manners against the national interest of India.

If you have anything to express on this, please feel free to write your views here and share this information with your other contacts in the national interest.

Ajay Angre
Author. Writer. Publisher

Monday, September 8, 2014

Politics By NDTV to Target Mr Modi

Cynical Debate Now on NDTV:... 
The Title says...

Watch: Modi's Pathshala - 
Did he Hijack Teacher's Day or was it a Success?

Knowing the political agenda of Nidhi Razdan and Barkhaa Dutt of NDTV anchors, for their notorious political alignment with Congress, I was not surprised at all to watch this debate on NDTV trying desperately to prove Mr Modi had a political agenda and it has not gone down well with many.

The title of the Debate says it all what NDTV is trying to prove.

Now, honestly...Who are all those who making it a political issue ?
And who is bitterly talking against the PM program with the students ?

These are their own political agents who they invite in their planted debates with their political agenda who are equally dishonest and frauds.The time has come to expose such media houses who work with the political motives and arrange such debates to spread disinformation campaigns.

We have many senior editors, reporters, journalists, operating in the media world who are purchased by political class for their political propaganda campaigns. And then we have many corrupt NGOs and fake Human Rights Activists who are funded by foreign organizations for some hidden political agendas.

Time has come to expose these corrupt media and NGOs..
Of course, we know Congress and all Modi´s political opponents would not like Mr Modi as Prime Minister of this country becoming popular with people, nationally and internationally.

PM´s interaction with the students on Teacher´s Day was very much admired, appreciated and lauded by all the Students, their parents and common citizens.

Then Who really are all these people who are talking against it ? These are  Congressmen,its political alliance partners, CPI CPM who desperate for their political survival making it a political issue as it has been their political agenda to show Mr Modi in bad light on every issue.

But it is only in the bad taste. It is not approved nor appreciated by common people.

The negative reactions by many on NDTV program are not surprising because NDTV wanted to prove that...PM program has not gone down well with teachers.
This simply was a fabricated news story, well orchestrated and scripted by NDTV.

The fact is, PM Mr Modi did have a direct dialogue with the Teachers one day before in a live, one to one session which NDTV deliberately avoided in the debate. Since this media lobby is working against Modi government with Congress support, only wanted to target Mr Modi and his style of working.

That is the only one point political agenda of some media houses.And NDTV anchors like Nidhi Rajdan, Burkha Dutt are in the lead roles. It suits their political agenda and unethical journalism.

For public knowledge, PM Mr Modi said, he is collecting all the data on schools from the country on the issues Teachers and schools are facing. His team of Ministers are given a task to get every bit of information from School Teachers, Students and School managements about problems faced by them.

And this news  information was deliberately edited in the debate by NDTV.

This is a mischievous allegation that the PM instead of interacting with Teachers, and trying to understand their problems, he chose to talk to students. According to NDTV report. 

And thus the Debate... Did PM Highjacked Teacher´s Day program? According to NDTV... Yes!  Because that was the limited view NDTV wanted to broadcast.

I think our politicians are so dishonest and corrupt in their thinking that anything and everything they like to politicize to  get a political millage.

This country is witnessing a corrupt political nexus with the popular media. And that is because we have all sorts of uneducated, fake and frauds entered into politics. Many are coming from corrupt backgrounds. These fake politicians have a corrupt mindset to work like Sycophants, Slaves for their bosses for serving their own political goals. That´s all their political objectives are. Serving the people of country has nothing to do with their being in poliitics.

Their dishonest characters are a result of corrupt  practices followed by many leaders in Indian politics. Such as Laloo Prasad, Mulayum Singh Yadav, Rahul and Sonia Gandhi, Mani Shankar Iyer, Salman Khurshid, Ahmed Patel, Shqeel Ahmed or Sharad Pawar, Sushilkumar Shinde, Nitish Kumar, Mayawati or Arvind Kejriwal who with their dishonest politics have only looted this country.

They come together when they see political opportunity to come to power.
What sort of examples these insincere, dishonest, and immoral characters in politics can set for our Students ?

When couple of TV reporters were interacting with the students and parents on the same topic a day before Teacher´s Day... the reactions recorded by reporters of most students and parents and even teachers were of excitement, delight and on the positive note.

Every parent and student welcomed PM´s idea of interaction with the students as a very positive gesture and something which was seen Apolitical.

But the Idea of NDTV was to prove it otherwise and therefore it was a scripted debate with the participants invited who expressed their negative opinions as the objective was set by NDTV.

Who cares for Atul Anjan, Vrunda Kharat, Sanjay Nirupam or Sonia Gandhi like politicians who have in their school times not learned from their teachers to be honest, speak always the truth, admire and appreciate other´s perspectives, and views . For this very reason, these all politicians today are proved failures and because of their dishonesty in public life and their corrupt characters. they are rejected by people of India.

They chose a "Chaywallah" instead to lead them as their leader. Gave him mandate with majority.. .

60 years of Congress governance has proved ZERO in any achievements and 35 years of governance by CPI CPM in West Bengal has proved themselves as NPAs. Non Performing Assets.

These failed leaders who have taken this country for a royal ride because of their corrupt governance, should now quit politics and do some Social work for poor of this country if they want to honestly serve people.

Otherwise, all of them are written off assets in the Books of political accounts by people of India. And if they don't learn their lessons, people will  throw them out for sure.

We have had enough of their loot on the name of pseudo secular politics..

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

Once again "Navtanki" By AAP...

AAP Claims it Has Caught BJP on camera
Trying to 'Buy' Support in Delhi 

AAP Desperation 
to come back to power in Delhi

This sting is well orchestrated By AAP and Congress in desperation to get a political millage and show BJP in bad light.

AAP as usual is trying all the tricks after meeting the President, accusing the Lt Governor as BJP agent, ( He was Congress agent when Congress was in power) now they have got down to their usual mischief.
I fail to understand, why is AAP and Congress so desperate?

When AAP and Congress were in power, they both as their political strategy to counter BJP in national polls to stop Mr Modi coming to power in the center decided to wind up Delhi Assembly? At that point of time they did not think of Delhiets interest but their own political interest. Because Arvind Kejriwal and his gang thought Now AK can beat Mr Modi and become PM. This was the reason why AAP decided to take on Mr Modi in Varanci.

And people of India rejected their phony claims and in Delhi AAP was thrown out with their humiliating defeat.

Does AAP think, they can quit government whenever they wish and they can demand polls whenever they want?

This background only is good enough proof to prove how irresponsible they all are and what kind of politics they are playing with the people of India.
Do they have any respect for Democracy? For Indian constitution? For the mandate by people?

For very long, they have made a mockery of this electoral democracy and behaving like bunch of Anarchists. May be, they believe in "Maoist" thinking who only follow unconstitutional approach. For all these like Arvind Kejriwal, Electoral Democracy  is not the right platform. All of them are nothing but believers in agitations, protest and anarchy.

Have they proved anything in terms of contribution towards social reforms, development in any region?  What are their backgrounds? Activists.
And we do not want such dishonest lot od people who are operating in political space with some undemocratic, unconstitutional agenda.
These all dishonest fake and phony politicians must be shown the door like they were booted out in 2014 national elections. They have no place in this largest electoral democracy. They are the once who betrayed Anna Hazare only for their own lust for power.

Honestly... India does not need such dishonest people in politics. We have had lot many from the time of independence who looted this country on the basis of pseudo Secular bogus political agenda and all the time tried to apply Divide and Rule policy.

Because of their dishonest politics and corrupt characters, India suffered,

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher