Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Who's responsible for the fall of Maharajah?

Air India... the Bleeding Maharajah.


Who takes the responsibility for his slow death?
Praful Patel? Or Dr Manmohan Singh's government?

I was surprised and shocked to see Praful Patel's interview on Times Now.
The way Praful Patel was answering questions thrown at him by Arnab Gosvami, showed he had no regret or remorse for bringing down Maharajah to such a sorrowful state. No money to pay staff salaries. No money to pay fuel bills. But money to buy new planes worth 45000 crores? The way he was laughing on such a serious issue, it also looked like the interview was scripted and fake. No responsible Minister will react on national TV as if nothing much has happened. If Dr Manmohan Singh has Ministers of this attitude with no seriousness whatsoever when we are talking of crores and crores of losses, our PM is not fit to lead this nation.The national carrier Air India on the verge of closer is not a joke Mr Praful Patel. It's peoples money that is being discussed. 

Air India is a bigger scam today that Dr Manmohan singh needs to explain.

Why taxpayers money was given as a dole to this man Praful Patel, then Aviation Minister, when the writing was there on the wall, Maharajah is in the ICU, on the oxygen, gasping for breathe and no hopes for his survival. A successful businessman like Praful Patel and his team knew it well because the end of Maharajah was well choreographed by these very politicians for ulterior motives.

This man, Praful Patel must be held responsible along with our great economist PM who kept giving funds in crores to SICK organization which was destined to nosedive because of corrupt practices by insiders who were responsible to run AI. PP was deeply involved with other politians to kill Maharajah slowly with a grand plan to finally sell this sick airline with losses to waiting bidders. So the 40/45 thousand crores of planes ordered now will be finally sold for peanut price to their friends in airline business and bleeding Maharajah goes to sharks waiting for their pray. It is a win win situation. Everyone is happy ultimately.

It was a grand plan that has been cunningly conceived for long by these politicians to swallow this public enterprise ultimately, and the loot then is shared by all involved like Praful Patel and his political bosses.

And that is why Dr Manmohan Singh who is called a great economist world over is totally and completely responsible for allowing this loot by corrupt politicians. What we see in every scam is just the tip of the iceberg. The major players are covered or ignored deliberately by investigative agencies and tax payers money is looted by these corrupt politicians. Finally, no one is convicted and goes to jail. The money is pocketed and the loot goes on. We like fools keep reading the news, watch fake,scripted debates in frustration and watch these looters getting away with the loot... going scot-free.

Will someone explain to tax payers, why a successful businessman like Praful Patel and a great economist with his team of experts and experienced financial advisers like Mr Pranav Mukharjee have been financially supporting a sinking ship which you and me who are not experts could see it happening one day?

The only deduction you can arrive at is, Dr Manmohan Singh is playing in the hands of corrupt politicians around him and he has failed in his duty to stop this loot. In either case, he is responsible to allow the looters to loot and therefore owes an explanation to this nation why he should not be held accountable and answerable?

If Praful Patel says, looking back now, may be certain decisions may have been gone wrong for Maharajah to bleed, then the accountability must be fixed for this huge mess up and loses on him first and all others involved. All responsible must be charged for mismanagement and misappropriations. They all must be sent to jail on charges of corruption and cheating. Here the great economist PM has failed in checking frauds and indirectly supported the loot.

Who should be held accountable for this huge loss? Yes, this ministers and their team must be sent to jail for their sheer incompetence and mismanagement. Why should the nation suffer huge loses? The corrupt ministers must be held responsible for squandering public funds. This is the reason why all the political class is against Lokpal bill with strong, effective laws against corruption. 

It was Praful Patel who kept asking PM for extra funds to save bleeding Maharajah when he was a Minister for aviation. The accountability therefore must be fixed with PP and PM. PM too is responsible for providing huge funds to PP when it was clear, it is a sinking ship. This corruption MUST STOP and every Minister must be made accountable for losses incurred during the term.

No one should take Citizens for granted. Let this be a writing on the wall.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher