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Why Mrs Priyanka Vadra feels outraged?

Who is in the Dock Today? 
The Gandhi Family

Today, Priyanka Vadra is feeling outraged since her husband is being accused of making loads of money with his Gandhi connections.

Why should Mrs Vadra feel agitated and outraged?

When her brother Rahul Gandhi spoke in his election speech publicly about Modi´s married life and his wife with cheap political motives, Mrs Vadra as a woman did not feel outraged?

Mrs Vadra did not think that was immodest and out of turn, mocking at sombody´s personal life when the lady is not in politics?  That she approved and enjoyed, though it was personal and most immodest and uncivilized?

Is Modi`s wife in politics? Does anybody have a right to make it a election pitch ? Mrs Priyanka Vadra is being selective in her politics.

Yes, it is a political reality today, questions raised by many citizens about Gandhi family need to be answered. When you are in public life and When you yourself have been raising questions on Narendra Modi and BJP, You must know, you too will be questioned. on all the issues including your husband.

Robert Vadra is one of the  issues. Because at one point, he was awarded equal status  that of the President and Prime Minister at the Airports when Vadra was nobody in politics and government ? His name was on the board at the airport in VVIP category? He was holding  the special status at the airport and was never frisked, checked at the point of entry and exit? 

How did he attain that special status? With whose blessings?

How he was awarded such a highest status with Diplomatic immunity? How did he enjoy these special status without any official position?

Why is Priyanka Gandhi today feeling outraged and complaining in the media, Asking...Why my husband is targeted when he is not in politics? Is he not enjoying all the official status?

Has Robert Vadra become millionaire of the Real Estate Empire in so short time without the blessings of his family? 

If allegations about land deals are not true, why Ashok Khemka, the honest IAS officer in Haryana who exposed Vadra`s fishy land deals, is harassed, and victimized? 

Why CBI is not asked to investigate this case? In case of Modi and Amit Shah, Congress Home Minister is appointing a Special judge to inquire into snoopgate? But Sushilkumar Shinde, Kapil Sebal want to protect Vadrabusiness model? 

Why? are they too benefited from the crores Robert Vadra is making?

Why Rahul Gandhi talks selectively about Adanis in Gujarat and not about his Brother-in-law Robert Vadra in Haryana on Fishy land deals? This is where Rahul Gandhi on his high moral ground claims is getting exposed and proves he too is a part of the loot.

When it comes to Modi... All Congress ministers demand Supreme Court monitored Investigations?  Why are ministers like Kapil Sebal, Chidamambaram are coming for Vadra´s defense? Is he in the government? Or is he a private person?
In case of Modi...Even after fair investigations, Congress demands further investigation, and deeper investigation and judicial investigation?

If they keep claiming Vadra is a private citizen, a private businessman and he has nothing to do with Congress and Gandhi family, why government Ministers come out in his defense in the media? Let Vadra Defend himself.

We citizens know how corrupt governance and corrupt  bureaucracy can do anything for powerful, politically connected people. In Haryana, it is Congress Government. Robert Vadra has received full support from Haryana government and its administration and Ashok Khemka is become the victim of the corruption of Congress Rule in Haryana.
Mrs Priyanka Vadra...There is no point in playing victim role when you are enjoying power to grow your assets and financial profits.

Of course, everyone enjoying power, directly or indirectly is questionable and answerable in a Democracy.. 

We know what was the Railgate all about. How Minister`s relative was directly involved in fixing jobs in Railways at huge price. And was caught. And we also know, how Congress government helped Minister Pawan Bansal, to get out of the mess by using its political pressure on CBI?

The country has seen it happening on national channels as the story was unfolding.

Who are we fooling? Yes, we knew that time, CBI is truly a Caged Parrot as rightly described by the Supreme court.

So we know all about the corruption cases from CWG to 2G to Coalgate to Railgate to Augusta westland, to Adarsha, irrigation and power..The list is long and surprisingly no one till today is convicted and jailed because Congress has been shielding its ministers shamelessly and even shielding its alliance partners like Mulayum Singh and Mayawati, Laloo Prasad,and many others who are looting this country.

Do we still VOTE for this corrupt Congress Rule? Or should this corrupt Congress be voted out of power to save India?

If you believe in Nation First Theory and National interests supreme... you will voter this time for BJP, That is for Narendra Modi.
Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

The Truth about Medha Patkar

Who is in the Dock Today?
The AAP candidate in Mumbai...Ms Medha Patkar
Is Ms Medha Patkar, the social activist involved in questionable activities with her suspicious links with external forces which are trying to destabilize India.? The forces which do not want India to progress?

Read all about her role she played against Narmada Bachao Andolan. Her Human Rights activities, appealing to save the lives of Afzal Guru and Ajmal Kasab, the two dreaded terrorists who were awarded Death Sentence by the highest courts of India.

Read all about it here, Because we must know who are we dealing with. Let us not be naive about these Social and Human Right Activists who get huge funding by unknown external sources not known for what reasons funding in crores is coming into their NGO accounts ?

There are many NGOs which are operating in India with Foreign fundings and the NGOs are not being transparent nor open about their accounts. Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sesodia´s NGO Kabir, Meera Sanyal´s NGO Pradhan and many others are reported to have been receiving huge huge funding by outside institutes like Ford foundation. But nobody knows why these Financial Institutes are pouring in crores of Rupees in India? What are their interests? Political or otherwise. 

Is there any hidden political agenda? Read about it here @ 

Medha Patkar Exposed: Her confidential emails & letter from Congress party leader

Dishonest comments by Amartys Sen, Amitav Ghosh..

Amartya Sen and Amitav Ghosh, 
two  intellectuals say, 
Narendra Modi is not a good PM material.

But I wonder about their honesty? Are they honest in saying this or it is their political propaganda for Congress?

Because they are not saying... Rahul Gandhi would be the worst PM material? 

By not saying this, are they saying Rahul is a good PM candidate for India.???
Why are they not saying  who is the right choice for PM?

And why is Amartya Sen making an outrageous comment that Muslims are rightly feeling feared about Narendra Modi becoming PM ? 

Is he fair in making such statements when in reality Muslims feel otherwise in Gujarat ?
Or is he trying to be politically correct?

Whatever, they both are not voting for Modi or BJP. So they say. So what?

And Amitav Ghosh has earlier declared that if Modi becomes PM of India, he will leave the country. He is most welcome to leave India. Because, if BJP comes to power, Modi will become PM of India and that means people of India have voted BJP and Narendra Modi as their choice to lead India.

If these two intellectuals do not respect our constitution, our electoral Democracy, and the mandate given by the people of India... they should leave this country and stay wherever they wish to, but should not insult the intelligence of the Indian electorate.

By condemning Modi openly, and by scaring the Muslims in India, they have already insulted the electorate of Gujarat who have voted Narendra Modi in power four times. 

Gujarat state is still in one piece under Modi`s government for the last 15 years and Muslims of Gujarat have not migrated to any other state because they are persecuted in Gujarat.
Have they? Are their any media reports suggesting mass exodus from Gujarat by Muslims on account of persecution?

These intellectuals must know what they are talking ? This sounds like a lose talk without any sound rational basis..They are not only irrational in their personal judgements but they are making politically motivated comments. Their political patronage can be clearly seen but that is where they have lost their neutrality and credibility. They can support corrupt Congress but let there be honesty in their political observations when they are publicly speaking.

This I am saying with responsibility because both these intellectuals have not uttered a word about last ten years of corrupt governance by Congress led UPA government in power.???

They have not publicly commented on Congress Scams, poor and corrupt governance, wrong policies, policy paralysis, failure on economic front, Rupee losing its value, high prices, lack of good infrastructure, failure in providing good health facilities, educational opportunities, 24 hrs power and drinking water? Threat to National security, Failure of Congress government in fighting the war with Terrorists ?

Have these two gentlemen said a word about non performing Congress government for last decade? NO
They have not. Whereas, Narendra Modi is democratically elected Chief minister four times by people of Gujarat. How can they offend Gujarat ? And not question Congress about their failures?

This shows their political dishonesty and political loyalty to congress.
If they want to leave India for wrong reasons, it is their choice. But let them not play their politics with Indians  We citizens know what we want from our elected government and who we want to govern. in our frustrations.

This advice by these two intellectuals with all due respect is uncalled for. 

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

Bollywood writes a fake story on Secularism

Who is in the Dock Today?
Section of the Bollywood personalities who want to prove 
they are the champions of Secularism?

I was shocked to watch the debate on Times Now last night. How some people go back to Gandhijee`s assassination, and 2002 Gujarat Riots to prove themselves Secular.? 

Just to place Narendra Modi in the Dock with their selective memory. These fake frauds must be exposed to stop this communal poison from spreading.

Nobody justifies and nobody will, the killing of our great Mahatma or nobody supports the unfortunate riots when innocents get killed. It is all a creation of section of the media, few journalists, some politicians and Human Right Activists who enjoy this Modi bashing 24 X 7 365 days.

But I fail to understand is, can this political spin off be used to call someone a murderer? a Killer? A Fascist or Hitler? Isn't this a plain, simple communal politics in play?

And who are these people? Bollywood personalities ? Appealing to people ..the need of the hour is to vote for Secularism.? 

So, corruption by Congressmen, Scams and the national loot by Congress party, corrupt governance by congress party, high prices breaking backs of common people, threat at borders and National security, are no issues for these charlies? Only Secularism is?
You know this is insulting the ordinary citizen who is struggling to meet both ends and surviving with meager income. If one can stay on the job too is a big gift in this political and financial crisis-

If you ask me, there is nothing wrong to appeal to people by any group, It must be viewed as their right. But this is different. This group from Bollywood has an hidden agenda that is attempting to call Modi communal, divisive, Murderer and Fascist. 

It is a clear political campaign against Modi and BJP
So be it., It is their political positioning. But let it be clear when you say openly, secularism is threatened? Spell out by whom? Spell out who is secular and who is communal?

Some of the members on the panel in the TIMES NOW debate openly confessed when cornered by other participants like Anupam Kher and Pandit that... Yes, they think Modi is communal, fascist. They think, Modi becoming a Prime minister of India is a Big Threat to secularism of this country, Because he is murderer, and responsible for the killings of Muslims in 2002 Gujarat riots?

Now here comes the problem. That is what is highly objectionable in their appeal. Who is communal and who is secular is everyone`s personal perception. Again who is going to decide that?

But these Bollywood personalities have scripted this story themselves, Directed it themselves and produced it themselves. And Yesterday, they tried to launch it on Times Now News hour. on the National TV. 

When you are making allegations and accusations publicly that too about a Prime Ministerial candidate who is just recently cleared from all the allegations by the Supreme court, shouldn't this group justify their serious allegations against Narendra Modi ? 

Can anyone loosely make such serious allegations in public domain and get away? These are all responsible Bollywood personalities.

It is nothing but a communal politics being played by few people in the Bollywood industry like Mahesh Bhatt.

Mahesh Bhatt claims to be Secular minded and keeps fueling communal sentiments in his speeches to Muslim audience. Mahesh Bhatt and few others are the ones who believe Narendra Modi is Communal, Murderer and Fascist Hitler. And they just don't stop there... they also say, he will victimize minority, partition this country again, and fuel riots all over India?

This is instilling fear among the minority community with political motives. And therefore it is very serious propaganda during election time. and it must be viewed seriously.

Those who believe in Electoral Democracy, those who believe in Indian judiciary will never ever disrespect our Judiciary and its judgements.

People like Mahesh Bhatt do not believe in Natural and Fair justice and fundamental principles of justice that says... no one, no one accused of any crime is considered a criminal till proven guilty of his her crime. Nobody can be punished till his crime is proven in the court of law
In case of Narendra Modi, he is been personally grilled for the last 12 years by courts in Gujarat, courts outside Gujarat, He is questioned By Supreme court monitored Investigation Team for as long as 9 hours to get to know his version.

Just last week once again the court of the highest order in India gave its verdict, saying all allegations against Narendra Modi are baseless, politically motivated and do not have any substance to prove any charges against Modi about 2002 Gujarat riots. 

All charges by Teesta Setalvad against Narendra Modi are fake, fabricated and baseless is what the court passed the judgement.on 2002 Gujarat riots.

And Mahesh Bhat,with few others from Bollywood industry are trying to prove Supreme court judgement is wrong. Don't They believe in Indian judiciary? They want to Hang an innocent person for no fault of his?

Or they want to play their communal politics?

It is very clear from their selective memory. None of them have put Congress in the Dock for Shikh massacre in 1984?

None of them talk about ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits who are driven out of their own motherland 30 years back and living in Delhi slums?

If these are honest citizens, and so much concerned about communal riots, they should first study our Riots history and if one has to go by the Riots history, it is the Congress who is put in the Dock for the many worst communal riots during their governments?

And that makes it very clear who is communal? This Bollywood stunt is nothing but fooling people. Most of them are regular Modi bashers but do not have courage to openly state in their appeal who they think is Secular and be voted in power. They haven't said that.

These pseudo Secular Bollywood personalities think, they need to advise others on who is Secular and who is Communal... here is the information for them on riots during Congress Rule.

Will they question Congress on who is punished till today?

There are solid evidences to prove Congressmen KamalNath, Jagdish Tytler, Sajan Kumar were in the front in the 1984 Sikh massacre. There are Eye witnesses who have seen them leading mobs against innocent Shikhs.. CBI in their records have stated, Police played a supporting role in Shikh riots and there is enough evidence to book many Congressmen and police personnel who actively helped rioters.

Will these so called champions of Secularism ask Congress why Sonia and Rahul Gandhi have been protecting these criminals?

Has anyone still been punished and sent to jail in the last 30 years? Will Mahesh Bhatt who claims to be secular has  the courage to question Sonia and Rahul Gandhi? 

He keeps spewing poison all the time against Narendra Modi when Modi is cleared of all charges by the highest court of this country?

Who is playing communal politics? Just look at this Riots history and You will know Congress tainted, criminal past.
1947 Bengal 5,000 to 10,000 DEAD CONGRESS RULE.
1964 Rourkela.. 2,000 DEAD. CONGRESS RULE.
1967 Ranchi 200 DEAD CONGRESS RULE.
1969 Ahmadabad 512 .DEAD CONGRESS RULE.
1970 Bhiwandi.. 80.DEAD.. CONGRESS RULE.
1980 Moradabad 2,000 DEAD CONGRESS RULE.
1983 Nellie Assam 5,000 DEAD CONGRESS RULE.
1984 anti-Sikh Delhi 2,733 DEAD . CONGRESS RULE
1984 Bhiwandi . 146 DEAD CONGRESS RULE
1985 Gujarat 300. .DEAD . CONGRESS RULE
1986 Ahmadabad 59 DEAD CONGRESS RULE
1989 Bhagalpur 1,070 DEAD CONGRESS RULE
1990 Hyderabad 300 PLUS DEAD CONGRESS RULE
1992 Mumbai 900 TO 2000 DEAD CONGRESS RULE
1992 Aligarh 176 .DEAD CONGRESS RULE

From this History of Riots... Who can be held responsible for communal Riots`in the country?

And also listen to this video of Mahesh Bhat and his hate speeches.,Does he sound Secular while challenging the majority and provoking the minority?

There is a real danger from people like Mahesh bhatt and  politicians like Rahul and Sonia Gandhi. Digvijay Singh. Salman Khurshid, Mulayum Singh Yadav, Mayawati, Sharad Pawar and like who keep playing communal politics to please their Muslim vote banks. 

But the fact is ... Muslims are refusing today to be used as vote banks.

They know it well, Congress and people like Mahesh Bhatt are scaring them by telling stories about Modi and BJP. Gujarat Muslims have come out openly in support of Narendra Modi. So is the case in Varanci and other parts of India. Times have changed.

You can not keep fooling people all the time.

These people with their fake Secular characters are serious threat to our country. Because, these famous personalities like Mahesh Bhat are using their social positions to mislead and misguide minority people only to serve their own political objectives. 

Their communal politics of HATE is their politics of convenience and catering to their vote bank politics.

But it is dangerous for India.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher.

View this video from You Tube exposing communal characteristic of Mahesh Bhatt and Congress Instigating Muslims for Jihad again

Media playing Mischief

Media mischievously picking non-issues 
to target Modi.

Whatever Modi says, media and Congress will blow it out of proportion and make such a big issue as if India is today getting partitioned again on communal lines? 

The so called fake secularists are talking like that in TV debates as if common man is a stupid ass.

All other issues of national importance  Modi elaborately talks on good governance, corruption, development, foreign policy, Pakistan, China, industrial growth, agricultural plans, farmers future, job opportunities for the youth, federalism, poverty, education, health services, power for 24 hrs, water at every home in rural regions, good roads linking all remotest villages, exports textiles future, foreign investments, safety for women, national security issues, high commodity prices, relief for common people to make life better, more comfortable is NOT the subject of debate by the popular TV channels?

But.... What is debated on the TV channels??

Why Modi did not apologize for 2002 Gujarat Riots?, Why Modi refused to wear Skull cap?, Why Modi said this and not that ? This may be politically important for the media debates and for political parties like Congress, JDU, SP, BSP, NCP because clearly they see political advantage from these issues to target Modi and save their own backs. 

So the strategy is...divert the focus of debate. Make it Modi centric. And make it a Breaking News. Make it sensational news.

What a pity? We common people look forward to listen to different views of leaders on more serious issues country is facing. But the debates by every TV channel is focused on only 2002 Gujarat Riots, why Amit Shah said this, why Modi did not say this, why Rajnath met so and so??

It is the section of the Indian media playing big politics with the people of India.

And all the so called Secular political parties are purposely talking of Non issues just to hide their poor governance, failure to deliver on their poll promises and their deep involvement in corruption.

They all have become millionaires and want their political shops to profit from their communal politics against Narendra Modi. None of these political parties are Secular but Faking Secularism and playing VOTE BANK politics. 

Look at the way Gandhi family talks in their speeches.

I am a person who has been watching debates on all the channels but feeling disgusted for the quality of debates they conduct. Third grade, politically inspired and sponsored.

In our country, the corruption is so deep rooted in our society that section of media, business community and political class have formed an unholy alliance and working as political agents with political agendas to target people like Narendra Modi..In this racket, even Human Right Activists and NGOs are hired to work along side to execute political agenda.

Last 12 years of Modi bashing is an example of this corrupt groups coming together with their political targets like Narendra Modi, Anna Hazare, Baba Ramdev, It has reached its peak and this is a well set racket where all involved have partnership in it with some political motives and, financial rewards.

It is sick, frustrating and disgusting to watch helplessly, a group of dishonest people are shamelessly fooling 1.2 billion people of this country for many years.

This MUST Change. This MUST STOP. This MUST End.

Then only our frustrations will end. I am staying in Mumbai suburbs and at least more than 5 times power goes off everyday.. Just now our security guard came and told, there will not be water from now till tomorrow night?

What has this Secular government done for this country? How does the Secular politics help in development? I am secular by character. Am I getting 24X7 power, water? Who is interested in the communal politics?

If this is the condition in Mumbai, imagine the state in our rural areas. No power for 15-18 hrs. No water to drink. forget for farming.

What are these so called intellectual journalists debating with the political class? This is that rich elite Class who do not know what the ordinary common people suffering is?. It is not a wrong impression that this elite class baring few gets into politics, or work for Human Rights to save Rapists,Terrorists and participate in TV debates.

Do they know what the life of ordinary people is without water, power, no money in pocket,and worse, no job? Do they know what the sufferings of ordinary people are?

What debates are they having on irrelevant subjects which are non issues created by the media merely to boost their TRPs with the tacit understanding of political class, few journalists and NGOs.

Yes, this Chaywallah Modi, who has seen poverty, worked hard by selling tea in trains, worked his way up till Gujarat CM, understands what poverty means. What hunger means.

He has seen it and lived it. He is not corrupt. And he does not allow corruption in his governance. He is done well for Gujarat. That is why Gujarat voted him in power four times.

Are people of Gujarat fools to vote Hitler, a Fascist? They voted him in power as Chief Minister four times?

You should know this well...Gujaratis are business minded people and they will not endorse anybody as their leader unless they are extremely happy with his governance model, development and progress.and his policies.

That is why Narendra Modi must be our only choice in 2014 elections for India`s Prime Minister.

If You want to CHANGE India from corrupt governance of Congress and NCP. of Sonia and Rahul Gandhi. 

Vote for BJP. 

Whatever the media debates, We can see, Those are set, manipulated and managed debates. Let us not get fooled by them. Let us do what is BEST for India and Indian Interest.

Let us not get fooled by Secular and Communal politics.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher ..

The Dream of Third Front.

Mamata Banerjee says...
it is Modi´s Fantacy only to become PM

She says...It will remain Modi`s "Fantasy" only to become the Prime Minister of India.

Did you notice one common factor between these leaders who are hoping Narendra Modi does not become PM.of this country?

They all are  hoping to form the Third Front. And they all have a deep desire to become Prime Minister themselves ?

You know all these leaders like Mamata Banerje, Sharad Pawar, Mulayum Singh Yadav, Nitish Kumar and Jaylalitha, are all aspiring to become Prime Minister in Third Front or their Federal Front they call it. 

They are all strong claimants for Prime Ministership if and when their Federal Front comes to power? . That day this country will be doomed again.

Only Narendra Modi is coming in their way and likely to spoil their chances.
And if you all notice, all of them are talking on the same lines. Ohh, Modi is dreaming to become Hitler-- says Sharad Pawar. It is Modi`s dream. Modi is Dreaming to become Prime Minister... says Nitish Kumar.. it will remain his dream only... Mayawati., It will be his Fantasy always to become PM.... Mamata Banergee. His dream will never realize till the secular forces are active... Mulayum Singh Yadav.

These are all opportunists in Indian politics who are only waiting for the HUNG Parliament Result on 16th May, 

Then they want to play their political game. But the voters are now smart. They will not allow that to happen.Voters know these politically charged leaders who have proved nothing in their own states.

These are all self serving leaders including Arvind Kejriwal. They will become politically active on 16th May to keep Modi and BJP out, Because, all of them are sure, If BJP comes to power and Modi becomes the Prime Minister, their loot will stop and their Shops will close down.

So, They will come together on their fake Secular card to cobble-up the government. 

There will be buying of elected members, small political parties will hike their price tags. Black money will be heavily used and this is where the Corruption will start in politics of the biggest electoral Democracy.

Congress then will give them outside support cunningly knowing well all these regional parties can not last very long and will soon Front will collapse on its face. And who will engineer the collapse of third front ?  The same Congress.

This will be Congress game exactly like it was orchestrated in Delhi with AAP. Congress has long history of playing such opportunistic politics 

But as a concerned citizen of India, I want to know, are these leaders keeping national interest all above their self serving political motives?

The answer to this is NO. NO NO. They don't care if India gets into politically, economically and commercially weak position.

For all of them getting into POWER is the name of the game. But certainly not for the citizens of India. We want Stable government in the center.

Third Front means shaky government at the center. Third Front means weak government. A Fragile government which can destabilize India, Indian Economy and worse, national security of the country will be threatened. 

Again, with all the ambitious leaders in third front, it can collapse anytime if one party threatens to pullout? Then national Elections again? . And at whose cost? Who pays for election expense? The Tax payer and  not these political parties. 

And who is going to suffer? The Country.

If these political leaders do not understand this, they are not only selfish but they should be called anti national who are only interested in serving their own political interests, with the attitude, let India go to hell. But coming to power at any cost is the ultimate goal for them.
There is no consideration for the interest of the country.

They can not be taken seriously for their self centered political approach which can result into destruction of this country. 

We must make sure our vote goes to stable India, good governance and development. whoever we vote, Giving absolute majority for Changing India is the need of the hour to save India from communal and corrupt politics.

We have experienced Congress corrupt governance last ten long years.. We should not give chance to Congress or third front selfish leaders to mess up with our country. It is up to all of us how we vote this time.

We must vote for INDIA. We must give one chance to BJP to CHANGE all of this for good governance, development and corruption free administration.

This time don't vote for corrupt governance and Khichdi government.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher.

Muslims Support Modi in large nos.

Muslims for Narendra Modi and 
Narendra Modi for Muslims

Says Farooq Khan, The former IPS officer, and retired as IGP in Jammu and Kashmir and joined BJP. (Reported By PTI )

This is what Farooq Khan says about Narendra Modi when Sharad Pawar, Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Dr Manmohan Singh calls Narendra Modi, Hitler, Fascist, Divisive, Maut Ka Saudagar, Khoon Ki Kheti Karne wallha ?

Who is Dishonest? Decide it yourself and vote accordingly in 2014 national elections. Don't get fooled by Congress propaganda.

Farooq Khan says... Listen to this

JAMMU: Lashing out at Congress for trying to communalise politics to get Muslim votes in view of the growing popularity of BJP's Narendra Modi, former IPS officer Farooq Khan said 

Muslims cannot be deceived now as the slogan "Muslim for Modi, Modi for Muslim" was gaining popularity among them.

"It has been routine practice in Congress to indulge in communalising the politics to mislead and seek the votes of Muslims in particular. Today a very popular slogan among this community is getting overwhelming response which is 'Muslim for Modi, Modi for Muslim," Khan told reporters here today.

Khan, who retired as IGP in Jammu and Kashmir and joined BJP at Modi's rally in Kathua on March 26, said, "With the growing popularity of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and widespread anger against Congress-led UPA, attempts are being made to attack Modi using undemocratic and unsocial language."

Condemning the utterances made by Congress candidate from Saharanpur, Imran Masood, Khan, who was instrumental in setting up anti-militancy special police units in J&K and taking terrorists head-on, said, "Whatever Imran Masood said in open against Modi is not just by chance. It is part of the Congress' strategy to paint BJP and Modi as anti-Muslim."

He also hit out at Congress chief Sonia Gandhi for her "maut ka saudagar (merchant of death)" remark and said the repeated attacks reflected Congress leaders' fear of losing the Lok Sabha elections.

Khan said allegations against Modi have been proved to be false. Even the highest courts have given clean chit to Modi.

"Congress should now come out of daydreaming and accept that people across the country, including Muslims, have made up their mind to see Narendra Modi as next Prime Minister of India," he said.

On his joining BJP, Khan said he found the party to be a nationalistic with very clear principles, and wanted to serve the motherland after his retirement.

This news report is by PTi, Dt 29 Mar, 2014, 08.54PM IST

Is Sharad Pawar still Dreaming to become PM?

Modi is Dreaming to become Hitler.... 

 Says Sharad Pawar
People Don't Dream of becoming Hitler. But Yes, People DO keep dreaming to become Prime Minister even when they are in 70s, 80s

And I wonder is this not insulting the electorate of Gujarat? Who elected Narendra Modi Four times as their leader? Did they vote for Hitler?

Why don't these politicians debate on India`s issues? 

In 21st century, In 2014, the young voter they are still  not listening to what the young gen wants from their elected government. They keep talking 24 X 7 only about Narendra Modi, but not about what they did themselves in last 60 years for this country?

Imagine, We in Mumbai city and its suburbs still do not have 24 X 7 365 days power and water. We pay road taxes but roads are bad. Safety of women is pathetic in Mubai and Delhi cities, and there is always a threat of terror attack. Our police are not well equipped nor sensitive to common people.

So what are these politicians talking about? Insulting the intelligence of common people?

We certainly need to have electoral reforms on top priority with AGE Bar. Politicians after certain age must not be allowed to stand for elections. There also must be a limit on how many terms you can stay in politics. Maximum it should be two terms allowed.

Those who are over aged politicians, who refuse to move ahead with time. Who do not understand new Young voter mindset. Who do not understand 21st century challenges. And who are self serving politicians, have no business to be in governance and they should make space for youngsters to take over.

They keep playing their old communal politics thinking voters can be easily fooled by saying, so and so is dreaming to become Hitler... so Don't vote for him? 

What a pathetic approach. Why don't they talk of issues that impact the lives of common people? 

Who is interested in your communal politics? If Narendra Modi is communal minded, divisive, fascist, voters are intelligent to understand who is who? They will vote him out. Your talking about Modi 24 X 7 means, you are diverting from the main issues of governance and development. Since you have failed to deliver when you were in government, and you do not have anything to talk about your own performance, you all are talking about Modi.

How do you think you can convince your young voter to vote for you so dishonestly and expect their support?
You are exposing your political dishonesty yourself. Do not expect young voters to vote for you. They are all smart and cant be easily fooled.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher