Sunday, April 10, 2011

Finally...The People Power Wins!

of the People, By the People and for the People.

Anna Hazare, the humble, selfless leader of masses becomes India's one voice! Saying it loud and clear... 

Enough is Enough. We have had enough of you! 

It is Just the beginning. Demolish Corruption.

We need many reforms in our electoral process that would stop criminals, unsocial elements from entering into politics and in our governing bodies. We need to stop these looters from entering into political system. We need to stamp them out.
But we need more and more people to join this  movement and strengthen the efforts of 73 year old man who is fighting our battle, really speaking.

You have just seen in five days, people of all faiths, cast, creed were together in what we experienced in the last five days with Anna Hazare was a movement by non political, common, ordinary people telling these rulers... 

Enough is Enough. Don't take us for granted. We wont let you loot this country.

The message was loud and clear.

But hello.....the movement has just begun.

We must make sure, it is kept on. More and more people must participate to support the movement with Anna. What a phenomenon. No one was paid to come to rally support. It was all spontaneous and not politically staged drama as few skeptics are saying,

Don't be a pessimist. Next time, don't stay in the drawing room. Don't just keep blaming others. When your turn comes to show, Yes, You are with Anna and the fellow citizens, Just join them. 

Play your small role in a big way.

As a matter of fact, what India all over showed was, there are no divisions, religious,social or otherwise among common people. Young collegians, school students, old and retired, men, women, working  class, businessmen, housewives, working ladies, children, all came out in support of Anna Hazare, a staunch Gandhian, a strong believer in "Satyagraha" and non violence.

He took the country by storm and caught the imagination of ordinary masses.  

No West or East. No South and North. India became one with no borders between under his spell. It was a peaceful movement that spread like wild fire not just in India but across the Indian borders too.

The social divisions are created by politicians for their own political gains.  It is proved once again, People's Power is ultimate, unbeatable and it can create Tsunami.

The time has come to unleash people power.
When your turn comes, show, you have a say in what you want and how you want your government to function. 

Do it now and you will be the power to Change.
Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher