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Can You Call All Pakistani Population Bad because of Pak Taliban?

It would be simply unfair to Call 
All Pakistanis Bad.

I agree with Former Supreme Court judge and ex chairman of the Press Council of India (PCI) Markandey Katju who said 99 per cent of Pakistanis are good and only some of them, who are corrupted by society, resort to bad things.
He is talking of common people of Pakistan who are like you and me, just ordinary people who do not play any role in politics or government policies.

You simply can not paint every one with the same brush. 

What is happening in Pakistan is a creation of their Army top brass and corrupt politicians who have created this situation in Pakistan. The ordinary people do not live by politics of such self serving goals. Only politicians for their political agenda and greed for power create monsters like Taliban or Hafeez Saeed and Lakhvis.

And when there is abject poverty, it becomes very easy for politicians to exploit the situation with their political corruption to stay in power and provoke people with political propaganda against their political targets.

We have been witness to such political propaganda in India too. 

Secular versus Communal political campaigns in India orchestrated by our political leaders are nothing but to mislead masses into believing what the political parties wants them to. It is a "Divide and Rule" strategy that Indian and Pakistani politicians have learned from their Ex British rulers that helps the political class stay in power by keep fooling people.

But when they over do it, they get exposed and commoners do not buy their stories.

Surely, all those who lost their loved ones in Peshawar killings by Tliban Terrorists did not create Taliban monsters. They paid the price for somebody who is playing dirty politics with them from post independence time.

This fact is proved when you see irresponsible misleading statements made by Pakistan´s so called political leaders and Ex Army-men who speak lies even today to their countrymen after Peshawar killings of innocent children.

Parvez Mushraf says, India is responsible for Peshawar attack when Tahirek eh Taliban claimed full responsibility immediately about Peshawar attack? And they even gave the reasons why they decided to attaked Army School. Because, Pakistani Army was killing Taliban militants and their families. This was said in their official statement issued by Tahrik ek Taliban.

And surprisingly, all the Pakistani Ex Army retired men when they appear on Indian TV channels claim It is India who orchestrated Peshawar attack with RAW, the Indian Research And Analysis Wing (RAW) ?

What does it all reveal about them?

Today, in Peshawar terror attack, when Taliban has clearly claimed the responsibility, why India´s name is dragged by these Pakistani state players? Isnt it totally dishonest to mislead Pakistani people today to say this? Pak Army and  Pak politicians have been fooling their own people and the world.

Taliban is their own creation and today their citizens are paying heavy price because of their dishonest, self serving, selfish, power hungry Army men and Political class who have been supporting Taliban. And they are totally exposed with their political design in front of their own people. To save their faces, they are shamelessly trying to change the focus, so that people of Pakistan don't blame the Pakistan establishment for the loss of their loved ones.

Pakistani Army men, politicians from Bhuttos, to Imran khan, and Nawaz Sheriff are misleading their own people and waging a war against India to cover their own political interests.

Ordinary people of Pakistan do not have any role in this except they are today unfortunate targets of these terrorist groups like Indians are.

What is happening in Pakistan is an unfortunate thing and the political leadership, all political parties and Army needs to introspect and revisit their political approach once again or else the people of Pakistan will be living their lives with these terror threats 24 X 7, 365 days. And again this terror groups are so ambitious to spread their wings all over the world that, if not dealt firmly now, it can pose threat to rest of the world too as we have recently seen terror attack in Sydney Cafe in Australia and on the Indian Kashmir borders.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher 

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The Untold Indian History Every Indian must know.

Indian History Not told factually

I received this historical account from my source and it is an untold, unknown  account of Indian history recorded by very prominent personalities working closely with Pandit Nehru, Sardar Patel and Mahatma Gandhi in Congress. 

I am pleased to share this information with all my readers here.

I am of a view, many historical facts during Independence struggle, and post Independence ,about political developments between political class as well freedom fighters who actually contributed largely for the independence of India  and were responsible to shape the Indian map, are factually not known. 

Thanks to internet technology which has created the powerful information media for many to publish information that was difficult to access unless published in the form of a book. Today email has become the fastest medium of sharing all information with the world.  

The following historical account recorded did not get the due recognition it deserved. It is a historical chronicle of pre-and post independent India. 

Truth must be told. Truth has its own way to surface, however some try their best to hide it dishonestly. And history particularly  can be written from many perspectives by giving it a spin, if one wants to distort it .Today that is exactly what is happening in Indian politics. Indians are misinformed and misled by giving fabricated historical accounts.

Dishonest Congressmen  today are trying to re-write our history to paint Nehru Gandhi family as the only contributors for the independence of India. Congress also is trying to paint RSS Black with distorted history.  Today, they are trying their best to paint Narendra Modi as fascist, divisive and communal because it suits their vote bank politics. 

But I am glad, Congress dishonesty day by day is getting exposed. The loyalists of Dynasty and the sycophants who are promoting Dynasty Rule in Indian politics are fortunately getting exposed and dynasty is coming to an end. 2014 election results have proved that. People of India are in no mood to encourage Dynastic politics and one family rule. 

It is rejected with overwhelming mandate given by the people. You can learn a lot from the history and the following historical account will surprise you all and also shock you to learn few historical facts. They may not be palatable for few but facts are facts and  factual history must be known to all.

Read it and share your views. Also share the information with your all contacts so that historical truth is known to Indians.

Ajay Angre
Author. Writer. Publisher

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the then Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister of India, whose 137th birth anniversary is on October 31, was insulted, humiliated and disgraced by the then Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, during a Cabinet meeting.
 "You are a complete communalist and I'll never be a party to your suggestions and proposals," Nehru shouted at Patel during a crucial Cabinet meeting to discuss the liberation of Hyderabad by the Army from the tyranny of the Razakkars, the then Nizam's private army.

"A shocked Sardar Patel collected his papers from the table and slowly walked out of the Cabinet room. That was the last time Patel attended a Cabinet meeting.

He also stopped speaking to Nehru since then," writes MKK Nair, a 1947 batch IAS officer, in his memoirs "With No Ill Feeling to Anybody". Nair had close ties with both Sardar and VP Menon, his Man Friday.
Though Nair has not written the exact date of the above mentioned Cabinet meeting, it could have happened during the weeks prior to the liberation of Hyderabad by the Indian Army. Operation Polo, the mission to liberate Hyderabad from the Nizam, began on September 13, 1948 and culminated on September 18.
While Sardar Patel wanted direct military action to liberate Hyderabad from the rape and mayhem perpetrated by the 2,00,000 Razakars, Nehru preferred the United Nations route.
Nair writes that Nehru's personal hatred for Sardar Patel came out in the open on December 15, 1950, the day the Sardar breathed his last in Bombay (now Mumbai).

"Immediately after he got the news about Sardar Patel's death, Nehru sent two notes to the Ministry of States. The notes reached VP Menon, the then Secretary to the Ministry. In one of the notes, Nehru had asked Menon to send the official Cadillac car used by Sardar Patel to the former's office. The second note was shocking. Nehru wanted government secretaries desirous of attending Sardar Patel's last rites to do so at their own personal expenses.
"But Menon convened a meeting of all secretaries and asked them to furnish the names of those who want to attend the last rites of Patel. He did not mention anything about the note sent by Nehru.
Menon paid the entire cost of the air tickets for those secretaries who expressed their wish to attend Sardar's last journey. This further infuriated Nehru," Nair has written about his memoirs in the corridors of power in New Delhi.
Nair's friendship with Patel began during the former's posting in Hyderabad as a civilian officer of the Army. "I was a bachelor and my guest house was a rendezvous of all those in the inner circle of the then Nizam of Hyderabad.
Every night they arrived with bundles of currency notes. We gambled and played flash and the stakes were high. During the game I served them the finest Scotch. After a couple of drinks, the princes and the junior Nawabs would open their minds and reveal the secret action plans being drawn out in the Nizam's palace. Once intoxicated, they would tell me about the plans to merge Hyderabad with Pakistan after independence.
This was information that no one outside the Nawab's close family members and the British secret service were privy to. But I ensured that this information reached directly to Sardar Patel and thus grew our relation," writes Nair.

The relation between Nair and Sardar Patel was such that the former's director general in the ministry told him once: "Sardar Patel keeps an open house for you." Nair, who worked in various ministries during his three-decade long civil service career, writes that the formation of North East Frontier Service under the Ministry of External Affairs by Nehru and the removal of the affairs of the Jammu & Kashmir from the Ministry of Home Affairs are the major reasons behind the turmoil in both the regions.
  "This was done by Nehru to curtail the wings of Sardar Patel," Nair has written. Though Sardar Patel was known as a no-nonsense man devoid of any sense of humour, Nair has written about lighter moments featuring him. The one centres around VP Menon with whom Patel had a special relation. Menon had to face  ire of Nesamani Nadar, a Congress MP from Kanyakumari, during his visit to Thiruvananthapuram in connection with the reorganisation of States. Nadar barged into Menon's suite in the State Gust House and shouted at him for not obeying his diktats. Menon, who was enjoying his quota of sun-downer, asked Nadar to get out of his room. A furious Nadar sent a six-page letter to Sardar Patel trading all kinds of charges against Menon.
"He was fully drunk when I went to meet him in the evening and he abused me using the filthiest of languages," complained Nadar in his letter.
Sardar Patel, who read the letter in full asked his secretary V Shankar, an ICS officer: "Shankar, does VP take drinks?" Shankar, who was embarrassed by the question, had to spill the beans.
"Sir, Menon takes a couple of drinks in the evening," he said. Sardar was curious to know what was Menon's favourite drink. Shankar replied that Menon preferred only Scotch.
"Shankar, you instruct all government secretaries to take Scotch in the evening," Sardar told Shankar.
Nair writes that this anecdote was a rave in the Delhi evenings for a number of years!
Balraj Krishna (92), who authored Sardar's biography, told The Pioneer that Nehru was opposed to Babu Rajendra Prasad, the then President, travelling to Bombay to pay his last respects to Patel. "But Prasad insisted and made it to Bombay," said Krishna. MV Kamath, senior journalist, said though Nehru too attended the funeral of Patel, it was C Rajagopalachari, who delivered the funeral oration.
Prof MGS Narayanan, former chairman of Indian Council of Historical Research, said there was no reason to disbelieve what Nair has written.
"But his memoirs did not get the due recognition it deserved. It is a historical chronicle of pre-and post independent India," he said.....
 .....IF only Sardar had become PM, as per the votes of CWC, and Gandhi had not dissuaded him, in favour of a sulking Nehru..many of the country's problems would never have seen the day.....!!

Please feel free to share this history with all your contacts.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ram Jethmalani on Black Money in Swiss Accounts.

Black Money. Corruption And 
Modi Government.
Listen to what the top most lawyer Ram Jethmalani says. . 

I have been following the Black money mess-up present govt has got into.

I know many of us are little confused about what is Mr Modi doing after aggressive election campaigning on the same and the promise to catch the looters.

But I am outraged by the Congress taking this political opportunity to hang Mr Modi on this mess. Congress and AAP both are taking high moral ground to paint Modi black and blue? Isn't it annoying?

This is simply outrageous simply because many times we don't get to know inside stories because the main stream media is corrupt too.

Now you got to listen to Ram Jethmalani here in this video where he in his usual aggressive style exposing Rajeev Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, our popular media that keeps exposing scams by working with some hidden political agenda.

In this video, Ram Jethmalani the well respected senior advocate is talking about lot many issues in a function where media is present too But what I am shocked about is his revealations about Arun Jetley and Sushma Swaraj?

Now since it is coming in public domain from a senior most lawyer Ram Jethmalani, I am not just shocked but wondering what is happening ?

Of course... Ram Jethmalani was the first person to recommend Mr Narendra Moddi´s name to Rajnaath Singh to make him the Prime Ministerial candidate of BJP.  Because, Ram Jethmalani has tremendous faith in his caliber, leadership competence and political honesty and integrity of Mr Modi. And he openly supports Mr Modi because of his personal assessment about Mr Modi. He has no complaints about Mr Modi whatsoever.

And I admire Mr Ram Jethmalani´s this very outspoken character when it comes to honest confessions and judgements. Some of the revelations by him in this video exposes Congress completely with its hypocrisy and double standards in this Black money episode. At the same time, he also raises doubts about Arun Jetley and Sushma Swaraj´s honesty. I do not know what the truth is. But it is anyone´s guess.

I thought, I must share this information with you all when this Black money MahaBharat is going on. 

Watch this video here and form your own opinion. If you wish to share your views  feel free to write your comments as this is a national issue of serious importance.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Danger by Dynasties in India, Pakistan.

Do Dynasties produce bad products?

Now this young man Bilawal, after his rant on Kashmir, shifted his focus targeting Narendra Modi. He gave some advice to his uncle Imran Khan to learn politics from Bhuttos. Now he has aimed his guns on Mr Modi.
Bilawal is a second best example after Rahul Gandhi of bad product of Dynasty.
Possibly, the reason is, their seniors in the family want the power to stay with the family, so that they can enjoy it to their advantage.

Why is it that these youngsters are not advised correctly when they are growing up? Is it because, most of the crowd these families have around them are self serving and sycophants? It looks like, even the elders keep giving these youngsters wrong ideas about their caliber. That is how sycophants operate around Ruling Dynasties.

We have been witnessing this phenomena in India. Laloo Prasad Yadav, and family. Mulayum Singh Yadav family, Karunana Nidhi and family, the list is long.
According to my view, there is absolutely nothing wrong in taking over the baton from the senior family member, provided if one has the fire in the belly to SERVE the People. And has the passion to be in social and political life Not without merits and required caliber.

And unfortunately... these young minds start believing in what the sycophants feed them. They start thinking they can become great leaders? How sadly this reflect upon the fixed mindsets of these politicians?

This tendency to promote family members to retain power with the family is undemocratic and violating the rights of more deserving candidates who have better exposures, experience and caliber.

This trend in India and Pakistan has posed many political issues which thinking class, intellectuals and the media people do not want to talk about just because, everybody wants to be politically right and not for what is good for the Democracy. How it can be strengthen.

This attitude of political class makes it difficult for ordinary people to enter into politics. It simply does not offer same level playing field. And that is counter productive in nature where ordinary people feel left out and ignored even if they deserve equal and better opportunities.

These dynastic politics have posed serious issues which can be seen in the poor, incompetent leadership by Chief Minister like Akhilesh Yadav of Utter Pradesh State. Without any administrative experience in good and effective governance, largest state like UP is under his poor leadership?

Why is the state today facing serious problems in governance ? Is it a good effective governance, if basic needs of the people are not provided 24X7? UP and Bihar are two states which for years have not seen good effective governance ? But only corrupt governance.

Why MUST people of the state, poor, middle class, backward, youth, women, children, suffer because you have incompetent leadership enjoying powers only because of the Dynastic politics?

Take example of Rahul Gandhi.

If his grand parents were top leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru, Smt Indira Gandhi, or Rajiv Gandhi, does it become the only qualification to make him the Prime Minister of India? What kind of a Democratic system is this which allows Dynasties to flourish and still claims, it is healthy Democracy?

Let us be honest, Should a person like Rahul Gandhi, or Sonia Gandhi with their unknown educational backgrounds, no political exposure and experience, Zero caliber in governance of a country as big as India with 1.25 billion population... be elected to Prime Minister´s position ?

Do they really deserve that position ? Do they qualify for that post?

The same case is with Bilawal Bhutto in Pakistan. With the blessing of his family, he now wants to lead Pakistan from the front? But does he have the competence, experience and caliber ? The way he is talking, raises doubts about his leadership merits.

Leaders don't become by fanning the religious passions of the people. By provoking people to go to war? Leadership is much more beyond that.

Good leaders lead people with motivation and inspiration to build the nation. They bring together people for peace, prosperity and human development.

What we are watching is, only hate politics and politics of convenience
Finally... politicians come and go, but the Nation pays heavy price for their political blunders. Because, bad politicians can not build better future for their country. And these Dynasties are making people of both the countries, India and Pakistan pay heavy price.

This MUST Stop and it must be stopped by people through Ballots.

Ajay Angre
Author. Writer. Publisher

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Modi showed fake Dreams to people... Says Sonia Gandhi

Those who messed up Indian Economy
Indian polity and Indian national security
are questioning Mr Modi in 60 Days?
Anand Sharma and Sonia Gandhi like failed
phony politicians are 
now playing different political game.

According to them, Mr Modi cheated people of India 
with false promises and has failed to deliver in 100 day?

The fact is, UPA govt led by Dr Manmohan Singh and remotely controlled by Sonia Gandhi and her sycophants was corrupt and involved in loot. 
It was a non functional government with policy paralysis and even the Indian investors were frustrated and shifting their investments from Indian markets to overseas markets. Corrupt governance from top to bottom frustrated local investors as well as overseas investors.

Indian economy was royally screwed by bunch of corrupt Congressmen and the family loyalists. Manufacturing sector was never focused by the reputed economist of the world Dr Manmohan Singh from 1991 when Indian markets were thrown open to foreign players. 
The slow death of our manifacturing sector began because of Free Market Policy and It killed our local industries which were just coming up in 90s.

India was sold to China, and rest of the world to dump their goods with the result our small scale, med scale industries got destroyed. 
Who was responsible for selling this country to foreign brands?

Yes, it is a fact whether one likes or not... after Mr Modi has taken over, his style of governance, with speed in making effective policies in place, quick decisions on execution,  close follow-ups, idea of easy and simple one window processing of documents and Zero tolerance for corruption in the administration has once again given confidence to investors, nationally and internationally. 
India had lost the credibility with investors nationally and internationally with the lame duck government in power during UPA rule. No body was feeling confident to invest in India.

Today... Mr Modi captaining the ship,  Brand India is re-established and Indian business community as well as foreign business community is looking at India as a land of opportunities for doing business with India.

The positioning of India as investment destination is what Mr Modi has successfully done. 
And with his leadership, forward looking vision, he has effectively raised the status high of India by presenting India as a country offering ample of safe and secured investment opportunities to the world. All those who are looking for safe investment destinations and huge consumer market are encouraged to invest in India. where human resources are readily available for their operations.

This is the biggest achievement of Mr Modi as a Prime Minister. In just 100 days in power. If Congress, CPI-CPM, and other opponants of Mr Modi fail to understand this huge achievement of making Brand India as a premium brand of the world, they are mentally and politically sick.
He has moved things with speed to get back the economy back on track. But if anyone expects Mr Modi to clear the mess UPA created in its 10 years of corrupt rule, it would not only be foolish, but amateurish and possibly politically motivated.

If some people like Anand Sharma and Sonia Gandhi are foolishly questioning Modi government about Black money, promised to get back from Swiss accounts in 100 days....this is trying to shift the goal post to save their thick skin. 
Will they explain to the people of India, why was UPA government sitting on it for two long years when the SC had asked to appoint a retired judge to investigate Black money parked in Swiss bank? 
Why was it delayed for two years? So that people who had parked their black money in Swiss banks get time enough to shift it to other countries?

When Germany was willing to give the list of the Swiss account holders without demanding any fees, why did UPA government not send high ranking officials to get the list? US government acted swiftly and got the list from Germany  immediately and also initiated action against their citizens who had cheated US government and transferred funds illegally. 
Why Sonia Gandhi and her puppet Prime Minister did not act upon it quickly? Who were they trying to protect? We know, by now all the funds are shifted to some other safe heavens, and that is why Sonia Gandhi and her corrupt Congressmen have got the courage to ask Mr Modi about Black money from Swiss accounts. 
Two long years taken by UPA government was to manage the Swiss show.

Please, if somebody is trying to prove today that Mr Modi has not done anything in 100 days, is fine with the people of India who have given him their huge mandate to govern with his vision and ideas. The voters knew it well, at least, he is not dishonest and will not loot this country. People  have that confidence in him. He has long back proved his caliber, credibility as a CM of Gujarat.
If Congressmen have a problem with Mr Modi´s style of functioning, it is their personal problem. If they feel politically thretened because he is non corrupt and can close the shops of many who are looting this country, nobody can help. Corrupt Politicians like Jaylalithaa, Laloo Prasad are sent to jail, so will be others who have looted this country.

People have given Mr Modi  their mandate for 60 months and people will question him after 60 months are over. 
Politicians like Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Anand Sharma, Laloo Prasad, Nitish Kumar, Mulayum Singh and like  should not think, people are fools and do not understand politically motivated criticism. 
Please give us a break. We are not here to play politics. We however expect politicians  to be honest to their conscience when they are trying to connect with the people.Their political rhetoric we have had enough. 
Ajay Angre
Author. Writer. Publisher

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Are Indian Americans less Indians and more Americans?

 Why can’t Indian Americans be more Indian?
By Francois Gautier Source : SIFY

It’s lunchtime at the home of the Consul General of India in New York, Dnyaneshwar M. Mulay.

A young Hindu American arrives. Her name is Suchitra Vijayan and she teaches part time in Columbia University, one of the most prestigious in the USA & plans to start there a course on South Asian Human Rights.

She says that she is first going to travel to India to interview Kashmiri Muslims and Christian Nagas – obviously an anti Indian agenda -while her Indian consular mentor smiles proudly…

Welcome to America, the home of millions of Indians, some of whom make a living out of bashing India in American universities and in US publications. 

Let’s face it: Indians who emigrate to America most of the time merge totally into the American way of life and their children never come back to their homeland. 

The culprit, of course, is Indian education that mass produces brilliant Indians, who are only good for export, because students are not taught to be proud of their own culture, the way French are proud to be French or the Americans proud to be Americans.

As a result, Indian Americans know nothing about Kalidasa, probably one of the greatest poets ever, or Shivaji Maharaj, who is on par with Napoleon, or Sri Aurobindo, India’s greatest contemporary philosopher - but all about Shakespeare, the latest Dan Brown novel, or the best Italian restaurant in New York.

This is the greatest brain drain in the world, which allowed the Silicon Valley to flourish (80% Indian engineers), or the American medical system to expand (60% Indians).

Compare this to the American Chinese: Not only do they unabashedly stand out as Chinese, but they repatriate many of their funds to China and even go back to the mainland, to be part of the great Chinese economic boom.

American Indians rave about the American way of life, but it burns out a human being in 30 or 40 years. They start early for work – by 7 am, America’s millions of highways are already clogged with traffic.

There is fierce competitiveness in the work place – you can be fired in a minute for no reason. Imagine the late hours and heartburn produced over the years by food too quickly swallowed on the run or in the car, the immense stress at airports where security – thanks to continuing terrorism – has reached inhuman proportions…

If only Indian Americans did retain a bit of their Indian-ness…

Today’s Hollywood stars all do yoga, India’s gift to the world. Yet not only it is not taught in Indian schools and universities as it should, but our Hindu Americans do not practice it.

What else? Pranayama is the ancient Indian science of breathing. Through it you can not only gain more energy, but also de-stress naturally and balance your mind.

It is also a perfectly secular science: Respiration has no religion and a Muslim, a Hindu or a Christian breathe the same air.

In fact, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, who has revived and modernised pranayama, has many Muslims and Christians as teachers and disciples. Yet, neither is it taught in India, nor do our Indian Americans seem to practice it much.

What about meditation, this most ancient technique that has again no religion, and can be practiced by anybody, with wonderful effects on the mind and the body?

In fact, American companies have begun introducing meditation in their seminars and it is becoming mainstream in the US. Does that mean that meditation is taught in Indian schools, as it should be, or that our Indian Americans practice it?  Not at all.

What about Ayurveda, the oldest medical science still in practice that understood 3000 years before western medicine, that many diseases have a psychosomatic origin? Do our Hindu Americans use Ayurveda?  Unlikely.

Yet, what would happen if Indian Americans practiced a little bit of that Indian-ness? They would shine, be an example to their fellow Americans, and make India proud.

Instead they want to become more American than the Americans. In this process, they drop their unique identity and are a loss not only to India, but also to America, as they bring nothing new to American culture.

And because they do not stand out, they allow these multiple South Asian groups that sprout everywhere, to be dominated by hostile Indian Americans, who, for instance, convinced the US Government for ten years to deny Narendra Modi a visa.

At the same time, it is true that America, whatever its faults, has always stood up for freedom and democracy. It did so during World War II, when it saved Europe from Nazi domination. It is doing so today, by being the only country in the world willing to take on terrorism head on.

Americans are friendly, hard working, and it should soon dawn upon them that India is their natural political ally, in an Asia confronted with terrorism born out of Pakistan, Afghanistan or Indonesia.

It is also the obvious democratic, pro western and liberal economic destination to counterbalance China’s aggressive hegemony in Asia.

Meanwhile, it is very unfortunate that the second highest Indian official in the USA, endorses and promotes anti-Indian agendas, whereas he should be the first one to hunt them out. This Nehruvian mind-set in diplomats has got to stop. 

The author is the editor in chief of the Paris based La Revue de l’Inde.
I received this write-up on Indian Americans and I thought, I must share these views with my readers.  I found writer´s views interesting, thought provoking and revealing. I agree with the author´s views, Human Right Activists who run their NGOs in India with foreign fundings, are never seen on the honest mission to fight against human rights violation.
Suchitra Vijayan, Indian American, a Hindu, who teaches part time in Columbia University, one of the most prestigious in the USA & plans to start there a course on South Asian Human Rights. 

She says that she is first going to travel to India to interview Kashmiri Muslims and Christian Nagas ? – obviously an anti Indian agenda. Why she did not consider interviewing Kashmiri Pandits who were forced to leave their own mother land, who were mercilessly killed women gang raped, slaughtered? 
Over three lakh Kashmiri Hindus were given 48 hours notice to leave Kashmir and leave behind their women for the separatist´s physical pleasure ? It is over 30 years now and these Kashmiri families are living in Delhi as refugees. 
Isn't that a massive Human Rights violation ? Who is talking about it?
Then take an example of Bhopal Gas Tragedy in MP. The company Union Carbide which was responsible tor the loss of human lives in hours in thousands, men, women children simply got suffocated, burned with the leakage of the poisonous gas, are still fighting for their rights in the courts. 
And who was owning the company ? Union Carbide was an American owned company. The people who keep teaching the world about Human Rights protection, washed their hands off, disappeared from the scene, disowning their legal and moral responsibility to pay compensation to dead and disabled, sBhopal Gas victims, ?  
What happened to Human Rights Violation?
We have seen many NGOs coming on the streets, on TV channels who are working on their hidden political agendas to somebody´s political advantage. We have seen in last 12 long years how Narendra Modi was targeted by these Human Right Activists who are funded by some foreign organizations for their hidden political agenda. 
That is why when I read this article, I could feel the same sentiments with every aspect of what the author has said in his article.
Many times, there are larger political conspiracies which the common man fails to understand in its right perspective.
Ajay Angre
Author of U-Said-It-Right Blog 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

How can The Law Makers support jailed convicts ?

This is funny. 
India is not a Banana Republic.

The News: 
Jaylalitha´s supporters calling Bandh in the State
in Protest against her imprisonment? 

We have Democracy and a Judiciary of the highest order. If justice is not done, You can challenge the higher court. Unless AIDMK followers and its Ministers do not believe in our Judicial process, and justice system.

Why these protests and Bandh calls? Why crying and chest beating for a convict?? When a common man on the street can be jailed for the same crime, are politicians and that too corrupt above law?

This must be viewed seriously if the state law makers, who are representatives of the people, do not believe in our judiciary. Even Assaram Bapu´s followers too feel the same... He and his son is falsely framed? They are innocent?

Do we have political leaders and elected Representatives who do not honor our Constitution? What kind of politicians have entered into our political system?

Laloo Prasad after his conviction, after he was found guilty of charges of corruption in fodder case, and sentenced to four years of jail term by the court, in says, he is falsely framed by CBI?

So are our courts and judges phony?

The UPA Rail Minister , Pawan Bansal when caught in Railgate that was happening right from his own home, by his close relative, saying... He is being falsely framed by CBI?

So was  our CBI misused and abused by Congress government? Is it not independent? 

DMK members, Kanimouze, A Raja after sent to jail by the court say... we are all framed falsely by CBI? CWG, Adarsha, AugustaWestland, Boffors, Irrigation scam, in all these scams, all politicians are falsely implicated, and are accused by our judiciary ? Is this what these honest politicians are saying?

Rahul and Sonia Gandhi with few Congressmen including Sam Pitroda, who has left the country and refusing to return to India, who too is an accused in National Herald case, too are claiming, these are all politically motivated cases? And they are all honest.

Mayawati has similar cases of corruption about huge collection of wealth and properties beyond her known income sources, She too claims these are false charges against her pressed by CBI?

Mulayum Singh Yadav too has similar cases of corruption slapped by CBI for owning disproportionate assets and income? He too says these are all false and politically motivated cases.?

The questions is... who is framing all of these innocent politicians? Is it CBI ?

The fact is... all these politicians like Jayalalitha, Lalao Prasad, A Raja, Suresh Kalmadi, Pawan Bansal, have misused and abused their constitutional powers for making money for themselves, their families and their close friends.

This only means... we have got people in our political system who are characterless, criminals, and dishonest to the core. 

These politicians in turn have got equally dishonest, characterless criminal minded people around them in power and these well knit nexus in our political system is looting this country systematically and when caught, playing a victim card.

Those who support criminals, convicts, corrupts and are in our Assemblies or parliament house, have no business to be in social public life. 

They should be thrown out of our political system if this system has to be sensitized and changed.

These are the same dishonest convicted criminals who are today targeting Narendra Modi by coming together on the false propaganda of being secular and saving this country?

No.. Not really, they are saving this country. But looting this country and cheating people of this country, for certain. Their victim-hood is a big bloody farce.

The law makers of Tamil Nadu Assembly calling for a Bandh for a convict in the jail, must be disqualified from their elected membership by the election commission or our judiciary because they are being disrespectful of our judiciary.

They have been disrespectful to our constitution and brazenly dishonoring the constitional oath they took while taking over the office.

They deserve to be thrown out of our political system  .

Ajay Angre
Author. Writer. Publisher

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Rajdeep Sardesai, Sr Journalist misbehaves ?

Can a Indian Sr Journalist 
of a Leading TV Channel misbehave, abuse  and
attack Modi followers in New York?

Watch this News Report and let me express my candid views here in this article as I have been boldly writing about corrupt media practices.

There can be Different views by as many... but it is interesting to watch what the Zee news in their news story reporting on Rajdeep Sardesai

Published on Sep 29, 2014 By Zee News
Senior journalist Rajdeep Sardesai of Headlines Today news channel was heckled and roughed up, allegedly by a band of supporters of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, outside the Madison Square Garden venue after he got a group of anti-Modi people to air their views just ahead of the Prime Minister’s much- awaited speech to thousands of the Indian diaspora.
I know, on this particular news story, there would be different takes, some political, by media professionals, and some by intelligentsia. All will have different takes Some bias, some shallow, immature, and some logical and rational. I however leave it to your judgement.

But I am not at all hesitant to call spade a spade. I don't like to beat around the bush.And this story certainly has a background. 

So here is my take on this story... 

Yes, its time media needs to be exposed if it is misleading viewers and readers with their political agenda. Because, as a viewer and reader of the print and electronic media, I take news reporting at a face value and millions like me who are not into politics, but just ordinary people, who trust the opinions and views expressed and aired by the main stream media.

If I come to know, I have been given the politically bias and motivated news report, news story with a twist, I am bound to feel cheated, misled, and betrayed.

If some journalists want to dishonestly mislead their innocent readers and viewers, then they have no business to be in journalism which demands like any other profession, ethical practices, honesty and integrity while reporting a news story.

Giving it a political twist and spin is selling a sponsored story.

This is as much true as your family physician is expected to be honest with you when you place your 100% faith and trust in his judgement and advice? Every professional has to follow professional ethics and it is applicable to media professionals too. In fact, a journalist must be honest to the core while reporting a news story.

Why should I be fooled because a group of journalists are politically inclined to work with their politically motivated hidden agenda?

I refuses to accept this dishonesty in public life anymore and I know millions like me would feel the same. Time has come to expose all dishonest professionals from Doctors to lawyers to Journalists to politicians who have been cheating on the public in a very sly, deceitful, dishonest manners which can not be easily seen or established.

Yes, it is a fact, corruption, immoral practices can not be proved or challenged easily. that does not mean there is no corruption in the society.

It took 18 long years to prove, one CM of the state was deeply involved in corruption and finally got convicted for crores and croes of Rupees loot. And I bet,this has to be a tip of the ice-burg. The loot must be according to some estimations over 3000 crores as per present valuation of her prime properties ?

And when you see her Ministers crying on public platform while taking the ministerial oaths, it is an outrageous outburst by the so called law makers of the Assembly? Please, will somebody explain, don't these lawmakers have a faith in our judiciary? Who convicted Jaylalitha on the basis of available evidence presented to the judiciary.

There demand for the release of their leader only proves, they are siding the dishonestly acquired wealth by their leader ?

And this is to my mind very scary, because, if we have politicians who are brazenly supporting convicts, jailed criminals like Laloo Prasad, Jaylalitha, A Raja, Kanimouzy and corrupt journalists, human right activists for their political and personal benefits, our Electoral Democracy is surely under threat of getting hijacked by such criminals who are entering into politics only to make money, and to loot our national wealth.

The scams like 2G, CWG,Coalgate, Railgate, AugustaWestland, Adarsh, Aviation scam,Irrigation scam, water and power scam, are classic examples that this country is in serious crisis if this dangerous, degenerating trend in politics is not viewed seriously by the thinking community of this country,

Corruption in the media, in politics and in every areas, every profession, every public office is a cancer and if in time, it is not treated, we as a country soon will be taken over by the criminals.

I have no hesitation in saying so and warning the fellow citizens.

Watch Rajdeep Sardesai heckled By Pro Modi audience in New York

Ajay Angre
Author. Writer. Publisher

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Modi Warmly Welcomed in America

 Jub Ek Chaaywallah Prime Minister Banta Hai
Democracy WINS!

If Indians don't feel proud today....
When will ?
About their Prime Minister Mr Modi getting Rock Star like Reception in a country like USA which refused to give him Visa in 2005, I think, we as citizens are not being taught by the teachers, parents or elders to admire, appreciate moments of national pride.

Narendra Modi is not BJP´s Prime Minister. He is a Prime Minister of India.

This is why He is loved by every Indian and now the world.

Is there something wrong with our collective psyche? Why is it that we do not take pride in our national affairs and events? Do we lack national character ? Are we dishonest and always politically motivated individuals? And are we habitual to playing petty, cheap politics in every national affair ?

May be, to some it is not digestible to see a "Prime Minister who does not come from Gandhi Nehru family, and has risen from a " Chaaywalla starus" to a world class tall leader, adored by even an international community. NRI´s, particularly American Indians have given a rousing welcome because of his honest , non -corrupt character.

This is not going down well with political parties like Congress, JDU, SP, RJD, BSP, TMC who are known for their corrupt governance. , The hate mongers who are indulging into petty and cheap politics do not like honest non corrupt, able and capable leaders like Mr Modi.

Mr Modi is simple, honest, and an idea man with great leadership quality with remarkable vision to re-build India and will take India to enviable heights which now people of India and all over are convinced.

For Congress, SP, NCP, TJD, JDU, BSP, DMK, it is a painful truth to accept and digest. It is also challenging their political existence.

Ek Chaaywalla??? In America? Giving speech to over 50,000 Indian Americans? And they are going crazy just to see him? Touch him??? Watch him talk???

Ek Chaaywalah??? Yehh Baat Kuch Hajum Nahin Hoti Hai !!! 
Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

Friday, September 26, 2014

India Is Changing For Good!

Times have Changed. 
And so should our mindsets.

If political leaders do not understand this, they will soon become history in political space.

We all need to think of ourselves as Indians First.. We all first need to keep national interest all above and ACT, THINK, WORK accordingly in the supreme interests of out country.

We are facing serious problems today because of our own mindsets we are confined to, that dictates our thinking, that provokes our Actions, and that creates our regional aspirations.

We lost 68 long years with this mindset and even today we are making the same mistakes. Our only social, political, economical goals must be to build this nation to enviable success.

We must think of Development, Development and Development of our every state. Be it Maharashtra, Utter Pradesh, Bihar, Assam, West Bengal, Kerala, or any state. It is ALL India. One country. Our strength is in making one India.

It has been a political ploy by our self serving, dishonest political class to divide India by states, cast, creed, religion, languages, cultures, customs and so on for their political benefits.

State divisions are created for the ease of governance and that is all. If we start thinking INDIA is one country and we are all Indians first, lot many of our problems will get solved.

Development Must be our ONLY political agenda and for Development, You need to have Good Governance, and for Good Governance, You need to have in place Corruption Free Administrations. Without all this, Development is not possible, progress is not possible and prosperity will remain only a dream.

Therefor, my appeal to our Younger generation is... get out of your old mindsets, don't get carried away by Secular, Communal, Gujarathi, Marathi, Bihari, Malayali, Bengali propaganda. It is only a self serving political propaganda. It limits your vision, it restricts your thinking.

When the world is going global, We as Indians also need to think nationally first and Globally like Japan, China.

We can have our political differences, our views can be different, but our goal must be one. In electoral democracy divergent views, opposite opinions is the beauty of healthy Democracy.

India First. ... MUST be our first priority

Like our respected thinker, Ex President ABJ Kalam once told the gathering of our politicians.....

" Do Not play politics which will hurt India, But play Social Politics with the competitive spirit to build this country .Let there be competition in social Development between states on...

who governs best,  who delivers best to their people on Development, and on human progress, who is making life happy of the last person in the social denominator ?

We can Move forward with this progressive mindset and build this nation. 

For the poor of this country rest is all crap. Seat sharing, who will become Chief Minister of the state should have limited importance in social life. In politics, first lesson to learn is... there are no permanent friends and permanent foes. As the situation changes, friends become foes and foes friends.

But politics of hate, of vendetta should not be practiced. It has no place in Democracy. It is not just the politicians who are working to build this country but every person from every corner of the country has a share in building this country. And they are in majority. So their share of contribution is the largest.

Politicians... Don't forget that.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

US Court issues Summons to Mr Modi.

US Court issues Summons to Mr Modi
over 2002 Gujarat Riots before his arrival in US.

What an unfortunate News. The sadist, and politically motivated group, sponsored by few dishonest politicians from India, and in US are still desperately working to "Nail" Narendra Modi" on "2002 Gujarat Riots"

But People of India realized their game plan in time and voted him as their leader with overwhelming majority.

The Ex Chief Minister of Gujarat is cleared By the highest court of India after getting every bit of 2002 Gujarat riot related information by forming Special Investigation Team (SIT) under the Supreme Court supervision.

Some of the politically motivated groups in India and in USA refuse to honor the SC judgement. They are hell bent upon hanging Narendra Modi on 2002 Gujarat Riots?

This is an absolute creation of Congress sick mind set. People who were working for Congress during UPA Rule and specially the corrupt NGOs who claim to be working for Human Rights Violations, have been working on this mission to nail Mr Modi somehow and end his political career, so that they can run their shops to loot.

But what surprises most is...

These Human Rights Activists have never raise their voice against any other worst Riots during Congress Ruled states?  Why are they quiet on 1984 Sikh Riots? Does anyone remember who was the CM then in Delhi?

When these Congressmen are taking high moral ground about Human Right Violations, they deceitfully wish to change the focus of the people from 1984 Sikh Riots where Congressmen like Jagdish Tytlar, Sajankumar, were directly involved in the systematic,well planed, well orchestrated killings of innocent Sikh men and women. 

Who is fooling whom? Congressmen must be brought to book for human rights violations not just for 1984 Sikh Riots, and also for the Emergency Rule imposed in India by late Smt Indira Gandhi and her Congressmen, when Indian Democracy and constitution of India was dishonored, and fascist Rule prevailed just to enjoy powers by few Congressmen.

Was that not gross Human Rights violation ? Is anyone arrested and punished so far?  Whereas, Mr Modi has been grilled by CBI, SIT several times, many years and has faced all inquiery commissions. 

Why Congressmen should not be tried in the Human Rights courts like Nazi´s were tried and punished?

Why Congressmen involved in 1984 Sikh Riots are still not gone behind bars? 

If people want to know how Congressmen killed thousands of innocent Sikh men, women and children brutally and were directly responsible,

visit this link and you will know, how criminal minded Congress is.

Why Congress is Quiet on 1984 Riots ? .

This article gives an account of how the massacre was well planned by select few Congressmen and how all those Congressmen after 30 years are roaming freely with Rahul and Sonia Gandhi with their blessings?

The criminals are Congressmen. The rioters are Congressmen and the countrymen are being fooled by Congress.

Congress and its allied partners like NCP, JDU, SP, BSP can go to any length to prove how communal is BJP, how fascist is Narendra Modi. But people of India are no fools. in 2014 elections, people did not give Congress enough numbers to become opposition party in the Parliament.

The message was clear to all : Stop fooling citizens of India.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mentally Sick Congress!

Has Congress become Mentally Sick ?

I was outraged by Congress spokesperson Sanjay Jha when he showed utter arrogance towards Prime Minister Mr Modi in a Debate on Times Now.

These Congressmen, JDU, RJD and SP politicians talk in the debates as if they have made their own states like UK or USA. They are in a paralytic state still after their humiliating defeat in Lok Sabha Elections.

Sanjay Jha arrogantly tells BJP panelist in a Debate, You go and Tell Your Prime Minister Modi ??? Not even he has a decency to address PM as Mr Modi ?

And what is Congress agitated about?

Successful Mangalyan reaching Mars, due credit is not given to Dr Manmohan Singh by Mr Modi in his speech to ISRO Scientists ?

In the first place, Mr Modi is not a Prime Minister of BJP. He is a Prime Minister of India. Secondly, he never took credit for himself or BJP in his speech but lauded efforts of our scientists and admired their skills, intelligence and scientific knowledge. He reached ISRO to personally be with the scientists to watch the biggest historical moment that was going to make a history in the space technology in the world.

That was a proud moment for all Indians and India as a country. What is this mental sickness of Congress to target Mr Modi, the PM of India so cheaply?

Even Dr Manmohan Singh like 86 year old man, who was a Prime Minister before, does not have a maturity to tell his Congressmen like Digvijay Singh to admire this historical achievement by our scientists gracefully, he too does not have political maturity ?

Yes, we have seen him working with these Gandhi loyalists like sycophants, is he too one like them, self serving, self centered Congressman who can only work like a puppet and does not have his own sense of perspective?

We have heard him accusing Mr Modi for the killings of innocent Muslims on the streets of Ahmadabad, and we have also heard him saying... Rahul is now ready to take PM position and I would not mind working under him?

So we can easily understand the sick mindset of Dr Manmohan Singh and that of his political party which is led by equally sick minded leaders like Rahul and Sonia Gandhi.

The only question that we need to answer is... how did these sick minded, sycophants, hollow, dishonest  corrupt, characters got into power and ruled this country for so long?

The answer is.... it is some among us who thought, these dishonest, sick minded political class can do good for the country. and voted them in power without realizing, these corrupt and sick people can do more harm than good to this country. 

I only hope... they have changed their position now about Congress, AAP, RJD, BSP and SP who can only play their communal politics with their self serving political goals to loot and loot.

We the citizens must be alert in choosing our leader, government and must not get fooled.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

Congress needs a good Leader to lead the party

Yuva Congress Morcha at Jantar Mantar,
protesting against BJP for failing to honor promised  Aache Din in 100 Days????

This Violent protest by Youth Congress is led By senior Congress leaders like Digvijay Singh, Oskar Fernandes and some others.

In the first place... who promised "Aache Din in 100 Days" ?? Who is fooling whom? Why is Congress trying to mislead the youth of this country?

In 3650 Days.. Congress could not bring Aache Din during their UPA Rule and today what is this Tamasha going on? 

Why do you keep forgetting, people punished you for Bure Din in 2014 Elections?

Congress ought to feel ashamed for provoking youth and misleading them for their own dishonest political agenda. Is this how these Senior most Congress leaders teaching Youth of this country to play negative politics ?  How sad?

Politics for the sake of politics? Opposition for the sake of opposition? Let the country go to hell but politics should take priority over national interest
It is sad, the Young leader of this party Rahul Gandhi, who projects himself as a Youth leader and who wants to become Prime Minister of this country, is training his young followers on the lines of dishonest politics and anarchy ? Is this understanding about politics? What is his caliber to lead? Does he have any accademics, merits to lead this country?

If I remember well, this is the same man, Rahul Gandhi, who, in the  press conference said, we should not play negative politics for the sake of politics. So where is all that honesty gone now? Or was that a hypocrisy?

Let us not distort facts.

BJP or Narendra Modi in their election campaign promised " Aache Din" if you elect us in power for 60 months?

Mr Modi never promised Aache Din in 100 Days ?

Mr Modi and his NDA has got a mandate for 5 years, what is this political Tammasha By Senior Congress leaders ?? If Congress is training their youth on these lines, negative politics, we as citizens of this country can imagine... what type of future leaders Congress will have in future for this country?

After the independence, what Mahatma Gandhi had said was right, he definitely was a visionary leader who could see Congress future clearly and strongly recommended "After independence struggle is over, Congress should be Dissolved. He was of this view all the written records say.

We know why he said that then, Because he knew, these selfish Congressmen will use this political party to serve their political goals.

And that is exactly what is happening today.

The useless, hollow and  dishonest characters like Digvijay Singh, Rahul and Sonia Gandhi, Oscar Fernandes, ( By the way from where this character, Oscar Fernandes has emerged? What is his real contribution in social and political fields?  And he becomes personal adviser to Sonia Gandhi ?) Ahmed Patel, Shqeel Ahmed, Salman Khurshid, Sushilkumar Shinde are some of the Congressmen who are only surviving on Gandhi loyalty and no outstanding merits of their own.

What can they do for this country and the people? They are in politics to serve Gandhi family not the people of this country.

Imagine... Digvijay Singh, Oscar Fernandes like characters are leading this youth protest march ? This itself speaks volumes about hollowness of Congress leadership. This itself proves why Congress is shrinking.

Yes... it s time, if Congress had tall, brilliant, thinkers and  leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Jawaharal Nehru, Sardar Patel, Radha Krishnan, Rajendra Prasad, Lal Bahadur Shastri....

The  present New Congress, with these corrupt leaders should be dissolved.  Otherwise, It is a shame.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

India is witnessing small Kingdoms working for themselves

 Akhilesh Government in UP State 
is one example of ineffective, corrupt governance
Which has failed to deliver

PM Modi's Varanasi hit by massive power cuts, BJP alleges foul play

These governments who can not provide basic needs to their state population like power, water, they have no business to stay in power. Their dirty communal vote bank politics which have ruined states like UP, Bihar, Maharashtra, because of corrupt governance must be thrown out now.

Yes, they are elected by the people But... Not for the People clearly.

These corrupt dynasties must be removed who only work in their own family interests and not for the people of their state.

What moral right these elected representatives have to stay in power if they don't have solutions to solve the problems faced by people who elect them to govern?

Water, Power, Security, Safety, Roads, Schools, Health facilities, if the state government can not  provide, why should they be in power? What really is the objective of their staying in power? Only to enjoy the powers?

Why the ordinary people should suffer and these politicians, their families,and  friends should enjoy all the comforts of life? At whose cost are they enjoying these powers and comforts?

Freebies like Laptops and cycles are nothing but bribes given to people by such corrupt politicians like Akhilesh Yadav. Their entire police force can swing into action if their minister´s Buffaloes`are stolen? 

This is not called Good Governance but Corrupt Governance.

And that only means, the entire government machinery works for these ministers personal needs, their families and friends  but not for the people who voted them in power?  Whose money is it anyway? Are these the kingdoms ?

Yes, many of them are working on the same lines. Like Kingdoms where you see kings, queens, prince and princes. And at the end are their servants..

But India is no more an Empire with Kingdoms ruling anymore. All are elected governments and By the People, For the People.
If they have any shame about their own failures... They should step down and not pass the buck to others.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mr Modi´s political rivals are feeling politically insecured

Mr Narendra Modi extended his hand 
for peace, friendship and inclusive progress 
For all citizens of the world.

If some fail to see his vision and mission 
it is their problem

News in the media: 
Xi Jinping asks Chinese Army to be ready for a regional war

If President of China decides to disrespect hand extended for warm friendship by Indian Prime Minister,  If Prime Minister of Pakistan and his rogues from ISI, LeT decide to choose to bleed India when Modi in good faith invited Pak PM as a next door big brother....

Why Narendra Modi should becomes the target of opposition criticism ?

The opponents of Modi are so immature and politically motivated that, even any good move, any good gesture on the part of India to normalize relations between known foes is used as political material to prove... how Modi government´s  foreign policy is wrong?

Ohk... when it was the turn to show the right policy, what did UPA do while in power for 10 long years? 

Was there at all any foreign policy followed to get desirable results? The political opportunists like Congress, JDU, RJD, have collectively made a mess in the country in every area from the economy to national security to foreign policy while dealing with China and Pakistan, now what are they jumping about ?

Saying... about Pak and China´s betrayals? We know both these neighbors well and we have had several encounters too with them.

These both the neighbors of India are known for their nasty politics and the world is watching them. India is the biggest Democracy in the world and after its independence, Indian Democracy has established its roots firmly, deeply and Indian constitution has protects every human right, personal liberty, freedom of expression and speech which Pakistan and China do not give to their own people ?
 Both the countries have Army Rulers enjoying powers.

Why talk of these two countries who are always on the path of war, conflicts and frictions to not really intimidate India but fool their own people.

Narendra Modi as a Prime Minister of India has taken a friendly position towards all friends and foes for the world in 21st century wants peace and development and not wars.

If at all we have to fight... our fight must be against poverty, Our fight must be for empowering common people. Against corrupt governments who are looting tax payers money. The fight must be to improve standard of living for common people in developing world.

The focus of third world must be on Development, Development and Development.  If Narendra Modi honestly is trying to work on these larger goals in the interest of humanity, world community,,peace and prosperity---

Is that his crime? Is he to be blamed, if President of China and Prime Minister of Pakistan are given warm welcome,... is it his crime?

Those who are trying to prove it through media debates are playing dirty politics with Indians and rest of the world.  Their political interests are to see Mr Modi fails in his mission. But it will remain their wishful thinking only.

Because... the world by now has seen Modi´s vision, passion and political honesty to make this world a better place to live.

Ajay Angre
Author. Writer, Publisher