Thursday, February 18, 2010

Police Aatyachar in Day light

Brutal, uncivilized police of UP.

Did you watch the most outrageous, uncivilized and brutal act of a UP Police man beating a woman on camera  yesterday?

Can you imagine, The man in  khaki uniform can shamelessly beat a woman on TV Camera? This UP cop knew well his act is being aired live on national TV channel. And still, he had the guts to beat a lady mercilessly in front of a camera?

I was wondering whether we live in a civilized society or in a jungle?

The live story aired by TV channel says a lot about UP rule. In UP, there is no civil rule. There is a jungle raaj. The news reports in the past have reported similar stories of brutality by police in khaki and  might is right there.

But what I am surprised is... 

Where is Mulayam singh Yadav?  Amar Singh ?  Jaya Prada? Sanjay Dutt? Jaya Bachan? Abu Aazmi? Who call themselves from Utter Pradesh?  Why are they quiet?  Or is it only election slogans?

They are the same leaders who created "Hungama" in the parliament house,  when one insane young man from Bihar came to Mumbai, said, he has come to kill Bal Thakray. Shoots passengers in the bus. And when police finally decide to end the nerve raking drama, the episode got over. But the following vigorous political campaign on the same episode was made so big by the North Indian leaders saying " No law and order in Maharashtra".  Lives of North Indians are not safe. There meeting with Prime Minister to exert political pressure to impose President Rule in Maharashtra was another political drama staged by same leaders of UP and  Bihar, If I remember it correctly.

Where are you all now when a Dalit, poor woman is beaten up by a cop in front of camera? 

Specially, I want to ask Jaya Prada, Jaya Bachan, being women, don't you think you must take up the issue with the UP authority? You must, being women, Protest and condemn the act committed in day light?  You are all from UP you claim when election time comes.  And what are you doing for your own people now ? Why is it that Mayawati Government is not taken to task for this brutality with the poor of UP? Who will fight for the rights of poor in UP, if not you?

We know. You will not fight. You are happy staying in Mumbai enjoying comforts of Mumbai and cushy life. 

You remember Utter Pradesh onlywhen election time comes. You have no concerns for poor people of UP otherwise. To win North Indian votes, and to show, you are fighting for the poor of UP and Bihar, you use Balasaheb and Raj Thakray names. At least, they are honest to claim that  they are fighting for the rights of Maharashtrians, Marathi manus and Maharashtra. And they are staying in their own states and fighting for their own people. 

But look at you.? You are enjoying the comforts of Mumbai, making name and fame, making millions and being dishonest with your own people. Sitting in Mumbai, are you solving problems of your state people? Are you kidding?

It is unfortunate that UP and Bihar have been unlucky for not getting good leaders with exceptional leadership qualities and honest characteristic. Not one leader has emerged with clean character and progressive vision so far and that is why you see "Brain Drain from both these States. 

Every state must have a strong leader in opposition to take up the issues of the local people. That is what the democracy is all about. You can not say if you are in power, we want to finish opposition. That is completely undemocratic.

Bihar is known specially for exceptional talent pool in administrative competence. 

No doubts about that claim. Nalanda University, one time  internationally famous  for parting highest quality education, was situated in Bihar. That is good enough a proof for establishing a fact that once upon a time, a pool of great academicians came from  this region. Culturally it was rich too. You need to think hard, why is it in this state today? When the region has best of talent to offer to other states, why is it that, it is not used for the development and progress for the same state and people? 

This can happen only when the leaders from the region have honesty, integrity and a will to sacrifice for their own people. Selflessly. Unfortunately, the present political class lacks all these merits. And this is why I say, if you don't fight for your own rights, you will  keep allowing, insincere, dishonest and selfish politicians running your governments.

The result is... they will keep making money. They will rule you like Maharajas. And you will be at their mercy.  Think. It is time to demand a change. 

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher.  

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Is our Government capable of dealing with Terrorism ?

Is this government capable of dealing with Terrorism ?

Is the present day government competent to deal with Terrorists and Terrorism?

Is this government capable? Does this government have the political will and determination to firmly, boldly and outrageously deal with Terrorists?

We see, leading national TV channels hosting  debates after debates. After every bomb blast and terror attack, electronic media invites few politicians who like salesmen,  dish out their political speech. Same old arguments. months after months. Blaming each other and digging old skeletons of the past governments. Somebody else is responsible but not our government. 

These shameless politicians, when a mother and father of a lost son or a daughter, sister, or a brother are still mourning and in deep sorrow,  talk some nonsense in these high drama debates. You feel like telling these politicians, administrators, bureaucrats that,  enough is enough. We are talking about next Terror attack and the next and the next, when someone will again loose a father a mother and a sister or brother.  

For heaven sake...  

STOP playing vote bank politics. If you can't save our lives, lives of our loved ones, Quit.

Or...Talk of efficient intelligence network in place. Talk of stricter laws. Talk of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, Pakistan. Talk of efficient security force. Talk of a defense force in place in every state like an Army which can deal with well trained enemy. We need soldiers to deal with terrorists. 

We need to see ACTION  and action plan. Not your political speeches.

It is not a job of local police force. They have their own problems. They are overworked in giving security cover to politicians, Bollywood personalities and even small time politicians from every small gally. They carry 1856 riffles? Batons?  They are not trained for terror attacks. The politicians running the governments are using, misusing and abusing the police force for their own gains. Look at the classic example of "My Name is Khan" movie release? Almost entire police and security force all over Maharashtra was used to just release one film. It was like a state sponsored show. And at whose cost? Taxpayers expense. The CM of Maharashtra owe an explanation to the electorate.

What really do we have in place after 26/11? 

Just nothing. Our sea links are still not covered adequately with security cover.  26/11 exposed this administration of their incompetence and huge weaknesses resulting in 26/11 deadly terror strike. The shameful thing is,  center every time blames State government and State blames Center. What a pity? The common people are dieing on the street. In the bus. At railway stations. In the bazaar. Malls. And  the politicians move around with Z  plus plus security rings around them? What a shame? 

The question common man today asking is....

Are you going to just keep talking that we will do this and that? a governing body in place going to perform?  To save us from next terror attack.

Finally...The buck must stop going around. 

As a concerned citizen,  if you share my sentiments, do write here so that you will not be taken for granted and may be you will  help save your loved ones loosing life in terror attacks. 

I know, there are no permanent solutions. But it is a war we must fight.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher


Terror strikes again...

I do not wish to Die. Let me live fearlessly.

If I feel this way, you can not blame me. You can not call me paranoid. 

I understand well, this is no time for blame game. But it surely is a time to take a stock of the situation objectively. It is a high time I exercise my right to live peacefully, fearlessly and hold people answerable and accountable who we elected in power.

You need to look at how well prepared our security and intelligence agencies are?  

Are they well trained? Are they well experienced? Are they well prepared to deal with terror and terrorists? These are many questions raised when we are exposed to terror attacks so easily. 

The news reports saying, the handlers are based in India and have their network well organized. 

This is a serious concern and it becomes more so because hundreds of Bangladeshis and Pakistanis are crossing the borders and settling in Indian cities. Because India is a safe heaven for them. Some are coming through official channels and simply not returning back to their country of origins. Where do they go and settle? In every investigation, it is found that the terrorists plans were executed with the help of local net work  who are based in India and providing all support from making explosives till planting them at selected places. Pune blast  investigation is pointing the same. 26/11 too was a similar story and all previous terror attacks too, received a local support.

Now the bigger questions need answers are....  

why our intelligence fails every time to nab the culprit? How is it that the  US intelligence is ahead, quick and gets to know to warn us of possible terror plans well in advance?

In Pune Blast case too, we had received intelligence information from US, our Home Minister claims and further states that the same was passed on to Government of Maharashtra. That is State Home Ministry and CM.  Now the questions need to be answered are...

What was the State government doing after receiving the information? What action plan was drawn to safeguard lives, places? 

I read in the print media that Home Ministry said, information received about possible Terror attacks  was sketchy, vague and not clear? But Pune, Mumbai names were mentioned in the intelligence reports and also areas like Osho Ashram. If this is true.

Why was it that our own intelligence could not take the leads seriously and dig-in for more information?

We criticize US immigration style of handling visitors if we are stopped at their entry points and questioned as a rule and law of the land. That may sound to some Indians  paranoid approach  or a sort of harassment but, because they are damn serious,  and 9/11 has taught them a very costly lesson, they do not take chances. They do not wish to loose one single life in terror attack anymore.  They take security of their citizens and country seriously and if required willing to go all out in their defense because they consider...

IT is a WAR against their country and US citizens. And so, they just want to finish their enemy. No talks. No discussions. No debates.

Here in India, surprisingly, the Minister says on Camera, this type of small incidents will keep happening. You really can't stop such attacks. You need not make a big issue of such small incidents? Can you beat it?? With this kind of attitude, can they ever fight Terror head on? Can they ever provide security to common people on the roads?  The political class of today is become shameless. Do you believe with this attitude they can provide you and me safety.


I have said this before and will say it again. Unless you treat this like a war like situation, You will NEVER  succeed in your efforts.  Unless you punish your attackers, you will never win this war. Unless you display Iron will, you will never ever stop the enemy. Hang them. Kill them. Crush them. The only approach to teach them never try to push your luck with us.

Throw the illegal immigrants out

Scan them to find out who have links with outside handlers. Nab them. Punish them severely that the others will not have the guts to ever dream of setting a foot on Indian soil.  Those politicians who support them to create vote banks for themselves and settle them on Indian soil, declare them traitors, unpatriotic and put them behind the bars.

Corruption at all levels is major cause why illegal immigrants settle. For 50 and 100 Rs you can get a ration card. You can get birth certificates. You can get passports.

There is an urgent need for Identity cards for every citizen 

YES!  it is a must.  We have been only talking about it and discussing. Again a political game is being played and for many years we could not do it. Millions of rupees so far are spent and millions must have been pocketed by ministers. The political will is lacking. The reason is,  political parties are engaged in building their vote banks in all slums. The slums are protected by politicians for their own political gains. Who cares for the terror attacks? The political class moves with Z security and has nothing to worry. It is the amm aadmi whose life is at stake. He /she leaves in the morning for work and not sure will get to see the family.  Family is not sure either. What a life?

Some one lost a young son, a daughter, wife. father, mother, brother, sister, who cares?

But I do. I am a man on the street. I am a common man who travels in train and Bus. If I die, nobody will loose anything. It will not make a dime of a difference to this government or any politician.

But my family will suffer like many families are suffering. Just like the next door one.  I will talk against this corrupt system. I will talk against non performing government.  I will talk against incompetent ministers. 

Because I do care.

If you care for your life, do say so here in support. It will inspire many others and may be we can change the system.  

And I truly believe we can.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher


Monday, February 15, 2010

Security of one billion Indians?

Are we safe in our country?

Again terror strikes in Pune. The terrorists have taken the lives of innocents in Pune bomb blast. Again.  Who has paid the price?  The common people. 

The young innocents lost their lives and for no fault of theirs. 

The news in TOI today says, American Intelligence had given information about such an attack in Pune and Mumbai. Home Minister, R.R.Patil makes a statement to reporters in Pune, accepting, yes, there were security lapses and the government did not take enough security measures to nab the culprits in time.

The point is...when the US intelligence had given prior warning about possible terror strike, Why adequate measures were not taken? Why public was not made aware about it? Why there were no proactive measures taken and public informed to be more careful?

We are still not through with 26/11 horrifying experience. 

Ajmal Kasab is still not hanged in spite of caught red handed. Crores of rupees are spent on his safety so far. But no safety and security is still in place for citizens of this country yet.  I do understand, it is not easy as it sounds. But it is not difficult too. We lack  seriousness and proactive approach. We lack instant ACTION PLAN. Our political system, administration, governance and security agencies are corrupt. In today's media reports it is said, Indian Mujahudin hand is seen in Pune Blast. I remember last week, Home Minister Chidambaram made a statement to media saying, 26/11, handlers were executing plans very likely from Indian soil. 

It is all shocking to learn. This clearly means, Terrorists are based in India. 

From Pakistan, Bangladesh, they come on visits to India and disappear. Many such illegal migrants are settled in places like Bhivandi in Thane district and Mumbra, suburbs of Mumbai. And many other places all over India.  But our intelligence can not catch them. Hadley visited India number of times. Planed targets. Created local net work.  And we did not know even till Americans caught him?

The result is 26/11. Pune Blast. hundreds and thousands of innocent Indians being killed. Who is responsible for all this?

Our Home ministry, our intelligence is not competent to deal with terrorists minds. Terrorists are quick, fast and well prepared with latest weapons. Why are we not? Why do we sound helpless every time ? And then the leader will appear on TV channels, print  media, telling citizens... we will not cow down with these attack of terror. We will give befitting reply. We will not spare any efforts to hunt them down. They will be booked and punished.

Really?? Do you believe in these words anymore? I don't. 

They sound to me hollow words with no meanings. I personally feel, we need a fighter like Winston Churchill to fight with Terrorism. Terrorism is a war waged on countries. It must be fought like you fight wars. The nation must have a Commander-in-Chief to fight this war with a strategy, mission and a plan. It is a soldiers job and not politicians. 

I do not wish to pass the buck on but I surely expect an elected government to perform and deliver what the common man on the street expects. Safety, security and Confidence in the elected Government.

I am sorry, I don't have that confidence in my government.The minute I step out of my home, I am at the mercy of LET or Indian Mujaheddin. Do you blame me?

Just let me know, if I am wrong. Do you feel the same? Unsafe. Unsecured.?

Write your views without bias.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher