Friday, November 8, 2013

Views By Intellectuals on Congress Government

Listen to what the intellectuals think
about this Government.

We have been listening to TV Debates and often watching the same faces, same views, same rhetoric  expressed by the participants. We can see  their  political leaning in their views. Kumar Ketkar,  Vinod Mehata, Vinod Sharma speak like Congress spokespersons. They are suppose to offer their unbiased, independent views. But sound like Congressmen speaking.

We have also heard, many journalists, media houses work for political parties on payments for publicity campaigns targeting and tarnishing the image of Narendra Modi  24 X 7, 

Who do we believe? Which channel can we trust for the News, views and Reviews?

It is difficult to separate a good cop and the bad cop for us. Because we see both in the same uniform to add to our confusion. But surely there is one good cop and one bad cop. All are not bad. Like all politicians are not bad but unfortunately most are. 

I am delighted to share speeches by two, Apolitical personalities who presented their views on the present political situation and government in power so correctly without mincing the words and without being politically correct. Watch these two videos.

The two guest speakers  S. Gurumurthy, the eminent Chartered Accountant and Kanchan Gupta, Editorial Director NiTi Digital. spoke at the Book release authored By Shri M.R. Venkatesh, titled  Dr Manmohan Singh " A Decade of Decay"

Dr Subramanian Swamy was a special guest at the function invited for the book release. But  to make it apolitical, I am only sharing the views of non political persons here.  

These two intellectuals presented the politics of India so candidly in 12 mnts to their audience present there, that there was no question of any confusion.

I would like you to listen to these two individuals who explain the politics of India in a simple yet in a convincing way.  And the best part I liked was their thinking approach in the speech. They both expressed their views in a balanced ways without making it a political agenda but delivering the message home, loudly and clearly..

Listen to them and then feel free to air your views at the end.

Speech By Shri Kanchan Gupta, Editorial Director NiTi Digital

Speech By Shri S. Gurumurthy, Writer Economic Affairs

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher.


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Jairam Ramesh and his foolish logic

Has Jairam Ramesh lost his sense of rational and logic?

I can understand an ordinary person with hardly any education indulging in a  loose talk while gossiping  at "Paan-Bidi Shop" with friends at the corner. 

A Union rank minister making such irrational comments about Narendra Modi or even Rahul Gandhi only exposes his deficit in academic thinking. Even the common sense should guide some logic in making some comments which are utterly foolish and  the Union rank Minister doesn't seem to have applied his common sense in the logic he is trying to present.

What is this logic? If Narendra Modi loses in 2014, he will be history? 

And Rahul Gandhi even if Congress gets defeated in 2014 will still be around? Does this make any sense, especially coming from a senior Congress Union minister?

In a way he is right. Because what else Rahul Gandhi can do?

With his family name that gives him all the power and perks with many like Jairam Ramesh, Digvijay Singh, Kapil Sebal, Sushilkumar Shinde, Rajeev Shukla, Ajay Maken, all around him to serve his ego, why will he and his family be not around for next 100 years? Is anyone so foolish to give up what is there to enjoy without any moral or official responsibility?

Who says there is no free lunch  in the world? Here it is, not just free lunch but free breakfast, Lunch and dinner too with free stay?

Where as Mr Narendra Modi is still on the responsible job as Chief Minister of his state Gujarat where people of Gujarat have given their mandate three times to administer the affairs of Gujarat. What does Rahul Gandhi have to go back to ? The free power that comes with his family name to enjoy without any responsibility and the constant worshiping by people like Jairam Ramesh and Digvijay Singh who make such hollow characters look important without any substance.

Yes he has every reason to be there for the rest of his life. Why not?

In this election campaigning, one thing that emerged prominently is... all of senior Congressmen including the Prime Minister are worshipers and sycophants of one family. In a democracy like ours this trend can not be promoted, supported and appreciated simply because it can not promote healthy democracy. It is NO good for the nation and this submissive, sub servant style of thinking, and working finally leads to autocratic rule and a threat to Democracy.

Our Freedom fighters  haven't fought for independence of India to worship Rulers.

Look at the way.. senior Congressmen in the media react. Janardan Dwevedi: Do not dare to call Shehezada. we can stop it in two days? ( Clear threat)  Digvijay Sing: RSS operates like Taleban? Modi`s place is in the jail? He is like Hitler and murderer? ( He is procecutor and judge too) Gulamm Nabi Azad: Modi is a Gangu Teli? (on Modi`s Teli cast ? The castiest remark on the community ) Raj Babbar ; Modi is not even fit to be Chowkidaar?  ( He forgot Modi is a CM and he is nobody in Congress) Jairam Ramesh: Modi is like a FROG?  Some Congressmen called him: Bhasmaasoor? Yumraaj?

Are these politicians
matured or enjoy positions because of their worshiping?

These remarks are publicly made by Senior most Congressmen in front of TV cameras.  And the most honest, simple, soft spoken gentleman called Dr Manmohan Singh approves his senior ministers unparlimentary, slum language used for one elected head of the state?  Can Dr Manmohan Singh be called honest? Is he also not a part of these worshipers when he says... I am ready to work under Rahulbaba ?

What is it? Not worshiping and sycophancy?

Do we need worshipers, sycophants who promote dynastic rule? The old Raja Maharaja culture? The princely states where you have heard of court jesters entertaining kings, queens and prince and princes in their Durbars? Are we going back to "Jee Sarkar" "Jee Raje"  "Jee Yuvraaj"  " Aap ka Hukum, aap ki marji ...culture ?

We are the biggest Democracy in the world.

Are we still having the same old mindset of Jee Hujur?  What kind od slavery is this ? Get out of this slavery, please. Those who can not like Jairam Ramesh, Digvijay Singh and Dr Manmohan Singh, they should not have a place in our democratic system.

For heaven`s sake, Stop messing around with the Democracy in this country.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

These images is the story why Congress is worried and nervous.

Crowds throng to NaMo’s speeches: Images media will never show you

By Niticentral Staff on September 27, 2013
Modi in Mumbai.
Narendra Modi’s public rallies draw mammoth crowds each time. 
The sheer scale of these gatherings boggles the imagination. As the images below demonstrate, this is one aspect of Modi’s public appearances that goes largely unmentioned in mainstream media accounts.
Why will Congress not get worried and hire media, political analysts, 
Human rights activists to target Mr Modi to demonize him ?
These images speak volumes about the mood of the people.
Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi gather at a public rally addressed by Modi in Mumbai.

Crowds throng to NaMo's speeches: Images media will never show you 
Bhopal rally. (Image credit :@nisheethsharan)
  Seas of humanity at NaMo's speeches: Images media   will never show you

Bhopal rally. (Image credit :@nisheethsharan)

Crowds throng to NaMo's speeches: Images media will never show you

Rally in Hyderabad
Sea of people at Hunkaar Rally, Patna

 Sea of people at Hunkaar Rally, Patna
Sea of people at Hunkaar Rally, Patna 
Sea of people at Hunkaar Rally, Patna
NaMo in Udaipur, Rajasthan 
NaMo in Udaipur, Rajasthan
  Seas of humanity at NaMo's speeches: Images media will never show you 
Rally in Rewari , Haryana
  Seas of humanity at NaMo's speeches: Images media will never show you 
Rally in Jaipur, Rajasthan.
  Seas of humanity at NaMo's speeches: Images media will never show you 
NaMo rally in Bhopal 
Crowds throng to NaMo's speeches: Images media will never show you 
Rally in Tamil Nadu.
  Seas of humanity at NaMo's speeches: Images media will never show you 
NaMo in Delhi
BJP Vikas Rally in Delhi
Crowds throng to NaMo's speeches: Images media will never show you 
Now do you know 
Why Congress, JDU, SP, BSP, RJD are worried, nervous and targeting  
Narendra Modi for the last 10 years with their communal propaganda against him and 
why his name is on the terrorist`s hit list on top?
These powerful images speaks for itself ! 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Why Terrorists want to kill Mr Modi?

Why Modi Faces Serious Threat to his life?

The intelligence inputs by IB today alerts, out. There is a serious threat to Mr Modi`s life. Narendra Modi is on Terrorist Target !  

The serial bomb explosions in BJPs Bihar rally was a close encounter targeting Narendra Modi and the BJP senior cadre. But neither the Bihar CM Nitish Kumar nor the central government seems to be taking a serious note of it, because it is Mr Modi`s life at stake. 

He is  their political opponent and a big hurdle in 2014 elections. 
The way Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar is trying to divert the focus from the serial blasts shows, everything is all about self serving politics. There is no seriousness about the threat perceptions to Mr Modi`s life.
Doesn't  it surprise you all ? Has Indian politics gone so terribly wrong that it does not value human life ?
These terror threats are serious because in UP and Bihar, politics of appeasement is followed by JDU and SP to protect and promote minority vote banks.The communal politics practiced by Congress, SP, JDU, is the reason for communal tensions. From the reports now, it is emerging that IM activities are in full swing in Bihar, because of  intelligence failure at state and central level.

How easily 15-16 bombs were planted inside and outside Gandhinagar ground where BJP rally was to be held only proves how security at all levels was sleeping till the serial blasts occurred and nobody smelt the rat in spite of IB alert in advance?
Why the security arrangements were not adequately made  and why state and central intelligence gathering agencies failed to unearth the plot by IM terrorists?

The Fact is...
The threat to Mr Modi`s life is a creation of political parties poisonous propaganda against Mr Modi  like Congress, JDU and SP. The poison that has been spewed by these political parties with their set communal agenda has sown the seeds of hatred against Mr Modi. He is systematically  projected as a Demon, Nara Rakshas, NaraBhakshak, Bhusmasoor, Maut ka Saudagar.  All of Congressmen keep calling Narendra Modi Hitler, Fascist and Killer. 

The unfortunate result of this poisonous propaganda by politicians from Congress, SP, JDU, RJD, BSP has triggered hatred for Narendra Modi.  The extremists groups are up in the arms now who are waiting for the first opportunity to eliminate him

Who is responsible for this threat  for Mr Modi`s life? All those who projected Mr Modi as a serious threat to minorities for vote bank politics.
All of the political parties who claim to be Secularists like Congress, Like JDU, Like SP, Like RJD and politicians like Digvijay Singh, Manish Tiwari, Rahul Gandhi, Kapil Sebal, Salman Khurshid, P. Chidamambaram, Nitish Kumar, Mulayum Singh Yadav who have been painting Narendra Modi with their political agenda for the last 10 years...that he is the Demon, the Killer, he is murderer and Hitler, who is out there on the street trying to finish minority community. This deliberate poisonous propaganda has sent the message to Islamic extremists that Modi is your enemy and therefor must be eliminated. 
It is this propaganda that has placed Modi today as number one enemy of terrorists  and have become the target of terrorists. This simply is an  election agenda on communal lines by Congress and its alliance partners.

There is no doubt that Narendra Modi is on the terrorists target and lapses in providing security cover will make terrorists job easier. Is this a larger political conspiracy to eliminate Narendra Modi? Is it a well planned political strategy?  

Can any responsible government in power be so irresponsible when the IB, country´s top intelligence agency says... there is a very high threat possibility to Modi`s life?

Mr Home Minister...This is no time for politics. This is serious security concern.

If this government can not provide top class security cover to Prime Ministerial candidate, it is a shame. If the home minister shows the law of the land on such a serious issue of security,  26/11 terror attack was no surprise, when just 11 terrorists kept Mumbai in terror for over 72 hours and killed over 167 innocent people. 

This government has no right to stay in power even for a minute. This useless government deserves to be kicked out.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher  

Kick the Criminals out from your party.

Will ALL major Political Parties 
kick out criminals from their parties?  

Will BJP and Congress, two major political parties take the lead and set an example?
We, the people of India would like to see, two major political parties, BJP and Congress FREE this country from criminal elements before 2014. If they fail, we must exercise en mass NOTA option to teach these political parties a lesson.

The News is shocking about TWO MPs, one from BJP,  another from BSP are arrested for murders. BJP MP is found involved in killing of an RTI activists in 2010. And BSP MPs wife has brutally killed their servant in their villa and her husband (MP) tried to cover-up the murder. 

The Lawmakers turned Lawbreakers.

What is happening in India ? The political class has become so shameless that they need help of the hardcore criminals to win elections?

There can not be more shocking news than this today about the LAWMAKERS  we elect to make laws for our country. This news speaks volumes about criminalization of politics in every political party. There is no exception. This criminalization of politics is happened over a long time and all the political parties have consciously, knowingly, as a matter of political strategy chosen candidates of criminal backgrounds and given tickets simply because all of these criminal elements give cash to political parties and buy tickets and then with their money and muscle power get elected as Lawmakers. The Black money that flows in during election time is in truck loads and all political parties spend crores and croes of rupees to win the elections. Every political party is merrily hiring criminals for money and muscle power.

Which political party has raised the issue about Black Money and criminals entering into politics ?

It is a shame that all political parties are openly spending cash, hard currency during election times for buying voters from slums. Spend crores in cash liberally on food, liquor, entertainment and  poor class is being used misused and abused by the political class to come to power. At this very point corruption starts. The money spent on elections then is recovered in 10 folds during 5 year term by elected representatives. This has been the business model all political parties are working on and this is how criminals got entry into political parties to begin with.

A staggering 162 out of 543 honorable members of India's lower house face criminal charges, according to a new report by the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), a nonprofit election watchdog. The number in state-level legislatures is 1,258 out of 4,032.

Worse still, statistics show that a candidate with a criminal record is nearly twice as likely than one with a clean record to win a seat at the big table. Criminals are even sought out by parties, for their nefarious attributes. The money and muscle of hardened criminals, it turns out, make them vital players for all of India's political parties.

In most polls, getting a ticket from one of the major parties is more than half the battle, and every party in India gives tickets to so-called “history sheeters” After that, the alleged criminals have the resources and power to buy or intimidate voters — and rivals — as well as the fig leaf of respectability associated with their name brand backers.

“They [the alleged criminals] are winning because they are contesting on the party's ticket,” Bairwal said.
(Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), “The problem is that they continue to get tickets from the parties. They themselves have muscle power and money power, and then the party comes in and gives its branding power.”

Will ALL Political parties STOP giving election tickets to criminals and kick-out those who are enjoying the political powers under the political patronage?
We the citizens would like to hear from Narendra Modi who is leading the BJP campaign and a Prime Ministerial candidate for 2014 elections.  The people of India are looking at Mr Modi with high hopes  after 10 years of  corrupt governance and communal agenda by UPA 2.

The election Reforms is a major challenge for one who will lead this country and people of India are asking for change in election Rules for better.

We want to see the CHANGE in political thinking and in Indian politics.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Congress worried by the mood of the nation

Is Congress worried about the mood of the people?

Looking at Congress views on Opinion Polls, Congress sounds worried and making an attempt to indirectly curtail the right of expression. And by using Election commission as a ploy trying to promote their political view about censorship on opinion polls. Is this a sign of nervousness about 2014 verdict?

The Congress Argument: The absurd logic, and  the irrational reasoning that is difficult to accept.

What is the argument presented by Congress party on opinion polls? Its authenticity on surveys. Its small scale sampling. The questions raised....How can small size surveys from the multi, cultural, multi lingual, multi layered, ethnic communities with diverse profiles, with different economic backgrounds give any believable results? We are a country of 1.2 billion population and few thousand people interviewed can not reveal the correct picture. Congress says... it can not project the right picture in terms of  national or global perspectives. 

And it has adverse impact too when used with political agenda. Congress party says.

As regards to small sample survey which Congress is arguing about which does not reflect the entire 1.2 Billion population view and so has no relevance is an argument which is flawed.  If it is true then 543 Parliamentarians sitting as lawmakers are also a tiny small number which should not be the reflection of 1.2 billion people?  Only 543 parliamentarians can not talk for 1.2 Billion people and question, who is civil society? Who is Anna Hazare? Who is Arvind Kejariwal? Why question Lata Didi if she talks in favor of Narendra Modi to become next Prime Minister?

What is 543 number in the parliament representing 1.2 billion people of India?

With the same logic this number also is irrelevant and should not be taken seriously when passing laws in the parliament ? The logic of Congress is in short curb the media freedom, curb the political freedom and let there be  only Congress Rule. One party Rule. One family Rule. One person Rule. There is no Democracy nor any freedom for other than the Royal, Privileged political Ruling Class just like kingdoms, Rulers of the past.

This time, when opinion polls are not showing favorable results for Congress, Congress seems to be worried by all the poll results. But if the results were showing Congress Winning in Assembly or Parliamentary elections, would Congress have made the same argument?  Ban the Polls? For they are  projecting not real, true but false picture ?
The most important issue at the bottom of this Congress position on this is, not the survey per´se. It is the FREEDOM of MEDIA. It is the FREEDOM of PRESS and the FREEDOM of liberty, right to expression. This Congress thinks is hurting its political interest and that needs to be stopped. And so Congress is using Election commission proposal which Congress had rejected in the past with its strong disapproval.

Whether congress likes or not, congress agrees or not, it is everything got to do with the fundamental right. And if it is argued, it influences the voter, it is a flawed argument again because it is merely reflecting opinions of the people. It is not influencing the minds of the people nor influencing people to change the view. People form their views and opinions from various sources. News Paper Editorials, TV debates, daily News , press views, reviews, by listening to the views of famous personalities like Lata Mangeshkar, political analysts, political activists, Reformers like Anna Hazare, famous economists like Lord Meghnath Desai and also by famous political personalities who have credibility, honesty and political wisdom.

Then in the society there are peer groups, friend circles, family influences and opinion leaders. And today, there is Face Book and Twitter like social platforms which are playing  important roles in the formation of views of the youth. Right or wrong. But these all are influential factors changing and forming opinions and views.  You cant stop them and you cant ban them.

Should all these sources from where the mind gets influenced be BANNED? 

What an irrational and illogical thinking is this? Is this an Emergency Rule where you suspend the basic rights of the people? Congress got first antagonized with social media because, Mr Modi is seen as popular leader, a favorable choice  as a Prime Ministerial candidate and Congress bashing in the social media is conspicuous. 

Are we living in a democracy or  an autocracy?

Do we have the independence to express ourselves freely, frankly, fearlessly or only privileged political class like Digvijay Singh, Manish Tiwari, Ajay Maken, Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Chidamabaram, Ahmed Patel, Shakeel Ahmed, can enjoy the constitutional freedom to call Mr Modi...

Gangu Teli,
Maut Ka Saudagar,

Digvijay Singh without presenting any evidence calls RSS Taliban like extremist terror group? Is he not trying to influence the people of India with his communal politics?

Are the debates on TV channels not influencing the audience? Are the news paper editorials, views and reviews not trying to influence the minds of readers? What is Rahul Gandhi doing when he holds rallys? Is he not trying to influence his gatherings? What about Congress advertising campaigns in the media? Are they not trying to influence the public opinion in favor of Congress? Why Congress keeps talking about RTI, Food Security Bill, Land Bill, Reservations for minorities ? Is it not a Congress gameplan to influence voter in favor of Congress ?

STOP ALL OF THIS PUBLICITY.  Will Congress Do that?
Please don't insult the intelligence of the civil society.  Enough of fooling

Ajay angre
Author, Writer, Publisher.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Communal Riots during Congress Rule.

BJP reads Congress the riot act

Look at this horrible Congress record on RIOTS under their rule. 

By Pratul Sharma
Published: 27th Oct 2013 07:57:28 AM
BJP think-tank PPRC prepares a comparative document that reveals a horrifying chronicle of communal violence under non-BJP governments.

To counter the Congress game plan to target Modi on the Gujarat riots, the BJP’s newly minted think-tank, Public Policy Research Center (PPRC), headed by  director Vinay Sahasrabuddhe has drafted a nine-page document on the history of communal riots in India.

Kapil Sebal Challenging Naredra modi to have a debate with him, on any subject, any day, any time, and saying, let the subject be chosen by Narendra Modi, let the place and day and time be his choice. I am willing to debate with him.

Kapil Sebal says... Modi doesn't know even history how can he build future of this country?

We have heard his ZERO loss theory before on Coal scam. That fooling of people of India is exposing him and Congress as many skeletons are tumbling out of Coalgate cupboard. This has become a Congress habit to fool people. Last 65-67 years they have been doing the same and today, they are getting exposed.

Mr Kapil Sebal, people of India may have short memory, they may not remember your party history which is ugly in all the sense. It may be easy to fool them but this record is to revive your memory of Congress history.  Before you think of debating with Mr Modi, you need to explain to people of this country about your own party history that is checkered. It is worst if we look at the records.

It is terrible on the count of Human Rights violations, number of deaths, communal politics and riots during your party rule?

How do you explain this past records? When targeting Mr Modi on 2002 riots?

This well researched document suggests that the communal record of Congress governments and that of other non-BJP parties is far worse than Modi’s one time taint and the Gujarat riots should not been seen in isolation.
The research paper entitled ‘A Fact sheet on Communal Riots in India’ documents the history of sectarian violence in India, which it states has become a “permanent phenomenon after the 1960s” due to politics of “vote bank and appeasement.”

It goes on to record India’s long history of communal strife.
As the purpose of the document is to counter the ‘secular ‘offensive on Narendra Modi, the think tank has presented a comparative study of causes and responsibilities regarding  other major riots including the 1983 Nellie Massacre, the 1984 anti-Sikh riots and the Ahmedabad riots of 1969. This history records show, Congress failed of maintaining communal stability in states it has ruled. In the 1983 Nellie Massacre (result of clashes between ethnic Assamese and Bangladeshi settlers) 1,819 Muslims were killed on Congress watch. During the 1984 Delhi riots that followed Indira Gandhi’s assassination, around 2,733 Sikhs were butchered. In the 1969 Ahmedabad riots in Congress-ruled Gujarat triggered by an attack on a temple, the toll was 512.


Satyendra Narayan Sinha was CM at that time.In his autobiography Meri Yaadein, Meri Bhoolein, released by the then Bihar Governor Buta Singh in the presence of Defence Minister Pranab Mukherjee {now President of India}, Satyendra Narayan Sinha accused his Congress colleagues of "fanning" the 1989 Bhagalpur violence to malign him, specifically mentioning his predecessor and former chief minister Bhagwat Jha Azad and the former speaker Shivchandra Jha.
He also accused the Prime Minister of overruling his order to transfer the then superintendent of police K S Dwivedi who had failed miserably to discharge his duties. The decision was not only an encroachment of the Constitutional right of the state government but also a step detrimental to ongoing efforts to ease tensions. When he stepped down from the post of Chief Minister of Bihar, Jagannath Mishra succeeded him. He recalled when he met Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi later on, he informed him about the "role of some Congress leaders

Posted by Govindan at 10/28/2013
Most of the riots took place due to un justified appeasement of Muslim community by Congress party and regional parties. Congress party has no other issue except 2002 riots against Modi. 
But nobody is talking on Bhagalpur riots in 1989. It is orchestrated by some members of the Congress party to over throw Satyendra Naryan Sinha who was Congress CM in Bihar at that time. The riot started on 24th October 1989 and the violent incidents continued to happen for 2 months. The violence affected the Bhagalpur city and 250 villages around it, Over 1000 people (around 900 of which were Muslims) were killed and another 50000 were displaced as a result of the violence. 
It was the worst Hindu-Muslim violence in the independent India at that time surpassing the 1969 Gujarat riots.

This is the congress history of worst riots when because of Congress style of communal politics many hundreds got killed in politically orchestrated riots in Congress ruled states. 

Will Kapil Sebal like to talk about these deaths and human rights violations? Why shuoldnt senior Congressmen who were involved be tried in Human Rights courts who were responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocents ? 

Why Digvijay Singh, Kapil Sebal, P. Chidamambaram, Manish tiwari, Ajay Maken talk about their own history which is full of human rights violations? And nobody is till today arrested, convicted and jailed or hanged for the killings of hundreds and thousands of citizens during Congress rule? Why?
Kapil Sebal... why not talk of Congress history before we talk of 2002 riots? And your selfish, shameless alliance partners like JDU, SP, BSP too dont like to talk of this history? for the last 10 years everyday you all have been hanging Mr Modi for 2002 riots when Supreme court is investigating and have found no shred of evidence against Narendra Modi, and yet, in your Taleban style courts, you keep targetting Mr Modi?
Stop this undemocratic behavior and stop your communal politics. It is Congress which is systematically dividing communities in this country for vote bank politics. 

Mr Kapil Sebal.. with your checkered history of RIOTS, can you build 
any better future for India ?

In 2014, you will be paying heavy price for your political dishonesty and arrogance. 

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher.