About Me

Brief About Me and this Blog:

I am from Creative side of Marketing and Advertising communications with  over 35 years of professional exposure from national and international markets. 

I have graduated from Sir J.J.School of Applied Art from Mumbai, India, one of the leading Art colleges in the Asian region. After the graduation, life takes you through the learning curve and many years of donkey work, your wealth of knowledge transforms your competence into expertise. Like late Steeve Jobs believed... You need to stay foolish and Hungry in this world of information to keep updating your knowledge. Its true. If you stay foolish, You can learn a lot everyday. And if You have the Hunger for news and information, it is enlightening. It is updating your wealth of information.

From my life experiences, From my professional and personal experiences, I wish to share my views, with everyone who feel deeply concerned about the world we are living in. Especially our world India, where our personal and professional lives are impacted, influenced every day by politics, culture and social developments.

I am having specialization in Business Management, Marketing Management and Sales Promotional ideas specially designed to trigger sales, meet competitions, perform PR activity, or launch new products. And I offer my specialization as a "Perspective Consultant" in Business Management. But my real passion is "Writing". I have written three E-Books so far and I am the Author and Publisher of this Editorial Blog.

I am following my Writing passion and write a lot on this Editorial Blog U-Said-It-Right about "Whats On My Mind. I cover politics, social and cultural issues. 

You will notice, most of my  articles on this Blog are on  politics. However, I also publish articles of other Authors who present exceptional news, views, reviews, information which is researched and thoughtfully compiled on factual basis and without bias.

I decided to express my views on our politics when I felt frustrated while watching the  News debates.on our popular TV channels. 

They seemed to me lacking quality, substance and value for ordinary citizen like me. 

As a citizen of this country, I too have my own perceptions, views and perspectives which are not getting reflected in any one of these debates and TV discussions. I thought, these are paid, or sponsored news and debates which are politically motivated and lack any credibility when an Anchor or a journalist is reporting a news story with a clear motive and bias.. 

I decided to voice my views on the political stories as my "Third Perspective" in U-Said-It-Right blog. 

It is a voice of an ordinary citizen that needs a space in our electoral Democracy and that voice also needs to be heard. I though, its time an ordinary citizen speaks his/her mind. And U-Said-It-right was created.

U-Said-It-Right is that platform, if you too wish to express your views candidly, without bias and as a Third Perspective by common man on the street, you are welcome to write freely, without bias and abuse. I always like opposite views and respect the views of others. Because, we all need to give space to others for their views and opinions. That is the beauty of our Democracy and that is how healthy Democracy works by exchanging our views from different perspectives.

If you wish, please feel free to express "Whats On Your Mind ? On this platform and your contribution will be of a great value to many of my readers. 

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher.