Saturday, September 27, 2014

Modi Warmly Welcomed in America

 Jub Ek Chaaywallah Prime Minister Banta Hai
Democracy WINS!

If Indians don't feel proud today....
When will ?
About their Prime Minister Mr Modi getting Rock Star like Reception in a country like USA which refused to give him Visa in 2005, I think, we as citizens are not being taught by the teachers, parents or elders to admire, appreciate moments of national pride.

Narendra Modi is not BJP´s Prime Minister. He is a Prime Minister of India.

This is why He is loved by every Indian and now the world.

Is there something wrong with our collective psyche? Why is it that we do not take pride in our national affairs and events? Do we lack national character ? Are we dishonest and always politically motivated individuals? And are we habitual to playing petty, cheap politics in every national affair ?

May be, to some it is not digestible to see a "Prime Minister who does not come from Gandhi Nehru family, and has risen from a " Chaaywalla starus" to a world class tall leader, adored by even an international community. NRI´s, particularly American Indians have given a rousing welcome because of his honest , non -corrupt character.

This is not going down well with political parties like Congress, JDU, SP, RJD, BSP, TMC who are known for their corrupt governance. , The hate mongers who are indulging into petty and cheap politics do not like honest non corrupt, able and capable leaders like Mr Modi.

Mr Modi is simple, honest, and an idea man with great leadership quality with remarkable vision to re-build India and will take India to enviable heights which now people of India and all over are convinced.

For Congress, SP, NCP, TJD, JDU, BSP, DMK, it is a painful truth to accept and digest. It is also challenging their political existence.

Ek Chaaywalla??? In America? Giving speech to over 50,000 Indian Americans? And they are going crazy just to see him? Touch him??? Watch him talk???

Ek Chaaywalah??? Yehh Baat Kuch Hajum Nahin Hoti Hai !!! 
Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

Friday, September 26, 2014

India Is Changing For Good!

Times have Changed. 
And so should our mindsets.

If political leaders do not understand this, they will soon become history in political space.

We all need to think of ourselves as Indians First.. We all first need to keep national interest all above and ACT, THINK, WORK accordingly in the supreme interests of out country.

We are facing serious problems today because of our own mindsets we are confined to, that dictates our thinking, that provokes our Actions, and that creates our regional aspirations.

We lost 68 long years with this mindset and even today we are making the same mistakes. Our only social, political, economical goals must be to build this nation to enviable success.

We must think of Development, Development and Development of our every state. Be it Maharashtra, Utter Pradesh, Bihar, Assam, West Bengal, Kerala, or any state. It is ALL India. One country. Our strength is in making one India.

It has been a political ploy by our self serving, dishonest political class to divide India by states, cast, creed, religion, languages, cultures, customs and so on for their political benefits.

State divisions are created for the ease of governance and that is all. If we start thinking INDIA is one country and we are all Indians first, lot many of our problems will get solved.

Development Must be our ONLY political agenda and for Development, You need to have Good Governance, and for Good Governance, You need to have in place Corruption Free Administrations. Without all this, Development is not possible, progress is not possible and prosperity will remain only a dream.

Therefor, my appeal to our Younger generation is... get out of your old mindsets, don't get carried away by Secular, Communal, Gujarathi, Marathi, Bihari, Malayali, Bengali propaganda. It is only a self serving political propaganda. It limits your vision, it restricts your thinking.

When the world is going global, We as Indians also need to think nationally first and Globally like Japan, China.

We can have our political differences, our views can be different, but our goal must be one. In electoral democracy divergent views, opposite opinions is the beauty of healthy Democracy.

India First. ... MUST be our first priority

Like our respected thinker, Ex President ABJ Kalam once told the gathering of our politicians.....

" Do Not play politics which will hurt India, But play Social Politics with the competitive spirit to build this country .Let there be competition in social Development between states on...

who governs best,  who delivers best to their people on Development, and on human progress, who is making life happy of the last person in the social denominator ?

We can Move forward with this progressive mindset and build this nation. 

For the poor of this country rest is all crap. Seat sharing, who will become Chief Minister of the state should have limited importance in social life. In politics, first lesson to learn is... there are no permanent friends and permanent foes. As the situation changes, friends become foes and foes friends.

But politics of hate, of vendetta should not be practiced. It has no place in Democracy. It is not just the politicians who are working to build this country but every person from every corner of the country has a share in building this country. And they are in majority. So their share of contribution is the largest.

Politicians... Don't forget that.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

US Court issues Summons to Mr Modi.

US Court issues Summons to Mr Modi
over 2002 Gujarat Riots before his arrival in US.

What an unfortunate News. The sadist, and politically motivated group, sponsored by few dishonest politicians from India, and in US are still desperately working to "Nail" Narendra Modi" on "2002 Gujarat Riots"

But People of India realized their game plan in time and voted him as their leader with overwhelming majority.

The Ex Chief Minister of Gujarat is cleared By the highest court of India after getting every bit of 2002 Gujarat riot related information by forming Special Investigation Team (SIT) under the Supreme Court supervision.

Some of the politically motivated groups in India and in USA refuse to honor the SC judgement. They are hell bent upon hanging Narendra Modi on 2002 Gujarat Riots?

This is an absolute creation of Congress sick mind set. People who were working for Congress during UPA Rule and specially the corrupt NGOs who claim to be working for Human Rights Violations, have been working on this mission to nail Mr Modi somehow and end his political career, so that they can run their shops to loot.

But what surprises most is...

These Human Rights Activists have never raise their voice against any other worst Riots during Congress Ruled states?  Why are they quiet on 1984 Sikh Riots? Does anyone remember who was the CM then in Delhi?

When these Congressmen are taking high moral ground about Human Right Violations, they deceitfully wish to change the focus of the people from 1984 Sikh Riots where Congressmen like Jagdish Tytlar, Sajankumar, were directly involved in the systematic,well planed, well orchestrated killings of innocent Sikh men and women. 

Who is fooling whom? Congressmen must be brought to book for human rights violations not just for 1984 Sikh Riots, and also for the Emergency Rule imposed in India by late Smt Indira Gandhi and her Congressmen, when Indian Democracy and constitution of India was dishonored, and fascist Rule prevailed just to enjoy powers by few Congressmen.

Was that not gross Human Rights violation ? Is anyone arrested and punished so far?  Whereas, Mr Modi has been grilled by CBI, SIT several times, many years and has faced all inquiery commissions. 

Why Congressmen should not be tried in the Human Rights courts like Nazi´s were tried and punished?

Why Congressmen involved in 1984 Sikh Riots are still not gone behind bars? 

If people want to know how Congressmen killed thousands of innocent Sikh men, women and children brutally and were directly responsible,

visit this link and you will know, how criminal minded Congress is.

Why Congress is Quiet on 1984 Riots ? .

This article gives an account of how the massacre was well planned by select few Congressmen and how all those Congressmen after 30 years are roaming freely with Rahul and Sonia Gandhi with their blessings?

The criminals are Congressmen. The rioters are Congressmen and the countrymen are being fooled by Congress.

Congress and its allied partners like NCP, JDU, SP, BSP can go to any length to prove how communal is BJP, how fascist is Narendra Modi. But people of India are no fools. in 2014 elections, people did not give Congress enough numbers to become opposition party in the Parliament.

The message was clear to all : Stop fooling citizens of India.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mentally Sick Congress!

Has Congress become Mentally Sick ?

I was outraged by Congress spokesperson Sanjay Jha when he showed utter arrogance towards Prime Minister Mr Modi in a Debate on Times Now.

These Congressmen, JDU, RJD and SP politicians talk in the debates as if they have made their own states like UK or USA. They are in a paralytic state still after their humiliating defeat in Lok Sabha Elections.

Sanjay Jha arrogantly tells BJP panelist in a Debate, You go and Tell Your Prime Minister Modi ??? Not even he has a decency to address PM as Mr Modi ?

And what is Congress agitated about?

Successful Mangalyan reaching Mars, due credit is not given to Dr Manmohan Singh by Mr Modi in his speech to ISRO Scientists ?

In the first place, Mr Modi is not a Prime Minister of BJP. He is a Prime Minister of India. Secondly, he never took credit for himself or BJP in his speech but lauded efforts of our scientists and admired their skills, intelligence and scientific knowledge. He reached ISRO to personally be with the scientists to watch the biggest historical moment that was going to make a history in the space technology in the world.

That was a proud moment for all Indians and India as a country. What is this mental sickness of Congress to target Mr Modi, the PM of India so cheaply?

Even Dr Manmohan Singh like 86 year old man, who was a Prime Minister before, does not have a maturity to tell his Congressmen like Digvijay Singh to admire this historical achievement by our scientists gracefully, he too does not have political maturity ?

Yes, we have seen him working with these Gandhi loyalists like sycophants, is he too one like them, self serving, self centered Congressman who can only work like a puppet and does not have his own sense of perspective?

We have heard him accusing Mr Modi for the killings of innocent Muslims on the streets of Ahmadabad, and we have also heard him saying... Rahul is now ready to take PM position and I would not mind working under him?

So we can easily understand the sick mindset of Dr Manmohan Singh and that of his political party which is led by equally sick minded leaders like Rahul and Sonia Gandhi.

The only question that we need to answer is... how did these sick minded, sycophants, hollow, dishonest  corrupt, characters got into power and ruled this country for so long?

The answer is.... it is some among us who thought, these dishonest, sick minded political class can do good for the country. and voted them in power without realizing, these corrupt and sick people can do more harm than good to this country. 

I only hope... they have changed their position now about Congress, AAP, RJD, BSP and SP who can only play their communal politics with their self serving political goals to loot and loot.

We the citizens must be alert in choosing our leader, government and must not get fooled.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

Congress needs a good Leader to lead the party

Yuva Congress Morcha at Jantar Mantar,
protesting against BJP for failing to honor promised  Aache Din in 100 Days????

This Violent protest by Youth Congress is led By senior Congress leaders like Digvijay Singh, Oskar Fernandes and some others.

In the first place... who promised "Aache Din in 100 Days" ?? Who is fooling whom? Why is Congress trying to mislead the youth of this country?

In 3650 Days.. Congress could not bring Aache Din during their UPA Rule and today what is this Tamasha going on? 

Why do you keep forgetting, people punished you for Bure Din in 2014 Elections?

Congress ought to feel ashamed for provoking youth and misleading them for their own dishonest political agenda. Is this how these Senior most Congress leaders teaching Youth of this country to play negative politics ?  How sad?

Politics for the sake of politics? Opposition for the sake of opposition? Let the country go to hell but politics should take priority over national interest
It is sad, the Young leader of this party Rahul Gandhi, who projects himself as a Youth leader and who wants to become Prime Minister of this country, is training his young followers on the lines of dishonest politics and anarchy ? Is this understanding about politics? What is his caliber to lead? Does he have any accademics, merits to lead this country?

If I remember well, this is the same man, Rahul Gandhi, who, in the  press conference said, we should not play negative politics for the sake of politics. So where is all that honesty gone now? Or was that a hypocrisy?

Let us not distort facts.

BJP or Narendra Modi in their election campaign promised " Aache Din" if you elect us in power for 60 months?

Mr Modi never promised Aache Din in 100 Days ?

Mr Modi and his NDA has got a mandate for 5 years, what is this political Tammasha By Senior Congress leaders ?? If Congress is training their youth on these lines, negative politics, we as citizens of this country can imagine... what type of future leaders Congress will have in future for this country?

After the independence, what Mahatma Gandhi had said was right, he definitely was a visionary leader who could see Congress future clearly and strongly recommended "After independence struggle is over, Congress should be Dissolved. He was of this view all the written records say.

We know why he said that then, Because he knew, these selfish Congressmen will use this political party to serve their political goals.

And that is exactly what is happening today.

The useless, hollow and  dishonest characters like Digvijay Singh, Rahul and Sonia Gandhi, Oscar Fernandes, ( By the way from where this character, Oscar Fernandes has emerged? What is his real contribution in social and political fields?  And he becomes personal adviser to Sonia Gandhi ?) Ahmed Patel, Shqeel Ahmed, Salman Khurshid, Sushilkumar Shinde are some of the Congressmen who are only surviving on Gandhi loyalty and no outstanding merits of their own.

What can they do for this country and the people? They are in politics to serve Gandhi family not the people of this country.

Imagine... Digvijay Singh, Oscar Fernandes like characters are leading this youth protest march ? This itself speaks volumes about hollowness of Congress leadership. This itself proves why Congress is shrinking.

Yes... it s time, if Congress had tall, brilliant, thinkers and  leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Jawaharal Nehru, Sardar Patel, Radha Krishnan, Rajendra Prasad, Lal Bahadur Shastri....

The  present New Congress, with these corrupt leaders should be dissolved.  Otherwise, It is a shame.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

India is witnessing small Kingdoms working for themselves

 Akhilesh Government in UP State 
is one example of ineffective, corrupt governance
Which has failed to deliver

PM Modi's Varanasi hit by massive power cuts, BJP alleges foul play

These governments who can not provide basic needs to their state population like power, water, they have no business to stay in power. Their dirty communal vote bank politics which have ruined states like UP, Bihar, Maharashtra, because of corrupt governance must be thrown out now.

Yes, they are elected by the people But... Not for the People clearly.

These corrupt dynasties must be removed who only work in their own family interests and not for the people of their state.

What moral right these elected representatives have to stay in power if they don't have solutions to solve the problems faced by people who elect them to govern?

Water, Power, Security, Safety, Roads, Schools, Health facilities, if the state government can not  provide, why should they be in power? What really is the objective of their staying in power? Only to enjoy the powers?

Why the ordinary people should suffer and these politicians, their families,and  friends should enjoy all the comforts of life? At whose cost are they enjoying these powers and comforts?

Freebies like Laptops and cycles are nothing but bribes given to people by such corrupt politicians like Akhilesh Yadav. Their entire police force can swing into action if their minister´s Buffaloes`are stolen? 

This is not called Good Governance but Corrupt Governance.

And that only means, the entire government machinery works for these ministers personal needs, their families and friends  but not for the people who voted them in power?  Whose money is it anyway? Are these the kingdoms ?

Yes, many of them are working on the same lines. Like Kingdoms where you see kings, queens, prince and princes. And at the end are their servants..

But India is no more an Empire with Kingdoms ruling anymore. All are elected governments and By the People, For the People.
If they have any shame about their own failures... They should step down and not pass the buck to others.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mr Modi´s political rivals are feeling politically insecured

Mr Narendra Modi extended his hand 
for peace, friendship and inclusive progress 
For all citizens of the world.

If some fail to see his vision and mission 
it is their problem

News in the media: 
Xi Jinping asks Chinese Army to be ready for a regional war

If President of China decides to disrespect hand extended for warm friendship by Indian Prime Minister,  If Prime Minister of Pakistan and his rogues from ISI, LeT decide to choose to bleed India when Modi in good faith invited Pak PM as a next door big brother....

Why Narendra Modi should becomes the target of opposition criticism ?

The opponents of Modi are so immature and politically motivated that, even any good move, any good gesture on the part of India to normalize relations between known foes is used as political material to prove... how Modi government´s  foreign policy is wrong?

Ohk... when it was the turn to show the right policy, what did UPA do while in power for 10 long years? 

Was there at all any foreign policy followed to get desirable results? The political opportunists like Congress, JDU, RJD, have collectively made a mess in the country in every area from the economy to national security to foreign policy while dealing with China and Pakistan, now what are they jumping about ?

Saying... about Pak and China´s betrayals? We know both these neighbors well and we have had several encounters too with them.

These both the neighbors of India are known for their nasty politics and the world is watching them. India is the biggest Democracy in the world and after its independence, Indian Democracy has established its roots firmly, deeply and Indian constitution has protects every human right, personal liberty, freedom of expression and speech which Pakistan and China do not give to their own people ?
 Both the countries have Army Rulers enjoying powers.

Why talk of these two countries who are always on the path of war, conflicts and frictions to not really intimidate India but fool their own people.

Narendra Modi as a Prime Minister of India has taken a friendly position towards all friends and foes for the world in 21st century wants peace and development and not wars.

If at all we have to fight... our fight must be against poverty, Our fight must be for empowering common people. Against corrupt governments who are looting tax payers money. The fight must be to improve standard of living for common people in developing world.

The focus of third world must be on Development, Development and Development.  If Narendra Modi honestly is trying to work on these larger goals in the interest of humanity, world community,,peace and prosperity---

Is that his crime? Is he to be blamed, if President of China and Prime Minister of Pakistan are given warm welcome,... is it his crime?

Those who are trying to prove it through media debates are playing dirty politics with Indians and rest of the world.  Their political interests are to see Mr Modi fails in his mission. But it will remain their wishful thinking only.

Because... the world by now has seen Modi´s vision, passion and political honesty to make this world a better place to live.

Ajay Angre
Author. Writer, Publisher

Monday, September 22, 2014

Corrupt Politicians of Maharashtra

Maharashtra Politics: And Common Man

There is lot of Noise. Lot of shouting. Fighting. Confusion. Claims. Counter claims. Accusation. Counter charges.

But where is the man on the street in all this? 

Who rides his two wheeler through Pot holes of bad roads, who does not get good drinking water and power 24 X 7 ? Who is spending more than his earnings on his two times meal? Who does not have good health facilities? Whose children do not get quality eduction? Who is scared on the street, in the train and bust to get killed in terror attack? The women do not feel safe?

Who cares about your prestige, pride, self respect ? 
What we care all about is your achievements while in power. Have you delivered?

Power, Water, Roads, Garbage, Slums, Transport, Tolls, Rising prices, Gealth facilities, Schools, Women security, Crimes,

And...Rampant Corruption by ministers, Corrupt governance. Are our Issues

Who is talking about these issues? We as common people on the street facing these issues every day?

Those in power, what have they delivered in last 15-20 years ?

We see same old corrupt people in the news like Krupa Shankar Singh walking behind Sonia Gandhi, Pruthviraj Chavan.  Krupa Shankar is an accused in amassing wealth by all means of corruption, who was a street vendor, and today owns disproportionate assets in crores ?

Ashok Chavan, who too is an accused in Adarsh case? Ajeet Pawar... whose name has figured in irrigation scam? We see Praful Patel who is responsible for taking Air India to bankrupcy?

What is this Tamasha about seat sharing , power sharing adjustments? 

So is it all the game of grabbing the power by whatever and whichever mean?

My dear voters... 

watch these shameless politicians when you cast your votes. They are not concerned with your welfare. They don't care if our poor farmer ends his life or you don't get the job. They don't even care if you get killed on the street in a bomb blast.

They only want your VOTE and come back to power so that they can loot this country, public assets and enjoy power with RED Beacons in Z Security at your cost.

Once YOU vote them in power... They don't care even if you die while riding your two wheeler because of potholes in the streets

They just Don't care. You can see that from their fights on seat sharing. But they have NO PLANS for YOUR LIFE.

Think about this when You will vote these people. Vote for Development and Development and Good governance By Modi Government.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

Our Unprofessional, corrupt main stream media

The Difference between 
International and Indian journalism

When I was watching Mr Modi´s interview on CNN World by Fareed Zakaria.
I could see the world of difference in international journalism standards  and If the same interview was taken by Indian News channel ??

We would have immediately seen Flashing Breaking News 

"PM Modi has changed from communal to secular"
Watch the Debate tonight at 9 pm with ------------ on the most popular TV Chanel

Then in the Debate you would see following participants on the panel :

Kumar Ketkar, Vinod Mehata, Arti Jairath, Kamal Faruqee,
GVL Narasimha Rao, BJP; Sanjay Jha, Spokesperson, Congress; Prem Shukla, Executive Editor, Dopahar ka Saamna; Rahul Narvekar, Spokesperson & MLC, NCP; RLD; Gaurav Bhatia,

In the one hour debate....every word, every sentence Modi said in his interview would be analyzed for its real  meaning, hidden meaning, his real agenda by the participants in their own political and journalistic ways. Some prejudice, bias, some with political motives, some with dislike for Mr Modi would with authority express their views as if the audience watching them is an ass?

They all consider themselves to be expert political analysts. And think, rest of the population is stupid, uneducated, illiterate.

Now again look at the sort of questions Anchor would ask panelists....

Kumar Ketkar... and Kamal Faruqee.... Vinod Mehta....

Do you think Modi is changing his image from communal to secular?
Is there a dramatic shift in his political positioning?
Is he trying to woo minority before assembly elections?
Do you think he means what he said? Or do you think it is all about politics?
Why sudden love for minority? Is he scared ?
What is he trying to say? Is he defending his previous position of Hindutva`?
Or is he softening it? Is he not trying to give some message to RSS and hard core Hindu outfits?

Is he trying to distance himself from hard core Hindutva agenda?

Now Kumar Ketkar is a known Congress loyalist, what answer do you expect from him? A phony character who does not follow journalistic ethics.
And Kamal Faruqee is an Ex JDU member, works on appeasement of minority and vote bank politics, again known as Modi hater and paints him as divisive, communal, fascist and a face of RSS,with Hindutva agenda. He is another phony character in Indian politics.

How can you take them seriously who are not true to their own conscience?

Again Vinod Mehta is a known Congress loyalist, so we know his political leaning and support. What value his personal opinions have?

So ultimately, what answers do you expect from these phony political analysts? Whose honesty is not even to their own profession ?

But the point I am trying to make here is completely different and that is... 

After watching CNN World Exclusive interview of Mr Modi in the international media space, the biggest difference I observed was...

CNN World is not having any "Political Debate" on Modi´s interview to analyze his every word, every sentence after the interview got over by the CNN World studio. No " Media trials" , No debates on why he said this and what he means by that?

Seriously... this was the biggest difference I observed between our media and the international media. Our media operates exactly on the lines of "Khaap Panchayats" who are so crude in their trials and judgement, that you wonder some times, are we in 21st century?

The international media is not judgmental, do not pass judgements on what the political leaders say. Even the questions asked are more with substance, quest to know more about the person, his/ her mindset, vision, intellect,  than to target the personality with political motives.

Like I have observed... most of our journalists, like Barkha Dutt, Nidhi Razdan, Sonia Singh who have political motives to target Mr Modi will question their guests like Bill Clinton, Hilary Clinton... about 2002 riots, Modi´s communal agenda, Hindutva, and finally US visa denial to Mr Modi.

Because their journalism hovers around political agenda they all follow of their sponsors like Congress. or some foreign organizations who fund them.

How do you expect them to follow journalistic ethics, professional honesty if they have opened their shops to work with their political bosses?

That is why our corrupt popular media needs to be exposed for what it stands for and when you watch international media, you can see the difference in international journalism and the Indian.

Our main stream media is not only dishing out paid views, reviews, but also misleading people while reporting news stories.

It is insulting the intelligence of the viewers, thinking their audience buy their stories without raising any doubts about their authenticity. or factual reality.

I would only say... they are sadly mistaken. Indians are no fools.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher.