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Why Kashmiri Pandits had to Flee Kashmir over night?

Kashmiri Pandits Speak Their Story To
Ravish Kumar of NDTV in Hum Log

Listen to their Story
And you will know why they had to leave their mother land... Kashmir

I really liked the way Ravish Kumar conducted this program with sincerity and professional integrity without giving this story a political color. I have admired Ravish Kumar as a journalist of exceptional talent because he has a very different style of dealing with investigative reporting when he allows real story to unfold, to surface without trying to add something of his own in the story to make it politically sensitive and sensational. 

What I liked about this program anchored by Ravish Kumar is... he was very clear about his objectives of conducting this program to find out from Kashmiri Pandits themselves what exactly happened, why they were forced to leave their mother land? and what were the circustances those forced tthem to quit Kashmir? 

With this clear objectives, he decided not to invite, any politician, any member of NGOs, any member of Human Rights organization, or any political analyst and journalists to get their views. He decided to invite only and only Kashmiri Pandits who are a direct victims of the ethnic cleansing in Kashmir. And unlike few extra smart anchors seen on the TV channels who do not let participants talk and explain their point of view, Ravish Kumar talks less likes to listen to people from whom he expects to discover an "Untold Story". I must say, he is very good at  investigative reporting without any bias. 

Kashmiri Pandits were forcibly driven out of their own mother land and it is a story of ethnic cleansing that is till today pushed under the carpet by Congress from 1947. The reasons Kashmiri Pandits were forced to leave Kashmir were many, but mainly it was because of local politics, separatists activities, their open ultimatums, and Congress`s  communal politics which all resulted into the victimization of Kashmiri Pandits. 

They were literally forced to run for their lives over night when they were threatened openly to leave Kashmir and told them to leave their women folks behind. This was the time, Shaikh Abdullah government was a mute spectator and allowed separatists and terrorists  to kill Kashmiri Pandits who defied the threats. 

These Kashmiri Pandits persecuted for years in Kashmir are today living in Delhi without any amenities in Refugee camps, much like slums. Congress has never ever tried to re-settle them back in their homeland in Kashmir where they belong to. The fact is, Congress communal politics is responsible for this tragedy of Kashmiri Pandits and at the bottom of this story, it is Shaikh Abdullah and his government in J&K  involved in supporting separatists activities,

From this video presentation, you get to know when Kashmiri Pandits are one by one revealing their stories of sufferings,.human loses, killings of innocents and their fearto go back.

Watch this wonderfully documented story told by the Kashmiri Pandits themselves.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

Hum Log is a program published By NDTV. This was on What happened exactly in Kashmir.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Third Perspective on Narendra Modi By an outsider..

Are Hindus Dangerous? 


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Whenever news about India make it to the local Nuremberg newspaper, my mother reads them out to me on phone. Usually, those news portray India in a poor light, like ‘people died from cold on the streets of Delhi’ or, especially in the past year ever so often, ‘another gang rape’, conveniently ignoring the gang rapes on home turf. During recent months, however, one term clearly dominates the western media, and going by the language used, it seems to be the most dangerous and heinous trait that any Indian could have, and that needs to be condemned by one and all.  The term is “Hindu fundamentalist”.  And the prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, who is considered the frontrunner in the elections, is said to be one.

“A racist is India’s hope – Hindu fundamentalist Modi could win the election” my mother read out to me on 4thof April. 

Another article in the same paper, sourced from the German press agency (dpa) read “A man splits India”. In it, too “Hindu fundamentalism” was stressed and the RSS even being compared to Nazi ideology. English newspapers, too, paint ‘Hindu fundamentalist’ Narendra Modi as highly dangerous for India and the world. 

And leading from the front, the Indian mainstream media freely label any Hindu organizations as ‘fundamentalist’ and ‘communal’ since years and leave no doubt that the secular fabric of Indian democracy will be endangered if this ‘Hindu fundamentalist’ comes to power.

The relentless media campaign shows already results worldwide. On my last visit to Germany, a woman sitting next to me in a bus asked, “What about the Hindu fundamentalists?” when she came to know that I live in India. I told her that the fear of Hindu fundamentalists is unfounded. In fact, I am in India precisely because I treasure the fundamentals of Hinduism.

I am sure that most left liberal ‘intellectuals’ in India and abroad will come down heavily on me if they hear me say that. There is so much shouting in TV debates and living rooms that one cannot get down to the basics and ask simple questions. To be fair to Hindus, such questions need to be answered by those who malign Hindus in general and Narendra Modi in particular.

One question for example is: what makes Narendra Modi a Hindu fundamentalist? 

Is it the fact that he acknowledges that he is a Hindu? Or is it the allegation that he did not do anything to stop the rioting in his state in 2002? This allegation has been proven wrong in spite of intense scrutiny and the explicit desire to find him guilty. Yet let’s for a moment suppose the allegation were true and he really would have encouraged killing of Muslims as revenge for the killing of Hindus in the train burning. In that case, he would indeed deserve severest punishment, but it would not make him a Hindu fundamentalist.

Let me explain: the basic philosophy of Hinduism or Sanatana Dharma, as it was originally called is in a nutshell: this visible universe, including our persons, is divine. Everything is permeated by the same divine essence which is called by many names. Hindus do not, unlike Christians and Muslims, divide humanity into those who are chosen by God and those who are eternally damned. Hindus are those rare human beings whose dharma requires them to regard all as brothers and sisters. Their dharma requires them further to respect nature and not to harm unnecessarily any living being. Hindu children are not taught to look down on those who are not Hindus, unlike children of the dogmatic religions who are taught that their God does not love those others unless they officially join their ‘true’ religions. Hindus are also comparatively kinder to animals. The great bulk of vegetarians worldwide are Hindus. Strangely, this fact is hardly ever acknowledged; nor is acknowledged that Hindus never fought crusades or jihads to establish their religion in foreign lands. On the contrary, since over thousand years Hindus were at the receiving end of such jihads and conversion campaigns and millions of Hindus were killed in cold blood because they were Hindus.

Now coming back to the media assault on Modi as a Hindu fundamentalist: Is he called a Hindu fundamentalist because he openly says that he is a Hindu? 

Well, this would not be wrong, as he indeed seems to follow the fundamentals of Hinduism. He seems to be a genuinely good human being who wants to give his best to develop India and has the welfare of all Indians in mind.

However, though it is factually not wrong, it is at the same time very unfair by the media to call Modi a Hindu fundamentalist, because the term ‘fundamentalist’ generally has a negative connotation when it comes to other religions, and especially westerners are not knowledgeable enough to distinguish between a Christian or Muslim fundamentalist on one side and a Hindu fundamentalist on the other. If a Christian or Muslim follows the fundamentals of his religions too strictly, it is generally considered as bad for society as a whole. The reason is that such a person will stress his superiority, as his holy book claims that only his religion is true and therefore naturally superior to all other religions. Such a person would see nothing wrong and even might feel it is his duty to convert people of other religions by hook or crook, or, if they don’t comply, despise or even kill them. One only needs to look at history to see what havoc Christian and Muslim fundamentalists have wrought all over the world. So it is no surprise that no European or American politician is labeled as “Christian fundamentalist”, when he simply confesses to be a Christian. Muslim politician, too, are not called “Muslim fundamentalists”, even if they head an Islamic state.

What most people however don’t know: there is no claim of superiority in Hinduism. The reason is that it is not an unverifiable belief system that has to be indoctrinated as the one and only truth, but it is open to enquiry. Blind belief is not required. The fundamentals of Hinduism are sound and conducive for a good character. It is actually good to follow the fundamentals of Hinduism and see the one divine essence everywhere in this visible universe.

“There is talk about this God and that God. Our country is not like that. Here we maintain Ishwar  (God) is one. The paths to attain him are different”, Modi said in an interview on April 12th, 2014 (Aap ki adalat), when a woman asked him whether Christians and their churches will be safe under him. He assured his audience that the motto of his party, in tune with the Constitution of India, is to treat all different paths equally. Communal frenzy will not be allowed to retard the growth of India, he added.

Modi’s words deserve to be taken seriously. He has governed Gujarat with a population of around 60 million for the last 12 years and no major communal clash took place there after the riots of 2002, whereas many riots happened elsewhere. Yet in those 12 years, Narendra Modi managed to greatly develop Gujarat and make it the envy of other Indian states. He proved that he is not corrupt and highly capable.

So why is Narendra Modi relentlessly labeled as Hindu fundamentalist by the world media, which knows fully well that this label will make him look ‘bad’ in the eyes of the world? Could it be that the west is actually afraid of an economically strong India and uses the bogey of Hindu fundamentalism to beat Modi and India down?

Maybe it is time for Hindus to tell the world to have a close look at the fundamentals of Hinduism. They might actually want to adopt them.  

By Maria Wirth
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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Farooq Abdullah and his fake Secularism

Kashmiri Pandits 
hold Farooq Abdullah responsible for their 
persecution in Kashmir

7 Lakh displaced Kashmiri Pandits 
Thank Modi for exposing Farooq Abdullaha`s 
fake Secularism

Thank U Narendra Modi for rightly blaming Farooq Abdullah for the genocide of Kashmiri Pandits. 

Nobody till date had the guts to say this. Modi is absolutely right, Dr.Abdullah abdicated his duty as CM in 1990 & fled to safe haven of London, leaving minorities vulnerable. 7 lac displaced Kashmiri Pandits thank Narendra Modi for exposing Farooq Abdullah's secularism.
Thank U Narendra Modi for speaking the truth about the genocide of Kashmiri Pandits by Farooq Abdullah.

Instead of telling those voting for Modi to drown, Dr.Abdullah should look at himself & his family to see how they ruined J&K. Farooq Abdullah played golf while Kashmir burnt. If anybody is modern day Nero in India... it is Farooq Abdullah, most inefficient CM ever. 

Farooq Abdullah as CM was so useless, he was called wazir-e-disco by Kashmiris.

Appeal for bogus Secularism is last resort of inefficient politician. 

Farooq Abdullah remained silent when Advocate Premnath Bhat was killed in Anantnag.
Farooq Abdullah remained silent when posters were pasted outside our homes to leave Kashmir.  Farooq Abdullah remained silent when the Wandhama massacre happened. 
Farooq Abdullah remained silent when hundreds of Sikhs were killed in Chhatisingh Pura, Kashmir. Farooq remained silent when the speakers of mosques were used to threaten us to leave Kashmir, leaving behind our women folk. 

Farooq Abdullah remained silent when Doordarshan director Lassa Koul was killed in Srinagar. Farooq Abdullah remained silent when Justice Neelkanth Ganjoo was assassinated in Srinagar. Farooq Abdullah remained silent when advocate Tika Lal Taploo was assassinated in broad daylight in Srinagar. Farooq Abdullah remained silent when nurse Sarla Ganju was hanged on a tree after her breasts were cut.
Farooq Abdullah - the man who co-founded JKLF to wage war against India -gives sermons to India today. Tragic Irony !!!

This message is being circulated by Kashmiri Pandits. 

Because, Congress leaders, Rahul, and Sonia Gandhi who have been faking secularism have been playing communal politics and its political partners like Farooq Abdullah,and many others are political frauds who have been targeting Narendra Modi to prove themselves Secular only to please their Muslim Vote Banks.

It is this gang of political frauds who have waged a war against this country on the name of secularism. They are total frauds because they are supporting separatists against India and terrorists who are trying to destroy India, devide India on religious lines are pampered by these very politicians when innocent Indians are killed in terror attacks and Kashmiri Pandits are driven out of their homes in Kashmir.

We wonder...Why are Human right activists like Teesta Setlwad, Kavita Krishnan, Medha Patkar, Meera Sanyal, Arundhati roy, Prashant Bhushan are quiet on this Kashmiri Pandits persecution? When it is Narendra modi these people become active and want to hang Modi? 

Why are they quiet on Kashmiri Pandits religious cleansing from their mother land? Or they have been given only one target "Narendra Modi" to Nail?  Their brand of fake human rights demonstrations are sponsored by some vested interests from inside and outside of India. The funds their NGOs receive are to work on hidden political agendas such as "Do whatever you can but Nail Modi. We want him" Jinda Yaa Murda" but get him. 

Their time is up and their political games on May 16th this month will be over. They cant keep fooling people all the time. Not this time for certain. .

Just read it and imagine the plight of pandits

Monday, May 5, 2014

The Truth about Development in Amethi.

This is the state of Amethi.
Which voted for Gandhi family for last 40 years.
Watch this video to find out
what progress and development Gandhi family 
did in Amethi.

The Truth is shocking.

People of Amethi in good faith, believing Gandhis will do good for Amethi, its progress and development. and voted again and again with this hope only, Gandhi family will address their problems. 

But Gandhi family betrayed their confidence. Why will they not feel cheated?

They kept asking for votes once in Five years during national election time...Only on false promises. This family appears on Amethi skyline only once in five years. They are not seen after that in their constituency. 

Where is the development you see in Amethi when Rahul Gandhi has been representing Amethi for the last decade?

He is Vice President and Sonia Gandhi President of Congress.. He enjoyed supreme powers to even tear apart Resolution passed by the cabinet ministry led by Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh. His well choreographed Act in the press meet was watched by the nation..He likes to take high moral ground on many occasions. But never seriously practices what he claims to be.  

He could use his close proximity to supreme power and calls the resolution a piece of Nonsense, worth nothing and remarked..., it must be thrown into dustbin? 
After so much of powers what did he really do for his Amethi that Priyanka Vadra and Rahul keeps claiming their family legacy? 

Watch this video and you will realize, how this family has been fooling Amethi´s poor people on emotional grounds to vote him back in power. They are not only fooling people of Amethi but even fooling India with their claims on fake development.  And how are they proving their merits, capabilities in governance is by running down Modi Model of Development? And not by presenting their own model of Development?

They keep talking against Gujarat development model... what good has he proved in his own model of development in Amethi ? 

Is there any model of development he has presented in Amethi ?  

Looking at this video, one can see, how they are diverting the focus from their own model which this video exposes completely. ,

The fact is, these people are total frauds and they happen to be in politics only by virtue of Nehru Gandhi so called legacy. If Rahul Gandhi could not do any development for his own constituency, for his own people of Amethi... on what basis is he and Priyanka Vadra or Sonia Gandhi are trying to convince voters of India,that  they are any good for India and it´s development? What is their rationale and reasoning for voters to take them seriously?

And the bigger question today long are they going to keep fooling poor, innocent, ordinary people of India on this Nehru Gandhi qualification?
This video EXPOSES Gandhi family by presenting the truth about their ZERO contribution in Amethi in last 40 years.

Why should Amethi VOTE for Rahul Gandhi? For making false promises? For taking poor of India for a ride? Why? 

Hope... on May 16th of this month... this political game gets over.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

Sunday, May 4, 2014

AAP Politics over great Martyrs of our Nation.

We all have a great respect 
for all the martyrs of our nation and 
of course their parents too.

However, Mother of martyr Vikram Batra has joined Aam Aadmi Party and is being used by them to target Naredra Modi. We're sure Vikram's mother would never have joined AAP had she known the following facts:

1) Soldiers fight for protecting our democracy. AAP's North East Mumbai candidate Medha Patekar opposed Hanging of India hater terrorist Afzal Guru.

2) Soldiers martyr themselves protecting us from terrorists. Medha Patekar of AAP demanded mercy for Terrorist Kasab who killed more than 200 innocents.

3) Soldiers martyr themselves for safeguarding our national integrity and for keeping Kashmir an Integral part of India.
AAP Sri Nagar LS candidate Raja mujaffar bhat, a separatist himself, protested hanging of terrorist Afzal Guru.

4) AAP founder Prashant Bhusan says Kashmir can be removed from India -

5) Soldiers martyr themselves to protect us from external aggressions and interventions in our internal affairs. Arvind Kejriwal is getting fund from Saudi Countries, CIA's ford foundation and other undisclosed sources.

6) She wants a corruption free India while AAP is receiving funds from Congress MP Naveen Jindal to sponsor AAP paid volunteers (yes, an oxymoron).

7) Saudi Arab and Pro Jihadi websites like millegazzate, Arab news, Al Jazeera etc are asking people to vote for AAP & Congress and defeat modi. Is that not the same forces our soldiers protect us from all their lives ?

We're sure that had she known even one of the aforementioned facts, she'd gladly stay away from anti-nationals called Aam Aadmi Party. 

Because anyone supporting AAP is disrespecting our brave soldiers.

Who is supporting Separatists to disintegrate India?

How will India fight Terrorism 
when politics of Congress and its alliance partners like JDU, BSP, SP, NCP and now AAP are supporting separatists bleeding India?

Today we meet Dr. Binayak Sen. A much 'respected' name in the maoist circles.

Sen  was convicted  and sentenced to life imprisonment by a Chhattisgarh trial court for sedition, helping Maoist insurgents and waging a war against the nation. 

HC denied him bail and upheld the conviction.

However he was later granted bail by the SC as the evidence produced was inconclusive and there were no witnesses.

Sen is now a part of Police reform committee in Aam Aadmi Party. Why ?

So that our security forces, protecting our lives and property, can be legally killed by these Maoists. People supported AAP when they said they'll fight corruption. Unfortunately, that was merely a charade pulled to gain people's support for the party whose members are working day and night to break this nation apart.

This Binayak Sen was appointed to planning commission by Sonia Gandhi. Sonia also took Maoists like Bijoy Sen, Harsh Mander, Aruna Roy as NAC members..

If you want to know who else supports Binayak Sen, check this link:

With such strong political, media and church support, how do you fight the terror of Maoists ?

-via ShankhNaad

We Indians are getting killed in Bomb blasts by these same separatists bleeding India, And Congress, AAP are supporting these Terrorists ?

What kind of politics is this?

Should the citizens not question their political motives?

Their political agendas? Are they getting huge funding from overseas for the same reasons? To kill innocent Indians and Break India?

If you study AAP list of candidates in this national elections... most are supporters of these separatists and also working with Maoists, Naxalites. These are the same activists who requested our President, not to hang Afzal Guru and Ajmal Kasab.

Some of them are running NGOs, receiving huge funds from outside organizations for their so called social activities. And are these political parties like Congress and AAP asking us to Elect their candidates in this national elections? If they come to power in the center, it will not take time to disintegrate India. That is what they are working for. 

Just what is happening? Who is working against India?

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher