Saturday, October 15, 2011

Who is Digvijaya Singh to question Anna on RSS?

Questioning Anna on RSS is unpatriotic

Nehru honored RSS for its support and Lal Bahadur Shastri requested for it.
Congress is questioning Anna on RSS as if that’s a big crime committed against the nation?

It seems we are not living in a vibrant democracy but either in a Stalinist regime or in a Saudi despot’s fiefdom. RSS–BJP support to Anna is being projected as the ultimate sin any Indian can commit against the national interest. And misrepresenting RSS Gen. Secy.’s letter to Swayamsewaks-cadres, to work for anti corruption drive and help get back black money stashed in Swiss banks, Anna is sought to be put in a question box-why did you take RSS support? 

The same secular-Taliban crowd had objected Anna putting up Bharat Mata portraits at Jantar Mantar though they had no shame collaborating with Congress ministers behind the scenes.

Neither does Anna need to have RSS support to survive nor does RSS need to piggyback on him for staying afloat in public life. Both are serving the nation in their own ways. And selflessly in the national interest. Nation First !! Is what they strongly believe in.

But the Congress perhaps has the shortest memory ever diagnosed in a public organization. 

Just a few decades earlier, their patron guardian belonging to the Gandhi-Nehru family, had honored the RSS cadre by inviting them to participate in the Republic Day parade in New Delhi in full RSS uniform. That was the time when India passed through a 1962 aggression by China and the Nehru government had to arrest more than 250 senior communist leaders on charges of sedition. And the same Nehru government invited RSS cadre to participate in their own uniform in the ’63 Republic Parade as a gesture to honor them for their splendid role in helping the nation and boosting the morale of the soldiers.

There is an old picture of that occasion- RSS Swayamsewaks proudly marching past the Tricolor on Rajpath in their Ganavesh- as the uniform is known in Sangh parlance.

During the 1965 war, the then Congress Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri had invited and lauded RSS help in helping maintain public order in Delhi, taking up traffic police assignments and thus relieving policemen to go on war time duties.

Isn’t it too ironical that under the utterly pronounced family rule, the same Congress is trying to question Anna’s wisdom by deliberately asking a wrong question- why did you take RSS support?

Even if, hypothetically assuming, Anna had asked for RSS support to end corruption, would that be construed as a sin and something that Anna shouldn’t have done?

Why? Is RSS a Pakistan affiliate?

Does it reject the constitution like the Maoists and their anti-national intellectual supporters?
Is RSS against democracy? Or is it a banned Indian terrorist outfit like SIMI or Lashkar or Hizbul or Naxals? Does it work against India and had it designed country’s division in 1947?

The ones who really did it became partners of the government led by Congress.

In 1962-63, Congress under Nehru had put hundreds of Communist leaders behind bars for sedition. Some one needs to use RTI to find out more details on such a historically revealing issue. The same communists became UPA-1’s coalition partners.

In 1947, Indian Union Muslim League, the only party using the word ‘union’, worked to divide the nation.

It became a party discarded by all post Independence obviously for this reason. It was this UPA government led by the Congress that invited Muslim League for the first time in our history to join the council of ministers.

Congress is happy to go soft on Naxals and appoint a convicted pro-Naxal-Maoist person as a key position holder in the Planning Commission. It can also conveniently forget the unanimous and all party resolution on Kashmir passed in 1994 and appoint a group of interlocutors to give divisive suggestions.

 But still it has the cheek to question Anna on RSS support.
 Why? Simply because patriotism is a hateful word in Congress lexicon.
Anyone who works against the Indian unity and integrity becomes a natural buddy of the party. Like Arundhati Roy, Batla House gang, Azamgarh Jihadis and Maoist mafia. Have you ever seen a Congress leader sympathizing with Inspector Mohan Lal Sharma, killed in Batla House operation? 

But they obviously go to the houses of suspected terrorists.

Hence RSS must be an obvious target of the Congress crowd.
A cartel of secular shamanistic, love to stand with murderer Jihadis, anti-democracy and constitution burner Naxals, but through a control over media and money, they try to portray a different ideological stream members as sinners and pariahs.

Tarun Vijay

Tarun Vijay (born in 1961) is an Indian author, social worker, famous freelance journalist, and parliamentarian. He was the editor of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) weekly in Hindi, Panchajanya, from 1986 to February 2008, and is a columnist of the newspaper The Times of India. He also writes for the Daily Pioneer.

Friday, September 30, 2011

These traitors must be hanged first!

Dear Citizens,

What a shame? What a disgusting political situation we are made to witness.

When the law of the land has passed the judgement on the criminal for his disgraceful, shameless act to hang Afzal Guru till death for attacking the temple of Democracy and killing innocent people, who are these people debating and discussing whether he be hanged or pardoned?

He must be hanged till death. No mercy for any terrorist.

Who are these people who have no respect for innocent Indians being killed every time there is a terror attack? Is anyone from their families got killed in the terror attacks? What rights they have got to over rule judiciary?

They have to be traitors, disloyal, dishonest, anti national elements who are living on Indian soil, enjoying the democratic rights, and having loyalty across the borders. They don't deserve to be here on this soil.

If the law of the land is not acceptable to them, let them go wherever they wish to, they are free.

But insulting the judiciary, disrespecting the law of this land, humiliating the sentiments of the families of innocents killed in terror attacks  will never be acceptable to any Indian citizen. And nor should it be acceptable to Indian government in power.

Congress's dirty politics to please their vote banks and appeasing people for political gains has given these traitors strength to talk against our highest judiciary and constitution. How dare they think they can even talk about Afzal Guru,  a criminal who is convicted by the supreme court ? Tomorrow the same people will have the courage to talk for Ajmal Kasab on humanitarian grounds if given a chance.

These are the people whose roles and backgrounds must be investigated by intelligence agencies. These must be the people who are likely to provide local ground support to overseas terrorists. Our Home ministry is either playing a political game or failed to play a role of a good cop. And in either case it shows their poor performance, inability to deal with terror and incompetence of their intelligence.

It is time the Manmohan Singh government goes before terrorists start thinking Indian citizens can be blown to pieces whenever they want. It is high time that we need a leader who can rise above dirty politics, corrupt practices and lead this nation courageously. We need a leader with  a backbone to answer every terror bullet.  We need a person like Winston Churchill to fight terror like a war.

We need visionary, strong administrator like Sardar Patel to lead this nation today. There is no place for Dr Manmohan Singh and his corrupt team of politicians who are only involved in the loot. They can not make decisions unless they talk to their high commands and lead this nation of 1.25 billion people. People with metal, who have the vision and courage to take on the enemy head on must stay in the office or quit.

This government must go if India is to be saved from looters and terrorists. The corrupt and criminal politicians are a major threat to this country since money can easily sell their loyalties and kill our citizens. So throwing out corrupt politicians and their supporters should be our first priority in the coming elections. There should not be a place for criminals and corrupt people to enter into social and political system.

It is not just one apple that is rotten, the whole basket of apples is rotten.  

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Who's responsible for the fall of Maharajah?

Air India... the Bleeding Maharajah.


Who takes the responsibility for his slow death?
Praful Patel? Or Dr Manmohan Singh's government?

I was surprised and shocked to see Praful Patel's interview on Times Now.
The way Praful Patel was answering questions thrown at him by Arnab Gosvami, showed he had no regret or remorse for bringing down Maharajah to such a sorrowful state. No money to pay staff salaries. No money to pay fuel bills. But money to buy new planes worth 45000 crores? The way he was laughing on such a serious issue, it also looked like the interview was scripted and fake. No responsible Minister will react on national TV as if nothing much has happened. If Dr Manmohan Singh has Ministers of this attitude with no seriousness whatsoever when we are talking of crores and crores of losses, our PM is not fit to lead this nation.The national carrier Air India on the verge of closer is not a joke Mr Praful Patel. It's peoples money that is being discussed. 

Air India is a bigger scam today that Dr Manmohan singh needs to explain.

Why taxpayers money was given as a dole to this man Praful Patel, then Aviation Minister, when the writing was there on the wall, Maharajah is in the ICU, on the oxygen, gasping for breathe and no hopes for his survival. A successful businessman like Praful Patel and his team knew it well because the end of Maharajah was well choreographed by these very politicians for ulterior motives.

This man, Praful Patel must be held responsible along with our great economist PM who kept giving funds in crores to SICK organization which was destined to nosedive because of corrupt practices by insiders who were responsible to run AI. PP was deeply involved with other politians to kill Maharajah slowly with a grand plan to finally sell this sick airline with losses to waiting bidders. So the 40/45 thousand crores of planes ordered now will be finally sold for peanut price to their friends in airline business and bleeding Maharajah goes to sharks waiting for their pray. It is a win win situation. Everyone is happy ultimately.

It was a grand plan that has been cunningly conceived for long by these politicians to swallow this public enterprise ultimately, and the loot then is shared by all involved like Praful Patel and his political bosses.

And that is why Dr Manmohan Singh who is called a great economist world over is totally and completely responsible for allowing this loot by corrupt politicians. What we see in every scam is just the tip of the iceberg. The major players are covered or ignored deliberately by investigative agencies and tax payers money is looted by these corrupt politicians. Finally, no one is convicted and goes to jail. The money is pocketed and the loot goes on. We like fools keep reading the news, watch fake,scripted debates in frustration and watch these looters getting away with the loot... going scot-free.

Will someone explain to tax payers, why a successful businessman like Praful Patel and a great economist with his team of experts and experienced financial advisers like Mr Pranav Mukharjee have been financially supporting a sinking ship which you and me who are not experts could see it happening one day?

The only deduction you can arrive at is, Dr Manmohan Singh is playing in the hands of corrupt politicians around him and he has failed in his duty to stop this loot. In either case, he is responsible to allow the looters to loot and therefore owes an explanation to this nation why he should not be held accountable and answerable?

If Praful Patel says, looking back now, may be certain decisions may have been gone wrong for Maharajah to bleed, then the accountability must be fixed for this huge mess up and loses on him first and all others involved. All responsible must be charged for mismanagement and misappropriations. They all must be sent to jail on charges of corruption and cheating. Here the great economist PM has failed in checking frauds and indirectly supported the loot.

Who should be held accountable for this huge loss? Yes, this ministers and their team must be sent to jail for their sheer incompetence and mismanagement. Why should the nation suffer huge loses? The corrupt ministers must be held responsible for squandering public funds. This is the reason why all the political class is against Lokpal bill with strong, effective laws against corruption. 

It was Praful Patel who kept asking PM for extra funds to save bleeding Maharajah when he was a Minister for aviation. The accountability therefore must be fixed with PP and PM. PM too is responsible for providing huge funds to PP when it was clear, it is a sinking ship. This corruption MUST STOP and every Minister must be made accountable for losses incurred during the term.

No one should take Citizens for granted. Let this be a writing on the wall.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Coalition Dharma and vote bank politics

Why the governments in power can not function efficiently?

If you think little hard, you will realize at the bottom of all this, is miss governance and coalition Dharma as our honest Prime Minister calls it and the vote Bank politics.

Of course, our PM or no politician would like to admit their vote bank politics they have been playing from the time of our independence, because it is a sly political strategy political parties follow, whether they want to accept or not. We have seen these under currents in many situations. In addition to these two reasons, there is a third reason too and that is more serious. And that is rampant corruption at all levels.

Let me elaborate here the situation as we need to see in perspective.

For example, the recent killing of J. Dey, the senior journalist. He was constantly working on the underworld activities and even wrote a book. His own intelligence must have been so collaborative and hard in substance that his "Expose" had to be a potential threat for many in our political circles, police administration and intelligence. His elimination by criminal minds and people who operate with the underworld thought it necessary.

What surprises is, J.Dey had all the information about underworld. But our intelligence and police don't  have. If fact, if police and our intelligence wanted to demolish the underworld, they could have used his information, worked together and succeeded in catching the local operatives in India who are working for Dons operating from outside.

Just imagine, one ordinary reporter can, with his intelligence, gather all the information on underworld and write a book, and our intelligence agencies  who have at their disposal all the resources including human and technical for intelligence gathering, can not?

I refuse to believe this. There is more than what you and me can see. and that is why the case is still not cracked and police are still clueless.This only reflects poorly on this government and the present Home Minster's ability as a minister to deal with crime and terror.

Three Bomb blast on 13th July was a result of this poor intelligence gathering and inefficient administration that works under Home Minister.

Some months back, there was a story about senior police officer involved in sex scandal. It was reported in the media that he is absconding? And after few days, there was a news, his body was found near railway tracks? Was that an accident? A suicide? Or was he eliminated? So that the sex scandal chapter got closed with his death and many names did not get exposed in the sex scandal? At the bottom of it, it is not incompetence of intelligence, it is largely corruption in the police and intelligence machinery.

This is again a question of accountability of the Minister in-charge.

The third case is of Maria and her boy friend Jerome who killed Neeraj Gorver mercilessly and for the gruesome murder, both should have been sent to gallows but got away with lighter punishment? Was it not a failure on the part of police machinery who gathers the evidence from the site and builds up the case for prosecution? What was it? The failure on the part of police prosecutor? The failure on the part of police to prove when tons of evidence was available? Was it a managed show? A perfect case of corrupt practices?

Now let us take the coalition Dharma that the PM is talking about.

As regards to coalition Dharma that the Prime Minister wants to follow very religiously, is also a part of political corruption that our honest Prime Minister is following. The shielding of A Raja, and Dayanidhi Maran was nothing but a corrupt practice followed by the honest Prime Minister.

Was it his honesty? Or his direct involvement in political corruption while following his coalition Dharma when the country is being looted?

On vote bank politics...

The records of Congress is very bad. When Afzal guru was to be hanged, Congress Chief Minister Gulam Nabi Azad told his leadership, if you hang him, there will be riots in our country. The terrorists, a criminal who is convicted and condemned by the judiciary with the judgement to hang him, Gulam Nabi Azad and many like him in this country got worried about their vote banks. They are more supportive of terrorists than the terror attacks on Indians.

People like Gulam Nabi Azad, Faruq Abdullha, Digvijaya Singh, Antule have made political statements of serious implication to give fodder to Pakistan and today Pakistan is saying boldly the terror is your own home grown phenomena and not as you constantly claiming coming from our soil. Because of irresponsible statements by these politicians, today Pakistan has turned tables on our sides to prove or keep shut.

Corrupt politicians like Ammar Singh and Abu Aazmi who openly support home grown outfits like IM and Seemi, are responsible for innocent Indians getting killed on the street. Where are they today? Not condemning the attacks? Once the smoke settles down,  there will be rush once by these corrupt politicians and human right activists to tell the world, don't not to point fingers at  people and organizations till you don't have sufficient evidence. They will tell us on in  TV channel debates, that they are innocent till they are proven guilty.? 

Now these human right activists and politicians like Abu Azmi don't think that all these innocents got killed and many may be lucky to survive may live like vegetables were also innocent people?
Have they visited the hospitals and the families who lost their loved ones? Have they ever? These are fake social activists who make their living on such insensitive political bias.They need to be condemned first because they don't even let the police do their job freely.

Is this not vote bank politics ? Then what is it? 

Dreaded terrorists Ajaml Kasab who killed many innocent people at CST  including children is  still a state guest at our cost. Even after court judgement, he is still not hanged. He is a terrorists who should be hanged in public square for other terrorists to know, what happens if they get caught. Why  is he been fed with Biryani at our cost?

And the most shameful politicians meeting him to ask if he is looked after well? Is he getting all facilities and has he any  complaints? What an utter disgrace?

Today, tax payers crores of rupees are spent on Ajaml Kasab and our Chief Minister and Home Minister Chidambaram are telling us in the press conference that due to lack of funds we are not as equipped as we should be? The terrorists are better equipped?

Dear Prime Minister, You are a finance expert,

If you stop spending crores of rupees on Ajamal Kasab and people like Afzal Guru who are fed by your government, that money will be sufficient to prepare intelligence and security forces to protect lives of innocent Indians. Don't you think?

Is his life important to you or hundreds of lives getting killed of innocent Indians?

Why are we getting killed in this Bomb Blasts because of your vote bank politics and coalition Dharma? Why are we not killing terrorists?

The innocent Indians are getting killed on the streets in terror attacks.  Because of your vote bank politics, your appeasement politics. The corrupt governance and administration at all levels are squarely responsible for so many innocent lives getting killed.

This is a war against terror the whole world is fighting. We don't need classroom lectures  from Rahul Gandhi, Digvijaya Singh and Chidambaram to teach us why you can't fight terror. If you can not, vacate the offices and let the able and competent take over to deal with this serious situation.

RR Patil must step down as his track record shows hundreds got killed because of his incompetent police and intelligence. He and Chidambaram must be held accountable. They are not in command to fight terror and crime that is on rise today all over India. They must quit by taking full responsibility for the failure of their departments. If their machinery is not working efficiently and if there is corruption, the heads are responsible for such a poor governance and therefore their heads must roll.

You can not mess up with serious issues. If you are not soldiers to fight on the mission, Step down. Quit. As simple as that.
Because, we are not ready to get killed. We are no more resilient nor brave anymore. When actually you lose your loved ones, your dear and near ones, these words are meaningless  and hollow.  They don't make any sense. They sound good in speeches not in real life.

Let all political class remove their own security around them like Rahul Gandhi, Digvijaya Sing, Chidamabaram, Kapil Sebal and many others who are enjoying security cover at our cost, then we will believe your word.  Let them first prove, we are with you in this fight against terror. We will believe it and take their word seriously.

We are not willing to die in this fight all by ourselves anymore.

Enough is Enough.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Who failed to protect the lives of Indians?

Home Minister P. Chidambram says : 
It is not a intelligence failure.

Rahul Gandhi says: 
Every bomb blasts can not be stopped.

The statements by Home Minister P. Chidambaram are insulting the intelligence of common man on the street and Rahul Gandh's statement is nothing but an insult to injury. 

These people move around with Black Commandos around them 24 X 7 at our cost and when it comes to our security they say, 

" we are doing our best to provide security cover to people at large. But you must understand, in places where there are crowded lanes, you can not expect police vigilance round the clock at every corner of the city."

Rahul Gandhi says, it is not possible to detect all bomb attacks by the intelligence. In other words, we can't provide you protection round the clock but we politicians will have Black Commandos around us 24X7 at your cost.

Isn't this an outrageous, insensitive and irresponsible statement?
For your information, Mr Chidambaram, Mumbai's every lane, road, buses, trains and railway stations are crowded all the time. It is unfortunate that our Home Minister makes a statement  which only shows that this government feels helpless and thinks fighting the battle against terror is hopeless.

The larger question is... do we have losers fighting the terror battle? 
 And if that is so, what business do they have to occupy Home Ministry?

We as a nation have witnessed 26/11. How casual approach and attitude was of our Home Ministers at both, center and state. Shivraj Patil and RR Patil, then Home ministers had miserably failed to stop 26/11.

Is it not a case of incompetent people sitting at the top who just can not deal with terror and crimes?

Today they are telling the nation, no efforts will be spared to bring the culprits to book. We will catch them very soon and nobody will be spared. These words we have heard in many press meets. They don't have any meaning. They are hollow words.

No case of any terror attack is cracked with success till today and criminals are booked. The cases are going on for years together in courts. The convicts condemned by the courts and sentenced to death like Afzal Guru and Ajmal Kasab are still not hanged. Crores of taxpayers money is being spent on these terrorists. 

How do you explain all this?  

This is giving strength and courage  to terrorists to attack India boldly knowing well, they can get away with murder in day light. Their support network locally is established in all major cities and Home Ministry has failed in crushing them at the roots. The corruption is another factor which is playing its role for buying people at local levels who want to make fast buck.

It is the failure of Home Ministry policies and style of working. Instead of owning the responsibility, the minister is trying to praise the state home ministry and police machinery, how excellent job they have been doing after 26/11. Chidambaram says, for the last 31 months there was not a single terror attack on Mumbai? This was to give a pat on the back of RR Patil, the state Home Minister. But we citizens don't think so.
It is a direct failure of administrative machinery of the Home Ministry and human intelligence failure of people like P Chidambaram and RR Patil.
HM Chidambaram says in the press conference, we did not have any inputs about this blasts. From the Center and also at state level intelligence.
What does all this mean to common people who are getting killed in every terror attack? And does the Home Ministry think the inputs are going to come from terrorists?  Home Minister is explaining at length how effectively post blast arrangements were made by the state government. How many ambulances arranged. How all hospitals got into actions, in his press conference.

What arrangements?  In all hospitals there was utter confusion, no one knew what is happening and worst of all, families were frantically trying to locate their loved ones. Even today, we are still watching it all live on TV channels. How citizens are helping injured people and there is an utter chaos in the hospitals.

Every time, these ministers speak in front of the TV cameras, they use same hollow words. Mumbaikars are brave, courageous. They are  resilient and don't get threatened by such cowardly attacks by terrorists. What is all this insensitive talk? It is rather irritating than complimenting any Indian, not just Mumbaikar..

Do Indians really have a choice? Can they afford to stay at home?

Be it Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Delhi, Bangloor, or any metropolis. You will always see people back  to work next day. Does that mean, they are resilient and brave and courageous? Do they have a choice? In the mornings when they leave homes, they and their families are not sure whether they will meet again. They don't feel safe at all till they are back home. What courage and bravery are these politicians talking about?
We don't really want Rahul Gandhi to take our class who moves around with Black Commandos 24 X 7. It is not only irrational but also irresponsible statement.

Let all politicians move around on the streets of India like a common man without the security cover and then we will listen to their talk of resilience and courage. Rahul Gandhi's utterances have insulted the intelligence of common man on the street and it is rubbing salt on the wounds of people who have lost their loved ones just yesterday. The wounds are still bleeding and people have yet to come to terms.

Please do not play with our sentiments. If you can not do a job for which you all are elected...
just step down. Vacate the office.

Home Minister at the center and state should own responsibility and resign immediately.

Enough is Enough.

It is the government in power failed once again to save Mumbaikers.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Is the Prime Minister enjoying Independence and Freedom?

Is our Prime Minister working independently ??
or by the remote control from 10 Janapath?


I know, to say this is like, hitting below the belt. Especially when you say something like this about the most honest and sincere person like Dr Manmohan Singh. But the situation today calls for this concern, unfortunately. 

We have no constitutional head, no Prime Minister leading this nation and this office is hijacked by Sonia Gandhi and her loyalists like Digvijay Singh who are loyalists of Nehru Gandhi family. This lot is enjoying phenomenal growth in their powers and Swiss bank accounts. In the process, other political families like Karuna Nidhi, Jaya Lalitha, Sharad Pawar, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Lallu Prasad Yadav, Amer Singh, Mayawati and many many more political personalities have enjoyed too exceptional growth in their fortunes and political power. They are all like in hand-and-glove relationship and are all involved in this national loot. 

In English there is an expression to describe this situation perfectly well.  
"You scratch my back, I scratch yours" This explains well.

For this situation, Manmohan Singh, Pranab Mukharji, and so called all senior Congress loyalists to Nehru Parivar are squarely and completely responsible to let this hijack take place. 

Dr Manmohan Singh's press meet with senior editors was a pathetic attempt to prove it to people that he is in full control of his office and he is not operating by any remote control. He is not a lame duck. This press meet was a total sham because this idea was floated to use his clean and honest image to do white wash with public at large through senior editors. Who were all these senior editors? Like Kumar Ketkar whose views are known. The public knows whose side they are on. 

So this was to act as a propaganda machinery to lift up PM's image which has been taking beating for long with all the scams.

But by just saying, I am not a lame-duck does not prove anything. Because, his actions don't support and prove what he claims. He is not in full control of PM's office nor as the constitutional head of our country and that is a serious situation for all Indians to be concerned about today. 

Dr Manmohan Singh may claim anything, but the fact that person like Digvijay Singh, the congress General Secretary talks loosely in front of the national media, and  PM can not pull him up is a proof enough to prove, he is not in control at all. Digvijay Singh's statements to media that Rahul is now ready to take over as PM is a clear indication that, the PM is really not a power center. And the real power center is Sonia Gandhi. On her instructions everything moves. Her own satellites like Digvijay Sing are working on their hidden agenda for another hijack. Yes, Dr Manmohan Singh is a lame duck because, he is not showing his authority over others as a leader of ruling party neither his powers as the leader of this nation.  

In today's news papers, Digvijaya Singh has crossed his limits. His outrageous comments in the media is an insult of Judiciary. He has the courage to show sympathy towards politicians thrown in the jail openly and defy court rulings. He feels sorry for Suresh Kalmadi, Ashok Chavan who he think are innocent? He feels, they should not be in the jail? 

Just what does he mean by this, Dr Manmohan Singh? How dare he passes comments like this when the judicial proceedings are going on? 

He is your Congress party's General Secretary, and you let him insult our judicial process? Our constitution which we say is supreme? You allow his arrogance to this extent that you do not have the guts to pull him up and throw him out? Is it wrong on our part if we think you as a lame duck then?

How dare he talks about judiciary with such a contempt?

Looking at your silence, you are not just a lame-duck but also irresponsible, insensitive and incompetent leader of this country. Are you not committed by oath to protect the interest of this nation in every which way?

Is the coalition Dharma important or the national interest ? if you have to deliver the judgement as a Prime Minister

All senior congressmen like you for the sake of merely enjoying powers at the center have mortgaged this country to people who have nothing to lose but only gain from this powers. Yes, who are indirectly, remotely running your government. That is a fact. It is a shame that seniors like you and Pranab Mukharjee and many other congressmen who have spent many years in political and social life can not run this country with your experience and intellect that you need people like Sonia Gandhi whose academic backgrounds and experience in social and political domain is questionable.

And their only qualification is that they belong to Nehru Khandan? Nothing else.

This is a height of sycophancy by all the old Congressmen for the sake of enjoying powers. None of you have a national character and a national pride. The shame is, you all claim to be Congressmen that not too long ago Mahatma Gandhi also belonged to. But his lifestyle, his thinking, his pride about India, none of you from Congress are following it today in letter and spirit. It is an utter shame that, you people are not even remotely close to his thinking and his ideas about India. You people are so corrupt in your thinking that this country is being looted and you all are busy covering it up all.

But for the media's active role and few social activists like Anna Hazare, you are getting exposed day after day. But what is seen is just the tip-of-the-ice-burg.
Take the horrible railway accident that killed many lives. Who was in-charge of the Railway ministry? No one really. Your romance with Trinumal congress is responsible to take lives of so many innocents. The same romance with DMK is also responsible for the loot that is going on in this country. You are a mute spectator watching it happening under your leadership.

Are you in control or being controlled by remote control?

We may lack sense but we surely have common sense to see clearly who is doing the damage to this country. Take example of rotting food grains because storing facility is not sufficiently available. Who is responsible for that? Your agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar. Isn't it? But because of your coalition politics you don't dare hold him responsible who spends most of his time in BCCI and ICC cricket matches  The food grains are rotting at many places for the past 4/5 years. In our poor country where half the population goes to sleep without food, isn't it a crime to let the food go waste in millions of tons?

But who cares if common people die in train accidents or terror attacks or for lack of food? As a leader of this nation are you not responsible? You have given full freedom to your ministers to loot this country. Are you not a lame-duck? A weak Prime Minister? Or a PM without an authority?
Do you really have your own conscience?

That you allow people like Digvijay Singh, Karuna Nidhi and his family, A. Raja, Maran, Suresh Kalmadi, BSP, SP, Lalu Prasad, Amar Singh like characters loot this country? And then address the nation to say, I am not a lame-duck? In the last 60 years of independence, if anyone has allowed corruption to this massive scale in political class is your party in power.

Look at this track records.
Boffors scam, CWG scam, Adarsh scam, Oil scam, Natwar Singh scam, Lavasa scam, Defense scam, Telgi scam, Harshad Mehata scam, Land scams,Hasan Ali  scam.

And now we heard just yesterday in the news, the biggest of all scams, Coal scam of over 40lakh crores, looting of nation's black Gold. We also read in the news that, special favors  given by your ministers like Kapil Sebal to industrialists like Anil Ambani, Mukesh Ambani. All happening in your raaj. Who is looting this country and stealing tax payers money? Who is having Swiss Bank accounts in billions of dollars?

Please, don't get me wrong. I am not from BJP or any political party. I am from the civil society.

When it comes to poor governance, corruption, all parties have poor records. But some have worst records like Congress, BSP, SP. And Congress has been in power for most of the years after independence.

We feel rightly, about three possibilities...

1- This country is run on the remote control by someone else and not by our Prime Minister.
2- If not, you are not a competent leader who can lead this nation.
3- You just don't care about country being looted, and sticking to power is important at this age.

Whatever may the reasons, It surely sounds, for India it is a situation of grave concern.

The civil society concerns mainly are ...

1- This weak leadership is giving space to criminal elements to enter into politics.
2- It is allowing political class to keep looting this country.
3- It is creating power centers especially by powerful families which are allowed to control politics in  this country remotely and loot this country.

And because, we do not have powerful leader in place to lead this country with national interest and pride at heart, people of this country are made to pay heavy price while few are allowed to loot this country in day light.

We are not willing to take your word at face value any more after watching all these scams under your rule. You are surely not in control of anything sitting in PMs office and if that is so, it is dangerous for this country to allow you to carry on as the leader of this one billion nation. We can not see our country being looted just because, we have a PM whose leadership and conscience is in question.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I am not a lame -duck ! Says our Prime Minister.

PM: I am a PM in-charge.

Our PM Dr Manmohan Singh was given an idea by his core team, his disaster management team, where Kapil Sebal, Chidambram, Ahemad Patel, Divedi, and few others advised PM what to do when the ship is sinking like. This time they advised him to have press meet every week to talk to media and clear the air about yourself. So last week he met senior editors of newspapers.

And what happened in the press meet?

There were five select senior editors of the newspapers. I am saying selected  senior editors because they all were friendly editors to this  Congress government like Kumar Ketkar. Then we knew what  this press meet is all about. A propaganda machinery of this government. And soon the proof was there to see after the meet. When Kumar Ketkar was asked by the electronic media, he said,  it was indeed a good interaction between media and PM. 

And How was it, good? So listen to this what Kumar Ketkar had to say...
PM was very open and  answered all the questions very frankly. And what did PM say?
PM Said; I am not a lame-duck as the opposition has been trying to project me.It is not true.

My comments :Agreed. You are not a lame -duck,  but you are not an efficient, strong PM either!
You don't make decisions in time, you appoint wrong people in the positions of  importance who are corrupt. (for example CWC appointment of Mr Thomas)

You allow corrupt people like A. Raja, Dayanidhi Maran, Suresh Kalmadi to make financial loot and do not remove them till Supreme Court questions your government.
You allow your own Congressmen like Digvijay Singh to say it openly, it is time Rahul Gandhi should take over as a Prime Minister because that is what the youth of this country wants. And you don't react.
CBI like investigative agency is used selectively by your government against your opponents and you are quiet, What should the civil society think about you as PM? Sincere? Honest? A man of integrity?

When innocent people, women, children, old men, girls, boys were brutally beaten at midnight in their sleep when they were not a threat to security and law and order, You kept mum, did not say anything. And when there was big outcry against this excesses committed by police of Delhi when the whole world was watching it on the national TV channels, You justified the cruel act committed by Delhi police in connivance with your Home Minister P.Chidamabaram and Kapil Sebal?

So obviously, civil society thinks, are you led by these people around you, or you are leading this nation? 

Because, you can never justify the action of Delhi police at midnight on innocent people who were brutally laathi charged. Tear gassed.

PM said: There is no Magic Wand to remove corruption over night.

My comments: Yes, you are right. We understand no one has the magical formula to eradicate corruption over night. We are not that gullible to believe that anyone can.

But this loot of the nation is going on for years and that is how billions of dollars are kept by Indian politicians, their relatives, business community in Swiss accounts and other tax heavens. 

Show us one LAW you introduced in the parliament to catch these offenders or rather looters of tax payers money?  It is now last 43 years we are talking about LOKPAL Bill, not one week, one month or one year, 43 years have passed and this bill is not passed by parliamentarians till today..Why? Why all politicians do not want this Bill in the strongest form? Why all civil servants who have been in the public offices with powers to misuse, should not be made answerable and accountable?

You don't require MAGIC WAND, You need political will for good governance.
Unfortunately, because the ruling class lack this will clearly, there are scams after scams and day light loot is going on under your leadership. This is what was expressed by one of the most respectable senior Editors Mr Ram of Hindu today on the national TV.

He said, there is no accountability,  no sincerity , no honesty in civil servants today. It is unfortunate, he said, we have the most honest Prime Minister but he is ineffective as a leader and in his raaj, this day light loot is going on and he is only a spectator sitting and watching his ministers looting this country.
He further said....There is no proactive approach nor preemptive approach by the government. 

It is completely a mismanaged show and a miss governance to the core.

This press conference by the PM is nothing but a sham, white wash of a kind by Congressmen and again they are using, misusing this honest PM. But, to our misfortune, he is also willingly playing in their hands so he becomes knowingly or unknowingly,  part of this larger game in the loot. Unfortunately.

Dr Manmohan Sing,

We the civil society and even the section of the media who are doing an excellent job of exposing scams will not take your word at a face value. Because media today and the Supreme court is actually exposing the wrong doings by the political class.

Your press meet is more like a Gobel's propaganda to mislead people at large by saying, opposition is trying to paint you as a bad cop. But I am really a good cop and I am not a lame-duck.

It is difficult to take your word at a face value as the water has gone over the bridge and your governance and leadership is in question. These type of press meets will only splash headlines by your select few editors like Kumar Ketkar to present your image as a good cop. But today citizens are not in a mood to take your word.

As a leader of this one billion people, you got to own the responsibility for all the scams and rampant corruption and the loot by people at high places. Your romance with people like DMK, AIDMK, SP BSP whenever you need to prove your majority on the floor and buying them with either loads of cash or favors in exchange is proof that the corruption is promoted by all political parties and in the process everyone is looting this country.

In this situation, when the people around you like, Digvijay Singh and many others like Chidamabaram, Ahemad Patel, Sharad Pawar, Supriya Sule, Gandhi family, all these names are taking rounds in public domain for having involved in corruption and having stashed their money in Swiss accounts. 

Can you expect aam admi to believe your word, it is all false and there is no iota of truth in whatever the stories we read in the media? Have you not lost the credibility with your own ministers going behind the bars?

Yes we know, Dr Manmohan Singh is an honest man. Non corrupt too. But what about others who are with him? And especially when they are getting exposed one after another in scams every day?  We do respect Dr Manmohan Singh,  but not our Prime Minister whose job is to take care of the national interest first and make sure this country is not going in the hands of looters. And it is happening we all can see under your leadership. How do we take your work at a face value when so much is revealed and exposed by media? 

No, media is not a witness, prosecutor and judge as you said in your press meet.

Media is doing what ideally should have been done by the government investigative agencies long time back. And you should have instructed to preempt or should have been proactive in exposing these scandals in all honesty. Which you as a leader and PM did not do. And this space was found by media and social activists who with a deep concern about corruption from top to bottom tried to bring it to your notice several times but you failed to see the writings on the walls. Media has been doing an excellent  job of exposing wrongs committed by your ministers. You need to appreciate that and admire their efforts for any good citizen should be doing in the larger interest of the nation. And media is an important pillar of a healthy democracy.

Today, this entire nation is watching you. If the job entrusted to you to lead this nation as PM, are you doing it Sincerely and honestly?

We are getting negative answer on this question. There is a large gap between your words and your action.

We see a different picture of you being tagged along with the rogues who are deeply involved in the loot and then think, this press meet is another publicity stunt to fool around with the masses at large and also use the occasion  to pass on the buck to opposition and others cleverly.

No. That is really not on.  We will not buy any stories anymore. We have a book of stories from last 63 years and we want to put an end to it.

We still respect you as an honest person. But we want to see Action now. Action speaks volumes more than words. An honest action. Not really press meets and newspaper's hollow headlines churned out from your own propaganda machinery. 

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

Monday, July 4, 2011

Why Prosecution failed to send Maria Susairaj to gallows?

Dear Fellow City-mates,

It is high time, civil society must react strongly on such unfair judgements delivered where the killers are let go on just technicality in the law. Finally, at the bottom of all this is corruption. 

I am saying it because, this is a police case and police are not seen presenting their side about this failure to public at large and to the old parents who lost their young son. 

Where is the police? Why with this public outcry police commissioner is not briefing media where the prosecution has failed? 

The case was investigated by the police and evidence was gathered by police. Isn't it a failure on the part of police? Isn't it a failure on the part of public prosecutor to nail the killer with so much of evidence to prove that, Maria was a part and the main conspirator in killing of Neeraj Grover?

Shameless Maria is having a press conference, the convicted criminal in the case and our investigative agency which in this case is police, do not feel, they own any responsibility and explanation to public outcry?

Why Home Minister RR Patil is quiet?  What is the responsibility of the Home Ministry? How can we have a faith in such a security agencies which fail to convict the killer with so much of information on the evidence ? And still fails to send the killer to gallows? 

Isn't there something more to it than what is seen and heard? 

Prosecution was weak in its arguments. Was it deliberate? Prosecutor has nothing to say on his failure. Was he managed? Police is quiet. Not saying anything. And justice is denied. The old parents of Neeraj Grover are feeling helpless and cant take this metal torture.

The worst is, killer Maria holds a press conference with her advocate to prove her innocence and the in the press conference, her insensitive advocate is showing the photograph of the pieces of the body on national TV?  How can anyone be so cruel ? This was an outrageous act and equally insensitive on the part of electronic media to show such a photo. How can media too be so insensitive and immodest?  Don't we have any respect left for others feelings? Have we become so cruel ? Look at every thing with monetary gains?

It was an insult to injury for the old parents of Neeraj Grover and an absolute disrespect towards their sentiments. Media sometimes go overboard and like to sensationalize every news.As a civilized society we must know where to draw a line.

The annoying part of this episode is, we have elected governments, we have home ministry,  the security agencies work directly under the home ministry and we don't hear a word from them? The effective governance is not seen? Otherwise, we have seen commissioners taking press briefs, but this time, there is no word from either Home Minister or the Commissioner of police. 

Why is it that the civil society has to take on the streets to put a pressure on the Home Ministry every time for justice? Shouldn't it be naturally delivered? The corruption in this country has gone to such a level that nothing can be ruled out. 

One thing for sure, it is difficult times ahead for ordinary citizens if the political system remains unchanged. We are losing faith in the governance and we can not expect fair trials and justice done under such corrupt system.

The political system is largely responsible for this corruption and inefficient administrations at all the levels. Letting killers like Maria Susairaj going free on technical grounds is something not digestible as the honorable judge in this case must have gone by the technicality of the laws applicable and in the absence of weak arguments by the police and prosecutor, judgement had to be delivered. This is where the police and prosecution have failed and it raises many questions.

Why the prosecution failed to send the killers to gallows? It raises more questions than answers.

Ajay Angre
Authoer, Writer, Publisher

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Shameless Ram Gopal Verma Thriller

 Dear Fellow City-mates, 

I was in utter shock yesterday to see Maria Susairaj's press conference. What was she trying to prove to the world? That she is innocent and we are all fools?

Can you imagine today in our country, people commit a heinous crime, get involved with murder, go to supper market, buy a knife, then chop the human body in 300 and odd pieces, stuff it in gunny bags, cart it in a car to burn it to destroy the evidence...  And take a press conference to prove their innocence? 

Yes, we may not be as smart as you are Maria, but certainly we are not fools to believe your cock -and-bull stories. Your crock tears, and your utter shameless attitude towards those parents who lost their young son because of you. He was killed in your flat. He was cut into pieces in your flat.  His body was disposed off, burned and destroyed by you and your boyfriend.

And you are telling us you are innocent? Or you are telling the world how I fooled you all?

And you don't have the conscience to keep quiet being a part of criminal conspiracy and you are shamelessly posing the cameras and media to prove you are innocent? What do you think the world will buy your stories?

You could not face the pointed questions thrown at you by media reporters. May be your advocate in his smart argument took the advantage or disadvantage of  the loop holes in the Indian laws and managed to prove to the court that you were forced and your life was threatened by your boyfriend if you don't help him in disposing off Neeraj Grover's body and therefore you performed all the heinous acts such as cutting the body into pieces, buying a knife, garbage bags, then stuffing the body in the gunny bags, then carting it away to burn it. 

Ram Gopal Verma saw a jaw dropping thriller in your story that can chill the blood of audience and he can make money. He thought who could be better person for this role for the heroin than Maria herself !. Yes, he is right, who can do a perfect act of this heinous crime than Maria herself?

And Rmau did not stop there, he said, when questioned by media about how he can even think of such insensitive idea? He said, why not? For me, everything is a publicity and film making itself is a publicity in the social context.  Ramu you are absolutely right but for one small issue.

Your 26/11 story with Ritesh Deshmukh. Then CM  Vilasrao Deshmukh lost his CM position. Because of your outrageous and insensitive presence in Taj when it was still burning.. 

Ram Gopal Verma you got exposed here !

We have not forgotten as yet your taking a tour with Ex Chief Minister of Maharashtra Vilasrao Deshmukh and his son Ritesh immediately after 26/11 carnage in Taj Hotel where so many lost lives. Many families lost their sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, relations and you had gone with the CM of Maharashtra with Ritesh to see how you can produce a film on 26/11. Isn't it right Ramu? When the blood on the floor had not even dried, wounds were not healed and people who lost their loved ones had not even come to terms with life. 

That hour of the time when whole nation was in chill, Taj was still burning, the 72 hours, minute by minute blood chilling video broadcast had left this nation and its citizens in horror. Stunned with the terror unleashed on India.  You and Ritesh Deshmukh were studying Taj corridors, how this can be pictured to make it a Box office hit. 

But do you remember Ramu, when public anger and sentiments ran high on your act with CM and his son, you denied by saying, it was merely a co incidence that I was with Ritesh and was simply invited to join them on the Taj tour?  ( Of course we all knew it was a bloody lie)

So Ritesh Deshmukh and you were taking a tour in Taj hotel where you both had no official business to be there but you both were there was a mere co incidence you had told the media that time if you remember.

Today, on Neeraj Grover murder case, you are telling the media, you don't see anything wrong in making a film on this murder story because it makes an interesting subject for you and you are into film making, so every interesting  subject inspires you. That means, taking a tour of Taj corridors with CM and Ritesh Deshmukh after 26/11 was too a well thought out plan and you were collecting a reference material from TAJ corridors so that you can produce a film with more reality in your direction and creating real situations to make it a Box office hit. 

How can you stoop so low Ramu? You exposed yourself yesterday candidly by making outrageous statements in front of the media.

You don't even think about the people who lose their loved ones in such horrifying crimes. Ramu, they are human beings and not just that, the parents who lost their young son who got mercilessly killed, for no fault of his or theirs, gruesomely chopped and burned, you think of making a film?

Just tell us in all honesty, had it been your son or your daughter, would you have thought of making a film to make money? May be you will say yes, because, by now we should know, people like you are shameless and have no human values. 

It does not make any difference to you and people like you if someone loses a son, a daughter, a father or a mother, a sister or a brother or a friend, as long as it makes a chilling story and can make money for you, you will do it.

But Ram Gopal Verma, there are film makers who produce films to deliver a social message through their films to benefit society at large and not just to make money. If people in our society have become insensitive, ruthless, cruel for each others blood, and if there is a degeneration of human values in the society, make a film on that giving a message to audience, let us be human first. Respect human values and show respect towards the other fellow citizens. Don't be selfish and self-centered like Maria Susairaj. 

Maria is a criminal and she should be treated like a criminal. She has no remorse for the heinous crime she has committed and she has no respect for the parents who lost their young loving son. She was acting all along in the press conference which was called yesterday and only trying to gain the sympathy of people. But she and her advocate miserably failed to do so because, people are not fools. 

Ram Gopal Verma, don't make her a heroin by glorifying her

Her press conference of yesterday was to get a media publicity and land up a role in Big Boss or a get offers in films.

The civil society condemns her criminal offense and do not for a minute support such characters who are a bad influence in our society. This verdict of the court in this case has hurt the sentiments of all the citizens and Neeraj Grover's parents in particular.

So Ramu,, don't try to hurt the sentiments of the people at large and the parents of Neeraj Grover. We will not approve it and appreciate it.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

PS: I want you to react to this serious crime committed and the shameful act of Maria holding a press conference to tell the world how innocent she is.

PS: Write your strongest comments to condemn this killer in support of Neeraj 's parents who are in pain today. Your support will make them feel little better in the time of their grief and sorrow. They need few words of support from you to give them the strength to fight this case in higher court till proper justice is done.