Sunday, April 3, 2011

Do we have different laws for Ministers ?

Do we have two sets of laws in India ?  
One for ordinary citizens and one for Ministers?

I was shocked to read this news in HT today. (3rd Apr2011 pg- 8)
If you read the news report, you would be thinking, if that was you, just an ordinary citizen, you would have been arrested and put behind the bars at that very moment for such a criminal activity.

Yes, I bet,  you or me would have been in the jail. Because, carrying loads of
CASH on you without the permission of RBI is illegal while on tour to foreign country.

But if you are a minister
, you become a special person with special position and special considerations. So the law applied is different. Carrying cash in excess of Rs 7500/- is a criminal offense by law.

The law says, as a traveler, you can carry max 2000 US$ in cash on you and 3000$ by way of traveler's cheques. 
That is RBI rule.

This minister of cabinet rank and a member of legislative assembly was carrying in person, US $ 25000 in traveler's cheques, (Rs11.25 lakh) 75,000 UAE Dhirams ( Rs 9.14 Lakh) in cash,and Rs 0ne lakh Indian currency in cash.

This is the way, money made by corrupt practices goes into foreign Banks such as Swiss accounts and similarly people like Hassan Ali are used by politicians and businessmen to park their funds in overseas accounts.This is a loot and it is going on in day light.

Is this not a mockery of our law? Our justice system? Really, the investigations by commissions or CBI or standing or sitting committees is an eye wash.

The rich, powerful, politically well connected can get away with murder. And the ordinary waits to get justice for years.

Next time when you vote,...Think,  who are you voting to power and why?

Ajay Angre

Author, Writer, Publisher