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Those who still want to vote for AAP Part-3

Those who still want to Vote for AAP...

He, Arvind Kejriwal, does not see, Rahul and Sonia Gandhi quietly supporting their family member Robert Vadra making millions on land deals in Haryana with their support ? 

No he does not.

But Arvind Kejriwal goes to Gujarat to tell people of Gujarat, how Modi is grabbing lands of farmers in Gujarat ? 

He can not see his grandmother as Fascist like Hitler for enjoying extra judicial powers in Emergency Rule ?

But calls Modi Hitler? Fascist? Killer? Murderer?

Arvind Kejriwal does not remember 5000 to 8000 innocent Sikh men, women and children burnt alive, brutally killed on the streets of Delhi by Congressmen which was a well planned massacre of Sikhs by Congress ? 

No he does not remember1984 Sikh massacre.

Still, not a single Congressman like Sajamn Kumar, Jagdish Tytler, and many others who were directly involved in the massacre are even convicted till today. But all of them are honored by Rahul and Sonia Gandhi by giving them positions in Congress ? 

No Arvind Kejriwal doesn't remember 1984 riots.
. .
But Arvind Kejriwal is going allover India to provoke the sentiments of people how Modi was directly responsible to kill many thousands in 2002 Gujarat riots? This pitch is specially to provoke Muslim population for votes. 

He plays communal politics here.

When Modi is the only Chief Minister of a state who has been grilled by intelligence agencies, for the past 12 years and the grilling is still on, his conscience does not permit him to see the facts between 2002 riots and 1984 riots? 

When Supreme court Investigation have not found his role in 2002 Gujarat Riots, directly or indirectly, lower court delivered a judgement discarding all mischievous charges against him about 2002 Gujarat Riots, for no shred of evidence, Arvind Kejriwal plays his communal politics for vote bank politics to fool people, specially Muslim community.

Arvind Kejriwal, keep pulling this dishonest bluff to get votes from people?

Does he really think. he is the smartest of politicians and people are fools? Or he thinks it is only AAP Ki Adalat that gives final justice?

Is he an honest politician? Or Congress paid Agent? Or ISI CIA Agent? Is he not playing his designed political role for Congress?

Because, Rahul Gandhi speeches and Arvind Kejriwal`s speeches are on the same lines, targeting Narendra Modi to convey people of India... Modi is Hitler, Fascist, Corrupt, Killer, and all his claims on developments are fake, bogus?

But have you ever heard Arvind Kejriwal talking against Congress corruption, misuse and abuse of power ? Bad governance? If at all, he has,  it is only  in passing but his major stress and focus is on targeting Narandra Modi. 

He starts his speech with Narendra Modi and ends with Narendra Modi. And why?

Because he says... Modi is a prime Ministerial candidate of BJP and at any cost he must not be allowed to become Prime Minister of this country? He is a threat to this country.
Says Arvind Kejriwal.
But he does not think Rahul and Sonia Gandhi are the biggest threat to this country after looting this country for the last ten long years in the governance? 

Is he stupid not to understand who is the biggest threat to India today? Not at all.

This IITian is no fool. This IITien is working for several overseas organizations who are funding this political battle to stop Modi coming to power. He can only be called a fake face fighting for Congress against Modi.

The political strategy of those who have propped Arvind Kejriwal into Indian polity are very clear. They have three aims for fundinhg and supporting his political activities..

Plan A- Cut into BJP votes so that there is hung parliament and others get chance to come together. That can be congress or third front too. It doesn't matter... but not BJP

Plan B-- If plan A does not work ... create a political chaos and anarchy in the country so that outer powers can play their role to weaken democratic institutions of India. Then security threat at the borders can be provoked with the political turmoil in the country. 

We are presently watching the way AAP is creating political anarchy every place.

Plan C- Destabilize Indian Economy which already Congress government has weakened with their wrong policies and policy paralysis. 

There can be some countries like Pakistan, China and even USA wanting to weaken India economically, politically and commercially?

So whichever way you study this political situation, Congress has done half the job in the last ten years, who knows who is Congressmen working for and now AAP is employed to do rest of the half to destabilize this country.

So remember, your VOTE to AAP is for destabilizing this country, helping overseas powers to achieve their goals to push this country to political anarchy and make sure it is impossible for the next government (Plan-C ) to function. 

Because AAP with the support of Congress, and outside vested interests, and active known anarchists like Maoists, Naxalites, will raise their ugly heads to create serious national security issues for the next government.

But... Modi is capable of dealing with any such ugly challenges if National security and integrity is threatened from inside forces or from outer forces.

Because the patriotic people of this nation will rise to every challenge faced by this country and will teach a lesson to forces working against the national interests.

People like Arvind Kejriwal and his AAP should not take this country for granted.

In the last 67 years... people have become smart too. They are no more suckers. And the New generation is certainly not.

I would be very happy to know your views on this. Feel free to write.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

Those who still want to vote for AAP

Those who still want to vote for AAP....

Arvind Kejriwal and his comrades like Manish Sesodia were not in the movement against corruption till they join Anna`s movement. Annajee has been fighting against corruption for over40 years now and singlehandedly. There was no Arvind Kejriwal and AAP.

AAP has ,, specially Arvind Kejriwal has used,  miss used and abused Anna Hazare`s social platform by taking a piggy ride to come to fame as Crusaders against corruption.  But People of India are not fools.

It is not very old history when just three years back Anna Hazare started movement against corrupt political system, corrupt political class and millions of commoners, men, women, housewives, youth, students, teachers, workers, officers, managers, old, freedom fighters, retired men from all over India joined Anna`s crusade against corruption.

Annaji has been fighting political corruption for the last over 40 years. 

He is known social activist for so many years and he has remained Apolitical to change corrupt political system. Lot many people joined him. 

It was Annaji who changed the frustrated mindset of Youth.

Anna was the one who inspired and motivated the youth of this country to fight the corrupt system that was utterly frustrated and disgusted with corrupt political class and corrupt political system.

It was Anna who got youth into the fight against corruption not Arvind Kejriwal and his AAP. It was Annaji who gave hope to youngsters together we can CHANGE India.

It is not AAP who started movement against corruption. In fact AAP destroyed Anna`s movement with their selfish political ambitions. 

After post independence, after 67 years of political mismanagement, criminalization of politics started by Indira For India and India For Indira, self serving politics. it is Gandhi family used, misuse and abused political power for serving family interests. Gradually with their loyalists around, destroyed Democratic Institutions of India for their political benefits.

That is when we witnessed EMERGENCY RULE. Censorship. Human rights violation.

That is when we witnessed how judiciary was suffocated when Allhabad High Court judgement went against Indira Gandhi. That is when we saw thousands were thrown in the jails. That is when we saw media censorship. That is when we experienced fundamental rights given by our constitution were withdrawn. and violated by Congress.

What was all that about? A Fascist ruling over India

Wasn't that a fascist, Hitler like political move by Congress ? Does Rahul Gandhi know the past of Congress? He is talking about past history of RSS and Sangh parivar? does he know it was Sardar Patel who is on records calling RSS and Vishva Hindu Parishad nationalist cultural organization ?

Does he know ...During the 1965 war, the then Congress Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri had invited and lauded RSS help in helping maintain public order in Delhi?, Taking up traffic police assignments and thus relieving policemen to go on war time duties?. Has he ever studied history?

Who is he teaching history? Narendra Modi? RSS? Vishva Hindu Parishad? BJP?

Which school has he gone to study history? He is most dishonest person humiliating these organizations who are lauded by his seniors in the past on record.

When Rahul Gandhi calls Narendra Modi "Hitler" he should feel first ashamed for his fascist grandmother. But does he have that honesty to face the truth? After all he has learned to stay in power from his Gandhi family like his grandmother and mother.

But... Arvind Kejriwal can see only Narendra Modi as the most corrupt politician of India, the biggest danger for India not Congress.

Part-3 in continuation

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

If YOU are Thinking of Voting For APP...

Those who are considering voting AAP in 2014... 
This is for them. (Part-1)

Those who will VOTE for AAP will VOTE against corruption, it will be an impact of a civil movement started by Anna Hazare for certain.

But all those voting for AAP also will be VOTING for a party....

1- Which does not believe in Electoral Democracy, Constitution of India, Democratic institutions, Role of opposition, party with no political vision, no positive agenda except one point agenda to come to power.

2- They will also be voting AAP for....

Chaotic politics, for a party with no political experience, no maturity. They will be voting for a party which has many internal conflicts, for party which has no direction at state or national level except one point agenda to discredit all political opponents with the one and only appeal,  
That AAP and AAP can only provide good governance. 

But is there any reason or proof to believe their claim?

Big NO. We all have seen the proof of Good or the Bad Governance by AAP in Delhi.

Whatever there pathetic defense on their Dramatics in Delhi governance, It is far from the truth. They quit government on their own without taking Delhi people into confidence and asking for  their referendum as per their declared political policy.

We have witnessed Chaos and irresponsible behavior of AAP while in power.

Common people DO NOT want French revolution in a Democratic country. In India it is no Mughal Raj ruling over their subjects nor a Dictator ruling over masses.

Democracy is very much vibrant and Active. This is one reason why Rebels like Arvind Kejriwal are in politics and enjoying the constitutional freedom by misusing the very freedom this Democracy and our Constitution is giving them. Let them not forget this while giving big lectures and calling their opponents "Chors"

They have been abusive in addressing their political opponents and that only shows their cheap culture. By being abusive, accusing all others, they are  raising their moral standards  but are exposing their cheap, street style of politics.

If Arvind Kejriwal and his AAP members believe in REVOLUTION against this Democratic Republic, and its constitution, if AAP want to REBEL against the established Democratic institutions like our parliament, our Judiciary, our law and order agencies, our active media, 

isn't it  exactly what the extremists Rebellion groups like Maoists or Naxalites believe in?

If AAP believes in all of this, Anarchy. Kidnapping. Highjacking. Killing. Bombing. Destroying. Destabilizing...

People of India do not want a REVOLUTION BY ANARCHISTS.

People of India do not want this Democracy destroyed. Democratic institutions demolished. Constitutional values dishonored.

People of India want POLITICAL and ELECTORAL REFORMS through BALLOTS.

It is NOT AAP who started the movement against Corruption and corrupt political system. For many many years, there are many Social Activists like Anna Hazare who have given their entire life fighting against corruption, corrupt political class, corrupt political system and for Electoral Reforms.

Read Part-2 in continuation.

Ajay Angre
Author Writer, Publisher.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Arvind Kejriwal is diging his own grave.

We are witnessing once again 
anarchy by unruly AAP in Mumbai. 

 AAP proved it once again, they do not believe in Rule of Law.
After many years of public pressures, and after 26/11 terrorists attack at CST, crores were spent on security of the travelers by installing metal detectors at stations. Today, AAP unruly mob damaged public property and the important security system installed to save lives of millions who travel in locals everyday.

I was watching indisciplined unruly AAP crowd damaging the metal detectors shamelessly. never thought of crores spent for security of the Aam Admi traveling everyday ? When... at the same Churchgate or CST Stations, many many thousands cross these same detectors everyday, mornings and evenings, but never damage even one of them.

How AAP members can be so careless who never bothered public property being damaged ? And even their irresponsible leaders like Arvind Kejriwal who could not control AAP crowd ?

What kind of leadership is this who do not have control over their irresponsible rowdy members ? Why is it that the Mumbai police have not arrested these AAP criminals and thrown in the jails? Including their leaders who provoke their followers for their cheap political agenda?

The fact is... Arvind Kejriwal believes in anarchy and chaos and likes to attract media attention for cheap publicity.

AK is not working for aam admi but for himself. Internal conflicts in AAP on his autocratic style of functioning are showing cracks when his close comrades like Kumar Vishwas and Shazia Ilmi are complaining in the social media with his functioning.

Arvind Kejriwal`s initial claims of internal democracy, transparency, people`s referendum are bogus claims and many of his founder senior members are deserting him everyday because of his deceptive political posturing in public and diagonally opposite behind the doors.

He is completely exposed with his own dishonesty. someone has rightly said... Dishonesty and cheating does not take you too far. There NO Short cuts in life for personal or professional success.

Arvind Kejriwal is digging his own grave. He is fast loosing his credibility in public.

A country like India has thousands of gullible innocent people who believe and follow such fake dishonest leaders, leaders who are good talkers and salesmen who can sell their ideas with good attractive packaging. Arvind Kejriwal and his AAP is such Chinese made cheap brand, only selling because of its attractive packaging. and only to those few thousands. Some have seen it as a BAD product already.

AAP will die its own death soon because of its over ambitious, dishonest leader.

Ajay angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

Monday, March 10, 2014

A Letter to Kejriwal to Educate him on Gujarat

This is a Letter written by 
a Kutch resident to Arvind Kejriwal...

Educating Kejriwal on Development in Gujarat.

Only if Arvind Kejriwal removes his Congress Glasses and see things in Gujarat on real development and progress and talk about it honestly... He will be respected in this corrupt world more than following his hidden political agenda.
It starts here addressed to Arvind Kejriwal in all honesty...

"Welcome to Kutch Gujarat Mr. Kejriwal.

Nice to know that you want to survey the development of Kutch. So let we the people of Kutch Brief you with few facts.

1- Kutch has the population of 18 lac that is1% of UP, but produces 12,000 MW power and total will be 27000 MW by 2018.

2- To put this number into perspective Australia produces 30,000 MW power in spite of being the world’s largest per capita power consumer and having population 11 times that of Kutch !!! and this will be 35 % more than whole of Pakistan with population 100 times that of Kutch.

3- Kutch is in the process of becoming the largest cement producing district by far of India. Kutch is going to produce 10% of potash in a year’s time which is key ingredient of fertilizers.

Unfortunately in spite of India being agriculture based country we almost import 100% of potash, But this import will be reduced due to plant being put in Kutch that will provide direct benefit to every farmer of India.

4- Kutch is the largest wind farm power producing district in India.

5- Kutch is 3rd largest area producing Saw Pipes in the world, which are used in oil and gas piping.

6- Kutch handles maximum sea cargo in India and is home to two largest port of India.

7- Kutch has the largest edible oil refining capacity in India.

8- Kutch has the largest number of saw mills of wood in India, in spite of not having any forests.

9- Kutch’s tourism has developed by 1200% in 7 years and that too majorly in Muslim majority areas.

10- Kutch being the desert region with no water for 5 decades now receives drinking water directly from Narmada which has reached right upto the border for BSF jawans.

11- Kutch is the district with largest road network in India. And these all things have happened in front of our eyes and the time when Kutch was reduced to rubles due to one of the most severe earthquakes of India in 2001.

If you are unbiased and really want to see the development hopefully you will appreciate these things, that will give you a bigger stature among we the people of Kutch.

We are known for our warmth & hospitality,of course u need to open your
arms too, which is not likely to be done as you are in TOO much hurry"

By A resident of Kutch.

Dear Arvind Kejriwal...

STOP playing Negative Politics like all others. First be honest human being. And don't let power go to your head when you are nothing. Don't be arrogant to your political opponents. Narendra Modi never passed his political judgement on you. But if he does now after your Choreographed Drama with Congress partnership in Gujarat, Do not feel bad. It is not his style of working. He is proved a lot in his political career. 

Just respect that and do visit Gujarat if you wish to learn honestly how Modi Changed Gujarat.
Finally... learn to respect others. That is a merit every leader must have.

Ajay Angre

Kejriwal and his Dishonesty caught on the camera

Dishonest AAP is exposing 
Narendra Modi dishonestly on Development 
and progress in Gujarat.


Check this video Kejriwal caught on camera while manipulating leading TV channel and a known senior journalists

Its time Arvind Kejriwal and AAP gets exposed on their political dishonesty.

The fact is…Arvind Kejriwal, You took Corrupt Congress Support to form the government in Delhi and now trying to take high moral ground ? But you lost by compromising on principles. You too played self serving politics and fooled people of Delhi. Why should people believe your word ? What value does it have?

One who compromises with principles, morals once...can go to any length for selfish gains even next time if opportunity strikes. You are an opportunist.

You never booked Sheila Dixit for her corruption in Dehli governance? You never booked Robert Vadra and Hooda Government of Congress on corruption charges?

Are you not batting for Congress to cut into BJP votes in 2014?

Even your own founder members who are deserting you and your AAP are making these allegations against you. Don’t you think you have a moral obligation towards your own AAP members to explain when you are called a “Cheat? A Fraud?

It is not surprising, if man of your dishonesty is hired by some NGO, foreign foundation, or by a party like corrupt Congress to discredit Narendra Modi to stop coming to power? It is not a news. Because, only dishonest people can be purchased. Bought and used for doing unethical jobs.

Your visit to Gujarat to expose Narendra Modi is only a part of larger conspiracy.

If one has to believe your allegations on Gujarat Development model…. Do you have any better development model than what your flop show in Delhi ? Even your political ideology and honesty is exposed by your own acts and utterances.

You believe in Khaap Panchayat Model for delivering justice. Is that what your views about our Judiciary and constitution are? You believe in giving back Kashmir to Pakistan ? You believe Army has no role to play in Kashmir? You believe… IM known terrorists involved in several bomb blasts… Yasin Bhatkal is not a Terrorist. You believe Batlaa Encounter was a FAKE encounter even when court has confirmed it was not and all involved were terrorists.

Do you and your AAP want to create India into Afghanistan and Somalia?

Today, You and Your AAP has become a national security Threat for this country with your Maoists thinking.

Indians need to weed you out to save India in 2014. Because, there is no scope and space for Communists, Maoists, Naxalites thinking in Indian Democracy. Whatever you have to say... say it through Ballot Box. Not by adopting anarchist politics.

In 2014... Voting for AAP is like inviting chaos and anarchy in our politics to destabilize this country, its polity and economy. We can not afford to destroy our country by choosing wrong political options.

It would be like from Frying Pan to Fire. And worst. Our one VOTE should not destroy India. Our one VOTE must for the better future for India.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

Modi Faking on Development in Gujarat, Kejriwal

Gujarat is the most underdeveloped and 
corrupt state of India.

 Says Arvind Kejriwal

Note the language Ex CM of Delhi uses in public against an elected Head of the State.

Says Arvind Kejriwal...

Main poochta hun... iss Chaywalleh Ke Pass itne Hawai Jahaz Kahase aaye???
Yeh Chaywaleh Ke Pass itna Paisa Kahan Se aaya?
Yeh Chaywaleh Ke pass kitne planes Hai or iska Paisa Kaun deta Hai??
Questions Arvind Kejriwal.

Dear Kejriwal... if you are listening to what others say... this is for you.

Yehh Batameez Arvind Kejriwal Ko isee Batameezi Se Jabab Dena Chahiyen.

Kyaunki Yehh Batameez Besharum Yehi Language Samaz ta Hai. Shaayad isske Maa aur Pitajee Yehi Sochtain Honge... Humne toh isse Yeh Batamijzzee Naihin Sikhaaee thee? Yeh itna Batameez aur Besharum Kaisa Ho Gaya Ki usne uske Guru, Anna Hazare Se Bhi Tameez Nahi Sikhi??? Yeh un maa aur pitaa ka AAj Dukh Hoga.

Yeh Sahi hain... Arvind Kejriwal kisi Se bhi Batamizee Karta Hai. Aur usko wapis School Bhejna Chahi Hai TAMEEZ Sikhne Ke liye.

Dear Arvind Kejriwal… This is a open letter to your Batameezi

You and Manish Sesodia have returned to Delhi safely in one piece and were not killed in fake encounter by Modi Police. So if your speech was to mislead and misguide your audience… for getting their votes in Gujarat, You will see your downfall soon because of your dishonest politics.

You claim to be simple, honest aam Admi.. but everyday You are getting exposed with your dramatics. Aam Admi does not behave in this dishonest manners.

Even if all your false allegations are to be believed, against Narendra Modi….

There are many many others from Gujarat and outside Gujarat from Business and Industry, from different professions, working class, men and women, college students, mainly the youth... who are of the view that YES, it is a reality, Gujarat is well developed State. It has shown ZERO tolerance against corruption. And the progress of Gujarat state is there to see for all .

And for what Gujarat is today...they give credit to the leadership of Gujarat.

And that is why Gujarat gave their mandate three times to Narendra Modi to lead their state with full confidence in his leadership.

Also... there are no reports appearing in the active media saying… thousands and thousands are leaving Gujarat State in desperation for want of jobs, for want of educational and health facilities,?` No reports on...People are dying with hunger, there is water scarcity. Industries are closing down because of ugly corruption at all government offices.

Surprisingly... No media reports who are indulging into media bashing to target Modi No reports on fake claims by Modi on 24 hrs uninterrupted, 365 day power and water to all villages or power black-outs for hours ? Or their life is constantly threatened by fake encounters ?

Arvind Kejriwal… is there an exodus of people even from minority communities to other states because of their persecution? Or is this again communal politics by AAP in partnership with Congress ?

You claim that... to LIVE in Gujarat has become a torture and impossible.

How come in 21st century… when a Chief Minister even has Cold , next minute it is reported by TV channels as a Breaking News… But Fake claims by Narendra Modi on well developed Gujarat, Not exposed by any TV Channel ?

There are many TV channels who are working for Congress propaganda against Modi, how come they have missed what you saw in Gujarat?

Arvind Kejriwal … is it not true, You read Congress written Script given to You to fool Gujarat people?

Why should others testimonials not be believed and why should Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sesodia`s 48 hours Report card on progress and development of Gujarat be believed who have proved nothing in Delhi even after getting golden opportunity to show what is good governance ?

Dear Kejriwal... Accept this honestly… AAP did not have people`s clear mandate in Delhi. You joined hands with corrupt Congress and exposed your immoral character.

In terms of numbers… mandate in Delhi was for BJP is a reality.

So your claiming all the time, voters in Delhi chose AAP for governance is a false and dishonest claim. Don’t mislead people. Yes, we know in this country there are many suckers who would believe you. And many are.

Would you like to fool them? Like the corrupt Congress has been fooling for the past 67 years?

What have you done in Delhi? Delhi people are calling you “Bhagodaa”? Jo Bade Bade Vade Karke, Bhaag Gaya. AAP was never seriously committed to CHANGE Delhi for good. AAP was never committed to provide good Governance in Delhi. Not even one Day. Your entire focus was on cheap publicity for 2014 elections.

You cheated Delhi electorate. If you were honest in your commitments... You would have stayed for 5 year term and proved your good governance skills.

But you failed to prove anything except your political dishonesty.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

( See Part 3 in continuation)

Gujarat Development Model is Fake - Kejriwal

Gujarat is worse in Development and Corruption
Arvind Kejriwal says.

Is it as Bad as Afghanistan or Somalia?


Arvind Kejriwal discovered on his Gujarat Discovery Tour that Gujarat is in bad state than all other states of India. Narendra Modi has ruined it completely. Says AK.

Farmers are committing suicides, their lands are grabbed forcefully and given to Mukesh Ambani and Adnani. There is no power in villages, No roads connecting villages, Hospitals do not have doctors and medicines. Schools are in pathetic condition without toilets and no teachers. And teachers are paid as meager as Rs 5400 salary.

And worst is... Gujarat is the most corrupt state in India. for anything to do in the administration... You have to pay bribes. like 5000- 10000 Rs to get your work done.

One lakh sixty thousand small scale units closed down in the last 10 years of Modi Rule. Why? Because Modi wanted their lands to give it to Ambani and Adnani.
Farmers are given 10 Rs against their lands as compensation and next day same lands are sold to Ambani for 25 lakhs?

Job opportunities are Zero because industries are closing down. So huge unemployment is seen in Gujarat. As regards to safety and security of women... Police are so corrupt in Gujarat they are only busy in encounters ordered by Modi and Amit Shah

It is also a false picture that agriculture growth is 11-12 percent. If it was true, why Kissan of Gujarat are ending lives in frustration ?. AK says.

And in spite of this destruction of Gujarat in the last 10-12 years, Modi claims his model of development is best? And he wants to adopt the same model if he becomes PM of India. Arvind Kejriwal is warning voters of India... Do Not vote for Modi in 2014... and Vote for AAP ?

AK says....Gujarat is not govern by Modi but Mukesh Ambani.

Gujarat development model is of Ambanies and Adnani. And the worst is... if anyone goes against Modi, he either purchases them, or throws them out or Kills them.
Says AK.

I thank God, Says Arvind Kejriwal, that he is still alive and his encounter is not ordered by Modi so far. He further says in his typical theatrics...

Yeh Chaywallah... Sabko Marwata Hai jo uske against jata hai.

will be continued in Part-2

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

will be continued in Part-2

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Is Sushil Kumar Shinde Home Minister of Congress?

Is Sushil Kumar Shinde Home Minister of India or Congress Party?



How does he take interview of Aseemanand 

By Caravan Magazine in the jail so lightly?

Can anybody walk into jail and talk to an accused?
 The so called interview of Aseemanand, an expose by Caravan Magazine of an accused in Samjhauta Express and other blast cases, claiming, Aseemanand confessed,   RSS had "sanctioned" the terror acts,.sounds fabricated on all counts. 

In his interview with "Caravan" magazine, Aseemanand had made the claim that the RSS leadership had sanctioned the "Hindu terror conspiracy" that included the blasts in Samjhauta Express, Mecca Masjid and Ajmer Sharif. The magazine claims to have  9 hours of long interview conducted of Aseemanand Swami over two years in parts and having original recordings of the interview on CDs.? 

 As per records, Asemanand was in police custody in Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan, ruled by Congress at the time. Apart from this, he had told the court and written a letter that he had never given such an interview and his lawyer too is on record stating this is bogus claim as he is not aware of such an interview. 

Now it is reported by media, Aseemanad has in his hand written letter denied ever naming RSS or Any official from RSS as senior as Mr Mohan any interview. 

This is a fabricated story by some paid journalists and it can not be ruled out Congress hiring some journalists in making such fake story before elections. Congress is capable of stooping to such low level is known in many instances. Congress (I) has lost its character and credibility and desperately trying to regain its position by concocting fake stories.. Whatever Rahul and Sonia Gandhi may claim about their ideology to people of India, there secular vs communal game has no buyers anymore. They need to close their shops and leave politics.

About this Aseemanand interview by Caravan, the first obvious question any thinking person with little knowledge will ask is...How is it possible any outsider is allowed to enter into jail to interview an accused?

Caravan Publishers claim they have 9 long hours of interview on CDs? Which means, Jail authority allowed outsiders to go inside prison for 10-12 hours,to interview an accused? How can any outsider get an access to any accused in the jail?

When there is no one allowed to meet the accused prisoners, how did the publication Caravan managed to get permission from the jail authority to enter the jail cell for interview ? 

It is very clear, the publication, their journalists managed the entry inside the jail by paying bribe to jail authorities. Or, somebody from the government of the day arranged it with the plan to plant such a story just little before elections?

From any view, this is a very serious angle that first needs to be probed. All those involved in facilitating access inside the jail must be brought to book for committing a serious crime. Why nobody , not even a news channel like Times Now demand a probe about this serious jail break?

This has far reaching consequences and the Home Ministry needs to act immediately to book all the involved in this jail break. Sushil Kumar Shinds is seen laughing on such serious issue and does not seem to understand the seriousness simply because, as a Congressman he is looking at it as a political opportunity to attack BJP and Narendra Modi. But he forgets, he is the home Minister of India not of Congress party.

This proves there are corrupt officials who are into jail administration and if they are paid huge sums as a bribe can release any criminal, terrorists from the jail.  In our jails, all over India, many accused involved in terror attacks are kept and some of the hard core terrorists who have links with ISI, Pakistan can certainly make attempts to free their jailed accused by giving bribes? Is it not possible in this corrupt system?

How can Home Minister take such incident lightly and give a political color?
But the country is facing a serious problem  ... This Home minister is the same HM who while holding highest constitutional post speaks communal language. He says  "Hindu Terror" and wrote official letters to all police stations not to arrest young Muslim boys on any terror suspicion?

Can this Home Minister protect 1.2 Billion Indians under the oath he took while taking Home Minister position ?

Why doesn't Home minister understand this when the corruption at all levels is rampant and this case is classic case of corrupt jail authorities being used by Caravan journalists ?                             

Why should there not be criminal case lodged by Home Minister ?                 

Or is the case of his Congress governments involved in helping the Caravan publication getting entry inside the jails for fabricating this fake story against RSS, and then targeting BJP and Narendra Modi? 

How can we take Sushil Kumar Shinde seriously when such a serious crime is committed and Home Minister gives it a political color? 

How shameful for Home Minister it is when one publication breaks the law and poses threat to national security ?  

When the publication is trying to say what your NIA could not get out of the accused, we got it out in the confession.? This whole episode is reflecting on Home Department so badly that it says,  your NIA (National Investigating Agency) is so incompetent that they are not able to resolve cases in 6-8 years..It is tryting to prove  your police agencies are useless and incompetent?"

It is rightly pointed out by Minakshi Lekhi, the BJP spokesperson that, the interview was "fictitious" because it was conducted when Congress was in power in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan. "... any cooking up of any sort is possible. 

Otherwise, why should a publication suddenly decide one fine morning to conduct an interview of Aseemanand when NIA was involved in the sensitive investigations, their findings were in front of the court proceedings? And when it is a legal reality that it is impossible to get jail authority permission to conduct such interview." Then who arranged it?

How was all this managed by Caravan journalists?                              

As a citizen of this country, I have every right to know how this was possible because it is my life and the life of million citizens of this country who get killed in terror attacks. The people of this country must know how could anybody manage such entry inside the jails?                                  

  Congress is playing gutter politics in frustration.                                    When Congress could not nail Narendra Modi and Amit Shah in 2002 riot cases, suddenly Snoopgate raised its head in the media and media started its trials. For Congress, national interests be damned. The political interests are supreme. That`s why Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi shouting on top and  taking high moral ground is all a farce. It is a big political drama to fool people of India. He and his congress President Sonia Gandhi are directly involved in politics of hate and poison.  It is Congress which is deeply involved in spreading the communal poison only to get into power.

Every time before elections, such stories are planted through paid journalists and sold media. Congress floats stories with the help of corrupt media and few journalists and Human Right Activists. Some of them are hired only for Modi and BJP bashing.

What surprises is... Congress, JDU, SP, BSP are selective in demands for probe, investigation,?

When there are news in the media about Sonia Gandhi issued a summons on 1984 Sikh Riots by US court, Nobody askes for probe? Or Sonia Gandhi name appears in the list of richest people in the world, Nobody demands investigation? Or the news in the media says, links with Quotrochi with Gandhi family... Nobody demands probe?

Why there are no demand for probes and investigations on such reports published in the media?  Why Nitish Kumar, Mayawati, Mulayum Singh and many other political parties keep quiet? 

Doesn't their political silence speak a lot about their own fake characters? Or their own corrupt characters? Are these fake political forces working together against BJP, RSS, and Narendra Modi to run their political shops to loot? 

When it comes to BJP, RSS, Narendra Modi, all of them are quick in making aggressive judgments for political motives and dividends. How fake and dishonest Congress and its alliance political partners can be?

People of India only have one message to Congress and its alliance partners who claim to be secular and protectors of Muslims in this country

Muslims are part of India and they are as much Indians as every citizen of India is.  They have all the rights our Constitution has given as much as the majority has.  Indian Constitution has not discriminated anyone on the basis of cast, creed and religion. 

Why Congress, JDU, SP, BSP, RJD are then playing communal cards for their vote banks? We are sick and tired of secular vs communal politics. Aseemanand is a same part of this communal politics played by Congress.

Just Stop it. Do not insult our intelligence any more and try our patience.

                                                                Ajay Angre

                                             Author, Writer, Publisher