Friday, September 30, 2011

These traitors must be hanged first!

Dear Citizens,

What a shame? What a disgusting political situation we are made to witness.

When the law of the land has passed the judgement on the criminal for his disgraceful, shameless act to hang Afzal Guru till death for attacking the temple of Democracy and killing innocent people, who are these people debating and discussing whether he be hanged or pardoned?

He must be hanged till death. No mercy for any terrorist.

Who are these people who have no respect for innocent Indians being killed every time there is a terror attack? Is anyone from their families got killed in the terror attacks? What rights they have got to over rule judiciary?

They have to be traitors, disloyal, dishonest, anti national elements who are living on Indian soil, enjoying the democratic rights, and having loyalty across the borders. They don't deserve to be here on this soil.

If the law of the land is not acceptable to them, let them go wherever they wish to, they are free.

But insulting the judiciary, disrespecting the law of this land, humiliating the sentiments of the families of innocents killed in terror attacks  will never be acceptable to any Indian citizen. And nor should it be acceptable to Indian government in power.

Congress's dirty politics to please their vote banks and appeasing people for political gains has given these traitors strength to talk against our highest judiciary and constitution. How dare they think they can even talk about Afzal Guru,  a criminal who is convicted by the supreme court ? Tomorrow the same people will have the courage to talk for Ajmal Kasab on humanitarian grounds if given a chance.

These are the people whose roles and backgrounds must be investigated by intelligence agencies. These must be the people who are likely to provide local ground support to overseas terrorists. Our Home ministry is either playing a political game or failed to play a role of a good cop. And in either case it shows their poor performance, inability to deal with terror and incompetence of their intelligence.

It is time the Manmohan Singh government goes before terrorists start thinking Indian citizens can be blown to pieces whenever they want. It is high time that we need a leader who can rise above dirty politics, corrupt practices and lead this nation courageously. We need a leader with  a backbone to answer every terror bullet.  We need a person like Winston Churchill to fight terror like a war.

We need visionary, strong administrator like Sardar Patel to lead this nation today. There is no place for Dr Manmohan Singh and his corrupt team of politicians who are only involved in the loot. They can not make decisions unless they talk to their high commands and lead this nation of 1.25 billion people. People with metal, who have the vision and courage to take on the enemy head on must stay in the office or quit.

This government must go if India is to be saved from looters and terrorists. The corrupt and criminal politicians are a major threat to this country since money can easily sell their loyalties and kill our citizens. So throwing out corrupt politicians and their supporters should be our first priority in the coming elections. There should not be a place for criminals and corrupt people to enter into social and political system.

It is not just one apple that is rotten, the whole basket of apples is rotten.