Thursday, October 9, 2014

Danger by Dynasties in India, Pakistan.

Do Dynasties produce bad products?

Now this young man Bilawal, after his rant on Kashmir, shifted his focus targeting Narendra Modi. He gave some advice to his uncle Imran Khan to learn politics from Bhuttos. Now he has aimed his guns on Mr Modi.
Bilawal is a second best example after Rahul Gandhi of bad product of Dynasty.
Possibly, the reason is, their seniors in the family want the power to stay with the family, so that they can enjoy it to their advantage.

Why is it that these youngsters are not advised correctly when they are growing up? Is it because, most of the crowd these families have around them are self serving and sycophants? It looks like, even the elders keep giving these youngsters wrong ideas about their caliber. That is how sycophants operate around Ruling Dynasties.

We have been witnessing this phenomena in India. Laloo Prasad Yadav, and family. Mulayum Singh Yadav family, Karunana Nidhi and family, the list is long.
According to my view, there is absolutely nothing wrong in taking over the baton from the senior family member, provided if one has the fire in the belly to SERVE the People. And has the passion to be in social and political life Not without merits and required caliber.

And unfortunately... these young minds start believing in what the sycophants feed them. They start thinking they can become great leaders? How sadly this reflect upon the fixed mindsets of these politicians?

This tendency to promote family members to retain power with the family is undemocratic and violating the rights of more deserving candidates who have better exposures, experience and caliber.

This trend in India and Pakistan has posed many political issues which thinking class, intellectuals and the media people do not want to talk about just because, everybody wants to be politically right and not for what is good for the Democracy. How it can be strengthen.

This attitude of political class makes it difficult for ordinary people to enter into politics. It simply does not offer same level playing field. And that is counter productive in nature where ordinary people feel left out and ignored even if they deserve equal and better opportunities.

These dynastic politics have posed serious issues which can be seen in the poor, incompetent leadership by Chief Minister like Akhilesh Yadav of Utter Pradesh State. Without any administrative experience in good and effective governance, largest state like UP is under his poor leadership?

Why is the state today facing serious problems in governance ? Is it a good effective governance, if basic needs of the people are not provided 24X7? UP and Bihar are two states which for years have not seen good effective governance ? But only corrupt governance.

Why MUST people of the state, poor, middle class, backward, youth, women, children, suffer because you have incompetent leadership enjoying powers only because of the Dynastic politics?

Take example of Rahul Gandhi.

If his grand parents were top leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru, Smt Indira Gandhi, or Rajiv Gandhi, does it become the only qualification to make him the Prime Minister of India? What kind of a Democratic system is this which allows Dynasties to flourish and still claims, it is healthy Democracy?

Let us be honest, Should a person like Rahul Gandhi, or Sonia Gandhi with their unknown educational backgrounds, no political exposure and experience, Zero caliber in governance of a country as big as India with 1.25 billion population... be elected to Prime Minister´s position ?

Do they really deserve that position ? Do they qualify for that post?

The same case is with Bilawal Bhutto in Pakistan. With the blessing of his family, he now wants to lead Pakistan from the front? But does he have the competence, experience and caliber ? The way he is talking, raises doubts about his leadership merits.

Leaders don't become by fanning the religious passions of the people. By provoking people to go to war? Leadership is much more beyond that.

Good leaders lead people with motivation and inspiration to build the nation. They bring together people for peace, prosperity and human development.

What we are watching is, only hate politics and politics of convenience
Finally... politicians come and go, but the Nation pays heavy price for their political blunders. Because, bad politicians can not build better future for their country. And these Dynasties are making people of both the countries, India and Pakistan pay heavy price.

This MUST Stop and it must be stopped by people through Ballots.

Ajay Angre
Author. Writer. Publisher

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Modi showed fake Dreams to people... Says Sonia Gandhi

Those who messed up Indian Economy
Indian polity and Indian national security
are questioning Mr Modi in 60 Days?
Anand Sharma and Sonia Gandhi like failed
phony politicians are 
now playing different political game.

According to them, Mr Modi cheated people of India 
with false promises and has failed to deliver in 100 day?

The fact is, UPA govt led by Dr Manmohan Singh and remotely controlled by Sonia Gandhi and her sycophants was corrupt and involved in loot. 
It was a non functional government with policy paralysis and even the Indian investors were frustrated and shifting their investments from Indian markets to overseas markets. Corrupt governance from top to bottom frustrated local investors as well as overseas investors.

Indian economy was royally screwed by bunch of corrupt Congressmen and the family loyalists. Manufacturing sector was never focused by the reputed economist of the world Dr Manmohan Singh from 1991 when Indian markets were thrown open to foreign players. 
The slow death of our manifacturing sector began because of Free Market Policy and It killed our local industries which were just coming up in 90s.

India was sold to China, and rest of the world to dump their goods with the result our small scale, med scale industries got destroyed. 
Who was responsible for selling this country to foreign brands?

Yes, it is a fact whether one likes or not... after Mr Modi has taken over, his style of governance, with speed in making effective policies in place, quick decisions on execution,  close follow-ups, idea of easy and simple one window processing of documents and Zero tolerance for corruption in the administration has once again given confidence to investors, nationally and internationally. 
India had lost the credibility with investors nationally and internationally with the lame duck government in power during UPA rule. No body was feeling confident to invest in India.

Today... Mr Modi captaining the ship,  Brand India is re-established and Indian business community as well as foreign business community is looking at India as a land of opportunities for doing business with India.

The positioning of India as investment destination is what Mr Modi has successfully done. 
And with his leadership, forward looking vision, he has effectively raised the status high of India by presenting India as a country offering ample of safe and secured investment opportunities to the world. All those who are looking for safe investment destinations and huge consumer market are encouraged to invest in India. where human resources are readily available for their operations.

This is the biggest achievement of Mr Modi as a Prime Minister. In just 100 days in power. If Congress, CPI-CPM, and other opponants of Mr Modi fail to understand this huge achievement of making Brand India as a premium brand of the world, they are mentally and politically sick.
He has moved things with speed to get back the economy back on track. But if anyone expects Mr Modi to clear the mess UPA created in its 10 years of corrupt rule, it would not only be foolish, but amateurish and possibly politically motivated.

If some people like Anand Sharma and Sonia Gandhi are foolishly questioning Modi government about Black money, promised to get back from Swiss accounts in 100 days....this is trying to shift the goal post to save their thick skin. 
Will they explain to the people of India, why was UPA government sitting on it for two long years when the SC had asked to appoint a retired judge to investigate Black money parked in Swiss bank? 
Why was it delayed for two years? So that people who had parked their black money in Swiss banks get time enough to shift it to other countries?

When Germany was willing to give the list of the Swiss account holders without demanding any fees, why did UPA government not send high ranking officials to get the list? US government acted swiftly and got the list from Germany  immediately and also initiated action against their citizens who had cheated US government and transferred funds illegally. 
Why Sonia Gandhi and her puppet Prime Minister did not act upon it quickly? Who were they trying to protect? We know, by now all the funds are shifted to some other safe heavens, and that is why Sonia Gandhi and her corrupt Congressmen have got the courage to ask Mr Modi about Black money from Swiss accounts. 
Two long years taken by UPA government was to manage the Swiss show.

Please, if somebody is trying to prove today that Mr Modi has not done anything in 100 days, is fine with the people of India who have given him their huge mandate to govern with his vision and ideas. The voters knew it well, at least, he is not dishonest and will not loot this country. People  have that confidence in him. He has long back proved his caliber, credibility as a CM of Gujarat.
If Congressmen have a problem with Mr Modi´s style of functioning, it is their personal problem. If they feel politically thretened because he is non corrupt and can close the shops of many who are looting this country, nobody can help. Corrupt Politicians like Jaylalithaa, Laloo Prasad are sent to jail, so will be others who have looted this country.

People have given Mr Modi  their mandate for 60 months and people will question him after 60 months are over. 
Politicians like Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Anand Sharma, Laloo Prasad, Nitish Kumar, Mulayum Singh and like  should not think, people are fools and do not understand politically motivated criticism. 
Please give us a break. We are not here to play politics. We however expect politicians  to be honest to their conscience when they are trying to connect with the people.Their political rhetoric we have had enough. 
Ajay Angre
Author. Writer. Publisher

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Are Indian Americans less Indians and more Americans?

 Why can’t Indian Americans be more Indian?
By Francois Gautier Source : SIFY

It’s lunchtime at the home of the Consul General of India in New York, Dnyaneshwar M. Mulay.

A young Hindu American arrives. Her name is Suchitra Vijayan and she teaches part time in Columbia University, one of the most prestigious in the USA & plans to start there a course on South Asian Human Rights.

She says that she is first going to travel to India to interview Kashmiri Muslims and Christian Nagas – obviously an anti Indian agenda -while her Indian consular mentor smiles proudly…

Welcome to America, the home of millions of Indians, some of whom make a living out of bashing India in American universities and in US publications. 

Let’s face it: Indians who emigrate to America most of the time merge totally into the American way of life and their children never come back to their homeland. 

The culprit, of course, is Indian education that mass produces brilliant Indians, who are only good for export, because students are not taught to be proud of their own culture, the way French are proud to be French or the Americans proud to be Americans.

As a result, Indian Americans know nothing about Kalidasa, probably one of the greatest poets ever, or Shivaji Maharaj, who is on par with Napoleon, or Sri Aurobindo, India’s greatest contemporary philosopher - but all about Shakespeare, the latest Dan Brown novel, or the best Italian restaurant in New York.

This is the greatest brain drain in the world, which allowed the Silicon Valley to flourish (80% Indian engineers), or the American medical system to expand (60% Indians).

Compare this to the American Chinese: Not only do they unabashedly stand out as Chinese, but they repatriate many of their funds to China and even go back to the mainland, to be part of the great Chinese economic boom.

American Indians rave about the American way of life, but it burns out a human being in 30 or 40 years. They start early for work – by 7 am, America’s millions of highways are already clogged with traffic.

There is fierce competitiveness in the work place – you can be fired in a minute for no reason. Imagine the late hours and heartburn produced over the years by food too quickly swallowed on the run or in the car, the immense stress at airports where security – thanks to continuing terrorism – has reached inhuman proportions…

If only Indian Americans did retain a bit of their Indian-ness…

Today’s Hollywood stars all do yoga, India’s gift to the world. Yet not only it is not taught in Indian schools and universities as it should, but our Hindu Americans do not practice it.

What else? Pranayama is the ancient Indian science of breathing. Through it you can not only gain more energy, but also de-stress naturally and balance your mind.

It is also a perfectly secular science: Respiration has no religion and a Muslim, a Hindu or a Christian breathe the same air.

In fact, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, who has revived and modernised pranayama, has many Muslims and Christians as teachers and disciples. Yet, neither is it taught in India, nor do our Indian Americans seem to practice it much.

What about meditation, this most ancient technique that has again no religion, and can be practiced by anybody, with wonderful effects on the mind and the body?

In fact, American companies have begun introducing meditation in their seminars and it is becoming mainstream in the US. Does that mean that meditation is taught in Indian schools, as it should be, or that our Indian Americans practice it?  Not at all.

What about Ayurveda, the oldest medical science still in practice that understood 3000 years before western medicine, that many diseases have a psychosomatic origin? Do our Hindu Americans use Ayurveda?  Unlikely.

Yet, what would happen if Indian Americans practiced a little bit of that Indian-ness? They would shine, be an example to their fellow Americans, and make India proud.

Instead they want to become more American than the Americans. In this process, they drop their unique identity and are a loss not only to India, but also to America, as they bring nothing new to American culture.

And because they do not stand out, they allow these multiple South Asian groups that sprout everywhere, to be dominated by hostile Indian Americans, who, for instance, convinced the US Government for ten years to deny Narendra Modi a visa.

At the same time, it is true that America, whatever its faults, has always stood up for freedom and democracy. It did so during World War II, when it saved Europe from Nazi domination. It is doing so today, by being the only country in the world willing to take on terrorism head on.

Americans are friendly, hard working, and it should soon dawn upon them that India is their natural political ally, in an Asia confronted with terrorism born out of Pakistan, Afghanistan or Indonesia.

It is also the obvious democratic, pro western and liberal economic destination to counterbalance China’s aggressive hegemony in Asia.

Meanwhile, it is very unfortunate that the second highest Indian official in the USA, endorses and promotes anti-Indian agendas, whereas he should be the first one to hunt them out. This Nehruvian mind-set in diplomats has got to stop. 

The author is the editor in chief of the Paris based La Revue de l’Inde.
I received this write-up on Indian Americans and I thought, I must share these views with my readers.  I found writer´s views interesting, thought provoking and revealing. I agree with the author´s views, Human Right Activists who run their NGOs in India with foreign fundings, are never seen on the honest mission to fight against human rights violation.
Suchitra Vijayan, Indian American, a Hindu, who teaches part time in Columbia University, one of the most prestigious in the USA & plans to start there a course on South Asian Human Rights. 

She says that she is first going to travel to India to interview Kashmiri Muslims and Christian Nagas ? – obviously an anti Indian agenda. Why she did not consider interviewing Kashmiri Pandits who were forced to leave their own mother land, who were mercilessly killed women gang raped, slaughtered? 
Over three lakh Kashmiri Hindus were given 48 hours notice to leave Kashmir and leave behind their women for the separatist´s physical pleasure ? It is over 30 years now and these Kashmiri families are living in Delhi as refugees. 
Isn't that a massive Human Rights violation ? Who is talking about it?
Then take an example of Bhopal Gas Tragedy in MP. The company Union Carbide which was responsible tor the loss of human lives in hours in thousands, men, women children simply got suffocated, burned with the leakage of the poisonous gas, are still fighting for their rights in the courts. 
And who was owning the company ? Union Carbide was an American owned company. The people who keep teaching the world about Human Rights protection, washed their hands off, disappeared from the scene, disowning their legal and moral responsibility to pay compensation to dead and disabled, sBhopal Gas victims, ?  
What happened to Human Rights Violation?
We have seen many NGOs coming on the streets, on TV channels who are working on their hidden political agendas to somebody´s political advantage. We have seen in last 12 long years how Narendra Modi was targeted by these Human Right Activists who are funded by some foreign organizations for their hidden political agenda. 
That is why when I read this article, I could feel the same sentiments with every aspect of what the author has said in his article.
Many times, there are larger political conspiracies which the common man fails to understand in its right perspective.
Ajay Angre
Author of U-Said-It-Right Blog