Thursday, October 31, 2013

Nitish Kumar and his Political Dishonety!

Nitish Kumar calling Narendra Modi Fascist, Hitler ! 

Nitish Kumar seems to changing the track with what he needs to answer on his own failure in stopping serial bomb blasts in and around the ground where BJP massive rally was scheduled to take place. 7 innocents lost their lives and over 80 got injured. Some are in serious state struggling with life. But thank God...when there was a crowd of about 2 to 3 lakh already on the ground, the bigger casualty was not witnessed with panic and stamped. BJP leadership handled the sensitive situation with great deal of maturity and responsibility till the end. 

To blame BJP for not cancelling the rally is provocative, irresponsible and politically motivated statement. 

This has happened because of a casual attitude and careless approach by Nitish Kumar`s administration, state Intelligence agencies. When a high profile person like Narendra Modi is on the terrorists target, how can Nitish Kumar take such a casual approach with his own state arrangements on security measures? 

Finally, in such a serious lapse, it is only obvious that Buck stops at Nitish Kumar. 

He should have been extra careful in providing enough security arrangements in and around the venue. This was not done and imagine, someone could easily slipped- in, kept 15 bombs, in and around the ground and executed the serial blasts so smartly, security  was caught unaware. and was rattled, 

If the number of casualties and deaths would have been in thousands since 4 to 4 lakh people were there on the ground, Nitish Kumar`s JDU, Congress, SP would have held Narendra Modi responsible for deaths and also propagated, for political advantage, this is exactly what we were saying, Modi who is a divisive figure, should not come to Bihar to create communal tensions? This would have been their lines to media to cover their backs. 

But Nitish Kumar... what about your own responsibilities? 

By attacking Narendra Modi so furiously, are you trying to divert the focus from the serial blasts where because of your negligence 7 innocents died, hundreds got injured ? 

How is it that the terrorists are operating from your own state and your state intelligence doesn't know ? The IM operatives are living there, and executing terror plans to kill people in thousands ? Isn't there something wrong? Whose failure is it? Is this not because of your vote bank politics, state police and intelligence are not effectively dealing with the underground terror activities in your state ? 

You and your future alliance partner Congress are both responsible for playing communal politics because, suspected activities are not monitored, close watch on the criminals is not kept, and intelligence is not pro-actively working to catch the culprits in time? 

Today you are calling Narendra Modi fascist and Hitler and joining hands with Congress for your political motives . On what flimsy grounds you claim yourself secular, and Congress secular ? And claim, this is one common factor for you both to have political alliance? Is Congress secular? Are you seriously thinking so? Forget about BJP and Narendra Modi... But to call Congress secular, either your memory must be failing you or your selfish political ambitions have driven you insane. 

In 1975, this same Congress had imposed Emergency. Put Jayprakash Narayan and many of you in the jails. It was dictatorial rule of Indira Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi that strangled Indian Democracy for their own selfish political gains. Exactly like Hitler did with his opponents. Have you forgotten that? Or you have forgotten JP and his movement against corruption and fascist Congress? 

Was it not a fascist rule in India imposed by Congress president Indira Gandhi ? What an hypocrisy to say today, Congress is secular and Narendra Modi is fascist? Hitler? 

Who will buy this argument of yours? Only Congress but not the people of Bihar. 

Just because You are getting a special package for your state from the Congress to buy your political loyalty, You are calling Narendra Modi a fascist? Hitler? 

There can not be so much cheating in ideological thinking. When JP was fighting against Autocratic, fascist and corrupt Indira Gandhi `s dictatorial Rule, It was Congress then and it is the same Congress now too. Nothing has changed since then except your own political thinking. 

Nitish Kumar, it is called opportunistic politics. 

Your calling Narendra Modi, Fascist and Hitler, is also your politics of opportunism. Your secular claim also is your politics of convenience. You sharing dais today with the third front leaders is also your politics of convenience. If politics of convenience is your political ideology today, you are cheating on people of your own state and fooling the countrymen. 

You are exposed today for being politically correct.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Congress Tall and Fake claim on Sardar Patel

Does Present Congress in its New Avatar 
have a right to even claim legacy of Old Congress?

Today there is an argument by Congressmen on the legacy of Sardar Patel. 

Congress claims Narendra Modi and BJP has no right to claim Sardar Patel legacy? Why? Because, Sardar Patel was a Congressman and he lived by Congress ideology and united this country. 

No question about it. No soul denies Sardar Patel`s mega role in post independent India.
The bigger question today is... can today`s Congress claim the legacy of even Old congress ? Forget legacy of Sardar Patel.

We all know that history and we also know what Sardar Patel `s role was in pre independence and post independence in uniting India. Nobody needs to give us history lessons  and surely not this Congress. .

When Congress became Congress "I" (Indira) it cut off its umbilical cord from the mother Congress that was Old Congress that was Mahatma Gandhi`s Congress..

When Mrs Gandhi entered in Congress, old congress became Congress "I" which stood for " Indira "  person centric, family centric Congress. And soon. Congressmen started equating Congress and India with Indira, by calling "India is Indira and Indira is India". Country like India with all its past glory and legacies, India was reduced to a personality cult

Can a country like India with a legacy of Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Nehru, Sardar Valabhbhai Patel, Dr. Rajendra Prasad (the nation's first President),  Chakravarti Rajgopalachari, Dr. Anugraha Narayan Sinha, Jayaprakash Narayan, Jivatram Kripalani be reduced to an individual person?

What right the present Congress has to claim the legacy of Sardar Patel?

With new identity, they lost the right to claim even Old Congress legacy? This is no politics really which this Congress wants  to reduce it to for political gains during election times.  It is a history of India and today an academic question.
Two important points. 1- why cant an Indian claim proudly a part of Mahatma Gandhi legacy?  Or Sardar Patel  or Pandit Jawaharlal Neharu legacy ?  

Are we all not taught in the schools and grown about their great sacrifices for the country to instill pride in every Indian and asked to become one like these Indian heroes  of our history? Can  these great freedom fighters of India  not be part of every proud Indian?  

Don't forget, Narendra Modi is Indian first and politician later.
If Narendra Modi takes a pride in  thinking high about Sardar Patel, why should Congress think, it is only Congress right ? 

It is not only immature thinking but it is mean. 

We do not need to play politics in every issue. Today it has become a political issue. It is blown into full fledge political war Congress has launched on BJP. Do we have politicians sitting in the government with such a low level, cheap thinking? Are all these freedom fighters  Copy right Brands of Congress?
If Narendra Modi thinks in his perception, If Sardar Patel had become the Prime Minister of India after independence, face of India would have been different, socially and politically.

Well, it is his perception.  He is entitled for it. he can hold his own views in this democracy. Why should Congress feel insulted? We always air our views on the past events and history.

Such as, If East India Company was not allowed to step in India, the history of India would have been completely different. If Winston Churchill was not brought in time by UK to fight enemy like Hitler, UK would have been taken over by Hitler in few days. Wouldn't that have changed the history ? If USA had not agreed to join Allied forces to fight Hitler in time and USA had preferred to stay out of 2nd world war,  wouldn't history of the world had changed ?

Today, these are all academic questions and why should anyone shy away from them? If not today, future generations will ask tomorrow. then what will you say? Let us have the courage to listen to different perspectives. Sometimes the truth may be hard to swallow but one needs to be open to give it a chance to surface it.  

Why is New Congress"G" staking fake claim on  legacy of Sardar Patel or even Mahatma Gandhi? Is anyone of them even .0001% close to their characters? In political honesty, sincerity, sacrifice, selflessness or about speaking the truth?  

Was it only Congress fighting British Raaj?  As the Congress is trying to propagate?

Their are no other stake holders in the independence struggle? What about Lokmanya Tilak? Subhas Chandra Bose? Sawarkar? Shahid Bhagat Singh? Chafekar brothers? And many many other Indians who laid their lives in the struggle for the independence of India? The ordinary Indians in lakhs who fought against the British rule and gave their lives, should the country not recognize their supreme sacrifice?  So should they not be honored? 

What kind of arrogance is this by Congressmen?
How can Congress take the credit alone? it is not too old a history. Yes, Congress may like  to re-write the history for own political advantage,  but today, you just need to Google to know the history in its right perspective. 

How can Digvijay Singh, Salman Khurshid, Manish Tiwari, and other New Congress  members claim, they sacrificed for the independence of India?  And they question the BJP and RSS, role in independence struggle? Can we question the sacrifice of New Congress I  in independence struggle if they are questioning where was RSS in freedom struggle? Read the history not written by Congress but by scholars.

Can the New Congress claim even the legacy of Old Congress? Congress of Mahatma Gandhi? 

If it needs to be put in proper perspective let us see what really happened.

After Nehru's death in 1964, the party's future first came into question. No other leader had Nehru's popular appeal, so the second-stage leadership mustered around the compromise candidate, the gentle, soft-spoken and Nehruvian Lal Bahadur Shastri. Shastri remained Prime Minister till his own death in 1966.

Congress party election opted for Indira Gandhi, Nehru's daughter, over the right-wing, conservative Morarji Desai.

Indira Gandhi. the daughter of Nehru, and Congress president, was then challenged by the majority of the party leadership.
The conflict led to a split, and Indira launched a separate INC.  And Congress  soon came to be generally known as the "New Congress". The official party became the Indian National Congress (Organization)  led by Kamaraj.

So the New Congress that split from the Old congress should not stake its claim even on the legacy of Old Congress.

Because the character, thinking and ideology of the New congress is entirely opposite of the old Congress. Why should today they claim to be a part of old Congress legacy, leave legacy of Sardar patel and Mahatma Gandhi  who were of very high stature in their political ideology and  political thinking. For them, in social politics no one was untouchable and cast, creed, communal politics were all evils of the society. 

For them, India, the nation came first above all.  

The New Congress is adopting communal politics as their political agenda to create vote banks and come to power. In their comments, TV interviews, debates, they are trying to prove to people of India and specially minority that they are Secular.

But their election propaganda is on communal lines clearly. Congress is following a strategy od Divide and Rule which they have learned fro Britishers and mastered it. 
So Congress today is in its New Avatar and has no moral right to claim any legacy from Old Congress cadre.  What congress is doing is using and misusing  names of  Congress tall leaders  such as Sardar Patel and Mahatma Gandhi  for pure political  and electoral gains.  

It is simple plagiarism. 

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Another Home Minister with wrong priorities !

Should We Have Home Minister who is insensitive?

Whose job priorities are wrong and messed up? 

This country is witnessing second Home minister whose priorities are not just wrong but messed-up. May be, was he thinking, bomb blast are nothing new to this country and to me as a Home Minister and it can take second priority.?
 Union home minister attending a Bollywood music launch hours after serial blasts in Patna, only shows how serious our Ministers in Home affairs are. It proves again and again, who have we handed over our lives for safety and security? Who we are depending on to protect our lives?  The serial bomb blasts taking place just before BJPs massive rally was to start and Narendra Modi, BJPs Prime Ministerial candidate who has been on terrorists target by terrorists groups within and outside was to address the rally along with all senior BJP cadre, the topmost  concern  of the Home Minister the minute he learnt about  the serial blasts, should have been ... this is serious and I need to be there first. The attitude and approach was casual.                          There was an intelligence information that was passed to Bihar top police authority. They did not take the intelligence input seriously as it looks from the first information.                    Extra precautions were not taken by any security agency for such a mega event. When 4 to 5 lakh people were expected to attend the rally, why was there such a security lapse? The bombs were planted in and around the ground. Had those been the powerful bombs, the loss of life could  have been unimaginable, may in thousands? Who should be held responsible for such irresponsible attitude?                                                                                 In our country even the state Home ministries are showing incompetence in dealing with the terror modules. and that is why we see terrorist attacking India whenever they want.    
                                                       In the first place, it is a complete failure of the Home Ministry to fight terror like a war. It is a total failure of the home ministry to continuously gather information by our intelligence agencies on terrorist activities within the country which, because of vote bank politics by Congress, SP, JDU is getting the lowest priority. Which means, communal politics is taking higher priority over deaths of the citizens of this country in terror attacks.                                                If people are dying in terror attacks, let it be, our politics is important.
How can Home Minister be so insensitive who thinks of attending a Bollywood Music Launch when citizens were dying? What is his responsibility as a Home Minister? To protect the lives of people for which tax payer money is spent in millions? Just because, these politicians move around in Z Plus security, politicians do not understand what death means? Someone losing father, someone brother, husband, some their son or daughter in terror attacks are the loved ones of the families.
Do these politicians understand the value of human life ? Have they ever visited to find out what the pain of a mother is whose son is living in a vegetative state? A woman who lost her husband and finds life so tough to survive in the world with small growing children? Old parents, whose only son, also the sole earning member of the family losing him ?. They do not know how to deal with the day to day life?  Have anyone from this political class tried to find out how are the victims of bomb blasts living their lives? Has even Human Right Activists ever visited these victims who keep talking loudly in TV debates, about Human Rights for the terrorists? 
The outrageous news is about senior Congressmen like Salman Khurshid, Digvijay Singh talking rubbish that only shows their utter insensitivity and arrogance. The congress has become not only arrogant but insensitive and cares a damn about innocent people dying in terror attacks.

It was BJP who displayed calmness and political maturity by not spreading fear among  2 to 3 lakh people who had gathered at the ground. If had there been a panic created by breaking the news on serial bomb blasts in and around ground, there would have been a complete chaos and thousands would have lost their lives in the stampede.  Why is it that these senior most Congress politicians do not apply their minds on what was right thing to do under the circumstances? Instead of admiring the way BJP senior leaders handled the situation in the most matured way till the end, Salman Khurshid, Jagdambapal, Manish Tiwari and Digvijay Singh are trying to score a political brownie? Playing politics over deaths just to target Mr Modi and BJP?  We now know, this their cheap political games they have been playing with this country for the last 65 years and fooling people.
 This only proves one thing, Congress just plays its political game every time it sees an opportunity to target BJP or Mr Modi. Had they been all honest, they all would not have defended Sushilkumar Shinde wrongly. But today, Congress`s honesty and credibility is completely eroded.and exposed.                                                                                The congress party is of fake dishonest, insincere people.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Ajay Angre                                                                                                                                                 Author, Writer, Publisher.               

Monday, October 28, 2013

Digviay Singh Twits irresponsibaly, again!

Why every time, when there is terror attack, 
Digvijay Singh makes irresponsible comments ?

Why Dr Manmohan Singh can not reprimand his own Congressmen like Digvijay Singh on such outrageous utterances to divert the attention of the people? 

Is the Prime minister not in control of his own government ? 

Or is this a plan by somebody in the Congress to give clean chit to terrorists organization 
like IM ?  

It must be thoroughly investigated by intelligence, because his irresponsible comments are directly supporting the IM module working from Indian soil and offering political support to Pakistan ISI trained terrorists getting away with the clean chit from India. Why ?

Simply because Indian politicians doubt RSS, BJP or VHP every time there is terror attack.  

Is someone  trying to help Indian Mujaheddin? Is someone  working for ISI ? 

What is he trying to prove? This needs to be seriously dealt by law and  he must be asked to prove his allegations or face serious consequences. How can he get away every time with a serious allegations ? Does law of the land allow such loose talk on national security?  He must be questioned. 

For Digvijay Singh, it may be a political agenda of his Congress party, but for us,  it is not. It is a matter of life and death.for us. It is we, the common people on the street who are getting killed in these tewrror attacks. It is one thing to play politics and entirely another when it comes to safety and security of the people. Is he and his Congress party thinking about that?

He may be thinking it is a master stroke by him to put BJP, RSS, Modi on a back foot in defense,  but then it is as irresponsible and irrational politics. 

The BJP leadership and Narendra Modi showed an exceptional political maturity and responsibility by not uttering a word about the serial blasts till the end. They all appealed to masses to be quiet and leave the ground peacefully. This was the political maturity displayed by BJP leaders. 

And Digvijay saw serial blasts as political opportunity to put BJP and RSS in the dock? Will anyone in right frame of mind think, buy his logic that RSS, BJP or VHP has a hand in these blasts? Would they sabotage their own rally?  It is a mischievous provocation.

He is being used with a plan by Congress party to get political advantage with communal angle to please the vote banks. But it is a dangerous game he is playing to fan the sentiments of the communities. How is the Prime minister keeping quiet?

His instant twit
on Bihar serial blasts where innocent Indians died and hundreds got injured is not only mischievous, but down right condemnable  and deserves serious cognizance.
Since it is a habit by Digvijay Sing and many other congressmen to make such irresponsible statements in the media, either to score a brownie or please vote banks when there are terror attacks, it strengthens the doubt whether this a well planed political strategy to target RSS, BJP, Mr Modi to show as the culprits?

How does he makes such sweeping statements against RSS, BJP or Modi when there is still Blood around, people are bleeding, dying ?

And if Congress top brass does not think  there is anything wrong in making such an outrageous, irresponsible statements, it is then a larger conspiracy that needs to be investigated. It is possible, someone is working for outside forces and getting paid ? Someone like ISI is provoking ? So the real terrorists are camouflaged, and can keep executing their terror plans without anyone raising doubts about them?

The people of India are viewing  Digvijay Singh comments seriously. 

Congress must watch-out !.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher