Friday, November 15, 2013

UPA : Decade of Decay !

Greatest Achievements of the UPA Government 


10 long years of Bad Governance By UPA

10 long years of Corruption.10 long years of Scams, Scams and Scams.

Irrigation Scam? 2G Scam? Coal Scam? Rail Scam?
CWG Scam? Chopper Scam? Adarsh Scam?
Road Scams. Construction Scams. Air India Scam?
The Loot is FREE for All?

Commodity Prices going higher and Higher.
Reasons: Hoarding and Black marketing

Onions 100Rs Kg, Tomatoes 80 Rs Kg? Sugar 60 Rs Kg?Vegetables 70 Rs Kg? Milk 60 Rs Ltr?
Sugar 60 Rs Kg? And Now Salt 150 Rs Kg?
But Who Cares?

Power Cuts. Water Cuts. Bad roads. 

In rural India:
No Health Care facilities? No Drinking Water?
No Proper Schools?
No Power. No Water for Farming? Farmers committing suicides?
But Who Cares?

10 long years of policy paralysis

10 long years of Terror Attacks

10 long years of Failed Foreign policy

10 long years of Vote Bank Politics

10 long years of Arrogance

Bus.. Bahoot Ho Gaya !


Let us stop this. Let us change this in 2014.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher.