Saturday, December 21, 2013

5th Prime ministerial candidate of Third Front?

 Jaylalitha stakes the claim for PM?

The news in the media about Jaylalitha staking a claim as next Prime Ministerial candidate in 2014 is the 5th PM candidate third front will have. This must have come as a jolt for Mulayum Singh Yadav, Mayawati, Mamta and of course Sharad Pawar.
All of then are already in Q.  There is one more. Jaylalitha addition.

This experiment India has tried before and it was proved a disaster then. As and when third front will be formed, many regional leaders who are ambitious are already in the Q.  They come together only when Loksabha elections are scheduled. All these leaders first start talking of Secular ideology to hook others. Because on their own, they are zero. Their election pitch is... BJP and Congress have failed in providing efficient governance in the center and third front is the only political option people should consider. against  two national parties..

They are very much like frogs coming out in monsoon season otherwise they are not seen anywhere on the planet.

Mulayum Singh,  we have heard in the the parliament recently 

when he expressed his views on Lokpal Bill. If that is what he thinks of  Lokpal  against corruption, it is very clear that these leaders from SP want to enjoy the loot of this country while in power and do not want any Laws to catch the criminals looting this country. 

That is how His party has ministers with  criminal charges sitting in the assembly. There is a mafia raj in the state where an honest IAS officer like Durga Shakti can not work honestly and is shamelessly punished for doing her job as per the Supreme court directives, and the rule book. 

Look at this joke...SP`s  one of the very powerful ministers Azam Khan is offering election ticket to Devyani Khobragade, Indian Diplomat in US facing serious accusation of violation of immigration law. And on the other hand, same Azam Khan is  victimizing the honest IAS officer Durga Shakti with his Mughal Raj in UP? What an hypocrisy?

In reality, over a long period, criminalization of politics has created small kingdoms in our country in every state. 

These are small Rulers ruling over their subjects in the pseudo democracy. Look at everywhere, in every state. Mulayum Singh Yadav has his own Kingdom and so has Laloo Prasad. UP and Bihar does not seem to believe in Laws? And that is why Mulayum Singh is of an opinion that Lokpal will only make politicians life miserable and will not let them work freely? 

May be he is right in his assessment of Lokpal Bill. 

What he actually means is....this Lokpal will not allow politicians to loot this country as they have been looting for many years. 

I would have appreciated a politician who is dreaming to become next Prime minister of India had offered some positive inputs to fight against corruption. Instead, he is giving clean chit to all politicians, Bureaucrats,  This PM in the Q from Third Front does not believe in laws that can help to catch the criminals?

And he wants to become the Prime Minister of this country who has nothing better to offer on the fight against corruption? Imagine what will happen if he becomes PM of this country?

There will be jungle raj everywhere because all criminals will join his party.

Jaylalitha too has shoddy records while in power.

The question needs to be asked to all these PM candidates in the Q ... 

What is their real contribution towards developments and  progress wherever they all are in the governance? 

Bihar and Utter Pradesh has a bad track record of governance and corrupt practices. What is so great about Jaylalitha as far as achievements in her own state ? Is there anything outstanding in terms of achievement in her own state?  Are these states on the path of super development under their rule that people feel strongly about ? 

All regional parties have shown pathetic progress and poor governance in their own states.. Many are involved in deep corruption and scandals and have proved self serving politicians. They have done good for themselves, their families and friends but not for the people of the state for years.

These are all self serving politicians wanting to enjoy powers for themselves.

The corrupt and self serving political class are all working only to stay in power and enjoy it for their political existence. The honest political class is worst because, they keep quiet and allow other dishonest to loot the country. 

None of these including the honest ones have ever in the last 67 years worked  on electoral reforms. They all come together when they want increase in their perks. They come together when their own existence is threatened? Like an ordinance to protect criminals sitting in the parliament or assemblies? 

But on improvements in electoral process, corruption, deficit in governance, they don't talk.

Lokpal is not their Gift as Congress is trying to make out and give credit to Rahul Gandhi?  This Lokpal also is not that powerful with stronger teeth is a reality.

This is where they get exposed in their dishonesty. After 40-45 years, Anna Hazare had to come on the street to fight against corruption in governance, administration and bureaucracy. it was a civil movement led by Anna that shook the political class and what happened? Civil society was questioned by parliamentarians if you all remember?  

Who are these 5 people to question law makers?  Asked Kapil Sebal, Chidamabaram, Manish Tiwari and many others.

Who is Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi? Can 5 people from the street question parliamentarians who are elected by people? Who are these people demanding law against corruption? 

These were the reactions of Laloo Prasad, Mulayum Singh Yadav and many politicians.

And these are the same arrogant politicians want to become Prime Ministers?

This is a fact that the public pressure, Anna movement with millions on the street , humiliating Congress defeat in the recent elections shocked the arrogant political class and the public anger was seen everywhere. 

Congress quickly realized they are on the quick sand and changed the position. 

The same Congress used CBI, Income Tax against Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi and had questioned their characters. Congress tried all tricks to tame Anna but humiliating defeat in Delhi elections by Congress cut them all to their sizes. All the arrogance disappeared and their feet were on the ground. The political egos got punctured when people of all states retaliated saying... Don't take us for granted.

All these regional parties are trying to take a ride on public sentiments against Congress and thinking this is the right time to form third political alternative. 

Jaylalitha, Mulayum Singh or Mamta are trying to get all on board to fight elections against BJP and Congress. 

But that will only split the votes and we will have hung parliament again. 

Then buying of MPs in 10 crores, 20 croes, 30 crores will start. Black money will flow., Criminals will get active.

All fake secular and corrupt forces like Congress, JDU, SP, BSP, RJD, NCP will again get together and say, just to keep  fascist and communal forces out of power,.we are supporting Congress from outside. They will all try to form government on one  point agenda.... to save this country from communal forces and will start playing communal politics again..

In less than 6 months... this ill conceived  coalition government will collapse with its own differences. We will face elections again. 

The country will suffer a setback. And outside powers will take the advantage to destabilize India. 

India can not afford to get into mess any more.  Third front is worst medicine for the cure and we should never go for that option.

There are external and internal forces who are working to weaken Indian economy, Our national security and integrity is already under threat by terrorists from within and outside., It is possible that the external forces are pumping funds in India to destabilize India. 

Weaker government in the center has given wrong message to Pakistan and China. These both the countries are systematically working against Indian interests in the subcontinent. 

We must not allow any experiments by the regional forces to form any third front in the larger interest of our country.

We can not afford to weaken our position nor we can afford to have weak leadership at the center. In 2014, We got to empower government in the center with strong visionary leadership with full majority.

We must support Narendra Modi to lead our country with majority if we want to save this country from looters, traitors and anti national elements.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher.    

Rahul Gandhi, prove your honest intent against corruption

Rahul Gandhi... its time to prove your honesty 
to fight Corruption.

Are you ready to ACT now  and sack Your 
Congress Ministers 
involved in Adarsh Scam 
after your promises to Anna on fight against corruption? 

Rahul Gandhi in his New Avatar trying to project himself standing with Anna Hazare in the fight against corruption till the finish line. But how true is the picture and is he honest in his intent?

Can we see "Walk the Talk" 

On many occasions in the past he has exposed himself about his false image. His publicity  managers like Ajay Maken, Kapil Sebal, Manish Tiwari, and many other Congressmen are desperately trying to project him honest young man with ideas.

Let the honest young man prove his honesty now. Honestly. Just the talk is not good enough.

The fact remains, Congress dishonesty forced Congressmen to suffer humiliating loss in recent elections. It was Congress arrogance and shameless denials over rampant corruption by Congress ministers,and its allied partners like DMK, NCP  on 2G scam to CWG scam till Coalgate, and Adarsh resulted in Congress humiliating defeat in recent elections.
But today´s news about their own Congress government in Maharashtra involved exposes Congress corrupt character in Adarsh Scam and with that exposing Rahul Gandhi`s fake position on his honest fight against corrupt politicians. 

That is what his speech in the recent debate on Lakpal Bill was all about.

The two members Commission Report says, All congress Ex Chief Ministers and Maharashtra Ministers were involved in Adarsh scam.

Sushil Kumar Shinde, Union Home Minister is accused too with serious charges.
Home minister Sushil Kumar Shinde, who keeps talking about Gujarat Snooping, Human Rights Violation, Constitutional rights of people in Gujarat with Congress political agenda to target Narendra Modi... is himself one of the accused in Adarsh Scam. The two justices commission has held him equally responsible for misusing the top position as then Chief Minister who unduly favored ignoring all laws to help politicians, bureaucrats and their kins.

The two member commission headed by Justice P.A.Patil and Justice Subramanian passed critical observations against former Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde, Shivajirao Patil-Nilangekar, late Vilas Rao Deshmukh, as well as then ministers of state Sunil Tatkare, Rajesh Tupe for extending undue favors to Adarsh Co-operative Society.

Today, Sushil Kumar Shinde holds Union Home minister position, Tatkare is congress Minister in Maharashtra government and Tope to is State Minister holding higher and technical education portfolio.

Commission report clearly says... Adarsh scandle has happened only with the political support of congress top ministers in power and the report further states, all of them misused and abused power for themselves, their kins as many members are children of bureaucrats and politicians. 

Adarsh is a Huge scandal where many Congress Politicians are involved in the loot with bureaucrats in position of power.

Congress government in power in Maharashtra has rejected commission report and trying to protect all corrupt Congress politicians. 

Will Rahul Gandhi take a press conference now and in the same dramatic manners tell this nation..."What Nonsense? I do not accept this corruption by congress ministers and Congress will not compromise on corruption  

Whoever are involved in this Scandal, be that Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde in the Union Ministry or State Ministers... they will be asked to step down ?
Will Rahul Gandhi say this in the Parliament and announce this stand in the press Conference?

India is Watching to see his honesty. 

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Full Credit Must Go to Anna Hazare

Is Congress Trying to Give Credit To Rahul Gandhi 
for Lokpal Bill?

It will be another Congress Scam if Rahul 
wants to take the Credit.

Congress after humiliating defeat in recent elections is working hard to promote Rahul Gandhi image as a Hero. Lokpal Bill is used as an opportunity to take once again Pro People Stand by Rahul and his publicity managers.

Ajay Maken, Kapil Sebal, Chidamabaram are busy showing off the country how serious Congress was to get the Lokpal Bill passed in the parliament to create a history and we have done it finally?

We need to set the record straight here for all to know who deserves the credit.

It is Rahul Gandhi who is actively involved in leading Congress and all  Congressmen are desperately telling the world, how their Hero, the well wisher of poor people and crusader against corruption in politics, bureaucracy and governance is working hard.

Congress`s  desperate attempt to gloss the image of their Hero Rahul Gandhi looks pathetic and can be clearly seen politically motivated. Their clear focus is on 2014 elections.

When Anna started his movement  demanding Lokpal Bill two years back and started his fast for the same, this same Congress waitied till Anna`s health worsened and did not do anything but made false promises to Anna in public. When BJP , CPM and other political parties were ready to work on the Bill in Raja Sabha even late.  

When Arun Jaitley, leader of opposition in Raja Sabha promised BJP support to sit throughout  the late hours to pass the bill, at that very moment, Raja Sabha session was wound-up in a surprising move by Hamid Ansari the speaker?  

Can Congress explain to people why was it not passed then when BJP and all oppositions parties were  willing to support the Bill?

It is true that public memory is short and aam admi may not remember the smart game Congress played with Anna Hazare and BJP two years back. But It is a fact that Congress did not have political will then and honest intentions to get the Bill passed. 

Congress fooled Anna and civil society members by making a false promise and the Prime minister too made a written commitment  to Anna and requested Anna to call off the fast. All that Congress choreographed political Drama was Congress sponsored with the complete knowledge of Rahul and Sonia Gandhi.

Congress played all the tricks then to quiet Anna Hazare and his team Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi and few others. They were charged with frauds and Congress used  CBI, Income Tax like institutions to nail all the activists including Anna Hazare just because Congress was feeling the heat of Anna`s movement. 

What was Rahul Gandhi doing then? That time Lokpal Bill was not important for him ?
If one understands politics correctly behind this move to make Rahul Gandhi Hero today, it is very clear,  after his miserable performance as Congress leader and strategist, in recent electoral defeat in four states, he has lost his claim virtually as PM candidate in 2014 elections. But Congress can not work without Gandhi family member to lead and that can be anybody but must be from Gandhi family. Others in congress are either useless or lived their political career as sycophants of the Gandhi family.

The attempt to project Rahul Gandhi as capable and competent PM candidate is nothing but a part of sycophancy by Congressmen. But it is not working for Congress.

When you think of Rahul Gandhi.... it is rightly said,  You cant build a Reputation on What you are going to do. After all, success is all about what we have produced, Not what we have planed? He has not produced any results so far for Congress.

Lokpal Bill today is become a reality because of Anna Hazare and his team like Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi, Prashant Bhushan Dr Kumar Wishwas and many others who fought for it  under Anna Hazare`s leadership and the civil society who joined in millions from all over India Anna`s movement against corruption.

It is their victory. They have won. Not Congress and certainly not Rahul Gandhi if someone is trying to mislead people. Let us have the record straight.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Laloo out of Jail, targeting Modi

Laloo, convicted for corruption, jailed for 5 years 
is out on bail and says 
all secular parties should come together against Modi.

What an arrogance by a criminal and
a corrupt politician?

He doesnt know how much is changed 
while he was in Jail.

Laloo Prasad like convicted politicians who have been used to playing communal politics and fooling people should not have place in Indian politics. This corrupt politician who runs a political party called RJD is an alliance partner with Congress. 

There common program is Vote Bank Politics. 

They keep selling themselves as Secular to Muslim  population for votes but even Muslims in the recent elections have rejected their fake secular prapoganda on communal lines and Congress was in for a shock.

Congress party is still recovering from the electoral defeat from recent elections and have realized their election campaign on the lines of fake Secular identity has not worked and backfired in all the states. People have rejected their claims including minorities.

Laloo is still living in his old world when he could fool his electorate on Secular claims.

He doesn't know, India is changing and people are not interested in Secular Vs communal politics. But politicians like Laloo Prasad are so shameless that they can not live without Vote Bank Politics. Congress, JDU, RJD have been playing communal politics and fooling people of India from minority communities, economically backward classes, illiterate and uneducated.

These are their vote banks.

For years this fooling is going on by these political parties only to secure their vote banks.But in reality Congress and politicians like Laloo Prasad have not done anything for backward class, minority communities or the poor of this country. 

67 years have passed after independence and about 60 years Congress governments have enjoyed powers in most states. But development or progress is Zero after so many years. We are still struggling for water, electricity, Hospitals, Schools, Roads. Laloo Prasad was Chief Minister of Bihar for 15 long years but Bihar has not seen any development in any sector. 

Laloo Prasad they say was the most corrupt Chief Minister and government of Bihar during his Rule was like his family business, a Private Limited Company .Laloo made his wife too CM of Bihar when he became Union Minister in the central cabinet.

Politics some of our politicians have made a personal business and established their Kingdoms in their regions from where they RULE. Laloo Prasad is one politician who too indulges in politics of convenience and vote banks. 

He is another self serving, self centered politician who thinks Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal like civil society members have no rights to question the parliment.Narendra modi is Hitler and fascist and BJP is RSS and they are all trying to divide this country with their politics.

This pitch we have heard from Sonia and Rahul Gandhi for very long and people of this country have given their reaction in the recent polls when Congress suffered humiliating defeat and their arrogance was taught a lesson. Laloo should learn from their lesson and stop talking of Secular and communal politics. India has moved forward. His old brand of politics will be digging his own grave and may be if Congress follows the same communal agenda against Narendra Modi, we will be witnessing a political suicide together.

Laloo from the time he is convicted and sent to jail has lost all the credibility in the public and should not take people for granted.

Only if he understands, people are not fools anymore, and Secular communal politics  is like a political abuse electorate thinks, he may be a changed politician. But the chances are, he will play his communal politics and dig his own grave. 

Our experience is... Politicians Don't Change! 

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mani Shankar and Anil Shastri worried about Congress Future!

It is time for Action and Not Introspection.
It is too late Now says...
Mani Shankar Aiyer and Anil Shastri 

Mani Shankar Aiyer, and  Anil Shastri are braving to talk in the media about why Congress got defeated in the recent elections. Mani Shankar Aiyer says bitterly to Congress leadership, that  it is too late now to do any introspection, the time is gone you have missed the bus? 
According to him, Congress in 2014 should sit in the opposition and once again spend its energy to re-build the organization which is completely decimated in recent elections.
Anil Shastri, Congress MP says, poor and pathetic performace by Congress in recent elections only says our thinking is not on the right track and needs a change that will appeal to common people if we call ourselves a party for Aam Admi.  
But why now after the defeat? Why these Congressmen could not express their views openly to their leaders before? 
Were they not heard? Were they Ignored? Or they chose to keep quiet and watch as spectators? After the defeat, they have decided to speak  to media and express their displeasure on the way their party affairs are conducted.
This shows how Congress party is run by Rahul and Sonia Gandhi. 
They don't even listen to their own people in the party who are seniors like Mani shankar and Anil Shastri. Then  It is not surprising that Congress never listened to the people of this country. They were living in their own dream world and thought, Aam Admi and BJP can not ever bring them down from the power. This was their arrogance.
Some from Congress knew that Congress was heading for the defeat but nobody was listening to them. The arrogance by Congress had reached the height and the sycophancy in Congress around the family kept painting rosy picture to their masters with their ill advise.
What is the real story behind these senior Congressmen reacting so bitterly after their Congress party suffering humiliating defeat?

The fact is, even seniors in Congress have no courage to speak against what is going wrong in their own party. They just cant speak openly about anything that is done wrongly or anything that is planned wrongly just because there is no inner democracy in the Congress party. Congress still follows Raja Maharaja culture which is like  feudal mindset with one "Mukhiya",as the head and all others, loyal servants. Their job is to follow orders and not ask questions.
They have High command culture. The orders come only from high command that is from Rahul and Sonia Gandhi. This is a similar situation when Indira Gandhi was PM and Sanjay Gandhi along with his sycophants used to enjoy powers. Others were simply given orders to follow.
The result of this One Family Rule has created sycophancy culture in Congress and most Congressmen close to Gandhis like Digvijay Singh or Ajay Maken and Shqeel Ahmed, Ahmed Patel or Janardan Dwevedi are some who follow this culture to their own political advantage. They have nothing much to offer in terms of political direction, advice for improving state of affairs of the party. 
They are close to power center and running the government without any accountability.

Many like Anil Shastri and Mani Shankar work with Congress as silent spectators. But no one has the courage to question the leadership nor stand-up and say, we do not agree with your political perspective. Or we need to change our thinking for positive results. But unfortunately after the defeat, these people get the courage and start speaking? 
The reason is , their voice inside the party is not heard and often ignored. 
But then why do they tag themselves with the wrong people? Who is forcing these people to stick to political party which does not work on principles they believe in?
I consider this nothing but political slavery these politicians suffer from. 
Their  political convictions and values at times they sacrifice because they don't take principle stand against their leaders doing wrong and stay either neutral and silent. What is the point in talking in public about your party failures if you cant do anything to change?

How does that help their political party and this country?

In congress party, on one side there are sycophants and the other side, these silent spectators. like Mani Shankar and many others. Congress leadership is on the Ego tour thinking there is no one in Congress who can challenge them. Yes, that is a fact too. No one in the Congress party can challenge the leadership. May be India does not produce leaders like Sardar Valabhbhai Patel or Yaswant Rao Chauhan?

The Dynasty politics therefore is encouraged by self serving politicians in Congress and even after humiliating defeat, Congress is pushing Rahul Gandhi, for PM candidate is the latest Breaking News? 

What will you call that? Dynastic politics? Sycophancy at work?

Who can save Congress? Not the sycophants like Digvijay Singh and Shaqeel Ahmed nor Mani Shanskar Aiyer and Anil Shastri who choose to keep quiet.

For Congress... Time is Up!  Their game is over ! Like thay say, Bad product can be sold once, it cant be sold again to the same customer.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

Monday, December 16, 2013

Rahul Gandhi joins Aam Admi Party

Rahul Gandhi adopts Manifesto of Aam Admi Party?

Finally Congress that was not willing to recognize Arvind Kejriwal and his Aam Admi Party, before Delhi election results, have adopted the political agenda of Aam Admi Party? 
Their arrogance before election results had touched the peak when CM Sheela Dixit kept telling media, Arvind Kejriwal and Aam Admi party I don't take seriously because, our 15 years of work done in Delhi speaks for itself. When she was invited for debate with Arvind Kejriwal, she retorted by saying, why should I have a debate with Arvind Kejriwal because we do not even consider him and his party as a serious challenger in this election?

AAP is  just fooling people of Delhi selling fake dreams, but Delhi people are not fools to get carried away with their promises. - Congress.

These were some of the statements made by some Congressmen. Salman Khurshid had used abusive language calling Aam Admi Party by names which was completely derogatory and un-parlimentary. But the arrogant Congress was putting up a fake front with their progress card.. Congressmen like Digvijay Singh, Manish Tiwari, Ahmed Patel and Shaqeel Ahemed like most loyalists to family were busy selling their own fake dreams all the time.

What happened finally to Congress arrogance? Congress suffered humiliating Defeat? Who is responsible for this defeat? Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi. But does any Congressman has courage to say this? No. Because they are all sycophants around them and in Congress to serve their own interests. 

Who is Arvind Kejriwal ? What is Narendra Modi? Many were asking from Congress and its allied partners. They are only bubbles and soon will burst? Were their comments. Now after the election results, their humiliating defeat has forced them to keep shut in the popular media.They are all hiding from the media cameras and reporters.   

Lalu Prasad and like were so arrogant in their remarks that anyone from civil society standing against these RULERS like Mughal Saltanet are anti Ruling class and should be thrown in the jails. The logic? We are parliamentarians, the law makers of this country. Who are these street people questioning our functioning? Who is Anna Hazare? Arvind Kejriwal? Kiran Bedi or Prashat Bhushan?

People have elected us and for five years. Was their arrogance.

These five people can not ask us anything even if we loot this country. Fortunately judiciary is in its own wisdom answered Laloo Prasad for his loot in foder scam and sent him to jail. But the shameless politicians will not leave politics even after their conviction and imprisonment.. Because most of them are sharing the national loot. If not all.

Today, 150 years of Congress legacy Congress  boast about to people of India is following the manifesto of one year old Aam Admi Party.?  Doesn't that exposes Congress? It is not just leaderless it is rudderless too.

Is this another bait thrown at voters? Another strategy to fool people? 

If there was any shred of honesty, in what Rahul Gandhi is saying today about Lokpal Bill, in 2011, was Congress and its alliance partners playing a dishonest game with Anna Hazare and civil society?  If only Congress and its political partners were honest, the bill would have gone through in 2011? 

Rahul Gandhi and his media managers like Ajay Maken are changing their positions and suddenly presenting themselves  in a New AVTAR to fool people again after their humiliating defeat in recent elections. 

Rahul Gandhi is enlightened suddenly by Aam Admi Party thinking and says, we need to learn from Aam Admi Party?  We need to learn? Or You need to learn if you are aspiring to become a leader of this country?

Why this sudden change in the position when Rahul Gandhi was telling the nation, he is leading his party with his vision and leadership? 

And everyone around him were selling him as Prime Ministerial material ? Was that overselling of Rahul Gandhi even by Dr Manmohan Singh?

What happened suddenly that after the boastful leadership he is changing his thinking? Was the ACT before the elections,  a FAKE ACT? 

Is it after the humiliating election result with hardly 8 Congress members getting elected ? And the CM Shiela Dixit lost by 25000 votes in her own constituency by Arvind Kejriwal, that the  realization of something gone terribly wrong? 

When leaders do not have ears to ground, do not understand the mood of the public, do not sense which way the wind is blowing, they are simply not the leaders and they should not lead others and political parties. And we are talking of leading a nation like India today. It is certainly not a job of a novice or one who is looking to learn on the job? 

It is the future of the country at stake and only a visionary leader with political experience can lead  a country like India with its diversity and complex issues. It surely is not a job of anybody.

Rahul Gandhi is promoted by sycophants around the Gandhi family who are enjoying powers at their expenses.  None of the people around this family are honest and the family depends on these sycophant`s feed back and advise..And often, it is the ill advise given  by few sycophants around them who are self serving politicians and they are in politics only to serve their personal interests. That is how some of them have amassed wealth by corrupt means.

That is how parliament has become a Millionaires club today. 

If Rahul Gandhi is serious about following Aam Admi Manifesto, the obvious questions are asked. Why after the defeat this sudden wisdom ? 

There is a great disconnect between Aam Admi and Congress leaders that Congress keeps talking about.  It is the Aam Admi, that is the common person on the street who knows how difficult it is to live life with a family with prices going high. Take food items, education, electricity, health and medicines, travel, housing, everything is gone so high that people like Rahul Gandhi and many politicians who have made millions while in power can not imagine with their incomes in billions of dollars. 

Over a long period of times, the congress Mughal Raj is thinking they are the Rulers and can Rule as long as they want. But suddenly when they are dethrone, by common man on the street like Arvind Kejriwal, they are in state of shock. 

The message is simple... Do Not take Aam Admi for granted. Aam Admi that is a every citizen of this country is a Master and you are in the system only to serve the people. Not to Rule over people. 

The Congress Arrogance is completely demolished.and now politicians like Rahul Gandhi, Manish Tiwari, Digvijay Singh, Kapil Sebal, P. Chidamabaram have their feet on the ground and have realized they can be out of this game soon if they don't give up their street smart salesmanship to people.

The communal politics, calling Narendra Modi Hitler and fascist, RSS communal and assassination of  Mahatma Gandhi by RSS, Hang Narendra Modi for 2002 Gujarat Riots, Gujarat Snoop gate by their paid media channels... every ill conceived allegation failed and the humiliating defeat in recent elections exposed Congress that kept claiming, we are the only party which works for the poor people of India.

Poor people of India cant be fooled  every time is a lesson to learn for Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and all Congressmen including Dr Manmohan Singh who had doned a FAKE AVTAR before elections.

Now with these results, why Aam Admi should not have doubts about Rahul Gandhi`s political competence and caliber who wish to become Prime Minister of this country only with one qualification... Gandhi, Coming from Nehru Gandhi family?

Does it have any selling value today with the electorate? None. These election results proved it.

Ajay Angre
Author. Writer. Publisher