Saturday, October 26, 2013

Prime Minister: I am Helpless!

PM Confession: I am a puppet of this government! 

What has been feared for the last 9 long years of Dr Manmohan Singh´s Role in the government is finally proved to be right perception by many political analysts. Even by ordinary people of this country who have commonsense. 

PC Parakh, the former Coal Secretary has exposed the rot in the government many of us were suspecting. 

It is all out in the public domain now and slowly skeletons from Coalgate cupboard are tumbling out. This is the most shocking disclosures by PC Parakh that within the Coal ministry there is active coal mafia operating? 

We had heard about Sand mafia, Oil mafia, Sugar mafia, land mafia who are integral part of this government. We only had heard it. But today, the insider is disclosing how mafia operates within the government. 

Mr PC Parakh in frustration put in his papers and wrote to PM why is he feeling frustrated on the job? He in his personal meeting with the Prime minister, brought it to his attention long back in 2005 how mafia is operating in the Coal ministry. Two sitting MPs from parliament who he named, to PM, one from Congress, his own party and another from BSP, were demanding huge bribes. The same mafia in the Coal ministry was asking to sell his conscience and trying to blackmail him. 

That`s the time he resigned and met the Prime Minister to brief him about Coalgate scam. 

All this was brought to the notice of Prime minister personally by him. And what was Prime Minister`s reaction? 

" I know all the wrong things going on, but in our democracy, we can hardly do anything to correct the wrong however you wish? So continue your job we will deal with it later." This was his reaction to PC Parakh. 

This showed Prime Minister´s personal frustrations and helplessness on the job. 

And today his helplessness has been the only reason cashed by the same mafia in every ministry and this country is being looted in front of Dr Manmohan Singh who is a mute, silent spectator. He thinks he can hardly do anything? 

Then these important questions need to be answered : 

Who is then running the Government if not PM ? Who makes decisions, if Not PM ? Who allows mafia elements to operate within the government ? 

Because of his silence, and the shocking disclosures by insiders, Today He himself is under the scanner. PM is questioned by not only the leading opposition, but also by the people of this country. His honesty is questioned for a very long time. His style of working is questioned. His silence is questioned. 

Now with this exposure, there is every reason to ask all these questions. 

Anna Hazare movement against corruption in the government by politicians and ministers by civil right activists was systematically attacked by this government. Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi all involved in this apolitical movement were targeted and subjected to scrutinies. There is a vicious political campaign run by few Congress ministers against all of them.

And what was their crime? Demanding Zero tolerance for corruption. 

Demand for elimination of corrupt criminal politicians from politics. Was there anything wrong in the demands? It was because of the same corruption in the ministries which is come out now in open. 

On this background, now that we are told, there are mafia groups working in this government to grab every opportunity to loot this country....then it is possible the same mafia in Congress must be worried and targeting Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi, Narendra Modi ? 

So that their interests are not hurt? Their loot is not stopped? They are not caught? 

If mafia can eliminate activists who come in their ways, like sand mining, land grabbing, If mafias can suspend honest IAS officers like Ashok Khemka and Durga Shakti, why should we not suspect, Anna Hazare, Narendra Modi are also same mafia targets working in this government? 

This is possible Looking at the way civil society movement was crushed against the same corruption in the Congress government, the same mafia raaj can destroy this country with sheer misuse and abuse of political power. 

Why should  you rule out that possibility by the mafia in the government?

Dear Prime Minister, The biggest crime against the nation can only be for keeping quiet when the looting is going on with your knowledge ...and YOU keep protecting the criminals when you are fully aware about the loot. 

PC Parakh, the honest former Coal Secretary today is made a sacrificial goat? 

Because he did not fall in line. Ashok Khemka the honest IAS officer is victimized because he did not fall in line with the corrupt administration. Durga Shakti , another honest IAS officer from UP got victimized because she stood against the corrupt Sand mafia raj supported by SP.

PC Parakh is honest enough to save this country from the loot by your ministers and MPs. 

So he spoke and it is a Wake-Up-Call for India and Indians !

Because of his honesty today, this country is just getting to know some shocking facts on what is happening inside your ministries. We do not know how deep is the Mafia Raj operating within your government. But we do know, like Coal mafia, there is land mafia, Sand mafia, Food mafia, Oil mafia, Drugs mafia, power mafia, Railway mafia, Defense mafia, Sugar mafia, now onion mafia...

God knows who is running this Country?

PC Parakh exposures are serious and the PM can not get away from the responsibility and accountability about this mafia raaj. He is answerable and the guilty who have been a party to this national loot must be brought to book. 

The kind of answers given by Congress spokespersons on these mega corruption scandles are insulting the intelligence of the people of this country. 

The top level investigations by independent intelligence agency (Not CBI)  under the Supreme court guidelines must be initiated immediately to look into the Mafia Raaj corruption, loot of national resources. The criminals must be considered traitors tried and hanged so that no one dares corrupt the system again. 

Prime Minister, Congress President, Vice President who are heading this government need to prove a lot about their own Roles in the governance. 

Their Ministers like P. Chidamabaram, Kapil Sebal, Sushikumar Shinde, Rajeev Shukla, Salman Khursheed, Sharad Pawar, holding important ministries, are equally responsible for being the party in this government. Their roles also must be investigated. 

Country wants to know... who are the politicians behind the mafias looting this country?

Ajay Angre
author, Writer, Publisher

Friday, October 25, 2013

Rahul Gandhi makes irresponsible statements

Who is Rahul Gandhi? 
And why Intelligence Agencies give him feedback ?

How is it that our Intelligence passes confidential information to Rahul Gandhi? And how is it that Home minister Sushil Kumar Shinde is not taking up such a serious breach of conduct?

The problem India is facing today is of a very serious nature. 
Rahul Gandhi says, he was given an information by a Intelligence agency official who walked into his office and told him ISI is in touch with 15 Muslim Boys from Muzfarnagar after the riots.

This raises few serious questions about national security concerns.
1- Why should the intelligence pass on information of sensitive nature to Rahul Gandhi?
2- Why Rahul Gandhi is using such a sensitive information in his election speech?
3- Does he not have a political maturity to keep it confidential?
4- When he openly uses such a sensitive, confidential information in a public rally, why the Home Minister does not see something inappropriate and breaching the protocol?
5- Does this mean, he gets every information from intelligence agencies and he uses it against his political opponents? 
6- Is he not misusing his political position in the area of national security?
First of all, Rahul Gandhi has also cast serious doubts about the loyalty of Indian Muslim youth in Muzafarnagr. He has insulted the community at large and brought all of them under suspicion.
Why did he do it?? Simply to please his vote bank ? 

How irresponsible can that be?.
What he said in the Indore rally to please his vote bank is of a very serious nature and needs to be viewed very seriously. It is all concerning our national security, concerning Pakistan ISI sponsored terror attacks to kill Indians by using local contacts in India. If Rahul Gandhi does not understand what he is talking about and makes such irresponsible election speeches for vote bank politics, he surely needs to grow-up.

He further claims, he is in touch with those 15 boys in Muzafarnagar, who are in touch with Pakistan ISI ? Is he doing an intelligence job himself or just playing simple communal politics?  

The Home Minister needs to answer a lot to this nation.

This means confidential intelligence information is passed on to unauthorized people and misused for congress political agenda.
The question is...How intelligence is passing information to people not from Home ministry?  Who all get such sensitive information ? And how long is it going on?

And why Home Minister does not understand the seriousness of the such leaks? 
Home minister and Prime minister`s personal loyalties to Gandhi family should not ignore serious security concerns because, we, the common people, walking on the roads, traveling in buses, trains, visiting shopping malls, are getting killed in terror attacks. This is also a fact that home Ministry is ignoring illegal  Bangladeshi, Pakistani immigrants walking into India and settling in Mumbra, Bhivandi, Calcutta, UP. Bihar, and many pockets of India. The slums are growing everywhere and with that even the security concerns for police. And our corrupt politicians are shamelessly regularizing their status by providing them Ration cards, Voters ids only to make money out of them and create their vote banks.
Why is this a serious issue about Rahul Gandhi today?
This was exactly a situation we saw in an Emergency in 1975. The person without any cabinet portfolio, without any official post in the ministry, Sanjay Gandhi was literally running the administration and all ministers were taking directions from him. 
How is it that just MP- Rahul Gandhi has an access to confidential intelligence information and home minister nor the Prime Minister sees anything wrong in it?
Have we handed over our country to people who do not understand their responsibilities? Is this become a Banana Republic? Or a family owned business?

May be it was a blunder on our part in 2004 and again in 2009. Let us not repeat it third time again in 2014. Because that endorcement to vote Congress  back in power will spell disaster, destruction and  establishment of an authoritarian rule where you will witness corrupt Congress with its corrupt alliance partners looting this INDIA with your mandate. 

Don't repeat  that mistake again !

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher 

Rahul.. Finally You Exposed Your Communal Agenda!

What a Fake, Dishonest Claim by Rahul Gandhi?

Listen to his dramtic speech in Rajasthan.....
Yeh Log Aag Lagaa te hai, Jaise Mujafarnagar main Lagaya, Gujarat main Lagaaya, 
Aur Meroko Aag Boozaana Padta Hain !! 
This is a good line for "Jordaar Talyaa!!!" All the paid people from the audience, Congress got them at the venue in truck loads were watching a Bollywood Film.."Himaatwalla"
Rahul... there is something gone wrong while you were studying in the school. 
We all are taught to speak the truth, always. Either You have not learned why it is good to be honest in life or You on your own have learned why dishonesty is the best policy in politics? 
Can you try and be Honest with your honest electorate.?? Or You think they are emotional fools by default?
When the Muzafarnagar riots took place, Rahul Gandhi did not utter a single word in the media, he did not even bothered to visit the place. He was invisible during that time avoiding media. Because what can he say in the media? SP is his alliance partner and he needs their political patronage whenever their boat is rocking? 
His first reaction about Muzafarnagar riots appeared in the media after one month, that too, he thought, now is a grand political opportunity to blame BJP to prove communal and Congress  Secular. 
Political agenda: Blame BJP and Narendra Modi for the riots. 
Can you imagine, He is using 2002 and Muzafarnagar riots for his election campaigns to get minority votes from people.
He and his Congress party is playing a communal card to divide this country on communal lines When people have suffered mental trauma, lost their loved ones, in an unfortunate flare-ups?  When people have lost their loved ones on both sides, Hindus and Muslims, why should he talk over it and deliberately flare-up communal tensions again between two religious groups?  What is the rationale? 

Only one point agenda. Divide and Rule.
In his Rajasthan speech, where he became emotional about his personal family loss and said ..
My grandmaa was killed by them... My father was killed by them... And They will kill me too !!  But I don't care. I am willing to die for you people.
Very good dialogue packed with tragedy, emotions, sacrifice,and love for the country. This was a Bollywood script written by his unintelligent publicity mangers sounds like.
Mere pass... Gadi Hai, Bungla Hai, Swiss Bank Account Hai, Plane Hain, Robert Vadra Hai... Aur Maa Hai!!!  Tumhare Pass Kyaa Hain?? 
Rahul Gandhi... People are no fools. Why dont you talk of 1984 Riots when your own Congressmen burned, killed innocent Sikh men, women and Children? Dont you think your Congress sponsored killings in Delhi was genocide? Was it not communal violence?
Why are you fooling poor people who are worried about their daily one time meal ? Your emotional appeal, your honesty, does not think for a minute, thousands of Sikh families too lost their loved ones in 1984 riots ? 
Have you given justice to them till today?
Are those all congressmen who planned the riot in 1984 to kill Sikhs, convicted and sent to jail? 29 years now... and Sikhs have not got justice yet? Why don't you first give them justice ? 
And then talk about your secular ideology.
Till then all your secular claims are FAKE and only your Election agenda to get votes from minorities. People are smart to understand how you and your fake Secular Congress is trying to divide communities on cast and religious lines.
Finally You exposed yourself...You proved, Your agenda is Communal. Secularism for you is a MASK for you to get votes from people. 

Finally... Your speech every time exposes your Dishonest character. And today that is unacceptable to citizens of India who are looking for a Honest leader.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

My Personal Experience with Mr Modi.

Dear Friends...

I received this mail about a personal experience author had with Mr Modi while she and her husband were residing in Gujarat in 2004-2006. 

All  their personal experiences about Gujarat, about Mr Modi are written in her article. 

She is pleased to share all that they both witnessed, experienced, heard from people , even from Muslims and were pleasantly shocked.. Not residing in Gujarat now and in no way connected with  politics or political party in any ways. 

A Simple, educated, non political South Indian lady speaks a lot about her contrary experience to what is propagated by media and political parties.  Her honest experience in Gujarat which she rightly thought  must be conveyed to people of India when section of the media and political parties are painting Narendra Mod as Fascist, Divisive and communal for their own self serving agendas. There has been a deliberate campaign against Mr Modi and the common people are not told the truth and the reality by even the popular media.

These non political observations by individuals are unbiased  and have much more credibility than the propaganda by the biased media which runs paid campaigns sponsored by political interests. I can assure you we are not paid to publish this. 

Please feel free to write your comments at the end in comment box.

Ajay Angre : Author, Writer, Publisher   

Personal Experience of Interaction with Modi
Author(s) : Dr Vathsala Mani

I’m a 72 year old South Indian Brahmin lady – not belonging to Narendra Modi’s caste, 

I must mention in these days of caste-ridden mindsets – just survived the attack of the Emperor of Maladies, cancer that I have been suffering from for the past two years.  I have no expectation from life for myself, even if Modi were to become the Prime Minister of the country. 

But I want the teeming millions of my compatriots, especially the younger generation, to learn that there is another side of the Modi story than the one they get bombarded with from anti-Modi industry.

The announcement of Mr. Narendrabhai Modi as BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate for the 2014 elections in fact took me back to my Gujarat days 2004-2007. 

To begin with, I recall a conversation I had with the late Kiritbhai Rawal, the then Solicitor-General of India, whom I met in the company of my husband early in January 2004.  Kiritbhai was instrumental in getting my husband to Gandhinagar, Gujarat, to set up GNLU. 

I asked him why Modi was not replying to the many public criticisms, Kiritbhai replied: Modi would not waste his time replying them, as they would continue to crop up ad infinitude. But he would rather focus his attention and energy in developing Gujarat as no other state would, and that would be his way of answering the critics. 

It’s a pity that Kiritbhai is not alive today to watch the way Gujarat has developed.

Before my husband’s formal appointment to GNLU, he told me that he would decide on the offer only after meeting Modi (as he then had an opportunity to go abroad). 

Kiritbhai had said, the appointment would be formalized only after a meeting with Chief Minister Modi.  He soon arranged a meeting between my husband and Modi at Ahmedabad.  Besides, Kiritbhai, Modi was accompanied by two of his ministers. Towards the end of the meeting, my husband brought to the attention of Modi of his JNU background, and the fact that he had published a newspaper article on Gujarat (on the need for a law on genocide in India, published in The Hindu).  Modi’s reply was that my husband could hold any opinion he wanted, but Modi would like him to build the best law University for Gujarat.  He wanted a professional.  

My husband said, if he faced any problems on job, he would contact Modi’s office.  Modi replied: “Not my office, but me directly.”  So much for the so-called intolerance of Modi towards people who held views not agreeable to his.

My husband was impressed by the way he was treated and accepted the GNLU offer immediately.  I was happy he did so, for this brought me closer to Gujarat.  I really wanted to find out on the ground about the events leading to the 2002 riots, over which the media and political parties were going overboard. 

Also, I was earlier been snubbed badly by a senior teacher from Sambalpur, Odisha when I expressed my sincere condolences to him over the gruesome killings of Graham Steine and his children over religious intolerance.  He shouted at me: Madam, you sit in an ivory tower in Delhi and pass judgments without knowing the ground realities.  He said he felt sad human life was lost.  But what about joint families being broken up by misguided conversions?  His own family was one such victim eventually leading to coercive partition of family property for which he held the likes of Graham Steine responsible. 

How come, no media reported this side of the story?

In the initial years Gujaratis working in our Government-allotted house and also at GNLU were reluctant to open up.  Later on as mutual confidence grew, they found me friendly and helpful, and then they began to be more informal.  What they narrated to me showed that the media, particularly, English language media were lapping up one-sided news portraying Modi as the Demon and all his opponents angels. 

They told us about the earlier riots in which the Hindus were mostly at the receiving end. There were several instances of stone-throwing on Hindus passing through Muslim dominated areas of Ahmedabad.  The governments of the day kept a blind eye to all this. All the suppressed passions broke loose at the Godhra carnage, and no government, Modi or no Modi, could have stopped what followed – despicable and condemnable as both the Godhra and post-Godhra killings were.

The Teen Darwaza area is always abuzz with people jostling with one another, with mostly Hindus customers of all classes visiting shops offering all kinds of wares, mostly owned by Gujarati Muslims.  I was a regular visitor and took my friends and relatives for shopping for saris and gorgeous children’s dresses.  

A Muslim shop keeper told me once that Gujarati Muslims were all peace-loving, but the Muslim immigrants from other parts of the country often created trouble here. This was also confirmed to my husband by a sociology professor of JNU origin, from Gujarat University.
Since 2002, there has been peace and progress in the State. This is probably due to Modi’s policy of “justice for all and appeasement of none.”  

Pampering one community at the cost of another only leads to public resentment, perpetuation of communal divide.  On the ground, practices of religions are not mutually exclusive.  I was pleasantly surprised an array of Muslim traders and hawkers selling flowers and other puja samagris near Hindu temples in Ahmadabad – again the Bhadrakali temple near Teen Darwaza stood out. The hundreds of boatmen ferrying Hindu pligrims from Dwarka to Bed Dwarka and back are Muslims who earn their living by facilitating Hindu pilgrimage.

The common people were happy with Modi as he was accessible to them for a hearing. 

Modern technology made it possible for Modi to personally reach out distant villages – he even spoke to them, identified them by video-conferencing on a regular basis. People could attend government functions without any security hassles.  My housemaid told me that in not so distant past, womenfolk had to walk long distances to fetch water and return the same distances with pitchers on the head one over the other, but after Modi came the Narmada water reached their villages to their doorstep.  In terms of the luxury of getting uninterrupted electricity (I have a house in Gurgaon), Gujarat was unrivaled.

After we arrived in Gandhinagar, we were allotted a government house in Sector 22, Gandhinagar.  

Being an old construction, it needed some repairs and electrical rewiring.  The local works department office sent some electricians for the job.  When they finished the work fast and to my satisfaction, I was pleased and gave them some money by way of tips.  They were most unwilling to accept it, yet I persuaded them.  It was just a token of my appreciation of their hard work. Finally they accepted it reluctantly.  In the afternoon, to my utter surprise, two senior officers visited my house and asked me whether I paid any money to the workers and why.  I said, yes, as I was pleased with their work. It was not a bribe and I really wanted to show my appreciation.  The officers said, Madam,  you are getting us into trouble: “if Modi Saab came to know of this, we would be taken to task.”  They wanted to return the money, but I refused to take back the money.  They said, don’t do this again and put them into trouble.
This was clean, bribery-free administration for a housewife to experience.

As for the much criticized “Hindutwa” of Modi, here is food for thought.  

After the Bhoomipoojan of the GNLU campus in mid-2005 and installation of an Ashok Pillar at the entrance of the future campus, my husband happened to be a party to a discussion at the CM’s Chambers, Gandhinagar Secretariat.  The then Law Minister suggested that in the future GNLU campus there should be a Saraswati temple, just across the Ashok Pillar.  Modi killed the proposal in the bud by instantly asserting that the university was a public body to be constructed on government money.  You can’t have a temple there, as the State must be non-religious.

Further, if Modi were a ‘kattar Hindu vadi,”  why did he allow demolition of many Hindu temples that stood in the way of expansion and modernization of roads by the Gujarat Roads and Buildings Department?  Some of these temples stood in the middle of some main roads in Ahmadabad. I particularly remember a very popular Shani Dev Mandir standing in the middle of a main road, and this had to be removed.

It was my feeling that L.K.Advani was not exactly popular in his constituency in Gandhinagar.  My husband narrated to me a conversation that took place in a barber shop at the Sector 19 market on one fine morning. The shopkeeper was sharing with someone his disenchantment with Advani.  He recalled his enthusiasm to lend support for an Advani election meeting in the small open space in front of his shop.  Advani promised the audience to return to the constituency after elections and inquire about their welfare. This never happened until the next election. Two elections on, the people in the constituency had no glimpse of Advani.  Someone asked the shopkeeper, why then did he continue to vote for Advani?  

The answer was “I was supporting Modi.”  So, I don’t know who should be grateful to whom – Modi to Advani, or Advani to Modi.

Once we were returning from Junagarh after attending a function in a school.  It was around midnight by the time we reached Gandhinagar. To my utter disbelief (I was so used to Delhi), I saw girls/women walking along the road in singles or in groups, perhaps after a mid-night shift in the nearby factories. I asked our driver about safety of girls and women in Gujarat.  
The driver announced proudly that they were safe and that they could move about in the night in any part of Gujarat.

Modi also ensured poor people’s access to justice, by streamlining the administration in the Secretariat.  I was told, during Keshubhai’s time and before, the officers were not found on their seats even by 11 am, and they would nowhere be found in Gandhinagar by 3 pm.  After Modi took over, the same officers were suddenly found on their seats 9 am to 5 pm, for fear of being reported to Modi, by the people with grievances to resolve.

Access to Modi was facile to common people.  

A student of GNLU told me once that she wanted to complain against a Minister and she could walk straight into Modi’s office and submit a petition. No wonder, an employee of  GNLU – a staunch Congress supporter – said without hesitation, she would vote for Modi, if Modi were to contest from his constituency!

I have heard instances of Modi putting down some of his relatives who tried to exploit their relationship with Modi. 

Till this day, no allegation of corruption sticks on him.

The above reminiscences bring out the multifaceted personality of Modi.  He was known to be blunt and straight mincing no words – quite ‘unIndian,’ would you say? While he gave patient hearing to the needy, he had no time for sycophants, or for frivolous talk.

The purpose of this write up, however, is to warn the younger generation against being swayed by the biased and motivated anti-Modi reports. 

To a non-partisan like me, Modi has all the qualities to make him the Prime Minister of India.

Author(s) : Dr Vathsala Mani

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Prime Minister.. its time to Go!

The author Avay Shukla retired from the Indian Administrative Service in December 2010.
By: Avay Shukla  August 28, 2013

Dear Prime Minister
 Its time for You to Go ! 
The government headed by you has already taken the country back to 1990 in sheer economic terms, and in terms of other social and public values we have reached the nadir of the Dark Ages.

The country had great hopes from you when it voted you to power in 2004, 
And even higher expectations when it renewed your mandate in 2009 after your sterling display of vision and courage in the nuclear deal. But you only flattered to deceive, and for reasons which are now becoming obvious, relinquished any pretense of leadership or governance.

You were never a politician- a positive for most of the voters – 
and the two qualities that made us repose our trust in you were your honesty and your acknowledged status as an eminent economist. Today, both lie in tatters- you have betrayed our trust, not substantially but wholly, and therefore you must go.
A person who allows others to loot cannot be honest. A Manager who does not raise his voice when illegalities are being committed by his subordinates cannot be honest.
A law maker who protects criminals cannot be honest. And a Prime Minister who does all this simply to remain in power cannot be honest. Your honesty has already cost the country dearly, 
Mr. Prime Minister, and we cannot sustain this cost any longer.
You had everything going for you when you took over in 2004– an economy growing at 8-9%, a Current Account SURPLUS of US$ 10.56 billion, Foreign Exchange reserves in excess of US$ 400 billion, a comfortable net INFLOW of Foreign Direct Investment.
After nine years of your being at the helm, the growth rate is down to 5% and falling. The Rupee has reached an exchange rate of 65 to the dollar. Nobody believes Chidambaram anymore, and continue to maintain your sphinx-like silence.

In the meantime inflation continues unabated, jobs are being lost by the millions , Indian industry prefers to take its money abroad, infrastructure projects languish somewhere between Messers Jaiswal, Jyotiraditya Scindia and Montek Singh Ahluwalia, and a liter of cooking oil now costs more than two liters of beer!
And this is at the precise time when the rest of the world is coming out of its downturn! No, sir, you and your forty thieves have been so busy with your petty politicking, with ensuring the survival of a particular dynasty, securing the financial well being of future generations of your party colleagues and allies, dividing communities and classes, that you have had no time for planning and taking decisions.
The only decisions you HAVE taken boggle the mind. 
We are already spending 75,000 crores every year on our Public Distribution System: every single survey indicates that at least 40% of this, or 30,000 crores is siphoned off by politicians, bureaucrats and middle-men. And now your govt. is determined to pour another 50,000 crores into this bottomless pit through the Food Security Act! 
What for? Why only to please your high command?

And that too at a time when you have no money for infrastructure development or health and education ( in both of which we now lag behind even Sri Lanka and Bangladesh!). Is it worth destroying a country just so your motley crew can win another election?

Had it been only the economic downturn, we could perhaps have been more generous. For economics, as we all know, is not only a dismal science, it is also an uncertain one: as they say, even if one were to lay down all economists end to end, we still wouldn’t reach a conclusion!

You have systematically sought to destroy every fiber of the democratic fabric of this nation. Constitutional authorities have been attacked publicly by your minions and sought to be humiliated at every turn: remember the diatribes against Vinod Rai and the Central Information Commissioner?

Statutory authorities like the CBI and the office of the Attorney General have been subverted and made to fall in line, your party’s line. 
Your oath of office demanded that you protect them, but you remained mute.

You have shown contempt for the orders of the Supreme Court even. The Court’s judgments, instead of being respected and seen as a matter for serious contemplation, are publicly criticized and sought to be by-passed by the collation of a consensus of those affected by the judgments (!) and a brute legislative majority.

So criminals can continue in Parliament.  
Merit will find no place in the selection of Doctors (at the senior most, Professor, level) even in Super specialty disciplines; minorities will get reservations in government jobs even though the Constitution forbids it.

You behave as if the Opposition is not part of the democratic process, 
that it is a nuisance that is best ignored; consequently, all communication between the two has now snapped, and the nation is a helpless witness to a Parliament that resembles a rugby locker room in both language and action and is in a permanent state of adjournment.

It is your party which laid down the rules of engagement. 
By refusing to walk the extra mile to accommodate even the legitimate demands of the Opposition, and by sabotaging time and again the Committees of Parliament, you have eviscerated this vital organ of democracy which under you has become as vertiginous and irrelevant as your appendix.

Practically no legislative work has been done in the last two years: 
There are 116 bills pending in both Houses, of which 19 and 21 relate to financial and educational reforms, respectively, two of the areas that need immediate attention.

But your lack of concern is matched only by your shocking sense of priorities: instead of trying to push these bills, you have instead chosen to concentrate your fading energies on two other amendments that can only make politics murkier and more criminalized: 
removing the disqualification of convicted legislators, and exempting political parties from the RTI Act!

Perhaps the biggest price for your incompetence and your colleagues’ venality is being paid by our defense forces: all three are many years behind in terms of armaments and weaponry ( because another ” honest” Minister, Mr. Antony, will neither effect purchases from abroad nor allow FDI in defense production) and their very capacity to defend the country has been seriously eroded.

Who will defend our borders in such a scenario, Mr. Prime Minister- 
the lethal barbs of Mr. Manish Tewari, or the boomerangs of Mr. Digvijay Singh or the IEDs of Mr. Mani Shankar Iyer? Even worse, you have demoralized our armed forces by the constant interference of your Ministry and completely taken away their operational and tactical independence.

Under you we have become a whining nation- we whine when Pakistani troops shoot our soldiers, we whine when Chinese troops camp on our territory for weeks on end, we whine when Italian marines shoot our sailors, we whine when the Sri Lanka navy arrests our fishermen, we whine when our ex-President is frisked at an American airport.

Under you a once-proud nation is being kicked around by even a Maldives or a Bhutan. What in God’s name have you done to our image?

In communal terms, we have always been a fractured society. But true leaders have in the past tried to bridge these fissures. To you, however, will go the dubious credit of widening and deepening these cracks between communities and castes.
In order to survive, your party has countenanced the retrograde decisions of allies that can only raise the confrontational pitch: earmarking of state budgets for a religious minority, reservations in jobs for the same community (which goes against the express provisions of our Constitution), reservations in promotions (which has been struck down by the courts), setting up of a central Commission to review the (criminal) cases of suspects of one community only.

It is your party which has put communalism at the center of the campaign for next year’s election, not the BJP or Mr. Modi. 
The former has consciously down played the Ram Mandir issue, and Modi had made it clear that development was going to be his plank. But this did not suit you, since your party couldn’t possibly debate him on this plank, what with your miserable record of the last five years.

So you deliberately inserted the communal element,  
as did your allies, by harping only on the 2002 Gujarat riots. To his credit, Mr. Modi has so far not agreed to stoop so low, and I do not think your strategy will work.

But you have in the process vitiated the atmosphere for a long time to come, reopened old wounds that were beginning to heal, and provided a legitimate space for hot heads on both sides of the divide.

How much damage to the country is one Parliamentary seat worth, Mr. Prime Minister? How many more Partitions will you recreate to satisfy your party’s lust for power?

Your opportunistic creation of Telangana has sown the seeds of disputes and blood-letting in all parts of the country that will sorely test the federal integrity of our country for many years to come. There are twenty one more statehood specters waiting in the wings and by the time they are exorcised we may have ceased to exist as one nation.

Do I need to refer to the endemic corruption that your government has been indulging in these last ten years? And to your pathetic attempts to distance yourself from them, even though it is gradually becoming clearer with each passing day that you were aware of what was happening and did nothing to stop it? Why?

Your deafening silence on all these matters-you have spoken in both houses of Parliament only fifty times in ten years-defies logic and conventional wisdom. And that leads me to speculate whether we are underestimating you.

Is there, after all, a method in your madness? Could it be that you are reconciled to losing the next elections and are therefore deliberately implementing a scorched earth policy?

That you will leave behind as a legacy for the next government an India that is bankrupt, ungovernable, riven by caste and communal conflicts, all its institutions destroyed?

An India that will soon be on its knees, begging for your party- the lone horseman riding in from the sunset, in Rahul Gandhi’s words, don’t forget-to take over the reins again, and save the country from perdition

Your party has stripped this country like a cloud of locusts. You have sown every type of poisonous seed known to your ilk and we shall be reaping the bitter harvest for many years hence. You have engendered an atmosphere of uncertainty, venality, indecision, communal ism, opportunism, criminalization and defiance of constitutional and statutory institutions which cannot be allowed to continue, for that way lies certain disaster.

Elections are nine months’ hence but we cannot allow this conception to come to full term: the seed sown by you can only destroy this country and must be aborted. 
The time has come for you to go, Mr. Prime Minister, and to go immediately.

Call for elections now, end the uncertainty, let us get on with our lives, give this country a chance to redeem itself. 
Do one last service to this nation, sir- stand not upon the order of your going, BUT GO!

Written By Avay Shukla