Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Do you think India can pass China in becoming a super power?

 Can India pass China in becoming Super Power

Let us not compare ourselves with anyone and surely not China. 

It is showing it's mighty power to the world not merely by making empty statements but by doing things that requires vision, planning, and technological skills.

If China has developed so fast and taken the world by surprise and even threatened some of the world's economies and industries across their borders, It is only because of their "VISION" in place and right policies. They realized not too long back that communist theory has failed in totality and it only sounds good in books.

But the most important lesson they learned was... a radical change in policies and vision for progress is the need of the hour. They immediately changed their approach and course. Unlike Indian political class.

Well I don't wish to get into an argument with lot many Indians that China doesn't have democracy and the human rights are grossly violated. I accept all that, but today, that is not the point of discussion or debate nor of any argument or any relevance. It is merely a smart argument put forward by some politicians to cover their backs.

However, you can't miss the most important point, that is... How, so fast they changed everything from nothing ? How they made such a impressive progress in every sector of the economy that the world is taken by surprise and few countries feel threatened?

Whether you like it or not... China has surpassed many countries in their economic advancement and growth. The fact is ... at this rate and vision, China will soon become a Super Power !! When it becomes and how long it will take is all matter of any one's perception.

But why are we not accepting the fact that today Chinese goods are seen all over the place all over the world. 

Can you deny that? What Japan was 50 years ago, China is today. Even in 50s, Japanese good's were classified as cheap imitations of German products. But look at Japan today. Everyone of us is asking for " Made in Japan " products. And proudly tell others, it is made in Japan. Don't you see China is going the same way? Whether you like it or not,

In our case, lack of vision, no right policies, no short term or long term objectives, no political will and incompetent, corrupt politicians are heading the governments.

The result is... poor governance and scams. What we read and see in the news is just the tip of the ice-burg.

Yes, I can hear few voices saying... China could do it because there is no democracy. Surely, I agree to that to certain extent, but perusing a dynamic vision through new perspectives and new thinking is what India need to do in the larger interest of the country. We don't want to accept our wrong doings of the past 60 years. Our corrupt political class, corrupt bureaucracy, corrupt administration, corrupt governance and over and above, rudderless voyage with no vision in place, no political will and no national pride is at the bottom of our state of affairs today.

The only argument over and over I hear from many is " please, don't paint us so black ! " We have not done that bad.? Or.. it is really a very pessimistic view and so very negative!!

So will someone tell one billion people what is optimistic view? And what is positive thinking?

Just the latest developments in EGYPT is a classic example of what happens when you keep fooling people all the time. Similar political situation where corruption, use of force, looting country's wealth, high prices, rich becoming richer and poor poorer, triggered the peoples movement against the mighty ruler who was looting the country for years.

Thirty long years, people of EGYPT did display positive thinking, optimism, and a hope that things will improve but nothing of the sort happened. And one fine day... the sentiment of common people came to boiling point... when everyone said... "Enough is Enough" We are willing to brave the bullets but won't allow this loot of our country. Hosni Mubarak had to step down.

Our politicians keep saying...our problem is huge population. It hampers our growth, development and progress. But China has the largest population in the world and still making progress? How? And the best part is... with all their own technical skills.

Now I know, some Indians will say, China has a different political system and it is not Democracy. India has a problem because of Democracy.

I accept the first part of argument and agree that, in a non -democratic political system the opposition in any form is non existing or not entertained. But who stopped Democratic government in India to provide uninterrupted power supply, clean hygienic water supply, good roads, good health and eduction facilities, good transportation, good effective governance and clean administration?

Is it the people who voted politicians in power for the last 63 years stopped politicians from good, effective governance?

Please... Don't insult our intelligence. Japan and Germany after second world war build themselves as industrial powers in last 50 years. We could not. You know why?

It is the failure of our leadership and incompetent, corrupt political class who could not shape up our future in the right direction. It is a collective failure of our political governance that is responsible for this state of affairs which is sad, pathetic and outrageous.

Don't think of China.... Look at China as an example. They have overcome all challenges.

YES! What India needs is a leader with visionary power and a strong will, who is capable of facing challenges in all adverse conditions. Who is focused with highest principles and will not bend backward and forward for the lust of power.

In one billion population... don't we have one, capable, competent, visionary?

I am sure ... We do! I believe... we do! But I know, there is none from the present lot.

So my fellow citizens... time has come to make that choice. Don't get fooled anymore. We need to think a lot before we cast our VOTE.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher.