Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Is our Government capable of dealing with Terrorism ?

Is this government capable of dealing with Terrorism ?

Is the present day government competent to deal with Terrorists and Terrorism?

Is this government capable? Does this government have the political will and determination to firmly, boldly and outrageously deal with Terrorists?

We see, leading national TV channels hosting  debates after debates. After every bomb blast and terror attack, electronic media invites few politicians who like salesmen,  dish out their political speech. Same old arguments. months after months. Blaming each other and digging old skeletons of the past governments. Somebody else is responsible but not our government. 

These shameless politicians, when a mother and father of a lost son or a daughter, sister, or a brother are still mourning and in deep sorrow,  talk some nonsense in these high drama debates. You feel like telling these politicians, administrators, bureaucrats that,  enough is enough. We are talking about next Terror attack and the next and the next, when someone will again loose a father a mother and a sister or brother.  

For heaven sake...  

STOP playing vote bank politics. If you can't save our lives, lives of our loved ones, Quit.

Or...Talk of efficient intelligence network in place. Talk of stricter laws. Talk of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, Pakistan. Talk of efficient security force. Talk of a defense force in place in every state like an Army which can deal with well trained enemy. We need soldiers to deal with terrorists. 

We need to see ACTION  and action plan. Not your political speeches.

It is not a job of local police force. They have their own problems. They are overworked in giving security cover to politicians, Bollywood personalities and even small time politicians from every small gally. They carry 1856 riffles? Batons?  They are not trained for terror attacks. The politicians running the governments are using, misusing and abusing the police force for their own gains. Look at the classic example of "My Name is Khan" movie release? Almost entire police and security force all over Maharashtra was used to just release one film. It was like a state sponsored show. And at whose cost? Taxpayers expense. The CM of Maharashtra owe an explanation to the electorate.

What really do we have in place after 26/11? 

Just nothing. Our sea links are still not covered adequately with security cover.  26/11 exposed this administration of their incompetence and huge weaknesses resulting in 26/11 deadly terror strike. The shameful thing is,  center every time blames State government and State blames Center. What a pity? The common people are dieing on the street. In the bus. At railway stations. In the bazaar. Malls. And  the politicians move around with Z  plus plus security rings around them? What a shame? 

The question common man today asking is....

Are you going to just keep talking that we will do this and that? a governing body in place going to perform?  To save us from next terror attack.

Finally...The buck must stop going around. 

As a concerned citizen,  if you share my sentiments, do write here so that you will not be taken for granted and may be you will  help save your loved ones loosing life in terror attacks. 

I know, there are no permanent solutions. But it is a war we must fight.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher