Saturday, April 30, 2011

Digvijay Singh, Explain to civil society.

Mr Digvijaya Singh,Will you explain to civil society?

Digvijaya Singh questions on national TV channels. 

Question : What has Justice Santosh Hegde done in Karnataka as Lok Ayukta?

He said further, he may be good as a person but has he stopped corruption in Karnataka? Hegde in Lok Ayukta of Karnataka has not been effective in curbing corruption.  

So his question is, how can he (Santosh Hegde) be on the drafting panel of Anna Hazare for Lok pal bill ?... - -- -- -- Digvijaya Singh.
Mr Digvijaya Singh civil society is asking you:   

With the same token will you ask your PM to step down? We considered him as a nice, clean person but under his leadership look how many scams took place? And we believe it is just the tip of the iceberg.  He too is not effective in curbing corruption?

If you are sincere, honest man with integrity, come in front of national TV and  ask your PM to resign first. 

Before talking against Justice Hegde, Anna Hazare and questioning their credibility and integrity, you need to demand resignation of ... Your Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar.

Because there are charges against him too. You never uttered a word when IPL scam took place? Sugar, onion, garlic, pulses prices shot up sky high and living became hell for common man. 

Where were you Digvijaya Singh?

Media was reporting with visual coverage on tons and tons of wheat that was rotting in the godowns and outside, where were you Digvijaya Singh? Which minister was responsible and why did you not ask him to step down on moral grounds?

When 2G scam took place you did not come on national TV and asked A.Raja to resign? When CWG scam took place you did not ask Suresh Kalmadi to step down on moral grounds? 

Will you ask your CM of Maharashtra to resign on moral grounds because he has charges against him too that he has acquired a flat in Bhakti Park society in Wadala under Chief Minister's discretionary quota meant for economically weaker section by showing wrong income?

Ask your Home Minister of Maharashtra to resign because 26/11 happened when R.R.Patil was Home Minister then. He lost the moral right to stay in power after 26/11. Today R.R.Patil  is still the Home Minister of Maharashtra? 

Do you think all these people have the moral right to stay in power? 

And finally, according to today's news report  in HT, dt. Apr 23, 2011, is your own credibility not under question as a politician or a public figure?

This case is registered in July 2008. It says and I quote,  with your political power you have been pressurizing authorities to keep you off the hook in this land scam.

What right do you have to stay in any public office or even as Congress General Secretary? If  you and your party believes in morality, it is high time you first prove your own credibility. 

What moral right you have to question others credibility ?

May be all politicians like you, and many others have come to think that civil society can be fooled. But remember, only sometimes, not all the time.

You are insulting our intelligence. We, the civil society do understand who is fooling with us. and who is honest.

Civil Society is waiting to hear from you on the national TV channels.

Ajay Angre 
Author, Writer, Publisher 

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