Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Congress Stands Exposed

Dear Friends.. 

Congress is showing true colors! 

This was expected and it is happening because no one from political class is serious to bring in LOKPAL BILL with strong teeth to it.

Do you really expect politicians will endorse a bill to hang themselves?

You and me are taken for fools by these politicians. They first played dirty with Baba Ram Dev and  Baba too played in the hands of Congress and walked into their trap. The grand plan so well conceived by Congress that it worked as it was designed to work.
Baba was then put into dock to prove his credentials and accused of following RSS and BJP agenda.

Now it is Anna Hazare and his team. Plan B is in action. Demolish them too.

Very shrewdly and smartly congress with all their force trying to discredit Anna Hazare and his team with the same allegations. Congress says, Anna's movement is scripted by none other than RSS and BJP because this civil movement is backed by RSS and BJP only.
Just read these remarks... by Congress speakers
Top SR Minister Pranab Mukharjee says... " These arm twisting tactics, blackmailing to go on hunger strike is nothing  but undermining democratic institutions of this country and it is a  dangerous trend emerging in the country

" What are these demands? Is this a circus???.... Pranab Mukharjee 

Manish Tiwari Congress spokes person says... Anna Hazare and his team is just a front, the script they are reading is written  by somebody else and we know it is RSS and BJP who are indirectly provoking this so called  civil society movement. 
Jayanthi Natrajan anf Renuka Chaudhari of Congress says...
Who is Prashant Bhushan? We are the elected people from civil society. What is his standing? Who has elected  him from civil society? Who gave him and his team the rights to question elected parliamentarians, politicians and the constitution of this country?
Dr Shaqeel Ahemad, Digvijay Singh from Congress and NCP, leaders, also Lalu Prasad Yadav,  few journalists, few prominent personalities from society, some social activists and still few from elite class who think that once elected government is placed in the parliament, the rights of civil society seize.  If that is so... then

What happens if parliamentarians don't play their role in all the honesty?  Do the electorate wait for next five years as a mute spectator?

Suhail Seth, Patchi Karkaria, Vinod Mehata, Vinod Sharma, and many others think and say in the TV debates that aam admi, amm janata  can not question parliamentarians about their business. But YES, all these journalists, intellectual community like Suhail Seth, Vinod Sharma, Ranjana Kumari, Patchi Karkaria have the rights to write articles, express their views for or against in the open forums. But not Civil society members?

What kind of a democracy are we practicing? Where these few intellectuals think it is completely their right to assert? 

I say...Forget about Baba Ram Dev, Anna Hazare and civil society members. Let us be straight today...

I have not heard, till today, anyone from this lot asking these questions  to this elected government? or Elected Representatives. WHY? 

Question :1

Why have you not been proactive in making strict laws to catch the corrupt?


Why there is so much of corruption  in all walks of life at every level and so many politicians are involved and no one is till today punished and gone to jail? 


Why In 60 years Lokpal bill could  not be passed, and  strict laws were not made against corruption and  corrupt practices? 

Question :4 

Who is responsible for...

2G, 3G scam? CWG scam? Defense scams? Adarsha scam? Telgi scam?  Oil scam? Land scams? Food scams? Scams in Railways, Air India, Health and educational schemes?

The fact is ... 

All these scams are unearthed by media and alert journalists. Few Social activists and few citizens have been fighting  against unfair practices in the courts against corruption and few have lost lives too in this fight.  Killing of J. Dey, the senior journalist of MID DAY  in the broad day light just today is a classic example of underworld, mafia raj and corruption in the security agencies, police and administration.

The judiciary has taken serious view against corrupt practices, corruption at all levels in the country and Supreme court, high courts have put the government in the dock raising questions about failing to deliver what the civil society elected the government for. 

This elected government and the elected representatives have not ever exposed any corrupt politician but provided cover and shelter to take refuge. Like for example, Hasan Ali case, A Raja, Suresh Kalmadi, Quotrochi, Telgi stamp paer scam, Union carbide President, and many others. 

The loot has been going on in day light for many years by ministers in power, politicians, government officers, bureaucrats  and  few businessmen. 

We civilians know this well and are fully convinced now that politicians will never make laws to hang themselves. 

It is this very reason why Civil society has come on the streets.behind Anna Hazare and Baba Ram Dev, Do not blame the civil society and insult the intelligence of common man  on the street. This is no circus, nor a navtanki or tamasha as it is described by many politicians who are not honest to themselves and to civil society. This is their sheer arrogance. 

The fact is .... 

When the civil society movement started growing and  suddenly gaining support of the YOUTH and common people from all corners of the country and from world over... 

It is the Congress who wrote the script to demolish this people's movement. 

The party which claims to follow Gandhian philosophy is neither following Gandhian teachings not practicing it in real life.

It stands completely exposed by its own acts.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher