Monday, March 17, 2014

NAC Headed By Sonia Gandhi Exposed.

Now this article exposes NAC 
(National Advisory Council headed By Sonia Gandhi)
For working against national interests

Should we trust these set-ups when it concerns our National security?

Two prominent members of the National Advisory Council (NAC) headed by Sonia Gandhi wanted to save Pakistani terrorist and one of the ten 26/11 attackers Ajmal Kasab from the gallows.

Who really are they working for? Are they working in the interest of India or some outside foundations who are funding them ?

Have they ever visited the families who lost their loved ones in the 26/ 11 attck to find out how are the coping with the loss of their loved once? There are some who are living with the pain of physical disabilities. There are some who lost their sole earning member of the family whose livelihood depended on him or her.

Are these shameless people working for Human Rights or the rights of Terrorists?

If they are... let them go to Pakistan and work for ISI or Hafeez Saeed. We dont need them here in India with their kindness for the terrorists who killed our loved once. Who behead our soldiers and carry heads of our soldiers in public with joy and celebrations.

Let them get out of India and stay in Pakistan because these Human Rights activists are misguided souls who talk for Maoists, Naxalites who keep killing our innocent Indians 365 days and work against our national interests.

We don't need such Activists who care damn for our people and more for Terrorists.

People of India must know who is who in this organizations deceptively working for some other interests from Indian soil.

Read this article which exposes NAC and Arundhati Roy and few others. Fforward this to all your contacts to expose these proxies working for ISI, Pakistan or Ford Foundation shamelessly.