Friday, May 6, 2011

The Civil Society must engage in Reforms.

Now it is your turn to talk: The Civil Society. 

Because you and me must be a part of this process. 
Well, the bill is being drafted, discussed and debated by ten member committee who are all
experts and thinking intellectuals. Civil society members with legal expertise are involved and engaged with legal hawks in discussions. 

It surely is no small task to frame laws for anyone and it indeed is an involved exercise that requires deep understanding of legal aspects and vision. 

But the job has to be done and it is time that it is done to plug all the loop holes deliberately left for easy escape for all the corrupt minds. 

Civil society must be involved now. That is YOU and ME. 

We know by now, our politicians will never draft a bill that will meet our expectations simply because, had they been sincere and honest, with national interest at heart, in the last sixty years, we would have had effective laws in place and we would not have seen Boffors, Telgi scam, 2G scam, Adarsha scam, CWG scam, Hasan Ali fraud and many more. 
That is why, we need to support Anna Hazare and his movement against corruption, misrule, poor governance and criminalization of politics.
Express yourself NOW...  what the civil society expects from the experts on the committee.
How to catch the criminals of this corrupt practices in the society who have been looting this country for long and going unpunished. 

We want every corrupt person to be caught, punished and thrown behind the bars. The money and properties recovered and set an example for others not to ever even think of indulging in this national loot. 

It must be treated like anti national activity and the severest of sever punishment must be given to reflect this sentiment. 

All thinking people express your idea about the laws you want. You will be satisfied with. 

That you feel, YES, Finally, Justice is being done and done in time. 

Ajay Angre 
Author, Writer, Publisher