Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dear Prime Minister...

Is this government of the people?
and for the people?

Dear Citizens...

The arrogance of ruling class is growing day by day.  The way their ministers are talking in public, the cheap language they are using against Anna Hazare and other members of the civil society is annoying and insulting to civil society. 

The remarks by politicians like Kapil Sibal, Digvijay  Singh, Renuka Chaudhari, Shaqil Ahemed and many others are utterly arrogant and uncivilized.  

And that is why it is serious and needs to be condemned with strong disapproval.
 If this government as it claims had serious charges against Baba Ram Dev, against his team, his properties, his companies, businesses, his financial matters, it is entirely Govt. business, the law of the land will decide how to deal with the guilty. 

But the question today is different, and it is about fundamental rights of the people staging peaceful protest. Let us not divert the issue in question this episode has raised.

Why should innocent citizens be beaten up to settle the score with Baba Ram Dev? At 1 o'clock in the midnight?   

The people at the venue were all ordinary citizens and not terrorists nor gangsters.They were sleeping, not armed, and not  even a threat to law and order.

Why the spinal cords, skulls, legs, arms of the ordinary people were broken? When it was not their fault?  And why the force of 5000 jawans from Rapid force was used against innocent  men, women, old men, children and young girls ? 

How is it justified? How the Prime minister and Home Minister justifies this brutal action? 

The fact is, Government had grand plans for using and misusing Baba Ram Dev against Anna Hazare and his team to split civil society. And as a part of this plan, Baba was given red carpet welcome at the airport by four senior ministers which was a well planned political move to demolish Anna Hazare and his crusade against corruption because it was becoming increasingly difficult to deal with tough people on the team of Anna Hazare.

So the smart move was planned by few senior Congress ministers to demolish this whole movement and Baba walked in the Congress trap. Anna Hazare had warned Baba though. 

But the bigger question is not about Congress playing game, it is about ... 

After the brutal attack, 40/50 people got injured, some are serious and still struggling with life in the hospital. But Delhi Police commissioner came on national TV channels and denied use of excessive Lathee charge on the people when the live TV visuals clearly had captured the brutal attack on the innocent people on 4th midnight. Camera's do not lie. 

Then... what is this massive cover-up going on by the senior Congress ministers of Manmohan Singh?
There is no regret felt at all, not even by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. And in the yesterday's press conference by Home minister, there was a crude attempt made to prove how the police action was justified with some RSS stories. But the Home minister who gave some intelligence reports from 2009, never explained the connection between the reports and the beating of innocent unarmed citizens at 1 in the midnight. 

Trying to justify the ACT of excesses on innocent people? Brutality on innocent ?
This government has become insensitive and arrogant. 

Even British Empire was not so insensitive and had set up a committee against Gen. Dire who was responsible for brutal firing on unarmed peaceful gathering at  Jalianwalah Baug. The British administration did not spare Gen Dire in condemning his brutal, uncalled for act.

But then, Britishers were invaders and foreigners ruling over India. Today, in Independent India, we are beaten up in our sleep, tear gassed, lathee charged, shot at, crushed by our own elected government? By our elected representatives? And the act is justified too !! What a shame?? 

Isn't it a mockery of our democracy? 

That few arrogant politicians have started thinking this country is owned by few politicians, their families, their sons and daughters, in-laws and ordinary people have no stake in the ownership, no rights whatsoever in the governance and in ruling, once they get elected. 

What a mockery of our democratic rights given by our constitution? 

This is a dangerous situation and very similar to 1974 emergency when the sameCongress ruling class had reacted arrogantly and disrespected High court verdict against then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and emergency was introduced for enjoying political powers.

The same Congress who showed its fascists, ugly face in 1974, disrespected court verdict then, misused intelligence and police. Arrested hundreds of opposition leaders like Jayaprakash Narayan and threw them in the jail. Throttled media by banning news broadcast all over. Today, this Congress is telling civil society shamelessly that you have fascist agenda?

Dear Citizens... Don't get sucked in. 

Today. you make a mistake of misjudging, miss reading this political situation created once again by same ruling congress,  who wish that, in this democratic independent India, there should not be a word of opposition to their rule, no protest march, no Uposhan against their miss governance, their corrupt rule, corrupt politicians, and their collective loot of this country, YOU will be making a big mistake.

TODAY... Stand behind Anna Hazare firmly once again to protest against the assault on our democratic and constitutional rights.

Make no mistake, Let the people's power be seen, heard and felt.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher