Saturday, October 19, 2013

PM: I am not a lameduck!

Dear Fellow citizens, 

Our Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh has decided on the advise of  his core team ministers like Kapil Sibal, Pranab Daa, and his close colleagues from his cabinet, to interact with media on frequent basis and the first press meet was arranged with senior editors of five newspapers last week.

What questions were asked by the senior editors to PM is a matter of question but the PM briefed himself senior editors and all of them came out of the press conference with full satisfaction on whatever PM said. 

Kumar Ketkar when  asked by the electronic media how was the meet, he said it was good. Why was it good? Kumar Ketkar said, PM talked on all the issues and explained his side from LOKPAL BILL to 2G scams, and all other issues people are concerned about.

And what else did he say? 

Nothing much. But he spoke to all of us very frankly and assured us, all the issues our nation is facing for some reasons will soon be solved and solutions will be found.  Kumar Ketkar. 

So what was the message he wanted to give to the nation?

Nothing. He said everything is fine and nothing to worry and we also were convinced with his honesty to have a frank discussion with all of us.

So what the nation should understand from this hi profile meeting?

Well, everything is fine. Media is making stories with sensational Breaking News. So media must act more responsibly and not like gossipers. Kumar Ketkare said.

This is all a creation of media about Prime Minister`s silence on all the scams and so called exposes... which are all baseless and the PM assured all of us on corruption issues that the truth will surface soon from this dirty waters. We all editors felt relived with his assurances and enjoyed snacks and 10 course Buffet lunch arranged for us. The Buffet was delightful, personally PM had selected dishes for all the senior Editors. 

Now only last question to Kumar Ketkar.

Did honorable Editors got White Envelops from PM for being supportive? Hello!!! Kumar Ketkar!??? Where are you??? Please tell us how does section of media and few journalists are supporting Congress and running a prapoganda against BJP and Mr Modi???

Please tell us that.


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