Monday, March 17, 2014

What is the Role of Ford foundation in India?

I got this scary information today on my FB wall 
I would like to share it with you all.

Is India Safe? 
Is our National Security compromised?
What is the role of 
Ford Foundation in Indian politics?

DON'T TAKE IT AS JUST ANOTHER FB POST. You will be responsible indirectly to hurt India and Indian interests.

This is serious. This is scary. And this is worrying. 

The story about AAP is gradually unfolding and exposing the actors behind working to hurt India and Indian interests.

It is shocking and for very long time this information is doing rounds in public domain. I myself have read articles researched by others too on the same subject raising questions on the Role of Ford Foundation and Indian politics.

Their indirect liberal funding to Social activists, some NGOs, Human Rights activists, some journalists,and some media houses in India certainly needs a serious view as to why this funding in India by Ford foundation and what is the objective?

This is a well researched article by By: Professor R Vaidyanathan and its Headline says it all.

IS INDIA SAFE? What is Ford Foundation?

This article reveals many sides of foreign funding to many so called Social activists working under some fake fronts. AAP seems to be one of them.

Those who are not able to see what may be happening behind the curtains, this I hope is an eye opener clearly threatening National security of India. This throws some light on what is really happening in Indian politics.

I have raised the same issues about possible ISI involvement in our politics, governance, bureaucracy, and God knows where all places that is creating national security issues because there is a good possibility, according to news reports that there are "Moles" working in our political system. And there is a good possibility that some vested interests are working in Indian politics with external powers to destabilize India ?

And as regards to CIA, it is a known arm of US to play its destructive role in many countries in toppling governments, destabilizing economies and creating political chaos. 

Ford Foundation seems to be a Front of a larger conspiracy and needs to be exposed if it is hiring few social activists, journalists and even media houses to do the same in India. AAP style of politics of anarchy and all other NGOs which are found targeting BJP and Narendra Modi is a politically motivated campaign going on for the last 10-12 years and on this background  real activities of these NGOs need to be under scanner if they are posing a threat to national security of India.

To understand this perspective in proper dimension read this well researched article and share it will all your contacts to create an awareness among people. Main stream media is not going to revel this story.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

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