Saturday, December 20, 2014

Can You Call All Pakistani Population Bad because of Pak Taliban?

It would be simply unfair to Call 
All Pakistanis Bad.

I agree with Former Supreme Court judge and ex chairman of the Press Council of India (PCI) Markandey Katju who said 99 per cent of Pakistanis are good and only some of them, who are corrupted by society, resort to bad things.
He is talking of common people of Pakistan who are like you and me, just ordinary people who do not play any role in politics or government policies.

You simply can not paint every one with the same brush. 

What is happening in Pakistan is a creation of their Army top brass and corrupt politicians who have created this situation in Pakistan. The ordinary people do not live by politics of such self serving goals. Only politicians for their political agenda and greed for power create monsters like Taliban or Hafeez Saeed and Lakhvis.

And when there is abject poverty, it becomes very easy for politicians to exploit the situation with their political corruption to stay in power and provoke people with political propaganda against their political targets.

We have been witness to such political propaganda in India too. 

Secular versus Communal political campaigns in India orchestrated by our political leaders are nothing but to mislead masses into believing what the political parties wants them to. It is a "Divide and Rule" strategy that Indian and Pakistani politicians have learned from their Ex British rulers that helps the political class stay in power by keep fooling people.

But when they over do it, they get exposed and commoners do not buy their stories.

Surely, all those who lost their loved ones in Peshawar killings by Tliban Terrorists did not create Taliban monsters. They paid the price for somebody who is playing dirty politics with them from post independence time.

This fact is proved when you see irresponsible misleading statements made by Pakistan´s so called political leaders and Ex Army-men who speak lies even today to their countrymen after Peshawar killings of innocent children.

Parvez Mushraf says, India is responsible for Peshawar attack when Tahirek eh Taliban claimed full responsibility immediately about Peshawar attack? And they even gave the reasons why they decided to attaked Army School. Because, Pakistani Army was killing Taliban militants and their families. This was said in their official statement issued by Tahrik ek Taliban.

And surprisingly, all the Pakistani Ex Army retired men when they appear on Indian TV channels claim It is India who orchestrated Peshawar attack with RAW, the Indian Research And Analysis Wing (RAW) ?

What does it all reveal about them?

Today, in Peshawar terror attack, when Taliban has clearly claimed the responsibility, why India´s name is dragged by these Pakistani state players? Isnt it totally dishonest to mislead Pakistani people today to say this? Pak Army and  Pak politicians have been fooling their own people and the world.

Taliban is their own creation and today their citizens are paying heavy price because of their dishonest, self serving, selfish, power hungry Army men and Political class who have been supporting Taliban. And they are totally exposed with their political design in front of their own people. To save their faces, they are shamelessly trying to change the focus, so that people of Pakistan don't blame the Pakistan establishment for the loss of their loved ones.

Pakistani Army men, politicians from Bhuttos, to Imran khan, and Nawaz Sheriff are misleading their own people and waging a war against India to cover their own political interests.

Ordinary people of Pakistan do not have any role in this except they are today unfortunate targets of these terrorist groups like Indians are.

What is happening in Pakistan is an unfortunate thing and the political leadership, all political parties and Army needs to introspect and revisit their political approach once again or else the people of Pakistan will be living their lives with these terror threats 24 X 7, 365 days. And again this terror groups are so ambitious to spread their wings all over the world that, if not dealt firmly now, it can pose threat to rest of the world too as we have recently seen terror attack in Sydney Cafe in Australia and on the Indian Kashmir borders.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher 

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