Sunday, January 4, 2015

Congress Exposed Acting as Agent of Pakistan

Congress Proved ... 
it is working for Pakistani interest from India

This is yet another proof that Congress is batting for Pakistan against the National security of India. This is not the first time Congress has played this anti national politics to offer clear handle to get away with the murder. 

The News Story about the suspected Boat entering into our waters in the Arabian sea which was confronted on the intelligence inputs by IB is indeed commendable.  Well coordinated communication between the IB and Coast Guards at the sea, succeeded in foiling the major terror attack, similar on the lines of 26/11 planned by LeT, either to attack Gujarat or Mumbai. 

Our intelligence today is so active in gathering leads, on any suspicious terror activities all around in the country and on our borders that the operation to stop possible terrorist attack was successfully countered. 

First the boat did not respond to our Coastal Guards signals to identify themselves and when the boat started dodging our coast guards, it was clear that the boat is entered into Indian waters with some plans. But when the crew of the boat realized, it was cornered by the Indian Coast Guards and the chances of escaping are zero, they decided to Blow up the boat. 

Lot of you must have seen visuals on TV channels of the boat blown-up into inferno. As if it was loaded with tons of explosives. 

Now this is what actually happened as per the Coastal Guards information. Constant press briefing was given to media for people to know that a major terror attack through the sea route similar to 26/ 11 was successfully foiled in the Arabian sea only before the terrorist could reach the land route.

Now we are talking here of possible major Terrorist attack anytime when LeT chief Hafeez Saeed is openly threatening to bleed India every day. Our IB and our security forces are kept on Red alert.  Major areas like airports, cities, schools, Malls, Railway Stations, Temples are kept on Red Alert too. 

In this situation, Congress has raised questions about the Coast Guards countering a small boat. According to Congressmen, why is it labeled as a Terrorist attack? That boat could be of smugglers too? How can the Coastal Guards be so damn sure it was boat by terrorists ?? 

Congress party, just did not stop there, it further stated in its official statement that this news of possible terrorist attack through sea route is a fabricated, made up story by the IB or Coast guards.???

Now on the sensitive issues like national security of the nation when a political party like Congress talks in a public space with many question marks on our present government, our security agencies, our Coast Guards what does that mean? Why is Congress raising such doubts in the public space on such a serious national security issue? Why is Congress talking for Pakistan? 

Congress has clearly done it again what they did in Samzhota Express Blast, Malegaon Blast, 26/11 terror attack. Gave handle to Pakistan ISI, Hafeez Saeed and all other Terror groups to say... it is your own people who are saying all the terror attacks are a work of RSS, Shiv Sena, VHP like extremist groups operating from your soil and you are everytime blaming Pakistan? 

Pakistan also says, all terror attacks in Pakistan are work of RSS like organizations? When Batla encounter was openly and publicly denounced by the senior leader like Digvijay Singh as fake and fabricated, Pakistan was quick in saying your police officers, extremist groups are involved in killing Muslims. 

Not just this but 10 year long systematic propaganda by Congress to "Nail" Modi and Amit Shah in 2002 Gujarat Riots case too is often given as an example by Pakistan as religious cleansing by Hindu extremists only because Congress has been engaged in this political propaganda against RSS, BJP, Narendra Modi.

It all sounds like a larger conspiracy by Congress to indirectly work against the national interests and national security by making such well planned self serving political statements to help Pakistan to get away with the murder. 

Today Pakistan is in denial about 26/11 terror attack. The world has witnessed Pakistan is breeding terrorists, training them on their soil, sponsoring even IM and SIMI like terror groups on Indian soil, but Congress party wants to play its petty, mean politics over national security issues with Pakistan sponsored Terror activities and make sure Pakistan gets away with the killings of innocent Indians and keep bleeding India. 

My fear has come true.  Congress is a snake in the grass and may be some ISI agents are working with Congressmen or some Congressmen are working with ISI of Pakistan to destabilize and to bleed India. 

I do not trust anyone from Congress anymore as Congressmen are easily purchasable and can work against national interest for money. When their senior ministers talk clearly in favor of Pakistan establishment, not once, not twice but every time there is a terrorist attack, I do not believe it s purely political concerns but clearly to get at Modi and his government in power to fail with their anti national designs against BJP, Narendra Modi or RSS, for money and power, 

Congress can go to any extent to FAIL Modi government on all counts. It is the Congress party and its alliance partners who need to be watched by our intelligence for their political activities against the national interests.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher