Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Incompetent ministers in the Government ?

Who is Responsible for 
incompetent ministers in the Government?
He is the man answerable and accountable. And he is responsible for hiring incompetent ministers in his government on responsible positions to Deliver.

I see it this way, it is off course the failure of the team leader that is the PM, but the worst is this, our PM is a non performing asset and sitting there holding the top position without accountability.

It is not as simple as it looks. It is simply the political game being played by all of them with aam admi.and this nation. Prime Minister is acting merely as a puppet, because, everyone is there only in this game to hold position of power for selfish gains.

Our PM may be very nice as a person, but we don't need a nice person to RUN this nation. We need a leader with vision to take this country forward and make good for its people, and build our future like China is doing.

The failures of his governance, his cabinet ministers, their incompetence is utterly unpardonable and criminal. And let me tell you, it may look as if, it is their incompetence. It is NOT. It is their political motives that are at work for their political and personal selfish gains.

Shard Pawar is playing his games. Prafull Patel, his right hand man, is playing his political role as given by his boss. Our PM is playing his role as per the directions by his boss. All of them are only following one thing in this game. That is, you scratch my back, I scratch yours. Let Aam Admi go to hell.

What about the great ex finance minister P. Chidambaram? Is he not responsible to make a mess of our financial affairs?

We have not one, but four great Gurus from finance and Economics. Our Prime Minister,Manmohan singh, Mr Chidambaram, Mr Ahaluwalia. And yes, now Mr Pranab Mukharjee.

After having all of them with their great professional backgrounds and experiences, Is it not their failure? Or is it the bigger political game?

I think, it is nothing but a bigger political game. It is really beyond the imagination of a common man. Aam admi card is being played just to fool common janata. Look at the declarations by every elected member about his/her wealth, properties, assets? It surely gives a clear picture about where the tax payers money is going.

Today our parliament house is a millionaires Club. And rightly so. And the politicians have become Kings and their sons and daughters, prince and princesses.

I say... like the law says, even if you know about the crime and if you remain mute about it. It also is a punishable crime.

And with the same token, even our Prime Minister, however he may be innocent, nice, non corrupt, he is a part of this nexus, seeing everything mutely. People like him who are merely YES men are more dangerous. They can not rule and contribute positively. Their contribution is zero. Because they are acting the role of a spectator, for just enjoying the power. They have nothing to offer to aam aadmi. And so, I hold him equally responsible for creating a mess, when supporting non performing, cunning, self serving politicians like Sharad Pawar, Krishna, Prafull Patel, Murli Deora, Shinde, Deshmukh,and many others, who are selling this country to leading business houses  and enjoying lots of financial benefits at our cost.

So, our PM is the first who needs to be placed in the dock. Because, principally and morally, if he is not happy with the performance of his team, he surely has the choice to sack them. And for any reasons, politically motivated or otherwise, if it is not possible for him to do so, he should quit as PM and come clean in front of common man.

But, the aam admi's misfortune is, our PM is nice as a person, good, non corrupt, but, he too is power hungry. He needs this job desperately and if so,he must please his BOSS and play the same tune with his team and masters.

So, we are the suckers. We need to think what next? 

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher.