Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rahul Gandhi and Cheap Politics.

 Rahul Gandhi and his cheap political thinking
I was shocked and furious to listen to the speech of Rahul Gandhi about Balsaheb Thakray and Raj Thakray in a public rally in Bihar. He was trying to impress and influence the audience there which was not only a cheap gesture but arrogant too. He was instigating the crowed against Maharashtra, Maharashtrians and marathi people by referring to 26/11 terror attack on India's commercial capital Mumbai. 

He said very categorically asking the crowed gathered there, when there were hostages trapped in Taj and other places, who rescued them? The NSG commandos. And who were NSG commandos? All from Utter Pradesh, Bihar and other states.

He also said further, where were Bal Thakray and Raj Thakray that time?

The meanest, cheapest, disgusting comments I have ever heard from a person who is dreaming to become Prime Minister of this country. ( in today's media reports, Prime Minister Manmohan singh has said Rahul is ready to become PM in 2014) If Rahul Gandhi is trying to mislead people, let me give details of who died in the rescue operation that went on for 72 hours. 

This surely needs an answer to set records right.

But before writing my reaction here, let me ask Crown Prince Rahul Gandhi... At that time, whose government was in Maharashtra? Who was Home Minister in the center? What was your intelligence doing? Who failed to nab the attackers? Whose failure was it?  Raj and Bal Thakray? 

And where were you yourself? There was a News published in the media You were partying with your friends till morning?  

Where were the Home Ministers Shivraj Patil and R.R. Patil of your government? Would you please tell the common people who dye in these attacks? And not politicians like you who move around with Z Security at tax payers expense??

You are insulting our intelligence now and treating 26/11 like a local episode. 

No. Rahul Gandhi, please. We common people are not interested in your political versions.  26/11  was like a war on India waged by Pakistan. Do you understand the seriousness of 26/11 and the scars it has left on many who lost their dear ones? Or for you,  it is only political opportunity to get millage for political benefits ?? 

For your information,  are you listening?

This is the detail information about the Marathi manoos who laid down their lives for the all Indians citizens and the foreigners. There is no question of talking of Mumbai or Delhi or Bangloor. It was attack on India.

Read this...

Out of 32 Marine commandos who entered the Taj hotel 12 were Marathi and those 18 ATS persons who died while fighting the terrorists where 100% Marathi manoos and out of 20 injured security persons 16 were Maharashtrians.

This is what the Marathi manoos has contributed to the terrorists attacks for the cosmopolitan Mumbaites. Those who died were Indians and those who were being saved by our brave men were Indian nationals and international citizens. Do not divide them by North, South, East and West. Balasaheb and Raj Thakray have never played such a pitch to get votes. It was a terror attack on Indian soil and no one, no one should ever use it for personal or political gains whichever way.

Are you listening?  We would like to refresh your memory now...

Who was  PSI Tukaram Umbale ?
Who literally nabbed Ajaml Kasab in the heinous act of terrorism and lost his life? Because of his guts and courageous act, one terrorist was caught live and his information led to the roots in Pakistan from where Pak trained terrorists were executing their heinous crime against innocents in Mumbai.

Look at your visit to Mumbai with entire police force and heavy security personnel in thousands around you. You came to Mumbai and you could not  visit this hero who gave his life while on duty. And you are asking who was there to rescue hostages on 26/11??

Now listen to this...  because you are not in a habit of studying facts.

Our senior most, late Ashok Kamte, Hemant Karkare and Salaskar, decorated Top cops, pride of Maharashtra police, gave their lives... all Maharashtrians. ( Only for argument sake) Got mercilessly killed by Kasab. You never thought of meeting their families?? 

What kind of political belief inspired you to ask in a public meeting, who came to rescue hostages on 26 /11??? 

You surely need to apologize to entire Maharashtra and Maharashtrians for insulting them with your rude, derogatory remarks on 26/11.  If you can go to such a low standards, do not expect your opponents to follow the rules of the game. They too will react harshly and rudely.

This Nehru family member, wants to be in the lime light and get cheap publicity.  

He talks about the ugliest terror attack on this nation's commercial capital Mumbai, when Indians of all color, cast, creed died. Still the scars and wounds are not healed of many who lost their loved ones and he shamelessly makes it a political issue to get cheap millage and cheap publicity? And the media does not see anything wrong in saying so? Nikhi Wagle of IBN Lokmat does not question this Prince nor other TV channels who continuously keep talking against Thackeray?? Is it because all these media channels are owned by North Indians?

This can be argued separately some other time but today, I just want to tell Rahul Gandhi,  don't take us for fools and use cunningly "Divide and Rule" policy used 60 years back by Britishers. Grow up, and if you are dreaming to become PM one day, don't play regional politics. With this kind of a mind set, do you deserve to be a leader of one billion people? 

Your arrogance only proves one point that neither you have a vision nor the capability to lead this nation of one billion people.

Remember, it is a two way traffic. There can be different views and opinions. By bullying opposition, you are trying to make your position in Congress may be as future leader but. you do not try to divide people and rule. Do it on your own merits by proving to people you can deliver. You have the vision to take this country to next level. India is not just Congress and Congress is not India. You need to see everything in larger context.   

Ajay Angre

Author, Writer, Publisher.