Monday, February 15, 2010

Security of one billion Indians?

Are we safe in our country?

Again terror strikes in Pune. The terrorists have taken the lives of innocents in Pune bomb blast. Again.  Who has paid the price?  The common people. 

The young innocents lost their lives and for no fault of theirs. 

The news in TOI today says, American Intelligence had given information about such an attack in Pune and Mumbai. Home Minister, R.R.Patil makes a statement to reporters in Pune, accepting, yes, there were security lapses and the government did not take enough security measures to nab the culprits in time.

The point is...when the US intelligence had given prior warning about possible terror strike, Why adequate measures were not taken? Why public was not made aware about it? Why there were no proactive measures taken and public informed to be more careful?

We are still not through with 26/11 horrifying experience. 

Ajmal Kasab is still not hanged in spite of caught red handed. Crores of rupees are spent on his safety so far. But no safety and security is still in place for citizens of this country yet.  I do understand, it is not easy as it sounds. But it is not difficult too. We lack  seriousness and proactive approach. We lack instant ACTION PLAN. Our political system, administration, governance and security agencies are corrupt. In today's media reports it is said, Indian Mujahudin hand is seen in Pune Blast. I remember last week, Home Minister Chidambaram made a statement to media saying, 26/11, handlers were executing plans very likely from Indian soil. 

It is all shocking to learn. This clearly means, Terrorists are based in India. 

From Pakistan, Bangladesh, they come on visits to India and disappear. Many such illegal migrants are settled in places like Bhivandi in Thane district and Mumbra, suburbs of Mumbai. And many other places all over India.  But our intelligence can not catch them. Hadley visited India number of times. Planed targets. Created local net work.  And we did not know even till Americans caught him?

The result is 26/11. Pune Blast. hundreds and thousands of innocent Indians being killed. Who is responsible for all this?

Our Home ministry, our intelligence is not competent to deal with terrorists minds. Terrorists are quick, fast and well prepared with latest weapons. Why are we not? Why do we sound helpless every time ? And then the leader will appear on TV channels, print  media, telling citizens... we will not cow down with these attack of terror. We will give befitting reply. We will not spare any efforts to hunt them down. They will be booked and punished.

Really?? Do you believe in these words anymore? I don't. 

They sound to me hollow words with no meanings. I personally feel, we need a fighter like Winston Churchill to fight with Terrorism. Terrorism is a war waged on countries. It must be fought like you fight wars. The nation must have a Commander-in-Chief to fight this war with a strategy, mission and a plan. It is a soldiers job and not politicians. 

I do not wish to pass the buck on but I surely expect an elected government to perform and deliver what the common man on the street expects. Safety, security and Confidence in the elected Government.

I am sorry, I don't have that confidence in my government.The minute I step out of my home, I am at the mercy of LET or Indian Mujaheddin. Do you blame me?

Just let me know, if I am wrong. Do you feel the same? Unsafe. Unsecured.?

Write your views without bias.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher