Thursday, February 18, 2010

Police Aatyachar in Day light

Brutal, uncivilized police of UP.

Did you watch the most outrageous, uncivilized and brutal act of a UP Police man beating a woman on camera  yesterday?

Can you imagine, The man in  khaki uniform can shamelessly beat a woman on TV Camera? This UP cop knew well his act is being aired live on national TV channel. And still, he had the guts to beat a lady mercilessly in front of a camera?

I was wondering whether we live in a civilized society or in a jungle?

The live story aired by TV channel says a lot about UP rule. In UP, there is no civil rule. There is a jungle raaj. The news reports in the past have reported similar stories of brutality by police in khaki and  might is right there.

But what I am surprised is... 

Where is Mulayam singh Yadav?  Amar Singh ?  Jaya Prada? Sanjay Dutt? Jaya Bachan? Abu Aazmi? Who call themselves from Utter Pradesh?  Why are they quiet?  Or is it only election slogans?

They are the same leaders who created "Hungama" in the parliament house,  when one insane young man from Bihar came to Mumbai, said, he has come to kill Bal Thakray. Shoots passengers in the bus. And when police finally decide to end the nerve raking drama, the episode got over. But the following vigorous political campaign on the same episode was made so big by the North Indian leaders saying " No law and order in Maharashtra".  Lives of North Indians are not safe. There meeting with Prime Minister to exert political pressure to impose President Rule in Maharashtra was another political drama staged by same leaders of UP and  Bihar, If I remember it correctly.

Where are you all now when a Dalit, poor woman is beaten up by a cop in front of camera? 

Specially, I want to ask Jaya Prada, Jaya Bachan, being women, don't you think you must take up the issue with the UP authority? You must, being women, Protest and condemn the act committed in day light?  You are all from UP you claim when election time comes.  And what are you doing for your own people now ? Why is it that Mayawati Government is not taken to task for this brutality with the poor of UP? Who will fight for the rights of poor in UP, if not you?

We know. You will not fight. You are happy staying in Mumbai enjoying comforts of Mumbai and cushy life. 

You remember Utter Pradesh onlywhen election time comes. You have no concerns for poor people of UP otherwise. To win North Indian votes, and to show, you are fighting for the poor of UP and Bihar, you use Balasaheb and Raj Thakray names. At least, they are honest to claim that  they are fighting for the rights of Maharashtrians, Marathi manus and Maharashtra. And they are staying in their own states and fighting for their own people. 

But look at you.? You are enjoying the comforts of Mumbai, making name and fame, making millions and being dishonest with your own people. Sitting in Mumbai, are you solving problems of your state people? Are you kidding?

It is unfortunate that UP and Bihar have been unlucky for not getting good leaders with exceptional leadership qualities and honest characteristic. Not one leader has emerged with clean character and progressive vision so far and that is why you see "Brain Drain from both these States. 

Every state must have a strong leader in opposition to take up the issues of the local people. That is what the democracy is all about. You can not say if you are in power, we want to finish opposition. That is completely undemocratic.

Bihar is known specially for exceptional talent pool in administrative competence. 

No doubts about that claim. Nalanda University, one time  internationally famous  for parting highest quality education, was situated in Bihar. That is good enough a proof for establishing a fact that once upon a time, a pool of great academicians came from  this region. Culturally it was rich too. You need to think hard, why is it in this state today? When the region has best of talent to offer to other states, why is it that, it is not used for the development and progress for the same state and people? 

This can happen only when the leaders from the region have honesty, integrity and a will to sacrifice for their own people. Selflessly. Unfortunately, the present political class lacks all these merits. And this is why I say, if you don't fight for your own rights, you will  keep allowing, insincere, dishonest and selfish politicians running your governments.

The result is... they will keep making money. They will rule you like Maharajas. And you will be at their mercy.  Think. It is time to demand a change. 

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher.