Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Is IPL and BCCI a big scam?

Why every politician want to be a part of IPL and BCCI?

IPL tamasha is going on and we are spectators watching it. We love cricket for sure and we will do anything for the love of it. Since we love the game so much, our usual reaction to such a scam is.. oh, let me enjoy the game. That's politics. Well, you may be right but for a minute, think, would you like to be fooled? 

Made a sucker??? Surely not. Right? 

So, if you feel there is something fishy, murky, messy about this IPL Cricket, speak up! Write your comments in the comments column for others to know what you think about IPL and BCCI.

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My thoughts : Game of Cricket is loved in India by millions. For Indians it is like, Eat Cricket, Drink Cricket, Walk Cricket, Talk does bring communities together, sporting teams together, fans together, families together. No wonder it is loved by millions. So there need not be two opinions about this great sporting game that provides great entertainment value to ordinary people of every hue, every age and gender.

It is also called a gentleman's game. But is it really today?? Is a big question that needs an answer.

We all cricket lovers accept cricket as a great sport. But today, that is not the issue. It is about, what is happening under the name of this game? The good, bad and the ugly. I have been following the news closely on tv channels on this so called IPL Gate and also watching debates by different professionals and politicians. And every participant in the debates and discussions is talking about how great IPL of Lalit Modi is. And Lalit Modi has made it a grand success by providing a great class of entertainment to millions of cricket lovers in India. 

But who is denying that ?
The main question is dodged by every investor and participant of IPL and BCCI. What is happening under the name of this game where millions of Dollars are invested by faceless investors. Money is coming from overseas to buy rights and teams. Whose money is it? Who are the people investing in millions of dollars? Who knows who are they?

We are talking of corruption and corrupt practices here. We are talking about money laundering. We are talking about black money. We are talking about betting going on in millions of Rupees. We are talking of underworld's involvement.. Media reports and initial investigation is talking about " dubious fund sources from abroad, including arms dealers from Gulf countries. The names of ministers from cabinet rank and their relatives involvement is reported in media. We know as commoners that this is a racket of many powerful and influential politicians and businessmen whose personal interests are involved in BCCI and IPL. That is why Vijay Mallaya, Shilpa Shetty , Prieti Zeenta, and many ministers are seen giving statements in front of tv cameras, saying, these are all stories dished out by media and there is no truth in it.. There is no iota of truth in any allegations against Lalit Modi or any investors. The question is why are these people defending Lalit Modi?

How can they make such sweeping statements when investigation is still going on and not yet over? And why should they defend others? We are cricket lovers is one thing but not suckers. Lalit Modi three years back was nobody and suddenly pays income tax in crores on his earnings? What is his source of income that gives him such phenomenal earnings? For all you know, he may be just the front man for others who have loads of unaccountable money? Like politicians, bureaucrats, underworld, businessmen, or anyone else?  

Who are these ministers and their in-laws involved in this scam? Some one rightly said today on one leading tv channel discussion that Shashi Tharoor was only the TIP of the ICE BURG. The Ice Burg below the water must be a massive one and it is important for aam admi to know who is making the big buck.

In the end, we all know people like Lalit Modi, Sunanda Pushkar, and many unknown names who we still don't know are only front men acting on behalf of these politicians, businessmen, whose money has found a place in IPL and BCCI. We want to know who they are. Because, IPL has indeed created corrupt racket and the present class of politicians are responsible for this. They must be exposed and thrown out. 

Ajay Angre
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