Thursday, May 19, 2011

When Fukushima fails Japan

Is India government more capable than 
Japanese government?

Dear Friends,  

This mail I received below gives frightening first hand account minute by minute about what pursued  immediately after March 11 earth quake in Japan and the tsunami thereafter.

If Japanese scientists and technical experts who the world considers the brains in technological advancement got so panicky, confused, and didn't know what their next decisions, immediate steps must be to avoid nuclear disaster, imagine something on this scale happens in India, what will be the consequences? And who will pay the heavy price?

Do you think, anybody from our governance and administration will be as quick as Japanese were in the thick of disaster when time was the essence and every second was important to ACT?

Do we have that capability and sense of urgency in our administration to make decisions on war footing basis to save lives of hundreds and thousands?

In India, first the political blame game will start, when the people will be suffering or dying. Bhopal is a classic example we have been watching where thousands lost lives and many are suffering and still suffering for the last thirty years and no justice done?  Our politicians are so insensitive and selfish that they go to any length to fool around with citizens. Today, everyone of them is trying to convince the local population and citizens that it is all safe and we are  learning our lessons from every disaster.

Honestly, what did this world learned from Chernobyl?  Nothing. Zero. Or Fukushima would not have happened. When Japan is earth quake prone and every day they experience their land shaking under their feet, why did they decide to go for five nuclear installations in the country?

Because, their scientists, experts and politicians must have gone over board saying, ohh, nothing can happen and nothing will happen because we are capable of handling all emergencies.

And when the time came to prove their abilities... read what exactly happened. You can see from the minute by minute account, everyone shat in their pants. And in the panic, no one could take right decisions.

Read the first hand minute by minute account.

And then think. Rationally and logically. Forget about what the locals are saying and what the politicians are saying.This is no politics. This is talking of human life and safety. This is talking about disaster management. Answer these questions in sincerity.

Is India government more capable than Japanese government? Is our nuclear fraternity and operators more competent than Japanese?

Ajay Angre

Author, Writer, Publisher.