Friday, June 3, 2011

Divide and Rule or...

 Divide and Loot... By Congress

Don't let these two come together. 
Divide them, Demoralize them and Discredit them. 

May be Manmohan Singh government thinks, civil society can be fooled like we have been fooling for the past 60 years. 

When Anna Hazare's peaceful, nonviolent movement gathered support of aam admi from all over India and from world over, it was a big shocker for PM Manmohan Singh's government. When the support base started growing and ordinary people like housewives, men, working women, youth of this country, students, old, retired, freedom fighters too joined Anna Hazare and echoed his sentiments with full support.

The writing on the wall was very clear for Congress and cunning politicians that they are on the quick sand.

So corrupt politicians like Digvijay Singh, loyalist to Neharu Khandan who are only used for dirty political games got into their nasty ACT

The cunning plan was instantly put into action by such congressmen to Discredit, demoralize and divide, civil society members.

In short, Divide and Rule and then Loot. Congress has been doing this for the past 60 years and mastered the art with fine tuning.
Now Baba Ramdev is being used to divide civil society and demoralize Annas movement against corruption. Congress is doing its best

Special treatment, special considerations, top senior ministers meeting Baba Ramdev at the airport. Imagine, high ranking Ministers like Pranab Mukharjee and Kapil Sibal who never went to meet Anna Hazare, when 72 year old Gandhian was on Uposhan? ( fast ) What a surprise? And Baba Ram Dev was given red carpet welcome ! 

I always believed Congress means Mahatma Gandhi and all those who followed him are staunch Gandhians as Congress keeps claiming true Gandhians.

Then the question arises ...How can Congress treat a Gandhian like Anna Hazare with such a disrespect? The answer is very simple...

Congressmen are not Gandhians and not followers of Gandhian ideology. Congress has been using and misusing Mahatma Gandhi' name for political gains. And that's it. Everything else is politics and only politics

How Congress approach on Lokpal Bill and corruption scams

Create a division between Anna and Baba Ram Dev. Create divisions between all supporters and create a confusion among civil society and then Rule.

What Ram Dev Baba' is demanding is what Anna Hazare too is demanding and there are no divisions. Anna Hazare took up  Lokpal bill which is again about corruption and accountability.
Baba Ram Dev supported Anna Hazare openly. But Congress for their political benefits is using Baba Ram Dev now to divide civil society.

But honestly, Congress is insulting the intelligence of civil society. We know the name of this game which is being  played with us for the past 60 years.

Enough is Enough. Stop fooling around with civil society. 

We are with Anna Hazare and we are also with Baba Ram Dev because they both are demanding what one billion people of this country are demanding. No less.

This is a message for civil society not to get confused by what you read in the print and electronic media. These are planted stories very cleverly placed by politicians or media to confuse ordinary people.

I want you to forward this mail to all your contacts to keep the public pressure on the government.

Finally we know..It is the people Power that will win.!

Ajay Angre 
Author, Writer, Publisher