Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lokpal Drama got over today!

The name of the play : "Lokpal"

Scripted By: Pranab Mukharjee, Kapil Sebal, P. Chidamabram 
Directed and Edited by: Dr Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi.
Assistant Directors: Kapill Sebal, Chidambaram, Pranab Mukharjee,
Promoted and publicity By: Digvijay Singh,
Produced by : Congress
Co produced by : Baba Ram Dev
Supported by : Corrupt political class, Bureaucracy.
Funded by : Business houses, political parties
Music by : National media

The box office Hit with Five star rating.

Today, final meeting between Government appointed Lokpal committee and Civil society members took place and what was scripted well in advance by Congress was enacted to please the citizens at large of this country. 

The show was well choreographed, well planned and well executed by the Congressmen. The civil society members with all their honest efforts were in short put in the place with the loud and clear message... we are the ruling class. We will do what we want. 

Again in this whole drama there were other players. Elected representatives by the people for the people and of the people. They too have their script kept ready for the second part of the Drama. The first part just got over today. Now the political parties who are the law makers will decide the fate of Lokpal Bill. And we know from the last 60 years of experience how the bill will never see the light of the day.

When political class becomes arrogant and starts thinking they are the rulers when elected by people, it is a writing on the wall that says Watch Out! Democracy is in trouble!

This time, the civil society must forget about all arguments and all debates and discussions. The civil society must think hard why is this happening what is happening? 

Scams after scams? Corruption at all levels from top to bottom.? Criminalization of politics. Billions and trillions are looted and parked out side in the Swiss banks? Huge properties, Educational institutes are owned by political class? Only family members of the political class get elected? Those who were nobody some years back have become millionaires?

And the parliament is become millionaires club?

The civil society and thinking people must not engage themselves in useless arguments and lose the focus from "Corruption and Corrupt Governance"

If Anna Hazare and his supporters are fighting against corruption to free our country from this cancer which will destroy our democracy and democratic institutions, it is time we from the civil society, all citizens must take the call to support the peaceful nonviolent movement and demand for accountability from our elected members

We also must start a process of selecting our own candidates from civil society who are with good backgrounds, who have passion to work in a social life and make a difference.Today, all political parties have started selling election tickets to people who come to them with crores of Rupees in cash to add to their election funds. The elections are won on the strength of money power and that is the root cause of criminal elements entering into politics, the practice started by all political parties for their political gains. 

If this has to stop, we surely need a leader like Anna Hazare to lead the masses who follows Gandhian philosophy  and lives a simple life. I know, many journalists, and politicians are raising many questions about Anna Hazare and his team their credibility and characters.

But I take it as a very cunning way to discredit the civil society so that it gets divided  and the loot goes on by these corrupt people. 

And who are these people talking against civil society? Some media people and few politicians like Digvijay Sing. But what is their own credibility?

Before pointing a finger at Anna Hazare and the civil society members,  let them first prove that all the wealth they have accumulated, their properties at all places on their names and their relations, from where have they earned it? what is the source of their income?  How everyone have become from rags to riches?

Let Digvijay Singh question on national TV, how his party politicians and associates like DMK, NCP, SP, BSP have made fortunes? Let him name these people like he opens his mouth about others to discredit them.

Let him ask PM Dr Manmohan Singh to investigate every politician's wealth and estates and colleges, Institutions and Corporate businesses by an independent authority free from political influence and not by CBI.  What does all these people think? Some journalists and some from the elite class and politicians think that people are fools.

All those journalists who keep talking against Anna Hazare and his team, why don't they never talk about some big names who even the common civil society members know are corrupt and looting this country and have become the rich in the political class?

They will never because they are corrupt themselves, purchasable,  and they are working for these corrupt political class. They are hired to write stories against Anna Hazare and civil society members to create confusion in the civil society and divide people who are coming out in support to Anna and his team fighting against corruption.

Let us not get sucked in. The fight against corruption is long and hard because corruption has reached its peak in this country and these political parties have promoted it, nurtured it and fertilized it. It is a creation of these politicians and the loot is shared among everyone from top to bottom in the power. 

It is just the perfect working system created  that works too well for businessmen, corporates, and all government offices like customs, Income tax, sales tax, CBI, police, ration office, at Railways, at Municipal corporations, and many other government offices where we see agents running virtually those offices and the loot is shared from top to the lowest beneficiary, the office boys of those offices.

So we don't have to listen to these dishonest people who are always trying to mislead aam admi, aam janata. But they are now exposed fully. Their intentions are seen through by civil society which are to keep looting this country and in this loot work together. The politicians are trying to hoot out civil society and RULE as the kings..

Let us not allow these criminals to loot our country. Let us stand united in this fight against corruption, corrupt rule and miss governance. 

Support movement against corruption. Support Anna and his team.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher