Monday, June 27, 2011

Will PM ask Digvijay Singh to behave himself?

The news in the media.
"Hazare may get "Ramdev Treatment" if he fasts. 
. Congress Leader.Digvijay says.

Have you read this front page news? If not, read it. it appeared on the front page of Hindustan Times on July 23rd 2011.

Is he threatening Anna Hazare and the civil society?

The Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh should hang his head in shame for this arrogance of his party leader because it is an attack on the constitution of this country and an attack on the right of a citizen of this country.

If the PM does not ask Digvijay Singh to shut his mouth, this PM has compromised with his dignity of the office and his own conscience. No surprise if the section of the civil society rightly feels it is not Digvijay Singh who is walking the talk, but he is his master's voice.

This open threat is not just an arrogance on the part of ruling UPA2,  it is disgraceful behavior and needs to be condemned in the strongest tone and words. The PM of this country who leads this nation and who is finally answerable and accountable to people of this country must speak for or against to make his stand and position clear on such arrogance of his ministers. 

For one billion people of this country the Prime Minister is supreme. Or else this is  a complete mockery of democracy and an insult of civil society.  

Digvijay Singh on his own can not openly challenge and issue a threat unless he has a support of top leaders. This includes ministers like Kapil Sebal and Chidambaram who have been playing mischief with Anna Hazare and civil society simply because, they want to prove that they are the only law makers and the civil society has no role to play. 

But may we ask now with the same arrogance... Have you played your role in the last 43 years? Honestly and sincerely? 

If you had ... 2G, 3G, CWG, CWC, Adarsh, Boffors, Oil scam, Land scams, Telgi scam, would not have taken place and public money would not have been looted for so many years. Anna Hazare and the civil society wouldn't have thought to come on the streets. 

So stop this arrogance and don't try our patience.

This is crossing the limits of all democratic norms and trying to give a message loud and clear that "Don't even think or try" to go against political class, or what happened to Baba Ram Dev will happen to you. If Digvijay Sing and his co partners from the government are thinking their goonda raj will crush this people's movement led by Anna Hazare, I feel pity for their inability to read the writing on the wall that clearly says... Enough is Enough! We the people of this country will not allow you to take us for a ride any more. Period.

It looks like this government is deliberately creating a situation of emergency so that they can use and misuse the powers to silence the voices of the people and then rule over to loot this country with full powers and freedom when there wont be any protest, protesters, resistance and Dharna, Morcha by civil society. No hunger fast, No strikes.

These politicians especially from the ruling class who are seriously disturbed with Anna Hazare movement and the unexpected overwhelming support from the civil society that they have lost their mental balance. They  have started thinking this country belongs to them and common people of this country who have elected them are suckers.

Well, the history has proved again and again,  you can't fool around with people all the time. Last sixty three years have been too long with too little and too late for the people of this country.  All those who have been enjoying powers and public offices to fill in their own pockets have to stop fooling around with the civil society.

Because... we are the power. The people's power. There can not be a democracy without the participation of the people. We will exercise our democratic rights and see how Digvijay Singh plans to stop aam admi from the peaceful, non violent people's movement against the corrupt ruling class.

People like Digvijay Singh should not have place in public life if he does not respect democracy and our constitution. The PM should throw him out from his party who does not believe in democratic rights of the people and ask him to keep shut.

We the civil society know how and when to play our role. We surely can answer the threats.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher