Sunday, November 24, 2013

Prashant Bhushan says: Modi is Fascist.

Have People of Gujarat elected Fascist CM?
One like Hitler? 

Prashant Bhushan says:  Gujarat CM is Fascist.
Look at the crimes in Gujarat. Women are not safe. Some communities feel threatened always because of Hindu agenda followed by Narendra Modi?

Now these are serious, mischievous and politically 
motivated allegations.

And a response to these baseless allegations is called for.

According to Congress`s Digvijay singh, Kapil Sebal,  Manish tiwari and Now Prashant Bhushan of Aam Admi Party, all well educated, learned friends, legal eagles are saying Gujarat people have voted Hitler, a fascist as their leader for Gujarat.

Prashant Bhushan has  yet to  prove and come clean on his own Aam Aadmi party members involvement in corruption charges exposed in the sting operation. 

And in the media blitz on Gujarat Snooping  which is another fabricated story  by Congress and its allies, he is demanding Amit shah and Narendra Modi come on TV channel and prove they are not guilty of misuse and abuse of power ?
I can surely say ... to make a statement like this one needs to have lot of courage and guts or one has to be a fool.  But none of them are fools. They all know what they are talking and what their political agenda is for coming elections. 

Modi is their prime target and to nail Modi, all of them have come together.

According to their logic, people of  Gujarat are  fools, gullible and have no sense. This is how Congress,  Aam Admi Party or even JDU and SDP; BSP leaders think.. People of Gujarat are all Bewakoof, Gaonwallas, Aannaadi Log, who don't even understand what is good and what is bad for them ? 

According to their theory. politicians  are the enlightened class, and aam admi is a fool. Yes, this may be partly true as the political class has been  fooling aam admi for the last 67 years. But aam admi has got smart now because he is not the aam admi of 1950s. his profile is changed. and that is where this political class is going wrong.

But to think on this lines, isn't this an insult of  the electorate of  Gujarat and a mockery of people?

Gujarat chose Narendra Modi as their leader to lead Gujarat third consecutive time. Prashant Bhushan, Digvijay Singh, all of them think they are the champions of Human rights and Robinhoods of the poor. The only difference being, they rob the country but don't share their loot with poor, they keep it to themselves and deposit into foreign accounts. 

But they don't know, people of Gujarat have identified the looters.

Look at these legal experts who pass their judgments on a person who is elected by the Gujarat electorate in a democratic process in the largest electoral democracy in the world. 

They have no right to insult the people of Gujarat who voted Narendra Modi back in power as their leader once again. For them, he is not fascist nor communal.

First of all, they all should learn to respect our constitution, and the rights of the people. Making outrageous comments which can be termed as baseless and false only proves how much do they believe in electoral democracy.

It appears that Prashant Bhushan does not remember Emergency Rule imposed on citizens of India. That  was the Fascist act by Congress who enjoyed unconstitutional powers during the emergency Rule and committed crimes. Human rights were violated by Gandhi family throwing thousands in the jails who could not even approach courts. Why? Because,their fundamental rights given by constitution were suspended by Indira Gandhi`s  Congress I government?  

The emergency crimes against Congressmen should be tried in Human Rights Courts and all guilty must be punished with rigorous imprisonment for life so that no one dares ever to commit the same crime again?

Is Prashant Bhushan ready to take on the Fascist congress for emergency crimes?

Is Prashant Bhushan ready to take up Bhopal Gas victim cases ? Is Prashant Bhushan ready to take on Congress on 1984 Sikh riot cases to Supreme court for seeking justice ? All those families are still fighting their cases for fair and full justice? 

These were crimes committed by Congress and No Human Rights Activists, or media, is talking about these crimes committed 25 years back? Till today justice is not done.

Why is this cherry picking about Narendra Modi and Gujarat? Some Human right Activvists are working for Congress on this political conspiracy to nail Modi. 

They don't really care for poor, or victims, or muslim minority and backwards They want their votes and this is what their agenda is for the last 67 years.

But the times have changed. Ordinary people who do not belong to any one party have become smart and can not be fooled. we are not in 1950s. We are in 21st century.  
Prashant Bhushan has clearly insulted the sentiments of people of Gujarat.  Being an Advocate himself, he  must know his politically motivated public statements calling Narendra Modi Fascist, referring again and again to 2002 Gujarat riots,when the cases are in courts.  

Till today no charges against Mr Modi  of his involvement in 2002 riots as alleged are proved or no Indian court has convicted Narendra modi for 2002 riots.  

Political propaganda by Congress and people like Prashant Bhushan are nothing but  a Character Assassination and a political agenda to defame Narendra Modi, who is an elected Head of the Gujarat State by people. And people of Gujarat have rejected these allegations against Mr Modi with their mandate in his favor just in last elections.

Will these paid agents stop political and personal assassination of Mr Modi?
Will Prashant Bhushan first file cases against Congress for 1984 Sikh riots and  human rights violation during emergency rule of Congress?   

We, the civil society would like to see his professional honesty and integrity if he claims to uphold the principles of justice as a lawyer and believes  No one is criminal till proven guilty?

Prashant Bhushan... will you prove Narendra Modi is Fascist? And Communal? 

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher.