Saturday, November 23, 2013

Whose has the Right to Question the Chief Minister ?

 Is elected government 
Free to work within Constitutional Frame Work?

Once the government is in power and it operates within the legal and constitutional frame work  laid down, can it make decisions in the interest of the state and its people or not?

Or does it require further approvals of outsiders who are practically not from the administrative machinery and not even in the government?

This may sound as an academic question but it is more to do it with politics of today. 

The Gujarat Snooping case in question that is splashed all over electronic media with debates by custodians of Human Rights are  asking questions to the elected government and the head of the state, about secret snooping on a lady. 

The electronic media, some journalists, Congress and some Human rights Activists are questioning the authority of the CM of Gujarat.  They may be within their rights to raise questions about someone`s  intent, objective, or purpose, but the participants of these TV debates  speaking on the subject do not convince about their own honesty in taking up the snooping issue.  These are self appointed judges more on the line of "Khaap Panchayats" whose social or political convictions are questionable.

This clearly looks like another election propaganda by few who are trying their best to nail Modi in some case or other and playing  dirty politics. At the heart, their is no sincere and honest intent except attack  Narendra Modi to hurt his political image. 

I am saying this with full responsibility as none of these characters working for Human Rights Violations ever have raised their pitch for Bhopal Gas victims, 1984 Sikh Riots and Emergency excesses. 

Hundred and thousands of innocent victims who suffered, got killed mercilessly, and lost their loved ones, in Bhopal Gas tragedy and 1984 riots. During emergency Rule, human rights were violated of lakhs and lakhs of Indian citizens, constitutional rights of citizens were denied, police excesses were committed, who is held responsible for all these crimes committed by bunch of politicians from Congress? None till today. 

Shouldnt these criminals be brought to book and punished ? Why are all these champions of human rights Activists quiet? Because they are working for Congress? 

Because, it is not politically correct to fight for these human sufferings. Or all these people work for Congress on some considerations like election tickets, Raja Sabha seats or some generosity and favors in kind or cash ? Can they explain to this nation?

Look at the Tehelka case. 

The self appointed crusader, Shoma Choudhary fighting for justice, fair practices, women rights violations, human rights violations is seen involved with all cover-ups and smart arguments when the crime is committed in her own back yard? 

These are the same journalists who keep taking high moral ground when it comes to exposing others ? But who is going to expose them?

Shoma Choudhary, the MD of Tehelka is today running for shelter and trying to bury the truth. When her own team was catching others acts in camera, and exposing their characters in public, she used to claim herself a Good Cop advocating high moral values in the society and demolishing the corrupt from the society?  

What happened to all those moral values?

This episode has exposed her who claimed to be social activist. fighting for women cause. Do we know who this social activists is working for ? There are some social Activists, Human Rights Activists and journalists as well as some media houses who work for money. 

How can we take them seriously and why should we take them seriously?

The role of Chief Minister of a state is much larger and responsible that demands accountability. He or she is certainly answerable to people who have given their mandate in his/her favor.  Gujarat CM, Narendra Modi has got people`s mandate third time. They have the moral, legal rights to question him on his functioning and governance. 

They don't think he is fascist, Hitler or Communal? They have not protested on the streets asking him to step down? Why Prashant Bhushan is calling him fascist? Why congress calls him Hitler, Fascist?  Congress surely have proven track records of fascist mentality when they imposed Emergency Rule on the people of India. 

Why shouldn't fascist Congress be tried in the court for their human rights violations? 

Can anyone and everyone literally summon the Head of the State to answer few Activists? Answer Media Anchors? Few Human right Activists, some politicians who make it their business to question the elected government about administrative decisions?

Yes, our constitution has given them the right to approach the courts if they want to challenge any elected authority in governance. They should go to court and ask for justice. On TV debates they can not play their politics of convenience.

We have laws in this country and our constitution has given rights to all to fight their own battles for the cause they are working. But without full knowledge of the situation, without any documentary evidence, if people start accusing others and especially the head of the states, the federal system that we follow in our political system will soon collapse simply because Congress and corrupt minds want to play their political games. Only to stay in power.
People of Gujarat have every right to question Modi government on every decision but  they are not questioning ? They don't think they have elected fascist government. They have full faith in their leadership and their elected government.

Why Prashant Bhushan and like him who want to nail Narendra Modi with their political agenda are calling the shots? What is their interest? He needs to explain a lot about his own Aam Admi party which got exposed in a Sting operation carried out by Media Sarkar. 

So today, Prashant Bhushan and Arvind Kejriwal have to prove their own honesty. 

But the larger point  is, It would  become impossible today for any head of the state and State administration to make decisions if their decisions are going to be questioned ?

Who is suppose to deliver governance effectively ? Isnt it a job of the elected government in power.?

If the government in power does not work effectively and pro-actively on state issues, then it has no right to stay in power. All those who are playing negative politics for the sake of opposition, they are playing with a national interest and also possibly working for some foreign powers to destabilize this country,    or even divide this country on communal lines which Congress is doing with their communal agenda.

This communal politics is totally responsible for the growing activites of IM terror outfits all over India especially in Bihar and UP. This politics followed by congress, JDU, SP, BSP, RJD on communal lines is responsible for terrorists succeeding in their designs to kill Indians in serial bomb blasts. Patna serial blasts is a classic example of JDU`s communal politics and growing no of  IM operatives working in Bihar. 

This is a result of JDU´s vote bank politics because of which innocent people are getting killed.

Human Rights Activists, media, and Congress is trying their best to frame Modi  and his government by accusing  misuse of power by his government. The charges which can be the basis for demanding his resignation and arrest. None of these people can get anything against him to frame him and that frustration can be seen in this story. It is a pathetic attempt. 

The grand plan as it is unfolding in the last 3-4 days in the popular media on Gujarat Snooping in which, Amit Shah is an alleged accused and Narendra Modi too is targeted. The larger conspiracy is to nail them both with the help of CBI, Home Ministry, high pressure political campaign against them, and make sure, Narendra Modi is forced to step down. 

They know it well, that can only save Congress and Rahul Gandhi and their corrupt alliance partners. 

Section of the media, some journalists, some human rights activists are manged for debates for a systimatic propaganda campaign against Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. 

This is a political corruption and Congress is at the bottom of it.

TV viewers, Do Not fall to their FALSE propaganda who are working dishonestly for money. We surely have some intelligence to see through their political agenda. 

This is absolute Political Corruption by Congress and its alliance partners. They need to be exposed in 2014 with their real face and that only can save this country.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher.