Saturday, March 15, 2014

Those who still want to vote for AAP Part-3

Those who still want to Vote for AAP...

He, Arvind Kejriwal, does not see, Rahul and Sonia Gandhi quietly supporting their family member Robert Vadra making millions on land deals in Haryana with their support ? 

No he does not.

But Arvind Kejriwal goes to Gujarat to tell people of Gujarat, how Modi is grabbing lands of farmers in Gujarat ? 

He can not see his grandmother as Fascist like Hitler for enjoying extra judicial powers in Emergency Rule ?

But calls Modi Hitler? Fascist? Killer? Murderer?

Arvind Kejriwal does not remember 5000 to 8000 innocent Sikh men, women and children burnt alive, brutally killed on the streets of Delhi by Congressmen which was a well planned massacre of Sikhs by Congress ? 

No he does not remember1984 Sikh massacre.

Still, not a single Congressman like Sajamn Kumar, Jagdish Tytler, and many others who were directly involved in the massacre are even convicted till today. But all of them are honored by Rahul and Sonia Gandhi by giving them positions in Congress ? 

No Arvind Kejriwal doesn't remember 1984 riots.
. .
But Arvind Kejriwal is going allover India to provoke the sentiments of people how Modi was directly responsible to kill many thousands in 2002 Gujarat riots? This pitch is specially to provoke Muslim population for votes. 

He plays communal politics here.

When Modi is the only Chief Minister of a state who has been grilled by intelligence agencies, for the past 12 years and the grilling is still on, his conscience does not permit him to see the facts between 2002 riots and 1984 riots? 

When Supreme court Investigation have not found his role in 2002 Gujarat Riots, directly or indirectly, lower court delivered a judgement discarding all mischievous charges against him about 2002 Gujarat Riots, for no shred of evidence, Arvind Kejriwal plays his communal politics for vote bank politics to fool people, specially Muslim community.

Arvind Kejriwal, keep pulling this dishonest bluff to get votes from people?

Does he really think. he is the smartest of politicians and people are fools? Or he thinks it is only AAP Ki Adalat that gives final justice?

Is he an honest politician? Or Congress paid Agent? Or ISI CIA Agent? Is he not playing his designed political role for Congress?

Because, Rahul Gandhi speeches and Arvind Kejriwal`s speeches are on the same lines, targeting Narendra Modi to convey people of India... Modi is Hitler, Fascist, Corrupt, Killer, and all his claims on developments are fake, bogus?

But have you ever heard Arvind Kejriwal talking against Congress corruption, misuse and abuse of power ? Bad governance? If at all, he has,  it is only  in passing but his major stress and focus is on targeting Narandra Modi. 

He starts his speech with Narendra Modi and ends with Narendra Modi. And why?

Because he says... Modi is a prime Ministerial candidate of BJP and at any cost he must not be allowed to become Prime Minister of this country? He is a threat to this country.
Says Arvind Kejriwal.
But he does not think Rahul and Sonia Gandhi are the biggest threat to this country after looting this country for the last ten long years in the governance? 

Is he stupid not to understand who is the biggest threat to India today? Not at all.

This IITian is no fool. This IITien is working for several overseas organizations who are funding this political battle to stop Modi coming to power. He can only be called a fake face fighting for Congress against Modi.

The political strategy of those who have propped Arvind Kejriwal into Indian polity are very clear. They have three aims for fundinhg and supporting his political activities..

Plan A- Cut into BJP votes so that there is hung parliament and others get chance to come together. That can be congress or third front too. It doesn't matter... but not BJP

Plan B-- If plan A does not work ... create a political chaos and anarchy in the country so that outer powers can play their role to weaken democratic institutions of India. Then security threat at the borders can be provoked with the political turmoil in the country. 

We are presently watching the way AAP is creating political anarchy every place.

Plan C- Destabilize Indian Economy which already Congress government has weakened with their wrong policies and policy paralysis. 

There can be some countries like Pakistan, China and even USA wanting to weaken India economically, politically and commercially?

So whichever way you study this political situation, Congress has done half the job in the last ten years, who knows who is Congressmen working for and now AAP is employed to do rest of the half to destabilize this country.

So remember, your VOTE to AAP is for destabilizing this country, helping overseas powers to achieve their goals to push this country to political anarchy and make sure it is impossible for the next government (Plan-C ) to function. 

Because AAP with the support of Congress, and outside vested interests, and active known anarchists like Maoists, Naxalites, will raise their ugly heads to create serious national security issues for the next government.

But... Modi is capable of dealing with any such ugly challenges if National security and integrity is threatened from inside forces or from outer forces.

Because the patriotic people of this nation will rise to every challenge faced by this country and will teach a lesson to forces working against the national interests.

People like Arvind Kejriwal and his AAP should not take this country for granted.

In the last 67 years... people have become smart too. They are no more suckers. And the New generation is certainly not.

I would be very happy to know your views on this. Feel free to write.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher