Saturday, September 6, 2014

Is everything about Hinduism a lot of Garbage for some Indians?

May be the pseudo Secular mindsets
must educate themselves by listening to what the outsiders think of Hinduism, 
Hindu Sansruti and Hindu Rich Culture.

May be some pseudo Secular minds from Congress, AAP, CPI CPM JDU, RJD, SP, BSP want everything about Hindu Sanskruti thrown into Dustbin as lot of garbage?

This intellectual mafia from India lack probably good education.
What is this issue about "Guru Utsav" term? What is so big issue on the word "Guru"? If such words are used, does it make us communal ?

It is so strange and outrageous when fake secularists like Atul Anjan, Nitish Kumar, and likes of frauds in politics impose their corrupt political views to get political dividends from their vote bank politics These and many more like Arvind Kejriwal, Shazia Ilmi of AAP are most dishonest corrupt politicians who think all the others are fools and they are the "Gurus" of politics.

Don't we know their communal agenda? Their vote bank communal politics?

On this background....It is interesting to read the views expressed by outsiders, not Indians nor Hindus, not from RSS cadre. A German and an American in their articles have expressed their frank views about India, Indians, Hindus and Hinduism and the intellectuals in India.

Following is just the part of the article here by one of the writers....

" First, those people have a problem only with ‘Hindu’ India, but not with ‘Muslim’ or ‘Christian’ countries. Germany for example, is a secular country and only 59 percent of the population are registered with the two big Christian Churches (Protestant and Catholic). Nevertheless, the country is bracketed under ‘Christian countries’.

Angela Merkel, the Chancellor, stressed recently the Christian roots of Germany and urged the population ‘to go back to Christian values’ 

And Germans did not have any problems with her political, cultural or religious thinking. The German opposition or the media did not put her in the dock like the media in India or political opponents targets Narendra Modi on such issues with their communal agenda.

In 2012, she postponed her trip to the G-8 summit for a day to address the German Catholic Day. In September 2011, the Pope was invited to address the German Parliament. Two major political parties carry ‘Christian’ in their name, including Angela Merkel’s ruling party. Government agencies even collect the Church tax (8 percent of the income tax) and pass it on to the Churches.
Read the full article here : 

Read the full article here :

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