Saturday, October 4, 2014

How can The Law Makers support jailed convicts ?

This is funny. 
India is not a Banana Republic.

The News: 
Jaylalitha´s supporters calling Bandh in the State
in Protest against her imprisonment? 

We have Democracy and a Judiciary of the highest order. If justice is not done, You can challenge the higher court. Unless AIDMK followers and its Ministers do not believe in our Judicial process, and justice system.

Why these protests and Bandh calls? Why crying and chest beating for a convict?? When a common man on the street can be jailed for the same crime, are politicians and that too corrupt above law?

This must be viewed seriously if the state law makers, who are representatives of the people, do not believe in our judiciary. Even Assaram Bapu´s followers too feel the same... He and his son is falsely framed? They are innocent?

Do we have political leaders and elected Representatives who do not honor our Constitution? What kind of politicians have entered into our political system?

Laloo Prasad after his conviction, after he was found guilty of charges of corruption in fodder case, and sentenced to four years of jail term by the court, in says, he is falsely framed by CBI?

So are our courts and judges phony?

The UPA Rail Minister , Pawan Bansal when caught in Railgate that was happening right from his own home, by his close relative, saying... He is being falsely framed by CBI?

So was  our CBI misused and abused by Congress government? Is it not independent? 

DMK members, Kanimouze, A Raja after sent to jail by the court say... we are all framed falsely by CBI? CWG, Adarsha, AugustaWestland, Boffors, Irrigation scam, in all these scams, all politicians are falsely implicated, and are accused by our judiciary ? Is this what these honest politicians are saying?

Rahul and Sonia Gandhi with few Congressmen including Sam Pitroda, who has left the country and refusing to return to India, who too is an accused in National Herald case, too are claiming, these are all politically motivated cases? And they are all honest.

Mayawati has similar cases of corruption about huge collection of wealth and properties beyond her known income sources, She too claims these are false charges against her pressed by CBI?

Mulayum Singh Yadav too has similar cases of corruption slapped by CBI for owning disproportionate assets and income? He too says these are all false and politically motivated cases.?

The questions is... who is framing all of these innocent politicians? Is it CBI ?

The fact is... all these politicians like Jayalalitha, Lalao Prasad, A Raja, Suresh Kalmadi, Pawan Bansal, have misused and abused their constitutional powers for making money for themselves, their families and their close friends.

This only means... we have got people in our political system who are characterless, criminals, and dishonest to the core. 

These politicians in turn have got equally dishonest, characterless criminal minded people around them in power and these well knit nexus in our political system is looting this country systematically and when caught, playing a victim card.

Those who support criminals, convicts, corrupts and are in our Assemblies or parliament house, have no business to be in social public life. 

They should be thrown out of our political system if this system has to be sensitized and changed.

These are the same dishonest convicted criminals who are today targeting Narendra Modi by coming together on the false propaganda of being secular and saving this country?

No.. Not really, they are saving this country. But looting this country and cheating people of this country, for certain. Their victim-hood is a big bloody farce.

The law makers of Tamil Nadu Assembly calling for a Bandh for a convict in the jail, must be disqualified from their elected membership by the election commission or our judiciary because they are being disrespectful of our judiciary.

They have been disrespectful to our constitution and brazenly dishonoring the constitional oath they took while taking over the office.

They deserve to be thrown out of our political system  .

Ajay Angre
Author. Writer. Publisher

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