Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Rajdeep Sardesai, Sr Journalist misbehaves ?

Can a Indian Sr Journalist 
of a Leading TV Channel misbehave, abuse  and
attack Modi followers in New York?

Watch this News Report and let me express my candid views here in this article as I have been boldly writing about corrupt media practices.

There can be Different views by as many... but it is interesting to watch what the Zee news in their news story reporting on Rajdeep Sardesai

Published on Sep 29, 2014 By Zee News
Senior journalist Rajdeep Sardesai of Headlines Today news channel was heckled and roughed up, allegedly by a band of supporters of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, outside the Madison Square Garden venue after he got a group of anti-Modi people to air their views just ahead of the Prime Minister’s much- awaited speech to thousands of the Indian diaspora.
I know, on this particular news story, there would be different takes, some political, by media professionals, and some by intelligentsia. All will have different takes Some bias, some shallow, immature, and some logical and rational. I however leave it to your judgement.

But I am not at all hesitant to call spade a spade. I don't like to beat around the bush.And this story certainly has a background. 

So here is my take on this story... 

Yes, its time media needs to be exposed if it is misleading viewers and readers with their political agenda. Because, as a viewer and reader of the print and electronic media, I take news reporting at a face value and millions like me who are not into politics, but just ordinary people, who trust the opinions and views expressed and aired by the main stream media.

If I come to know, I have been given the politically bias and motivated news report, news story with a twist, I am bound to feel cheated, misled, and betrayed.

If some journalists want to dishonestly mislead their innocent readers and viewers, then they have no business to be in journalism which demands like any other profession, ethical practices, honesty and integrity while reporting a news story.

Giving it a political twist and spin is selling a sponsored story.

This is as much true as your family physician is expected to be honest with you when you place your 100% faith and trust in his judgement and advice? Every professional has to follow professional ethics and it is applicable to media professionals too. In fact, a journalist must be honest to the core while reporting a news story.

Why should I be fooled because a group of journalists are politically inclined to work with their politically motivated hidden agenda?

I refuses to accept this dishonesty in public life anymore and I know millions like me would feel the same. Time has come to expose all dishonest professionals from Doctors to lawyers to Journalists to politicians who have been cheating on the public in a very sly, deceitful, dishonest manners which can not be easily seen or established.

Yes, it is a fact, corruption, immoral practices can not be proved or challenged easily. that does not mean there is no corruption in the society.

It took 18 long years to prove, one CM of the state was deeply involved in corruption and finally got convicted for crores and croes of Rupees loot. And I bet,this has to be a tip of the ice-burg. The loot must be according to some estimations over 3000 crores as per present valuation of her prime properties ?

And when you see her Ministers crying on public platform while taking the ministerial oaths, it is an outrageous outburst by the so called law makers of the Assembly? Please, will somebody explain, don't these lawmakers have a faith in our judiciary? Who convicted Jaylalitha on the basis of available evidence presented to the judiciary.

There demand for the release of their leader only proves, they are siding the dishonestly acquired wealth by their leader ?

And this is to my mind very scary, because, if we have politicians who are brazenly supporting convicts, jailed criminals like Laloo Prasad, Jaylalitha, A Raja, Kanimouzy and corrupt journalists, human right activists for their political and personal benefits, our Electoral Democracy is surely under threat of getting hijacked by such criminals who are entering into politics only to make money, and to loot our national wealth.

The scams like 2G, CWG,Coalgate, Railgate, AugustaWestland, Adarsh, Aviation scam,Irrigation scam, water and power scam, are classic examples that this country is in serious crisis if this dangerous, degenerating trend in politics is not viewed seriously by the thinking community of this country,

Corruption in the media, in politics and in every areas, every profession, every public office is a cancer and if in time, it is not treated, we as a country soon will be taken over by the criminals.

I have no hesitation in saying so and warning the fellow citizens.

Watch Rajdeep Sardesai heckled By Pro Modi audience in New York

Ajay Angre
Author. Writer. Publisher