Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Our martyrs carted away in garbage truck?

What A Shameful Act! 
Every Indian hangs his/her head in shame today.

3 Special force jawans died fighting Maoists? No, they did not die.They gave their lives for our nation.They fought for India, their country. 

They are martyrs!  And they were carted away in garbage truck?
Every Indian is feeling ashamed today to call Indian. But politicians are not. They are justifying the act. Trying to cover up with some rubbish stories.

It is Shameful. 
This was a height of insensitivity shown towards our jawans who got killed for our country and gave their lives.

But every wrong act these politicians do, they try to justify shamelessly.

Lathi charge and tear gas on innocent people at midnight on sleeping children, girls, women and old men who did not pose any security threat were beaten up mercilessly and it was justified by  Dr Manmohan Singh and all his ministers.
I think this government and the ruling class of our country is become thick skinned, insensitive and shameless. This is a corrupt class and so cares a damn for civilians.

This is their utter arrogance. 

This incident of carrying bodies of our martyrs in garbage truck is utterly humiliation and an insult of India and Indians.


Every Indian hangs head in shame today with a big question mark.

Is this Government 
by the people? of the people? and for the people?

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher.