Saturday, July 2, 2011

CBI failed? Again? Isn't it fishy?

Yes, CBI failed once again to get Davy to India.

It is really intriguing  why and how CBI fails to nail the criminals in the courts. It is a subject that raises many questions about CBI's ability, credibility and competence as an investigative agency. This time in Denmark court on Purulia arms drop case of Dec 17,1995. The accused was Kim Davy.

This is not the first time. We all know Quotrochi case. The famous Boffors scandal where CBI miserably failed to get Quotrochi to India on account of lack of evidence?

Do you believe that? Do you really think CBI was sincere in following these cases to their logical conclusions? I don't believe either in these cock and bull stories given by CBI. And this Congress government. 

The fact is, there are big names involved in these cases, real big names from  political class who are directly or indirectly involved in making money  and therefore these cases and cases like these will never be proved. Only taxpayer's money will be blown on foreign visits by CBI in crores only because Congress politicians are beneficiary to this loot. 

That is the reason just last week, this Congress government took CBI out of RTI act so that no one can question CBI through RTI Act to show us the files of these cases. You just can not use RTI Act against CBI because of new amendment in the Act. Congress is making amendments in RTI Act or making Lokpal Bill toothless is also for same reasons because they know they will be digging their own grave if they introduce laws like what the civil society is demanding. 

But Kapil Sebal and the Congressmen are working hard with the media to convince aam aadmi how the government is justified in the stand against Lokpal draft Anna Hazare and his team is demanding. I have been reading detail articles published in the media by Kapil Sebal where he is talking about all the laws we have already in place, the checks and balances and the constitution of our country which is so powerful that we don't need to do anything special against corruption.

And he also says that, we are the elected representatives to make laws if required and our job is to protect parliamentary democracy, how can we allow 4/5 people calling themselves representatives of entire civil society? People have elected us and given us the mandate to run the government and we will do it in the interest of this country and our countrymen.

Kapil Sebal is trying his best to convince aam aadmi in his own cunning style that how Lokpal will be like a worst cure than the decease and how it will become a Frankenstein's monster without accountability. In his series of articles, he is making an attempt to prove how civil society of these five heads are messing up with the parliamentary democracy and law makers.

Mr Kapil Seball... pardon me for asking you

If what all you are saying about how fantastic our democracy works with all institutions and elected representatives working responsibly in upper house and lower house with Robust system in place as per your perception, then you tell us...

Why there was a A Raja scam? Why Kanimuri scam? Why Suresh Kalmadi scam? Why Hasan Ali scam? Why Telgi scam? Why Aadarsh scam? Why Oil scam? Why Land scams? Why Boffors scam? Why Natwarlal oil scam? Scams in educational institutes owned by many Congress ministers. Scams in the hospitals. Scams in Air India. Even the judiciary is not free of coruption. Police and security agencies are corrupt. Customs, Income Tax, Sales Tax, Octroi offices, Rationing offices, Railway ticket offices, Municipal corporations, Land and property registration offices?

Why so many places have corruption from top to bottom and huge scandals going?
Can you explain the nation... Why so many scams? And who is responsible?

According to civil society perception.. the media and Supreme court have exposed all these scams and the records show,  even after expose after expose our Prime Minister refused to accept somethings were terribly wrong?

It was not YOUR Government which nabbed the culprits but for media and Supreme court this looting that is going on for years together would never have come to light.

Mr Sebal... as per your argument, if you have the robust parliamentary system working, tell us, what went wrong that your government could not catch these looters? All who arecaught are ministers of cabinet rank under your government?

Should we conclude... Mr Sebal

Your government protected the looters?  Your government allowed looters to loot? 
Did your government failed to see who is looting this country? Or deliberately ignored the loot?

Whatever your argument, the fact is your government failed to catch the loot that was going on and when media exposed scams after scams of your ministers and the big names got exposed, civil society wanted to know what is happening? And Anna Hazare only became a reason for the civil society to take elected members of the parliament to task.

Because, your robust system failed, your government failed, we the civil society is questioning now.. Robust system failed or politicians from your government failed the system?

We know, the later is true. It is the corrupt government that failed the robust system. Because,  however your systems are foolproof, corrupt people can fail even the good systems. 
Like a Good Prime Minister can also fail,  if the entire system is corrupt.

And that is why civil society movement against this rampant corruption by the political class misusing and abusing the powers to fill up their Swiss accounts.

We want to Stop this loot. Your argument is not convincing.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher